“Should I Text Him If He Stopped Texting Me?” (13 Reasonable Tips)

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Should I Text Him If He Stopped Texting Me

Ghosting. One word with many strings attached to it. A word that will make you wonder for a long time, thinking about the “Why and what’s” Creating endless questions in your mind, letting you find answers from anywhere. To have peace. To have calmness. To have a sense of the given situation.

But what is ghosting and why does it occur? Well, in short. Ghosting is when someone who can be anyone near and dear to you, leaves you unexpectedly and cuts all types of communication with you. And why does it occur? That’s exactly what you are thinking about and here you can find your answer.

When you get into a relationship with someone, in the early stages, you both are having fun. Enjoy your time with each other, after the first date, go on many others, and are together all the time.

All modern relationships consist of such things. But what else is present in the early stages of modern relationships? Texting! That’s right.

In today’s times, texting is the most common way to communicate with your partner.

It’s a major part of a serious relationship. Sending text messages now and then is a sign of affection and care that you give your partner. It somehow became a part of our lives and we try to dwell on those whenever we have time.

Let’s say your partner is at work and you can’t talk with them face to face, send a text message! Do you miss them? Send a text message! Did you forget to tell them what to bring back from work? You guessed it right, send a text message!

It seems sending a text message is a fast, easy, and reliable form of communication leaving you with no worries whatsoever, except for the typos of course. Those are hilarious!

So, we know by now that sending a text message is a perfectly normal thing to do. And we all are aware that having to communicate in the early stages of a relationship is very important to have a better understanding of each other.

We can’t always go on dates every day just to get to know a person. It can be done via social media accounts, which have the feature of sending endless text messages with emojis and all. It gives you a better idea about the person you consider having a relationship with.

Now real life is full of surprises and there might come a time when all that was fun and lovely might suddenly stop.

The guy stops texting you all of a sudden and his social media is still up and updating. What? Your mind is constantly bugging you about why did he stop exchanging text messages.

Days become weeks and weeks become months and all of a sudden you find yourself in a situation where he has ghosted you. There is no form of communication anymore.

And after you spend time, thinking and fixing what he has done to you, he comes back! Your phone lit up and there he is again, texting you. He suddenly stopped talking and now he suddenly talks again.

If you are in such a situation then don’t worry. I got you.

All the answers you are looking for are right here, in this article.

I will thoroughly explain why a guy stopped texting you and what made him stop texting you as well.

If you don’t know what to do at such a moment then below you can find the reasons and explanation for the question “Should I text him if he stopped texting me?” I will tell you exactly what you need to hear.

I have a lot of tips for you in detail, so, without wasting any more of our brain cells on the questions, let’s discuss the answers, shall we?

🤳 Here are the 13 reasonable tips if this is you, “Should I text him if he stopped texting me?” 🤳

1. You are not to blame

You are not to blame
Photo credit: Pexels.com

When a guy stops texting you, even if he was the one who started texting you first, don’t blame yourself! It’s not your fault at all.

There can be many reasons when a guy suddenly stops texting you. And you should not feel guilty about that.

Blaming yourself will only damage you even more. It can’t be entirely your fault. If you are not appreciated then feel free to become completely silent yourself for about a month and see what happens. Give him a taste of his own medicine and see what happens.

You are precious and so is your time. Your heart and beautiful soul. Have your self-esteem and stand tall.

Feeling sorry for yourself over some guy suddenly stopping texting you is a huge red flag for your health.

Blaming yourself will not change his situation but yours. And will have negative consequences in your life. You don’t want that! you should put your happiness first, your love, your mind.

Maybe he didn’t consider this a serious relationship and that’s why he suddenly stopped texting. Or maybe he is chasing other women, back and forth, playing games with everyone. You should feel relieved instead of blaming yourself.

You should be greatly appreciated by someone who wants a healthy relationship with you. Who doesn’t play games with you or should I say a texting game with you?

Someone who doesn’t make you blame yourself, instead he keeps you super busy with himself via lots of lovely text messages because that is the only way and the only option you should consider all the time when you want to have a guy who wants a real relationship with you.

All things considered, you can change your situation, not someone else. That’s the main point.

So, don’t be the type of girl who feels sorry and blames herself for being not good enough. Don’t be a wreck, but be positive.

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When a guy disappears from your life, a new one appears. There are other fish in the sea as well, you just have to believe in yourself and move forward.

Changing your situation for good is a sign of courage and I truly believe that any girl can be courageous if nudged in the right direction. And for that, I will say good luck to you.

2. Don’t accuse him

Don't accuse him
Photo credit: Pexels.com

Don’t be like other guys who accuse people based on assumptions and just theories. Accusing will only worsen the situation instead of fixing it.

If you are wondering why did he suddenly stop texting then there can be other ways to know that, instead of accusing him of things that are not even present.

If a guy stopped texting you out of nowhere for weeks then don’t start making accusations.

Most women in such situations will do that, play the blame game but it will only bring harm to both of you emotionally.

What if you accuse him of something and he didn’t do any of that at all? How will you feel? Or how will he feel? Or the mutual friends? Before jumping to any conclusions, have you tried finding the answer to his silence? If not then don’t accuse him of anything.

When you are in a situation where a guy stopped texting you, accusing him of things he hasn’t done will reduce the chances of actually getting back with him.

The more serious the accusation is, the more impact it will have on your relationship.

Men tend to have strong feelings towards certain things like love, relationships, family, etc, and accusing him of things about that will make him lose interest in you instantly. And nobody will want that.

If you want to fix things with him or try to know why that guy suddenly stops texting you then have some patience and don’t blame him for things that he hasn’t done to you.

Don’t be left wondering about what would happen if you ever do such a thing. You know the outcome will be bad when the accusation is bad as well.

So, don’t be like other women who have a rush of emotions and start blaming him for not sending text messages. Don’t spoil things even more over a text message. But be calm. And open-minded. Real life is tough.

Not everyone will understand your situation and not everyone will tell you the right thing. You can’t depend on any other person but only on your close friends or best friend.

Most guys forget what they have in their life. So run it by them and see what they think instead of blaming him for “suddenly stop texting”

3. It happens, know that!

Whether you are online dating via online dating sites or you are dating in real life, ghosting can happen at any time, anywhere.

It’s the same thing whether it is done on social media or in real life. Ghosting can occur under any circumstances and to anyone. You are not alone.

It doesn’t matter how pretty or cute you are, or how great or funny you are, or how sexy and amazing you are, you are not an exception for guys who love playing games with women.

Nowadays, online dating is a very popular trend among young as well as older people.

Any type of person can get in touch with another person via online dating sites or through social media accounts. The Internet has made it possible to reach people instantly. In mere seconds, you can call, text, or get to know each other via text messages.

Most guys even find their first date on a dating site. It’s that simple nowadays.

Most of the communication that’s been done on a dating site is through chats or text messages. I have come across people who got their first date by giving one-word replies. One=word replies! Imagine that.

It is perfectly normal nowadays to find someone and start texting each other. You can start texting at the start or you can start texting late, it’s your choice. But when you have started texting each other, it will give you this feeling that cannot be described.

Texting for a few days, most women can feel very much attached to that person. It’s truly amazing to share almost everything via text messages.

The only thing is when you feel attached to someone the same way as them. A negative change can impact your relationship and things may get sour. In our situation, it’s text messages.

After a few days, when a guy suddenly stops texting you, it hurts. It hurts a lot.

The good morning messages, the good night messages, the compliments or spicy messages. All of those seem just, so, tasteless.

And that makes you think about whether you are good enough or not. Are you beautiful or not? Is it you, the problem? The good news is, No! It’s not you.

It happens to almost any type of woman or should I say to most women. Men are difficult to understand and we might not get it at first why so suddenly he has stopped texting you?

