22 Staggering Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Beta Male (Good For You)

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

The idea of a ‘real man’ has always been too mainstream and stereotypical in our society. Great body, attractive looks, heartthrob among women, outspoken, extrovert, sexually aggressive, hardcore masculine, these are the prominent criteria we look for in a man.

Society categorizes such men as the Alpha male. And women throughout generations keep chasing these men as if winning them is like cracking a massive deal in their lives.

But the story after winning an alpha male turns out toxic for many. As the arrogance overshadows the so-called confidence and the weird sense of superiority seems pathetic, such toxic male behavior starts spoiling the romantic relationship.

However, if you manage to shift your focus for a while and look around, you’ll spot men who are sublime in nature and not that loud. He is the ‘nice guy’ of the society who doesn’t identify with dominating appearances, is far from the toxic masculine behaviors, and can make a great companion.

We call such a man a Beta male. Such a man can be a great friend, a rather loyal lover, and a partner for life. He’ll support your decisions and will be by your side through thick and thin.

If you spot yourself around someone such as this, then congratulations! You are in a beta male territory. But how do you realize whether your partner is a beta male? Well, here are 22 staggering signs to tell you that your boyfriend is a beta male. Read on.

Photo credit: Unsplash.com
Photo credit: Unsplash.com

💫 Here are the 22 signs your boyfriend is a beta male (and why that’s a great thing) 💫

1. He doesn’t take you for granted

One of the most prominent beta signs is that the man doesn’t take things for granted in a relationship. He will make visible efforts to make you feel important. Unlike alphas, betas will ask for your opinions whenever there is a moment of decision-making.

You can expect small inclusive gestures from him like he’ll text you first, help you in your hard times, and give you rational and practical advice. During arguments, he won’t throw blanket judgments at you without listening to your part of the story.

2. You can rely on him

Do you need someone to share the most fragile and vulnerable part of you? Do you need a shoulder to cry on when there is a tough situation or a partner who will keep all your secrets safe? A beta male is that guy for you.

He’ll be there during all of your emotional turmoil situations, and breakdowns. He’ll come to the rescue whenever you are in trouble and as a woman, you will feel safe around him.

You can even find yourself safe when you two are getting physically intimate because he is that reliable guy who understands your insecurities.

Photo credit: Pixabay.com
Photo credit: Pixabay.com

3. He gives importance to communication

Unlike most alpha males who think their words are the final words, beta men are more communicative individuals. A beta person will understand that it’s important to talk about things that are bothering both of you.

In a relationship, one of the most essential factors is healthy communication. You will feel free to place your opinion and know that he won’t judge you. Instead, a beta male will encourage your freedom of expression.

In the world of dominating men, who misuse the power of masculinity, betas are more comfortable when you tell the truth instead of hiding it from them.

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4. He cares about your opinions

When you are in a relationship with an alpha male, only he will take all the decisions. His toxic male ego will not let him ask for your opinion at all. But that scenario is completely different when you are with a beta.

You can spot the differences through insignificant daily happenings. From making choices like where to head for dinner, what colors to wear, to how often to have sex, you can place your opinions in front of a beta person and he’ll take them gladly.

5. It’s not all about just sex

In most cases, a romantic relationship for an alpha man is not but only sex. They measure the value of a relationship in terms of how many times you both end up in bed. Even then, he’ll lead every act and every move.

Betas understand that a relationship is far more than just fulfilling the sexual desires of each other. Such a man will prioritize talking and understanding each other’s vibes much more than getting involved in physical intimacies.

If your partner understands these little nuances and respects your consent regarding having sex, then you are definitely with a beta person.

Photo credit: Pixabay.com
Photo credit: Pixabay.com

6. He is not self-obsessed

The world revolves around an alpha male person. At least, he feels happy thinking that way. He cannot imagine a world beyond his own needs and happiness. Whether he is a romantic partner or a friend, he is a dominant man at the end of the day.

