29 Things You Can Do When This Is You, “My Boyfriend Takes Me For Granted”

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

“My boyfriend takes me for granted” Is is the same thing happening to you?

Has your boyfriend ever said to you, “I am yours, and you are mine, no matter exactly what happens, the unconditional love will last forever?

In a healthy relationship, how many people do the corresponding thing what they say? How many of your boyfriends furnish you with identical love, consideration, and care after years in a relationship?

For sure, some exceptions breathe, and likewise, there might be some gentlemen who would not relish you for a spin and convene over your top. That said, leave men even some ladies take their companions for granted.

The point is 10/100 do what they say at the commencement of a relationship, and it happens a lot that personalities take each other for granted.

This article directs at serving all women who have the same concern – “My boyfriend takes me for granted.” We hope that the things or steps in this article might make your boyfriend understand that you are not a lady to feel down in the landfills due to his newfangled behavior.

In other words, better he apprehends and works on it, or it’s time you step out of such a relationship.

Take a glance at what you can do to set the most salutary things.

◆ Here are the 29 Things You Can Do When This Is You, “My Boyfriend Takes Me For Granted”  ◆

1. First Of All, Start Valuing Yourself

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Commence considering yourself first. It is the key to what to do when “my boyfriend takes me for granted.”

Most of the time, people forget themselves when they’re in a relationship. You concentrate so much on your boyfriend.

You place your requirements below him when it shouldn’t be that way.

Keep in mind that it should be fair. That is why admiring yourself will do you excellent. You begin to see yourself worthy of some respect, and your boyfriend will understand that he should too.

2. Do Something That Makes Your Boyfriend Miss You

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One of the best romantic relationship advice- Making your boyfriend miss you is particularly crucial if you have been being together for a huge time. You may tend to be in one another’s umbrae and so you may neglect what it seems like to abstain from each other.

Of course, we understand from individual experience the impact this has.

If you are perpetually simply there hovering nearby preparing tea or pottering around, your guy may simply believe you’re glad to do this and take it as given that he can scorn you while the soccer is on and pick up the communication as is acceptable.​

For sure, this can be detrimental to your involvement as it indicates that the two of you may only be traveling along.

To get your boyfriend back, sometimes it is better to lose him for a while. When you back yourself, you will apprehend if you cannot live without one another, and when he does come to the verdict, he is missing you, he will have more honor, love, and perspective than before.

As the saying goes all, great things happen to those who pause but don’t omit it too long, there’s a narrow line between swinging around for someone to miss you and passing on.​

3. Learn To Combat Back At Him

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If your bf is treating you like an option, you have to handle him exactly the corresponding way. Attempt not to adhere encompassing till Friday date night for him to ask that you hang out that weekend.

Make your private arrangements, go out, and have a pleasant time!

Nothing will hurt his innermost self more than the thought of you not giving him attention regarding perceiving him when he at last sets aside a few minutes for you.

It will prickle from the beginning since we understand you’re passing on to invest strength with him, yet it may make him understand that it takes two to have a fair relationship, and he ought to treat you how he requires to be dealt with.

4. Do Not Share All Your Private Data With Your Boyfriend Anymore

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Huge stuff befell to you lately, which transformed your life or made you glad. Well, don’t simply go saying that message to your companion.

Do not share all your private data with him anymore and when he does notice out it, he will be felt unwanted.

If he later questions you why you didn’t inform him regarding the good news in the initial place, you can perpetually answer that he appeared to have more satisfying things to do, and you merely do not want to worry him with your news.

He will get it eventually and not take you for granted anymore.

5. Make A Mental Deadline

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One of the best relationship advice- do not to enable him to formulate how ample time the two of you drift collectively and how the course of your connection should go.

Give yourself a deadline for everything to get better. You are not going to want to share this deadline with him, of course, that would defeat the object.

Just keep a record of the date in your head. Maybe you’ll furnish him two weeks to get his code unitedly or maybe you truly love him, so you’re going to deliver him two months.

Either way, when that last day approaches and things haven’t updated despite your most immeasurable efforts, it’s a chance for you to throw up the peace sign and bid him adieu.