Why did he vanish and even come back again and start texting you?

So, know, it happens. To anyone. You are not the only one with whom communication suddenly stops.

Don’t let your self-esteem be tarnished. Keep your strong feelings on high and be aware of such guys in the future. Not everyone is like that. But be wary of other guys as well.

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4. Give him space and time

Give him space and time
Photo credit: Pexels.com

If you want to know exactly what is the cause of such behavior then you should not send him text messages continuously. When a guy stops texting you, give him some space or time.

If he suddenly stops texting you, be patient

If he suddenly stops texting you, be considerate

If he suddenly stops texting you, be supportive

If he suddenly stops texting you, be thoughtful

The reason I am saying all this is because the mind of a man works in a very unique way. Overwhelming him with your constant text messages, back and forth might have exhausted him and he might need some time to recharge.

Probably that can be one of the reasons why a guy stops texting. You can’t always know exactly what is going on inside a man’s mind.

Giving him enough space after exchanging messages back and forth can create room for him to miss you so badly.

Don’t be too clingy, men don’t like that. Don’t be too into him, they don’t like that either.

You should know your texting game and should know when to start texting him again. If he comes back and starts texting you out of nowhere, don’t start texting on the spot. Instead, take your time to reply and be patient.

Don’t ask him for reasons why he stopped texting you.

The only thing that you can do here is to create a delay in your communication with him after he starts texting you again.

This will make him curious more and more and will make him start texting you again as usual.

If he suddenly stops texting you and starts texting again after a few days, the same way as before, then don’t respond quickly. You can make excuses like ” Oh my phone died ” or ” Sorry I was at work, what’s up” like just be casual about it.

You might spook him again if you start sending him lengthy text messages without a break. The only thing you should be aware of is what is the huge red flag in your current situation and fix that problem.

You can seek help from your close friends or a best friend or your family members too. But make sure you have not lost interest during that time. If you have lost interest in him by giving him enough space or time then the only thing you can do now is to just find someone else and let him find someone else too.

In short, if a guy stops texting you, give him space. Don’t overwhelm him or ask him too many questions about why he suddenly stops texting people.

Let his curious mind miss you when you don’t reply immediately after he is back and start texting you again.

Make use of his social media accounts, that’s fine but don’t be gluey all the time. He will not be interested anymore and at the same time, he will completely stop texting you if he finds you unbearing.

5. Make yourself busy

Make yourself busy
Photo credit: Pexels.com

One thing you can do when a guy stops texting you is that make yourself busy and busier.

We know relationships can be hard and things may not be always happy and good. We also know that someone else sometimes cannot take place in our hearts like how that one person did. And it hurts, it hurts a lot when you finally find someone whom you can vibe with, start texting with, and then it suddenly stops.

It may feel like he is no longer interested in you which is why he suddenly stops texting you.

You see when a guy stops texting you after giving you so many good memories and happy moments, it can be really hard on you to just let it go. Or think about something else because he is not someone else.

He is not somebody whom you do not know or someone you have not shared your life with. When you get into a relationship nowadays, social media accounts are the first thing you ask about. That way, we get in touch with each other in many ways.

And all that social media memories bring us happiness through unique features that they offer like video calls, photo collages, stories, statuses, etc.

Sharing all that space on social media with someone whom you consider love all the time and someone who gives you a feeling the same way as you. It’s hard to just imagine shattering that scene all of a sudden.

You have to drop off that heavy load when it’s been given to you.

You have to drop off your heavy thoughts and feelings in a place where you cannot go back.

You have to get rid of sadness, negative thoughts, and loneliness.

And you can do that by making yourself busy with your hobbies and life.

You should not think about why he is not interested anymore in chatting or texting. Instead, you should focus on your goals, studies, and close friends and start texting your best friend.

Making yourself distracted and busy all the time will help you forget him sooner than you think.

Ghosting can damage lives and you should not settle for anything less than everlasting happiness and joy.

It will help you relax and will give you some peace. Who knows, after some time, he will start texting you again. You never know.

But you should always put yourself first before anyone else. Your happiness is as important as theirs.

Don’t think too much about why a guy stops texting you, but think about when will you go to the park again. When will you hang out with your friends again? When will you see a new movie or TV show?

Make yourself busy with yourself and see how it brings great changes in your beautiful life. You can say good morning to your friends and family too, right?

You can share text messages with your loved ones too, right?

Then do that. Instead of waiting for his good morning message.

Distraction and making yourself busy will give you enough time to heal and will give you enough time to ponder as well.

I know the attraction between the opposite sex is really hard to control but love, at the same time, we often overlook the things that are right with us.

Powerful and beautiful things. Like your own heart. It’s precious. So take care of that first. Let it beat gently and beautifully. Because that’s how it should be.

Don’t worry, distraction is good under such circumstances and I am sure that in time, you will see what you are expecting for a long time.

Trust me and Good luck. Good luck with having a life you truly deserve, a life filled with divine love and endless joys. Moments to remember and your breathtaking smiles.

6. Make good use of mutual friends

Make good use of mutual friends
Photo credit: Pexels.com

When we try to build a real relationship with someone, we try to make relations with our partner’s friends and family as well.

On social media, it became very easy for us to find mutual friends and get connected with people who are close or important to us.

Knowing each other close friends and family members helps us build a solid and healthy relationship and that is exactly what we want in our life.

Getting to know each other friends and making relations are easier than it seems. Because when you start dating someone, you often hang out with each other friends more and more to widen your social circle.

Most often, mutual friends sometimes become so close to us that they are like our family members and we love them very dearly.

Now, having such a mutual friend in our lives is very important because when there is something wrong between you and him, they can help you. But at the same time, it can have the opposite reactions as well. Let me explain.

If he stops texting you on social media and you become a victim of ghosting, you can seek help from a mutual friend to know what’s this all about.

They will feed you the information you want to know which you cannot get directly from him. But at the same time, if you bad-mouth him behind his back and talk smack about him to your mutual friend then it can backfire and he will not only stop texting you but remove you entirely from his life.

Talking behind with his friends might be a disastrous idea in the first place because that may come off as stalking.

However, having a mutual friend who can assess the situation and is rational towards his advice can be beneficial to both of you.

It’s not a bad idea to only check on him via your mutual friend. It gives a sense that you still care even though whatever can be the reason why a guy stops texting you all of a sudden.

You don’t want to sound very desperate when you are trying to know why he stopped texting you.

There are plenty of other fish out there for him to catch anyway. Instead, show him you are worth his time and be sensible about what to post and what to share on your social media.

He might not be replying to your messages or chatting with you but he might be checking his social media now and then. And you can only know for certain about him via your mutual friend.

So, when you feel he stopped texting you, start texting your mutual friend and ask about how he is doing.

That will show how great a character you have and how much you are mature about real-life situations. You may come off as strong and that will give him a hint on how great you are.

So, ask your mutual friend about the situation and you might find exactly what you need.

Whether it be the reason for him to stop texting you or how he is doing actually.

No guy stops texting without a reason. Always remember that. Some answers can be found indirectly as well, this is a clear way of doing that.

7. Go through your message history

Go through your message history
Photo credit: Pexels.com

What if the answer you were looking for was already with you?

Instead of looking everywhere, it was there in plain sight yet you have overlooked it.

That’s correct, what you can do is simply search your previous conversations with him.

There can be some information or hints regarding his sudden behavior change that made him stop texting you.

Search your message history thoroughly and don’t overlook the smallest of the details.

Even the emojis that you shared with him. The reason for the day he stopped texting you can be hidden there. You just have to find it and understand it. Then you can come up with a decision on what to do afterward.

Going through your history of messages, you can see where you went wrong with your text messages.