He dwells around his own self-assurance and nothing else in this life really matters to him. Unlike a beta man, who is anything but self-obsessed. He will not do things for his own needs. He will check for other people’s happiness.

7. He has other interests

A beta man will have multiple interests, unlike alphas. The latter is so engrossed in his own world and thoughts that his self-worth doesn’t allow him to learn any other skill.

On the other hand, beta males are generally not too bothered about their image and self-worth. Therefore, they can invest their mind into developing other interests and learn new skills.

If you find that your partner has an interest in things other than himself, his body, his good looks, wit, and appearance, you are perhaps with a beta man. Hence, conversations with him are interesting and you never get bored.

8. He is not a party freak

It is generally an alpha trait. Alpha men have to maintain some sort of social status. Hence, their idea of going out or having fun is partying and hitting the dance floor with beautiful women.

Beta males are completely the opposite. Yes, they can go to parties and nightclubbing, but not to show off high status. A beta behavior won’t allow him to hit on random females at a nightclub and do random stuff with them.

If you even plan up for a party with your group, he will be the one decent guy in the room with no unlawful behavior.

9. Night outs are comfortable with him

A true alpha will never take care of your safety during a night out. If some mishap appears to happen, he’ll flee from the site before anyone else. They are barely a protective soul.

On the other hand, if you go out with a beta person, the chances of you getting in trouble get slimmer as he is quite protective in nature. If you go out with him alone, and you face some unwanted situations, he will save you first and then plan to escape the situation.

You can roam comfortably with him throughout the night because he will ensure that you are safe and happy. That’s the first priority of a beta.

10. He protects you

If you venture into an unknown place with an alpha male, your safety is at stake for sure. He is never going to protect you from any danger despite having enough power.

Beta males are completely the opposite character. They will stand by you whenever you are in trouble. They will hardly think twice before putting their lives in danger just to save you.

If your boyfriend never leaves you in tough situations and always protects you from any harm, then be happy, you are with the right man in your life.

11. Helping others is his hobby

Helping others is perhaps the last phrase you’ll find in the dictionary of an alpha male. They only think of their own lives. The rest of the world doesn’t matter to them. They think they are the superior tribes of the society and helping others is not a strong man’s job.

This is exactly what a beta man doesn’t stand for. Such a man will extend his help to anyone who needs it, even if the person is his enemy. The best part is, he will help people without having any personal agenda.

Be it helping an old frail man cross the road, giving free blankets to roadside people, or rescuing street animals, if your boyfriend helps others without expecting any return, he is a beta person.

12. Commitment phobia is not his thing

An alpha man will be an ideal date. He will charm you with his attractive looks, money, power, social status, and many more materialistic things. But when it comes to commitment, alpha is the last person to appear on the list.

Whereas, beta males are never afraid of commitments. They will happily spend the life forever with you if they love you. You will end up having a more meaningful life if you are with a beta person. So, if your partner does not avoid the marriage talks with you, stick to him, he is the one.

13. He is a great listener

When your romantic partner is an alpha, the conversations start and end with him speaking. There is hardly a moment when you get to speak about your issues, experiences, grudges, or happiness. He will never listen to you.

Beta males are way different. They are great listeners. You’ll feel happy sharing your thoughts, ideas, grieves, and concerns and he’ll listen to every story with equal attention. Beta young men have a tremendous amount of patience too.

14. He is not abusive

If you are dating an alpha male, you might face verbal abuse quite a lot of times. These men have a strong sense of superiority that gives them the audacity to insult anyone. They think abusing people for no reason is a cool behavior that makes them different from other groups.

Unlike Alpha, beta people have a sense of understanding about the human mind. You can easily spot a beta man in social situations. You won’t see him abusing anyone or talking in a louder tone.

He doesn’t have the burden to show off his status, money, or power. Therefore he is able to respect humans and yet speak the truth.