Life’s too small to linger with someone who isn’t amusing you like a preference.





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6. Be A Little Selfish

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Be a little selfish. Sometimes it is okay to be a little selfish when you’re in a relationship! Not everything should spin encompassing your guy.

Maybe you have given too much regard to him that he begins to neglect your requirements. That might be a great reason why he is taking you for granted. So be selfish.

Devote more time for yourself. Widen your art by exerting up a hobby or doing something fun externally. Once he discerns that he’s taken you for granted, he’ll regret it and commence to pay obeisance to you.

7. Wait For Your Boyfriend To Ask You First

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It is without a doubt that sometimes we are the only ones responsible for being taken for granted.

Do you perpetually back your partner even before he requests for it? If yes, you are establishing the wrong expectation level, and you require to prevent doing that.

Experts say that your boyfriend would acknowledge your effort more when he has to make a specific attempt to ask you for it.

8. Dress Nicely

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It is not a matter of concern how frequently you dress conscientiously. Double it! Dress so perfectly that he rhapsodizes each time you step by.

Make him notice you so that he can feel what he is losing. Light red lipstick and mascara will make you appear good concerning yourself, too.

Excessive to say that guys are visual beings, so if he notices you that hot, he’ll immediately come behind you. But keep in mind that don’t let him touch you.

For sure, physical touch is off-limits till he begins welcoming your bearing in his own life repeatedly.

Of course, this might sound to you like manipulation, but if he doesn’t perceive what he’s losing, he won’t understand what’s going on, and he won’t be smart to ‘read the signals you’re attempting to convey to him.

9. Understand That Nothing Is More Imperative Than Dignity

Nothing is greater than dignity. Apart from being happy, if there is one that matters most in life, it is being proud of yourself, your actions, and the way the world treats you.

And by the way, if your dignity isn’t intact, your own happiness is not possible in the first place.

This is true regardless of the cash you make or the materialistic success you attain.

What is dignity? Many people confuse dignity with pride. They are two separate things.

Pride is about trying to prove yourself better than the other individual, whether by attempting to insult them or by trying to exert control over them directly or indirectly.

10. Set Some Barriers Between Him And You

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“My boyfriend takes me for granted,” there is obliged to be something that you do which you require too. For example, if you make food it is because you are starving too.

For sure, you could make your individual plus let him make him, but that’s apparently going to cause a tremendous dispute.

If you do not get what you need out of your how-to make him moan taking you for granted purpose, that’s positively a way you could consider concerning, though!

You require to insert some limits, so tell yourself the stuff you will do, largely because you desire them or require them, and describe the stuff that you won’t do because you merely do them for no gratefulness.

Once he notices specific things he took for granted have gone missing, he’ll start to ask why!


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11. Start Saying No

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Women who say “yes” to everything are more likely to be taken for granted by their boyfriends.

This is because boyfriends know that their girlfriend will say “yes” to everything and they don’t value their girlfriend’s opinion.

Saying ‘no’ from time to time won’t do any harm.

The next time he asks you to do his laundry say, “I’m really caught up with something. Could you please do it this time and do mine too?”

It will show your boyfriend that you know how to take a stand and he’ll realize your worth and respect you more.

You need to make a guy realize your value and for that the power of “no” is important.

12. Increase Your Self-confidence

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You do not have to be dependent on your partner if you see the merit in yourself.

While it is perpetually kind & gentle when your partner says stuff that makes you feel immeasurable, it shouldn’t be the single thing that increases your self-esteem.

Create a subjective index of the stuff you admire concerning yourself, including your character, attributes, and skills, so you can see the influence you have on others.

Using decisive self-talk, you have a more favorable attitude of yourself and get a lift of self-confidence.

Be sure to excuse yourself for any blunders you’ve made in the past. That route, you can walk on and feel less discomfort or liability from them.

13. Notify Your BF That You Are Good Enough Without Him

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You could believe that addressing an eternity without him is teasing with fire.

When someone starts to approach you like an alternative, furnish them with a solid push to make them see what their conduct is doing and what the likely consequences are if they don’t improve their ways.