Maybe he has misunderstood what you meant and you can clear things up about that. Or you might have said something indirectly to him that might have hurt him. Or maybe he stopped texting you because he thought keeping his distance from you was the right thing to do because of what you said to him in previous conversations.

There is no harm in double-checking your messages no matter how they are.

Why did he stop texting in the first place? Why did he stop texting me so unexpectedly? Nobody stops texting without a reason, then what could have made him make such a drastic decision?

You can find all the answers to your questions just by going through your old messages.

You may have shared a text message with a lighter tone but we never know how the person is feeling when chatting.

We don’t see the look on their faces when they are typing something. It can be a very serious thing or an extremely offensive thing, but only the person on the receiving end can feel that.

Your intentions may not be conveyed accordingly when texting.

So, how will they know how to read the message according to your tone? When they can’t even see you?

It’s a downfall when you are texting someone. You may not want to offend someone but they might misunderstand and will get offended.

So it’s up to you to clear any misunderstandings and clear things up.

That’s why you should bring out your old chats and start reading them with great attention and detail.

Only then you can know where it all went wrong. If you find anything wrong by your side then simply reach out to him and tell him that was not the case.

Tell him you never wanted to give him a reason to stop texting you. Instead, you should apologize if it has hurt him.

Explaining to him and apologizing will make him start texting you again. And that will clear the air that was hindering your relationship.

Going through such things and apologizing requires a big heart.

And forgiveness requires an even bigger heart.

So, if you both have a mutual understanding about the situation and now everything is clear, you can find yourself and him both very happy because your effort to win over his trust again has been acknowledged.

8. Ask him directly

Why have you stopped texting me? Give me a reason why you stopped texting me. Why are you ignoring me, can we start texting again, please?

Sometimes directly asking him can do the trick as well.

You don’t have to worry about going into details and asking his friends or waiting for him to drop a text message that explains why he stopped texting you.

Instead, simply ask him. Why? Why have you stopped texting me? it’s simple, easy, and the fastest way to know.

Ghosting is a texting game that is played with our minds.

In modern relationships, ignoring someone is often used as leverage in a relationship.

Sometimes we make them miss us deliberately just to have a positive and fun impact on our relationship. But men tend to use that for preying and other purposes. Sadly, not everyone has good intentions.

So, if you are curious why he has stopped texting you, ask him directly.

He might be the type of guy who will appreciate you for your boldness.

He might think he made a mistake and will try to mend things up with you. Even explain to you why he stopped texting you in the first place. Or, he can remain a coward and ignore you to leave you hanging with your thoughts and feelings, alone.

But asking directly requires some sense as well.

You should come off as angry or revengeful, instead be thoughtful and considerate. Who knows, he might be going through a rough patch in his life and your text message full of anger and resentment will put fuel on the fire that is already ruining his life.

Try to be rational and causal with your text message. A simple ” You alright?” can help you get a response from him.

Don’t take his disappearance too personally. Don’t let it put you in a dilemma.

You can change your situation by directly asking him. He might take some time to respond but that’s alright. At least you tried, right? Your conscience will be clear of any guilt at least.

In life, we might come across situations where we have more questions than answers about certain people. And finding those answers can be quite difficult because you are overlooking the obvious. Which is asking them directly. It’s so simple yet often so overlooked by us that we make assumptions and create a delusion inside our heads.

9. Try calling, One.Last.Time!

Try calling, One.Last.Time!
Photo credit: Pexels.com

If you are truly desperate to know why he has stopped texting you then your last resort is one last call to him.

Knowing a reason for why he has stopped texting you is very important because that way you can at least know in which direction to go.

The science behind calling someone who is ignoring your text messages can be a bit overwhelming because you have to understand some facts before calling someone who is ghosting you.

First and foremost you should be aware of where you stand currently in the relationship.

Have you tried text messaging him for many days? And you haven’t received any response or an answer from him even still? Then calling him will not be beneficial to you at all because he will simply ignore your call as well if he has ignored all your text messages.

There is no need to call him at all because he has no reason to pick up that call anyway. If he ignores chatting, he will ignore calling too. It’s obvious he is trying to ghost you and is ignoring you.

But, if you have sent him only a text message and it’s been a few days like 3-4 and still he hasn’t responded to you then it’s time to pick up your phone and start calling him.

You must be curious about what is going on with him and will try to know if he is okay.

Keep in mind that calling too many times and texting too many times are two different things.

Texting is usually easy for people but calling might have different types of reactions on different people.

Calling too many times after being ignored might come off as super needy, cringe, and weird. So try to avoid that when you consider calling someone who has stopped texting you.

Calling one last time to have closure is a good thing. You should not feel bad about calling just to find out what’s going on with him.

When a guy stops texting you for a longer period, it is advisable to call just to have a reason for what made him stop texting you. It’s the right thing to do.

Who knows, he was waiting for your call just so that he could start texting you again? Maybe he wants to start texting you again but he is hesitant and seeing how serious you are.

Reasons can be many but the answer is always one. So, don’t be shy. Call when you have to because you can’t be living in a constant delusional state over some guy who stops texting you all of a sudden.

10. Be calm and don’t jump to conclusions

Be calm and don't jump to conclusions
Photo credit: Pexels.com

Jumping to a conclusion means you have created answers in your head already and accepted them.

Which you should never do if he has stopped texting you. Jumping to conclusions on a whim destroys even the tiniest chance you have to amend things with someone.

You have to understand certain things if you are a victim of ghosting.

You have to assess the situation with a positive mindset instead of a negative one.

We all are human beings and everyone has a reason for doing something. It can be the most basic action.

For example, why do we eat? To gain energy. Why do we sleep? To have a healthy body. Why do we love someone? To feel appreciated and complete. You see every action reacts, we all are familiar with that theory.

So now keeping that in mind, should we perform actions when we have a distracted mind full of thoughts that make us sad and angry, or should we perform actions when we are calm, peaceful, and patient? I think we all know the answer to that.

If a guy stops texting you all of a sudden, remain calm.

Take control of your emotions and don’t rush into making sudden decisions. Think about valid reasons why a guy stops texting you. And that can only come to you if you are thinking rationally.

You can’t start texting him again and again and repeatedly to just have closure. That will annoy him even further and he will start ignoring you everywhere, on social media, on cellular services, and in public. Just about everywhere.

And you can’t blame him as well which can cause chaos in your current situation. Instead, remain steady and patient.

Give time. Time heals everything. You have to understand that no message is also a message.

If you can’t find a valid reason for why he has stopped texting you then it’s time to let go.

It’s fine, you can find your answer later. It’s okay if you love him or have good memories with him.

Maybe it’s just not meant to be. Always remember that if someone stops texting you, find a valid reason. Don’t jump to conclusions on your own. Don’t let negative emotions harbor in you and negative thoughts in your mind.

Whenever something bad or hurtful comes up in your mind, change it to positive. Positive thinking will bring positive results in your life.

It’s not a very smart thing to do, jumping to conclusions. When you have strong feelings and you are emotional, your mind can be clouded and any decision you make at that time would be unwise.

You have to analyze all the things that are related to what made him stop texting you. Be smart and don’t go towards the stalking route. That’s just the worst thing you can do in such a situation.

11. The “Whatever” technique

One of the tips I can give you is to apply the “Whatever” technique if a guy stops texting you. I know it sounds pretty easy but believe me, it’s not. The results you can have with this technique though are extraordinary. All you have to do is just have “whatever” feeling towards your situation. Be “whatever” if a guy stops texting you. By applying this technique, your mind will be at ease and you will feel calm relaxed, and cool about it.

For example, if a guy stops texting you, you can say ” Whatever, it doesn’t bother me, it’s just a simple message….” or ” Whatever, I can’t do anything about it anyway… I mean I tried ” or ” Whatever, take as much time as you, maybe I will hear from you soon” Applying such mindset will automatically affect your behavior as well.