15. He remembers your special days

Most men who belong to the alpha category will not remember your special days like your birthday or the day of your first date. These small gestures are never important to him. In other words, he is so busy showing off his influence over other men that he hardly gets time to focus on his woman.

On the contrary, if your romantic partner has a beta personality, he will remember your special days and give you cute little surprises. You get either an ideal date, or a small trip, or something very special.

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Photo credit: Pixabay.com

16. He doesn’t appear like a hero in your life

Alpha men are generally attractive in terms of looks and buildup. Therefore, they have the ability to grab the attention of women with their charismatic behavior and charming appearances. Such a mentality can create a hero-like influence over others and alphas enjoy the appearance.

Unlike them, beta men appear more casual and less attractive in their attires and appearances. They don’t have the ability to woo women with macho looks and high status. And therefore, they don’t need to create the image of the hero in your life.

17. He is not rude to others

Every alpha man thinks that being rude to others is the coolest thing on earth. They think they can win women by showing rude and rough behavior to them, even in bed. According to an alpha, the key to lead ahead in life is to disregard and demean the weak ones.

Betas are completely different from their counterparts in this case. A beta man will never be rude to someone for no reason. He will win the hearts of women by appearing gentle and polite towards them.

18. He cries watching emotional scenes

“Men cannot cry.” This is a statement that is universally true for alpha men. Their sense of superiority and chauvinism doesn’t allow them to be weak. Hence, you won’t spot an alpha man crying no matter how emotional the situation becomes.

Whereas, beta men can easily break down while watching an emotional scene. It is a matter of innocence that plays a part in their free-flowing teary outburst.

They don’t feel the burden of maintaining the so-called “strong men” status, because they know that crying doesn’t make anyone weak.

19. Your parents love him too

A beta person is loveable to everyone around him. The soft-spoken nature is something that everyone finds attractive. If you choose two men, one alpha and the other one beta, and introduce both to your parents and family, the latter will lead ahead of the former with his polite attitude and friendly appearance.

An alpha man identifies with a larger-than-life ego and a status that is very hard to match with. He can often come across as arrogant and ambitious, unlike a beta.

20. He believes in equal rights

While an alpha man will eventually own you and take you for granted, a beta male will turn out just the opposite. The idea of equality belongs to his belief system. Whereas, you will never be able to impose any such belief system in the mind of an alpha.

An alpha will discriminate between what is a man’s job and what is a woman’s. No beta man will ever impose such norms on your shoulder. He will help you in the kitchen chores and daily household tasks including doing the dishes, drying the clothes, or cooking for you.

If your partner believes in equal rights of men and women in every sphere of life, then it’s an attractive feature and you should feel lucky.

21. He doesn’t control your circles

With an alpha person, you might face restrictions regarding who you should hang out with, what you should wear, and when you should step out. And you tend to find it annoying and want to break free from such a controlled lifestyle.

In such highly complex societies when everyone is here to dictate you regarding your choices, a beta man is a breath of fresh air in your life. He’s the last person to control your movements. He is not going to bother you with questions at the end of the day.

22. Looks and power don’t matter to him

Beta men are quite casual in their appearance. You can easily expect a beta guy with messy hair, simple attire, and a less fuller wallet. They don’t find it necessary to look attractive and show off their social status in front of others.

On the contrary, alpha men will constantly focus on the minimum imperfections that can decrease their charm among women. If your boyfriend is an apparently casual person, be sure you are with a beta.

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🔳Characteristics of a beta male 🔳

Photo credit: Pixabay.com
Photo credit: Pixabay.com

⏺ Doesn’t stand on moral principles

Betas can be really persuasive as they often have a hard time rejecting or saying no to people. In many cases, they might end up in unwanted situations or activities due to this nature.

Although some people might call it “being generous,” but this is not the case. If you do something to help people, that’s different. But if you sacrifice your happiness, that is not acceptable.

A beta male might fail to stand his ground and firmly act for the sake of his interest. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons they don’t find peace in work life and personal life.