Solely show your boyfriend that you would go if you had to and that you would be good enough without him. You can fulfill this by growing self-sufficient, concentrating on yourself, and explaining to him that you are doing more for yourself.

14. Keep in Mind, Do Not Settle For Breadcrumbs

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If you haven’t listened from your one partner in several days and he ultimately texts with nothing but a kissy face emoji, that’s a breadcrumb.

If he finally makes a date with you but then notifies you an hour into your meeting that he has to call it a date night, it’s likewise a breadcrumb.

Breadcrumbs are a medium for a boyfriend to keep a lady without embedding in a lot of effort or responsibility.

Stop compensating for your boyfriend’s disregard if you believe he’s simply giving you breadcrumbs.

It’s time to recognize that you’re proficient in more than someone who is pulling you on with no result in sight.

15. Come To Bed Late

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“My boyfriend takes me for granted,” if he takes you for granted, he apparently works on his laptop or plays video games, or texts his friends when you’re in bed right next to him, instead of asking you about your day.

But he probably doesn’t realize how much he enjoys just having you next to him. Make him realize it by staying up later than him. Make him realize he needs to give you a good reason to be in that bed, like a good conversation or some good sex. Otherwise, you’d rather read your book in the living room.





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16. Reconsider Your Relationship

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It’s now time for you to reconsider your relationship if he begins to distance himself from you and doesn’t entertain you with the affection, admiration, and attention you need. It is silly to lie encompassing and reflect regarding what’s on his mind.

Instead, take control of the state and resolve whether or not this is someone you positively want in your life.

If your partner is too engrossed with different tasks to make you a preference in his life, it might be time for you to commence looking for other inherent men who are set to place in the effort to keep you satisfied.

17. Talk Concerning The Toxicity In The Relationship

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While separating detailed hints, if you feel a serious talk can drive the point home, do it. Sit with him and open up concerning things that bother you. Try to make him see where and what he requires to change. Tell him what makes the two of you click. Notify your bf that you are an independent, strong-willed, and free-minded woman who cannot be taken for granted.

18. Be Intimate With Your Partner Or Boyfriend

Constant intimacy with your partner is imperative. Intimacy doesn’t just determine sex. It additionally involves being loving in other ways. Hugging and kissing are intimate. Communicating is intimacy.

You can likewise be intimate with your companion by cuddling, maybe while seeing a movie or while utterly sitting and chatting regarding your day. Gripping hands when you walk down the street, rolling into each other, or even a soft squeeze while out to dinner can likewise be sorts of intimacy.

19. Think Concerning What Your Partner Feels

Sometimes it serves to shift the boards and ask yourself, “does my partner feel neglected?” or “how do I appreciate them?”. It may well be the case that you’ve both taken the eye off the ball. Repeatedly, this sets you back in power as you can modify what you do.

20. Be Honest

Too frequently, women do not tell their partners what they need in the relationship. They attempt to imagine what he desires and go along with that. Next, they feel hurt, resentful, or take the interest when it doesn’t serve out the direction they want. When both people understand what the other person certainly is seeking, then the relationship either ends or waxes. Why waste time attempting to win him over to what you want if it’s obvious that that’s not what he wants.

Apart from this, when he comprehends what will make you happy and comfortable in the relationship, then a man who loves you is going to want to do more of those things if he can. Relationships deepen when both parties are ready to take the chance of responsibility.

21. Introspect

In your struggle to stop being taken without any thought, you ought to strive to seek solutions to the problem, “Why am I being taken for granted?” There could furthermore be selective trademark qualities, situational components, or simply the nearness of not really nice people around you.

Give this entire situation a fast introspection and if required, pen down your thoughts. Discover out how to affect the items that have allowed this example to appear and advance.

22.  Show Confidence In Every Area Of Your Life & Ask Him The Reason Why He Is Taking You For Granted

Confidence is the real men-magnet. To have confidence you need to do the Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World.

Ask him why he takes you for granted and don’t let him make excuses. You need to know the truth.

23. Show Some Appreciation

Keep in mind what the Good Book says about “doing unto others what you would have them do unto you”. So if you desire your partner to stop taking you for granted, be ready to accord him the same degree of honor that you would like him to extend to you.