You should also be aware of how the whatever mindset works. It’s not like you switch it on and it just happens instantly. You have to be level-headed and level-hearted to pull the amazing “Whatever” technique. You can’t just think about when he will start texting me again and apply the “whatever” technique at the same time.

It’s known that people who say out loud that they don’t care and apply the “Whatever” technique are the kind of people who care deeply about certain things. I mean, it requires a lot of guts to even say it out loud when you are going through such a situation.

The “Whatever” technique is quite handy for both men and women equally. Not only does it help you relax but it brings a certain kind of peace that allows you to carry on with your life and do important things while waiting for some new information to arrive.

But again, it doesn’t work if you are crying every day and night thinking about when he will start texting again, why he stopped texting me, why others had good luck and I have bad luck, etc. You can’t use it like that. You have to change your mindset and be “Whatever” about it every day. You have to be very serious about it so that you can control your emotions efficiently.

Focus your time and energy on other important things in your life rather than spend all your time wondering why he stops texting you. You know there are many other people in your life that you should be talking to. You don’t have just one person in your life that you should always think about, right? That’s why you can be “Whatever” about the situation and live your life to the fullest. Don’t let it stop you from enjoying your life.

I know it can be a very challenging and hard thing to ignore someone whom you love so dearly but you should know it’s the right thing to do. You have to train your self-control so that you can live every day with a bright smile. You have to train your emotional control so that you can feel happy, even in the most difficult times of your life.

Don’t make yourself suffer from things like that instead be whatever about it. Trust me, the “Whatever” technique works. All you have to do is just work hard on your self and you will see yourself grow in no time. I believe in you. There can be a billion reasons why he stopped texting you and started ghosting you. But there isn’t even ONE valid reason for you to be not happy. So, think about that.

12. Don’t be clingy

Don't be clingy
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If someone stopped texting you, should you send him a lot of messages one after another or should you be patient and wait for the right time to communicate?

Most guys don’t like women who are too clingy. Who wants things ASAP? Who wants to know exactly what and exactly why it happened? Men don’t like women who are obsessed and controlling. They don’t like that at all. If you come across as too clingy to them, they will try to leave you quickly.

Because men need their space and you might be not giving them by pushing their buttons too much. And we all know what is the outcome when that happens.

Being desperate when a guy stops texting you will make you look weak and they can take advantage of that. Maybe that’s exactly what they are after, you never know. You have to be smart here.

Imagine yourself in such a situation, if you have stopped texting someone and he is constantly messaging you about why did you that, how will you feel? Annoyed? overwhelmed? cringed? Would you feel sorry for him if he sent one text message after another? No right? That’s how he will feel too if you become too clingy and demand answers.

No one is too busy to reply to a text message, we know that. But there can be other reasons for such behavior and those reasons are exactly the information you need to have closure about your dilemma. But being clingy and difficult to deal with will leave you with no answers, only guilt. Guilt about what you could have done better instead of ruining your only chance to fix things.

Ghosting is a serious issue and should be treated seriously. So my advice would be not to become the type of girl who is clingy and pushy. You are talking about a guy of the opposite sex, you should read his signs and deal with that situation accordingly. You don’t want to lose things here, but instead, gain something for yourself. And that is the answer to why he has stopped texting you all of a sudden.

13. Move On!

If nothing works out it’s time for you to simply move on with your life. Sometimes you can never actually know why someone has stopped texting you and that is fine by itself too. Maybe he is not interested anymore or he has found someone else. Whatever the reason can be for his cowardice, you should not feel obligated to join his texting game anymore. But you have a better choice now, moving on.

In real life, we come across such hurdles and are often left alone to deal with them. And it’s difficult. Finding love is difficult. Finding someone you trust is difficult. Building life is difficult. It’s not meant to be easy anyways. You have to remain firm where you stand in life. Or the world will eat you whole. It’s a cruel and hard world and bad people do exist among ourselves. We may not be so smart to identify them at first but we might be aware of the signs that may give off the kind of people who will break someone’s heart.

Our heart is a fragile thing. It can feel love a lot but letting go of love is the hardest thing to do. Especially letting go of someone who genuinely made you happy and gave you a ton of joyous memories.

There are people in the world with whom their friends have stopped texting them or their family has stopped texting them. Imagine feeling all alone in the world, while having so many communication tools at hand. Not being able to receive any message from loved ones, not being able to adjust on social media. We should feel lucky if we have such people in our lives who check upon us. Who sends us a text message, even if it is once a week or two weeks?

That’s a real relationship, my friends. You should not feel sad or depressed about some guy who has stopped texting you for weeks. Let them be. If they hurt you, karma will do its job. You can try to move on. With the help of your best friend, your close friends, and your family. You are better off with someone else who will not take you for granted.

Life is beautiful and so are you. You deserve the best things in the world. And you should let time heal you and move on. Because that is the right thing to do if someone has stopped texting you for weeks. Know for a fact that they were only passing their time with you. No one can be so super busy to leave a simple reply to let you know the reason why he stopped texting you.

So, move on and find happiness in someone else. Because he won’t be suddenly stopped by anything to not communicate with you. Good luck and have a future where all you can do is smile. And be happy.

⚜️ What to Do When He Stops Texting ⚜️

What to Do When He Stops Texting
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📌 Stop panicking

The first thing you should never do is to start panicking when a guy stops texting you. There is no need to panic in the first place because you still don’t know why he has stopped texting you. It’s difficult to cope with such feelings of anxiety and curiosity, I know but believe me, panicking in such a situation will be not a wise thing to do.

If someone has stopped talking with you, there can be a motive or a reason behind that. Now, during ghosting, you might not be able to get your answers straight away and that is fine as well. Being impatient will leave you with nothing. Absolutely nothing. Panicking right after somebody stops talking with you will not benefit you as well.

Think about what the other person will do in your situation. Will she think texting is the only option to get some closure? Will she be emotionally unstable while deciding what to do in this situation? Will she call and ask a mutual friend to get some closure? These are all perfectly normal thoughts and most women feel the same way.

So instead of panicking, put yourself in somebody else’s shoes and think how would they react if someone stopped texting them.

If someone suddenly stopped texting you out of the blue then don’t let it get to you. It’s alright. Take your time and be patient. The more you think about why he stopped texting you, the more you will get hurt. And we don’t want that to happen. If a guy stops texting you, give him space and seek answers appropriately. You don’t want to come off as needy and impatient. Most guys won’t like you being clingy.

So, remain calm. Don’t panic. Let it flow. It’s difficult, there is no doubt about that but stay strong. Don’t give in to negative thoughts. Instead, think of reasons why he would send a text message again instead of thinking he wouldn’t at all. Try to think positively and have a neutral mindset. You have to be rational and keep your emotions in check. You don’t want your health to deteriorate, right?

You can many different methods and many working ways can help you get an answer to why he stopped texting you, so, think of those and use them to your advantage. Calmness is the key here.

📌 Analyze the situation

It’s a tough situation when you find yourself in a predicament about why he has suddenly stopped texting you. You might have thoughts like “Oh he is no longer interested in me” or “He didn’t consider this a serious relationship” or “He is simply not interested anymore in anything related to me”

The only way you can know why someone has stopped texting you is by analyzing and assessing your current situation with him. Take every bit of information into account and see what comes up. You have to dig deep and find out what caused this to happen.

Is it me? Is it him? Is it our current way of living? Is it about time or place? Think, think! and analyze every tiny detail that is related to both of you.

Go back and forth in memories, in past messages, in happy moments, in fights, in calls, in dates, and in your time together with him. Find what and where it went wrong. Tracing back your steps here can be helpful to you.

Jumping to conclusions based on no facts or information will be a poor choice here. You don’t want that to happen at all. Take everything into the matter and trust your heart. Believe you can find a fix and when you find that, work on it. Know that, nobody is so busy with life that they cannot even get a few seconds to reply. There is always something holding them back from answering your text messages.