⏺ Doesn’t receive the respect they deserve

Due to their carefree and casual appearance, betas often don’t get the respect they deserve. Even among friends, they can be the center point of jokes and laughs. In some cases, their friends consider them as the weakest person in their group.

However, this has many other reasons as well, like not showing a strong character and personality. For betas, they don’t demand respect or attention. They are just dependable, friendly guys. That is perhaps one of the biggest plus points of being a beta male.

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Positive attitude and likable personality

Unlike alphas, who always think they are the most superior creatures and promote toxic masculinity, betas represent what a man should be. They have a positive attitude and don’t consider themselves as the “Mr. Know It All.”

In fact, you can easily criticize them for anything, and they will accept it generously. They also have a very likable personality, which means they are fantastic to hang around with.

A beta male can be a great friend with whom you can share all your secrets, and he will never judge you. He also knows how to respect other people and their opinions.

Photo credit: Pixabay.com
Photo credit: Pixabay.com

⏺ Always casually dressed

Society always has these norms about men that should be well-dressed, have good gestures, be groomed, and more. But betas don’t care about all these kinds of stuff. In most cases, you will find them being casually dressed.

Basically, they roam around with that typical “boy next door look.” In fact, they are not at all groomed properly and might even have some weight issues. But all these things make them approachable and likable.

And if you find anyone well-dressed for an occasion, maybe his girlfriend or parents have forced him to do so.

💥 Traits of a beta male 💥

◻️ They never stand against bullying

Most humans develop their behavioral traits and personalities in their childhood. Therefore, our childhood plays a huge role in our adult life. Most of you have faced some sort of bullying in your life unless you are alpha.

But the main problem with betas is that they never stand against bullying. Hence, they become an easy victim of bullies. Now when they grow up into adults, perhaps the bullying has already taken a new shape.

A beta never faces a bully and deals with it with full conviction. So, they continue to feel miserable for the rest of their lives.

◻️ Lacks decision-making capabilities

This has to be one of the most common attributes among most beta men. A beta man doesn’t have the nerves to take important life-changing decisions. So technically, he is not ruling his life while sitting on the ruler’s throne.

He is always worried and scared about the possible consequences of his decisions. In fact, he happily hands over the steering wheel of his life to other people and lets them make crucial decisions for him.

For instance, he seeks his parent’s advice for higher studies, asks for approval from his date, and lets his wife pick the clothes for him.

◻️ Doesn’t have strong physical attributes

Physical strength is one of the main contributing factors behind building self-confidence and a likable personality. It also showcases a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Unfortunately, when it comes to physical strength, betas are possibly the last group of people to consider. So, a beta man might look a bit dull and weak to most women. However, having strong muscles has nothing to do with having a positive attitude towards others.

And betas certainly have a friendly and positive attitude towards others. In many cases, not having a strong physical attribute helps a guy stay grounded and compassionate towards fellow humans.

◻️ Often get friend-zoned

Due to their friendly nature, many women like to friend-zone betas. Women want to see a beta male as their friend but not as their boyfriend or a life partner. However, in this case, women miss out on the opportunity to convert a great friend into a lover.

As we all know, in order to be good life partners, you first need to be good friends. For betas, they don’t look after themselves and often get stuck in the rut of life and work. So, women don’t see them as potential life partners or lovers.

🕴️ Beta Signs and How to Fix Them 🕴️

Photo credit: Pixabay.com
Photo credit: Pixabay.com

⏹ Betas can’t say no

One of the major drawbacks of a beta man is that he can’t say no. If you ask for help from a beta man, you’ll never leave disappointed and he’ll go to any extent to help you. Therefore, he gets exploited quite often.

To fix it, he should say no in an assertive manner, so that the other person doesn’t feel bad, and yet, he escapes the impossible task. Betas need to understand that he can’t please everyone.

⏹ He is an introvert

The world seems like a living hell if someone is introvert but has to pretend he’s not. This is the case with the betas. They often don’t like attending parties, hitting the dance floors, and pretending he’s enjoying every bit of it.