This efficiently involves discerning and comprehending whatever small thing he does for you, the kids, or the house. If he remembers to pick up the loaves of bread on his way back from work, give him a smile and a bright “thank you”. If he agrees to drop the kids at their soccer practice without grinding his teeth, thank him again. Continue with this for some time, and no matter how sorely tempted don’t yet bring up the fact that you could do with some affection yourself. See if your positive attitude has brought about any changes in your husband.

24.  Be Proactive, Not Passive

Break the pattern of being a victim by being proactive.

We are often passive, reacting to problems rather than taking control and proactively choosing how we want to respond to the situation.

25. Make Good Decisions 

The problem with making bad decisions is that you have to accept that you made a bad call if someone catches you off guard. Making good decisions, on the other hand, gives you confidence.

26. Negotiate

Negotiate and be willing to compromise. Think back on your needs and priorities, and let go of smaller things for the sake of the ultimate goal.

27. Say I’m Sorry

When you experience conflict, apologize. Ideally, both parties can take responsibility for part of the problem. Ask, “what can I do to help resolve this?” If this not works, consider the 28th and 29th steps.

28. Recommend a break, since he’s not up for a relationship

If you take a break, it will quickly become very clear to your one partner all the things you add to his life, because suddenly they’ll be gone! And it will show him that what you were getting is not enough for you to stick around.

29. Have An Affair

This thing is a little uncertain and might not be common amongst several of you. Though if you are the ruthless type and have had plenty of your partner’s bullshit, perhaps it is the same time to show him what he has been missing. You can spend time with others.

Get on the dating apps, which could be options to Tinder, swipe right aloft the man you believe can make up for your partner’s wrongdoings, and go to town on him. Maybe then your partner would understand his slip and once again try to charm and fascinate you. But let us solely keep this as a last option. Because once you go this way, you might be building more difficulties in your relationship.

◉ Top 20 Taken For Granted Quotes By Someone You Love  ◉

⫸ When your heart is breaking already for being taken for granted, that is the time you stop.

⫸ I hope you realize that some things in life are not meant to be lived the way you are doing.

⫸ You can leave that person and feel a lot better so that he or she will realize what you’re worth.

⫸ I may be here all the time but it does not give you the right to try and ignore me all the time.

⫸ Sometimes, you just need to move on not because you do not love them but because they don’t.

⫸ When someone truly cares for you, he will go through all the lengths to make you feel okay.

⫸  Stay away from those people who just want to take advantage of you, stay through to yourself.

⫸ One day you will find someone who knows how to make you feel special so never let him go.

⫸ You will realize that some things in life can never be brought back and time is one of them.

⫸ Life will never be easy but I hope you know that you can make it better when you try to do so.

⫸  Stop being the one that is appreciated and never does the same to other people, okay?

⫸  Learn to say thanks for every favor that you ask, for everything someone does to help you out.

⫸ I wish I could always be beside you especially during the times that you need me the most boy.

⫸ And I thought you were different but you were just the same as everyone else, you do not care.

⫸ I really hoped you were different from them all but you disregarded me all the same, shame.

⫸ I think people who do not appreciate others should be ashamed of what they are doing, girl.

⫸ There comes a moment in time when you just have to live your life exactly the way it is meant.

⫸ You are beautiful no matter what other people might say to you, believe me when I say you do.

⫸ Never forget what you are worth, you are worth the stars, the universe, and everything in it.

⫸ Girl, you make me believe that there are happy endings in this world and so I started again.

🧐 Conclusion 🧐

At last, the most imperative thing to think about throughout all of this is that you have a choice.

You can decide to unite to your relationship and bring up these concerns with your partner, or you have a choice to leave the relationship.

There may be a compelling reason for some perspectives that we’ve stirred on – their sex drive may have reduced due to job stress, or maybe they’re not communicating to you regarding things because they don’t crave to bother you, and more.

Always remember, clear and precise communication is the sole way you’ll uncover out what’s going on, and you can then make a choice about how to move forwards from there.

Hopefully, this piece of information may better help you in your future endeavors.


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Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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