That’s why you must be smart and intelligent if someone stops texting you. You have to put on your detective hat and solve this case like Sherlock Holmes. I know, it’s funny to mention him here but this only means you are taking a step to fix what has been lost for a moment there.

I am only your Dr.Watson here. The clues might be hidden inside your previous conversations or when he started texting you first.

By analyzing your surroundings and your current situation, you may be able to unveil the real reason why he stopped texting you in the first place. Then, for sure, you can find some peace of mind and finally some closure.

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📌 Change your mindset

Change your mindset
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Sometimes it’s better to look at things a little bit differently. Changing your perspective about certain scenarios can greatly impact positively in your favor. Most guys forget that they are in control of their body, mind, and heart. That should not be the case. What you have to do when someone stops texting you is simply change your mindset about it.

It doesn’t mean you should start blaming yourself or him, no. It simply means thinking of things that help you calm and relax, like the “Whatever” technique we discussed above.

When we are in the early stages of our relationship, our dopamine levels are high because of all the love, care, and attention we are receiving from him. We get very happy when we see our phone lighting up now and then, hearing that notification sound from social media apps or the calling ringtone from the person we love and admire.

Even the one-word replies we get from him put a smile on our faces. The good morning message, the sweet good night text, and the sexy and flirty texts, all become a part of our lovely relationship and we are living quite joyously.

But if someone suddenly stopped messaging us, that would break our hearts and we might be feeling much sadder and depressed because of how lovely the time we spent with each other. if he suddenly stops texting you, then change your mindset. Look at this a bit from another perspective and try to cope with it. You can try to indulge yourself in other daily life activities while still waiting for an answer or a text message from him.

You can take on new hobbies or broaden your areas of interest. You don’t have to sit in one place and think about what could go wrong, but think about what could go right for you. You matter. Your life matters. Your happiness matters. So be whatever about it and live your life to the fullest. That can help you somewhat. Even if it’s still reminding you of the things he did to you, you must stay strong.

Feel free to try different methods to steer away from thoughts that hold you down. Only you can do it. Who knows, he might start texting you again so very soon. Till that time, keep yourself busy with other things.

📌 Don’t give in to anger

Nothing good comes from anger. We probably heard that a million times from our elders or our close friends. You can ask someone else as well and they will tell you just the same. Anger is your enemy. It can only destroy things, don’t mend things. Anger is not your only option when someone stops texting you. If you are angry during that time, you might make decisions that you will regret all your life.

I have seen people who acted in anger when someone suddenly stopped messaging them. And do you know what they are left with? Guilt, loneliness, and no closure. You don’t want to be that kind of woman right? You don’t want to live every day in constant fear and doubts in your head about why it happened. Why did he stop texting you? What was his excuse or reason to stop texting you?

If you are not angry at him, then you will be angry at yourself and that is even worse. You may worsen your health or you can also damage your relationship with other people in your life like your best friend, family, or others. You don’t want people to be removed from your life that love you, right? By creating a mess, you will be all alone. And that is just sad.

If you send him an angry text message after he stopped texting you, he will hate you for it. It’s that simple. The only thing and the only option you have here is to not give in to anger. It’s ok if he stopped texting you.

Give it some time so you can have a clear understanding of the situation instead of being angry at him or yourself. If you can’t put your anger on him or yourself, then it will be directed to people who are close to you. And how would that make you feel if you hurt them indirectly? hmmm?

So, listen to my advice and don’t be angry. You are to be appreciated. You are to be taken care of. You are precious and a treasure. Don’t give in to anger. It’s only going to hurt you in the end. But be steady and relaxed. Don’t make your situation worse by being furious.

📌 Don’t be an attention-seeker

Not everyone gets a chance to fix things. If someone suddenly stops texting you, don’t send countless text messages one after another. If you do that, you may get rid of the chance to know why he started ghosting you. Guys may suddenly stop texting you back if you are the type of girl who is demanding and attention-seeking.

Don’t double or triple-text him just to get his attention. If he is ignoring your single text message, he can ignore your many other text messages as well. He might be playing games with you and will be enjoying your gameplay.

Or he might be provoking you to get some sort of silly reaction that he can share with his friends and laugh at you. Don’t be his victim! You should be very well aware of the texting game by now.

Or he can be busy with something serious and your constant messaging will irritate him to the point that he will stop texting you. Most guys don’t like attention-seeking women and will ghost you the moment they get a chance. Not everyone is like that but still, you should know that men tend to like women who can be easy to deal with.

📱 Signs You Need To Stop Texting Him 📱

✏️ He spends a lot of time to reply

If you send a text message and suddenly the guy disappears for a long time just to reply after some hours is a sign and indication that you should stop texting him.

We know people get busy. There is work, family, hangouts, and other things in his life that can take his time rather than sitting and sharing text messages with another. But if he is taking too long every time to reply to your message then it’s time for you to decide and look over things again whether he is someone you want in your life or not.

Let me be clear, if he doesn’t respond to your texts for a longer period, it’s just not wise to stay in that relationship. You have to understand that you are dealing with a real-life situation here and if he cannot even give you the proper time and attention then clearly he is not interested anymore and you should stop texting him back.

But, if you stop texting him and he suddenly starts to change and gives you more time then it means he does care for you and will try to be a better person for you. Otherwise, stop texting him if it gets common for him to always reply late to your messages.

✏️ He deletes you from his social media profiles

How can you stay in touch with someone in today’s modern time when they block or delete you from their social media apps? It’s a clear message to you that he is not interested anymore in fixing things with you or telling you what’s wrong with him to suddenly portray such behavior.

You see, men give you signs instead of proper messages. That’s how their mind works. And you should be able to read such signs early on to not feel bad later. Deleting you from his social media is a message that he wants to cut all his ties with you and wants to remove any form of communication whatsoever with you.

If he does that, stop texting him. Stop calling him. Stop following him or stalk him. It’s only going to hurt you back in the end. Don’t succumb to his cheap ways of dealing with things in a relationship. It’s his cowardice to not be able to face you head-on.

You don’t want to spend or give time to a coward. Because he will not only leech away your precious time but will leech away your happiness as well. Don’t let him steal your kindness because you deserve better.

If he removes you from social media, say good riddance! You can do better anyway. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. Go for other fish instead of this bad one.

In short, you should stop texting him, if he removes you from his social media. Period. Because there can only be one reason for such action. And you know that already. Message received! Loud and clear!

✏️ You always text him first and reply more

You should stop texting him if you are the only one who replies more to text messages. You should look for a sign of what is his favorite topic. Is it sex? Does he talk more and reply more to you if you have a naughty and sexy talk with him? but when you talk about yourself, goals or dreams, or the future it seems he is lost for words. Are you getting the idea of what I mean here?

You see, if you find yourself in a position where you look at your phone screen and your text messages seem to be only one-sided then it’s time for you to rest your hands and stop texting him right away.

Are you always the first to say good morning? Are you always the first person to initiate a conversation? Are the “I Miss You” or “I Like You” always from you? Then you should realize that he is taking advantage of you. He is only interested in your body, that’s it.

He doesn’t want to be bothered with your girly talks or meaningful conversations. All on his mind is just sex, sex, and sex. He is only horny and trying to get rid of his needs by using you whenever he has time.

So, don’t let him take advantage of you, and steer clear from such men. Don’t let him use you for his needs. Stop texting him immediately and secure your self-respect.

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✏️ He is not interested in keeping the conversations going

When you get into a relationship with someone, you talk about almost everything. From a simple “Hi” you can reach discussions about how the constellations are aligned or how volcanoes erupt. From the simplest of topics, you can reach space, nature, history, and many other random topics. And that can only happen when you are truly interested in the person you are having a conversation with.