He should start by communicating more with people, and slowly step out of his comfort zone. Besides, he must realize that being expressive is not a bad thing.

⏹ People overpower them while talking

Often, betas face this trouble while talking in a group. Other people tend to overpower their presence because they are not as loud as alphas.

To fix this, betas need to evaluate their speech and come up with something that will add some interesting takes on the conversation. A useless speech is something that nobody wants to hear.

👀 Why is dating a beta male good? 👀

Photo credit: Unsplash.com
Photo credit: Unsplash.com

However, despite all these drawbacks, dating a beta male is actually good for your well-being. He is someone who will never take you for granted and therefore, you’ll build a successful relationship that will last longer.

The real reason behind dating a beta is that he will value the relationship and you’ll have the authority to speak your opinion. You’ll enjoy equal rights while having a great friendship.

Unlike alphas that are beasts in bed, betas will ask for your consent and never be rough on you. Also, they are never afraid of commitments. Hence, you have a successful married life too.

💌 What defines a beta male? 💌

By definition, a beta male designs his entire life based on the values and norms of society. Some people think they are lazy and don’t have enough mental strength, but that’s not true. A beta male might not have the best body, but their wit will surprise you. They can also be great friends and life partners.

In short, betas are emotional, reserved, light-hearted, and idealistic. They can be a bit nerdy by nature and may face some occasional bullying in school and college. Most women prefer beta men, as their friends rather than lovers or life partners. But if someone settles for a beta as her lover, she won’t regret her decision by any means.

❣️ Types of males ❣️

◉ Alpha Males

Alpha males are the perfect examples of male chauvinists. They are aggressive, sexist, macho, and have extraordinary levels of confidence. However, here being sexist doesn’t mean that alpha males objectify women. In fact, alpha men believe that they can win any woman or girl they want.

◉ Beta Males

Beta males have a positive attitude. They are approachable and have friendly personalities. They are very sensitive and grounded when you compare them to alpha males. If you criticize them, they won’t get aggressive with you. They are good for collaborations, but some beta males can be introverts.

◉ Omega Males

Omega Males are known for their nerdy habits. The typical traits of an omega male are that they are laid back, lazy, a bit immature, lack ambitions, and irresponsible. However, most omega males are highly intelligent, but they don’t care about it. Omega males can be great collectors, for example, coin collectors, stamp collectors, and more.

◉ Gamma Males

Gamma males are adventurous, casual, and fun-loving guys, but at the same time, they don’t shy away from their responsibilities. But they can get restless if they stay idle for a long period of time. Gamma men care about women, and they will do anything to keep their partners happy. An alpha male might get matured into a gamma male as gamma males are a refined version of alpha males.

◉ Delta Males

Delta males are an extremely private sort of people who are completely dependent on fate. In most cases, a delta male is the outcome of a horrible tragedy or mental health. They usually have a don’t care kind of attitude and are often resentful. Generally, delta men are typically lonely people in social gatherings. They often attract partners who also have similar traits.

🧐 Conclusion 🧐

These are the typical signs that will determine whether your boyfriend is a beta person or otherwise. Betas are generally good human beings and loving them will make you a better person as well. In the man-made social hierarchy, betas are the most reliable ones.

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

❓ What is a beta male vs an alpha male?

Beta male vs. alpha male is that eternal comparison between two traits of men that women find mostly around them. Alphas are the dominant ones who think they stay at the top position in the social pyramid.

A beta male is the reliable one who seeks wit over beauty and conversations or sexual encounters. They are your safe resorts and forever companion.

❓ Is Omega stronger than beta?

Betas are not genetically closely related to omegas. Betas are the kind ones with wit, understanding, and a carefree attitude. Whereas, omegas are sometimes silly, immature, and lacks responsibilities.

Therefore, omegas are definitely not stronger than betas in terms of appearance, making impressions, and behavior.

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