But if you are in a type of situation where you send paragraph after paragraph and all you get in return is a measly one-word reply then you should consider stopping texting him right away. Why? Because you are the only one who is keeping the flow of conversation going while he is putting a pile of rocks to stop that.

He doesn’t seem to like your discussions or conversations so much so that he sounds bored. He doesn’t make an effort to spark up the conversation with you and probably would not change that about him either.

If he is not asking you questions related to you or the connection between you two then what does it say about him? Does he seem interested in you if he is not even asking basic random questions about you? Of course not! It seems he doesn’t want to keep the conversation going at all.

It’s two people’s job to keep the flow of conversation. You do not message yourself to continue the flow of conversation, right? Although he may make you feel that way that you are only talking to yourself which is a pretty low thing to do.

If he is not taking interest and showing effort in keeping the chat alive with you then it’s time for you to stop texting him.

✏️ He texts you when he needs something from you

We all are aware of jerks who use women and take advantage of them. They know women are emotional beings so they play things right and let you believe they are nice, but instead, they turn out to be bad people. They don’t look at you or think of you as a person but they look at you like some sort of thing. A plaything. Just to pass their time with. And that is something unacceptable in everyone’s eyes.

If you find yourself in a relationship with someone where he texts you only when he needs something from you then know you are being taken advantage of. You should not let him treat you that way because you are not something he can use to pass his time with.

There are many cases like these almost everywhere in the world where a guy tries to win your heart and you let him know about you deeply which he later uses to his advantage. There are cases where a guy even starts to blackmail you if you don’t give him what he needs. That’s so cheap!

Won’t you feel violated and left with broken pieces of you if you came to know that someone with whom you’ve been sharing your time and life is just only using you? That’s terrible to even think about. Don’t stay in a relationship with someone who is only using you to his advantage. You are a person, not something to play with. They don’t have any right to play with your emotions or mind.

Not everyone that will come into your life will be caring or lovely to you. There can be hidden motives behind it as well. You can’t read everyone’s faces, people are getting smarter nowadays. They can easily manipulate women on social media by creating fake accounts as well. It’s all just a mess. You have to be extra careful these days before letting someone inside your heart.

There is a famous Japanese saying that “All people have three faces, one you show to the whole world, the second you show to people close to you, and the last, you never show to anyone”

So, if he texts you ONLY when he needs something from you that can be anything, money, pictures, sexting, etc. You should stop texting him. Because he is not serious about you and he doesn’t want a serious relationship at all.

✏️ He says he is scared of you and avoids you in public

One of the excuses that you can hear for why he stopped texting you will be that he is scared of you. Well, how can he be scared of you when you didn’t even say anything to him that can closely be related to a threat or harm? If you haven’t harmed him in any way, he will come up with this excuse and will try to blame you for ghosting you. Funny right? How can he blame you when it was he who started ghosting?

And when he blames you, he will try to avoid you in public too because he hasn’t responded to your text messages or would try to hide from you so you don’t get any closure. Such cowardice makes me angry. How can you avoid someone so easily when you were just talking with him days before? He doesn’t want to meet you, he doesn’t want to talk with you, he has stopped texting you, and trying his best to avoid you in public is a sign, telling you to stop texting him.

He is also scared that if you ever meet him face to face after him not respond to your text messages, you will try to destroy his character in public or anywhere you decide to meet. He is scared to face you because he is simply not man enough. He can’t just come up with excuses now that he has made his decision to ghost you. That’s why you should get the hint and stop texting him immediately. Don’t let him get to you. Instead, move on.

🔎 Ways to Make Him Miss You 🔍

Ways to Make Him Miss You
Photo credit: Pexels.com

⫸ Give him space to miss you

You can make a man miss you a lot by simply being not always available. For example, are you always replying to his text messages quickly? Are you always there whenever he reaches out to you? Does your instant text message have a pattern to it?

When you are missing someone, the time around you moves slowly, you try to create scenarios in your head and feel something heavy pressing on your heart. And you believe the only thing that can make you feel better is a text message from him. That will light you up. And the moment he does message you, you reply ASAP. Without hesitating or waiting.

You even ignored the current work you were doing and simply texted him back. Love is beautiful, no doubt, and if you like someone you will want to have as much time with them as possible. But by doing this, you are not giving him enough room or space to miss you! because you are always there. Ready. To text back.

So what you can do is simply sit back, relax, and try to reduce your texts. By changing your pattern and quick replies, he will start thinking about what happened to you and will start to miss you crazily.

He might realize that your quick replies were your way of telling him how much you mean to him and that will put both of you in a good mood. He will miss your quick responses and will try to communicate with you more. Because he is missing his one and only.

You should not pressurize him and give him enough room to miss you. That way, your bond will get stronger and the connection between you two will blossom in a lovely manner.

⫸ Make him crave for you by being mysterious

Don’t give all of yourself to him in one go. Never do that. Don’t let him know all about you because that will make you boring afterward. Men love mysterious women. Who shows and tries new things in a relationship. If you keep something from him he will get curious and more curious. He will be all over you in less time if you keep some things about you to yourself. It gives enough space and room for him to miss you dearly when there is a certain time.

Men crave women who are mysteriously shy and who surprise them. Have a mysterious aura around you and see how he tries his best to get to know you better.

Make him believe that there is something about you that he doesn’t know still. By being playful and mysterious, he will be attracted to you and will crave for you a lot!

By keeping yourself mysterious, he will think about you all day, will miss you, will crave for you, and will look forward to talking with you again and again because his curious mind won’t stop telling him that you have something to show or tell even still.

If you are not present near him, he will miss your presence and will try any method to know what’s up. Teasing him will make him crave for you more and more.

⫸ Don’t always be online on social media

Another way you can make him miss you is by being not always online on social media apps. Or updating your social media profiles. By doing that, you are allowing him to miss you. He might wonder why isn’t she uploading new stories or statuses. Why isn’t she liking my posts or dropping comments on my profile?

That way, he will start to realize that you are not online much anymore and don’t have time to spend on social media. He will start to miss you and come looking for you in no time.

You can also use social media to make him miss you in reverse order by posting awesome and attractive pictures of you. You can put stories and statuses that he likes as well. By keeping your accounts updated, he will look over your profile silently and will follow you everywhere. Whatever you are doing on those apps.

Show your style, vibe, and presence by sharing all kinds of different photos of you. Make him miss you and chase you. Make him realize you are worth his time and attention.

Did you buy a new dress? Upload it on your social apps. Did you make a dish he likes? Share it on social websites. Did you visit a new town or city? share it away. Let him see what you are doing and how cool and adventurous you are. That will surely make him miss you crazily.

⫸ Dress better

Men notice the things women wear. Whether it’s a cute dress of floral patterns or a bikini. They notice everything. So why not use that to your advantage? If you want him to crave for you then dress better and dress sexy. Trying new and unique dresses will make him turn his eyes towards you. His gaze will be locked on you and he will be speechless when you put on your new hot dress!

You should come off as glamorous, captivating, and ravishing. So that his heart can skip a beat after seeing you that sexy and hot. When he realizes how stunning you look, he will think of you all the time. His mind will be filled with only your thoughts. By wearing better dresses and looking beautiful, he will miss you all the time and will crave for you. Make him head over heels for you and show him you can dress to kill.

Having a better dressing sense is an advantage you can have in a relationship because when men see you like that, they just can’t control themselves. And they are always looking for the next opportunity to talk with you or see you again. So, if you want him to miss you, slay him with your killing dress and make his eyes glued to you only.

⫸ Hang out with your friends and let him go with his friends

Another way you can make him miss you is by hanging out with your friends. When he is looking for you and you are with your friends, he will surely miss you. He might want to hang out with you so badly but you will be away with your friends enjoying your time. He will send you ” I Miss You” texts right away when he knows you will not be able to spend time with him anymore.

He will simply wait for your return so that he can tell you how much he missed you. He will be obsessed with you if you don’t hang out with him so often and will miss you all the time.

When you go out with your friends, take some snaps of your time with them. Share them with him too. You are not obligated to hang out with him all the time too. You have your own life so you should live and enjoy yourself with friends as well. But when you are not with him for hanging out, he will feel jealous and will miss you. He will also try to come with you guys next time just because he is missing you so much.

Also, you can let him hang out with his friends too. If he asks you whether he should go or not, you should give him a green signal and let him enjoy being with his friends. That way, he might realize that your company was better in the first place. Letting him go will make you look not so clingy. He might enjoy his time with his friends for the time being but eventually, he will for sure miss the time he spends with you.

If he wants to go far with his friends, allow that too. The more time he will spend far from you, the more he will crave and miss you. And in those moments he will realize that you are “The One” for him. Your time is the only time that he needs in his life.

So, take advantage of the space and room in a relationship and make him crazily miss you.

◉ Sweet texts to make him obsess over you ◉

  1. If someone asked me what my favorite thing about you is, I wouldn’t be able to pick just one thing.
  2. How well do cheesy pickup lines work on you? Why am I asking you this? No reason.
  3. If I made a wish for the perfect man for me, you’re exactly who would appear.
  4. I’m wearing one of your shirts right now, so I feel like you’re with me.
  5. You’re so sweet, I could almost sprinkle you in my coffee instead of sugar.
  6. The next time someone asks me what my greatest weakness is, should I be honest and tell them it’s your smile?
  7. If I tell you I want something cute for my birthday/Christmas, will you put a bow on your head and give it to me?
  8. I’m thinking about lounging around without pants and ordering takeout tonight. You in?
  9. Do you think I can get treated for being addicted to the way you kiss me?
  10. If only you knew how red my cheeks turn every time I see your name on my screen. You make the butterflies in my stomach go wild.
  11. There’s no one else who understands me as you do. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t have to say anything. I simply look you in the eyes and I know that you get me.
  12. You’re the only person who knows how to make me laugh uncontrollably. Since the moment I met you, my days have been better than ever before.
  13. You make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world. When I’m with you, all of my troubles disappear.
  14. I feel safe whenever you’re around me. You’re my hero, the one I’ve been looking for my whole life.
  15. Can you read my mind? Because you always seem to text me whenever I’m thinking about you.
  16. Women, who make the first move – yes or no? If you like them, then I could do something to become that woman.
  17. I can’t stop daydreaming about you. Want to know what I’m imagining?
  18. If you were lying next to me right now, I guarantee we wouldn’t be sleeping.
  19. I was trying to send you something that would make you smile, but I couldn’t fit it into the box.
  20. I could get lost in your eyes. They make me stare at you. I could easily be doing it for hours, without even knowing it.
  21. I love the way you hold me in your arms when I am falling asleep and the way you gently tuck my hair when you think I am not noticing. I love the way you give me sweet butterfly kisses so that they won’t disturb my sleep. Most of all, I love the way I feel safe and secure in your arms.
  22. With the hustle and bustle of my day, it finally dies, my heart beats for you get louder and more apparent. When the sun goes down and the night takes over the day I start missing you in every possible way. When the stars light up the sky in the night, I just feel like staring into your dreamy eyes. And when it’s time for bed, I wish you were ready here by my side so we could both go together on a dreamy ride.
  23. I would do anything right now to be able to curl up next to you, bury my head in your chest, and lock my fingers with yours. I want to be able to look at you and smile whenever I want to. I would be able to kiss you whenever I wanted to. I want to be able to tell you how I feel about you whenever I want to.
  24. The best feeling in the world is when you say hi to me or even smile at me, because I know, even if it’s just for a second, I have crossed your mind.
  25. Congratulations, you have just won an award for stealing my heart, and the award is to have dinner with me.
  26. You are so tempting: as you always make me want to kiss and cuddle you. I want to make you feel like you are the only man in the world who has ever mattered to me. You make me want to strive to put nothing but a smile on your face. Even on your worst days. I want to spoil you to the best of my ability to show how much I care and appreciate every little thing you do for me. You make me want to take care of you and be there for you always. And I am going to do everything to prove to you that we are meant to be with each other. You make me want to let you know how much I love you every day.
  27. You seem to capture my mind every minute. There is never a second when I don’t think of you or miss your presence. Your love possesses me all the time. I feel so weak in your love and yet so strong.
  28. I wish I could explain how your eyes thrill me and the sound of your voice makes me feel butterflies. How your smile makes my heart skip beats and how every time I am with you I feel complete.
  29. I love that what we have is so real. I have so much faith in our love for one another. Thanks for being an amazing partner. 
  30. We have made so many amazing memories together. I am so grateful for those.

◈ Sexy Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day ◈

Test msg on mobile
Photo credit: Pexels.com
  1. Want to give me a call later? I want to tell you about these naughty thoughts I keep having.
  2. Let’s play hooky together tomorrow. We could even spend the entire day in bed.
  3. I can tell it’s going to be a long day. How about you come over later and we can unwind together?
  4. I keep replaying the way you touched me last night over and over in my mind.
  5. I have a present for you. It’s in my bedroom; remind me to give it to you the next time you come over.
  6. My mouth is watering just thinking about tasting your lips again.
  7. I’ve been thinking about getting into yoga. Will you watch me sometime and let me know how my form is?
  8. My bed feels way too big for just me to sleep in alone.
  9. I’ve got so much tension everywhere…I think you need to give me a full-body massage.
  10. Just bought some gorgeous lingerie. Mind if I put on a fashion show for you soon?
  11. I can’t stop thinking about you…I can hardly keep my hands off myself.
  12. How do you like your coffee? I need to know so I can have it ready for you the next time you spend the night with me.
  13. Brr! It’s so cold outside today. Wish you were here to warm me up.
  14. I want you right now.
  15.  I’m a little drunk, a little horny, and all alone.
  16. It got so hot in my room last night, that I had to take off all my clothes to sleep. Can you imagine that?
  17. Is there anything you’re craving for dinner? Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll make it for you.
  18. I think I might go bikini shopping today. Mind if I send you pictures and get your opinion?
  19. There’s an empty spot in my bed with your name on it.
  20. I can’t imagine a better evening than you, some wine, and maybe a long shower together.
  21. I promise to be by your side always, preferably under you or on top.
  22. Right now, I want to feel your hands all over my body.
  23.  I have a plan for the evening. Do you want a naked bear hug, yes or yes?
  24. Pleasing myself while thinking of you is quickly becoming one of my new favorite pastimes
  25. Did you cast a spell on me or something? I keep having these dirty dreams about you…
  26. If you come to see me tonight, I’ll give you 69 reasons to spend the night with me.
  27. I’ve got something to show you. It’s a surprise, and you’re going to have to undress me to find it.
  28. I’ll invite you over on one condition: you may not keep your hands to yourself. You need to tell me exactly where you’re going to put them.
  29. On the count of three, let’s both say what we’re thinking about. One . . . two . . . I want to be naked with you right now!
  30. I got eight hours of sleep last night in preparation for the rager that I’m preparing to have with you starting at 8 p.m. this evening.

■ Things Guys Think When You Don’t Text Them Back ■

When You Don't Text Them Back
Photo credit: Pexels.com

💟 They are hopeful that you will text them soon

Guys are hopeful that eventually, you will give them a response soon. And a positive one too. They believe maybe you are processing the information they have shared with you during your conversations and probably are thinking of the right way to respond. They are very hopeful actually and think that even if you take days, you will probably answer them back.

For example, they think you might ask them again to go on a date or they think you might be trying to know whether you want a serious relationship or not. All that is going on with you, they are still hopeful and waiting for your text messages to arrive to give them that smile.

They believe it’s going to be wonderful if you reply to them back after some time. They look forward to your message after you created such a mystery surrounding your connection with them. And they trust you and are hopeful that you will come back with a proper explanation for your absence.

You should know that it’s a good thing to stay positive in any situation. He might be missing you badly while you are not texting him back but he thinks positively and stays hopeful for your message to arrive sooner or later.

Guy’s mind works very differently than women so, so keeping that in mind if you are not texting guys for a while, they simply become hopeful and wait patiently for you with a positive mindset. Don’t worry, they are just engineered that way.

💟 They think you have lost interest in them

Ah, the silly thoughts. Well not so silly when it turns out to be true but most guys do create thoughts in their head that are not even true in the first place.

The problem with guys is that when you stop texting them, it hurts their ego. They think they are not worthy enough of your time and attention. That’s why you stop texting them. They start to doubt themselves and blame themselves for not being good enough for you. They don’t blame you first, no. Guys first think it’s their fault that you are not texting them.

They believe they screwed up somehow when they were chatting with you and trying to find out where it all went wrong. They think they made you upset by offending you or telling you something that you didn’t want to hear. They don’t sit idle too.

They pick up their phone, open up the conversations shared with you, and dig deep and re-read everything from start to finish to find out what is that one sentence or word, that set you off. Even though you are not feeling any of those things, they still believe they made a mistake somehow and try to come up with possible solutions that can fix things.

And after going through all that, they feel they are unworthy and that’s why you have lost interest in them. If you are no longer interested in someone, you won’t talk with them, right? That’s how they think about you as well. They believe you don’t like them anymore, that’s why the silence. They didn’t mean to annoy you but they think they did so that just really makes them think that the reason you are not texting them is that you have no interest in them anymore.

💟 They think they have made a mistake and offended you

They think they have made a mistake and offended you
Photo credit: Pexels.com

As I mentioned above, guys often believe they seriously offended you or said something that gets on your nerves. That is why you have stopped texting them. That is the first thing that comes into their mind when you don’t text them back for long.

Women are emotional beings and all men know that. They know whatever they say, even if it is meant to be taken as a harmless joke, it can offend you still. They never know what are the right words when they are texting you. When they get comfortable with you and start communicating more often. They might joke around or tease you a lot just to make you laugh. But guys never know what is the boundary when joking around when they feel comfortable with you.

They forget that they are talking to a girl or woman and think of you as their best friend. And in such moments, they might share things with you or say things to you that may be offensive to you.

That is why they think a lot about passing any offensive remark in their previous texts when they haven’t received your text messages for a long time. They think they made a mistake somewhere along those lines and will probably overthink a lot until you text them back.

Not everyone thinks like that but I can say for most guys that they feel guilty a lot if they offend you indirectly. It might not be their intention to hurt you but they think they did anyway which makes them believe that it is the only reason you are not responsive to their texts.

Guys overthink a lot when it comes to women and their behavior. They try to understand yet they can’t. Which is cute and funny at the same time. So, don’t tease guys so much otherwise their brains won’t let them stop overthinking about why you are not texting them back.

💟 They think you are busy chatting with other men

you are busy chatting with other men
Photo credit: Pexels.com

Most guys believe that the reason you are not texting them back could be that you are talking with other men except him. They think the reason why you suddenly stopped messaging him back is that you are talking with other cute guys instead of him.

They start to doubt themselves and try to compare themselves with other men. They try to stalk you on social media to know who you are following recently and on which profiles you are dropping likes. They try to get and feel insecure, jealous, and heartbroken because the theory of you being with other men haunts them every second.

It’s the same as overthinking because they never know the real reason why you have stopped texting them. It’s just how their mind works.

“Oh she is not replying to me back, she must be busy chatting with other men” is the most common thought out there that any guy has when you are unresponsive.

They will think of thousands of reasons for why you are not texting them back but this one will hurt them badly because it makes them jealous. Nobody can stand the thought of their girl talking to some random men except them. But unfortunately, that thought pops up more often inside a guy’s head than you think.

Even when you are in the early stages of your relationship, if you don’t reply even for a day, they will start to whine and let themselves hurt by thinking that you are not attracted to them anymore, instead, you like someone else, better than them. It’s a pretty normal feeling, to be honest though. You can never know exactly what is going on with their minds, seriously.

💟 They think you didn’t receive their text message

Well, when there were no “Double tick” or “Seen” features introduced yet, people often believed that the reason you were not texting them back was that you didn’t receive their message at all. Now thanks to modern social apps, that issue is resolved but even when introduced to such modern features, guys still believe that maybe you didn’t receive their message. Maybe it got lost in the matrix, wink.

So they will double, triple, and four-play times send you messages, back to back to get in touch with you. They might not be able to catch on quickly and messages can be ignored as well. Some smart people know the way to read messages while not giving them the tick sign of the message being delivered or shown. But still, the poor guys will believe that simply the message was lost somewhere in the data packet and you simply weren’t able to receive it.

He doesn’t mind waiting for you to send him the tick sign by opening his message. He might be just waiting for that so his mind can find some peace. But until he doesn’t get a green signal from you, he might believe that you didn’t receive his text messages at all.

❣️ What does it mean if a guy doesn’t text you for a week? ❣️

if a guy doesn't text you for a week
Photo credit: Pexels.com

If he doesn’t text you for a week, it could mean many things. The first thing that you should consider is that maybe he is no longer interested in you. Maybe he found somebody else and that’s why he is ghosting you all of a sudden. The longer he takes his time to reply to you, the more clear it will look that he is not into you anymore. Simple as that.

Nobody suddenly stops texting someone they once had a good connection with. If men are interested in you, they know that they have to text you now and then to appreciate you. That is the most common social construct. By keeping you busy with them, they know you won’t for other men if they are giving you the things you need. Proper affection, care, and attention.

If he doesn’t text you for a week then simply ignore him as well. Ignore him in your thoughts and in your life as well. You don’t deserve a guy who doesn’t have a measly second to say “Hi” or “How are you doing?” If they want to chase other women then let them be. You don’t have to worry about such a guy at all. Just think of it as another failure to find your proper soulmate.

Always remember, if someone loves you, they will not hesitate to know about you even for a second just because they are busy. They will make time for you instead of leaving you hanging. They will at least send one-word replies if they genuinely care about you. If he is into you, he will do anything to hear your voice and see your texts. If he truly loves you, his morning will start with your words and end with your words as well.

Only you can control your life, not others. So if you ever are with a guy who doesn’t text you for one whole week, don’t settle for him. It’s better to find someone else instead. There are plenty of other fish in the sea for you to catch. Someone far better than a guy who can’t have time to send you a simple text.

❣ How often will a guy text you if he likes you? ❣

How often will a guy text you if he likes you
Photo credit: Pexels.com

If a guy truly likes you and wants to establish a good relationship or connection with you, he will surely text you at least three times every day. When a guy is attracted to you, he will make sure that he is communicating with you most of the time so that you both know each other very well. It’s not just limited to three times, a guy who is genuinely interested in you will try to keep the conversation flowing and talk with you as much as he can.

Texting three times is the most obvious sign that he likes you. For example, if he texts you every morning when he wakes up, it means his head is full of your thoughts. He wants to express to you that when he opens his eyes in the early morning, the first thought he has is of you. Isn’t that just lovely? When a guy texts you early morning and sends cute, lovely, and romantic messages. It shows how much he likes you when his first message of the day is for you as soon as he wakes up.

Texting in the middle of the day to know how your morning was. How your day is going and how are you doing healthwise is another sign of him liking you. Texting you just to know how you are doing is very sweet. Guys will do that a lot when they fall for you. They will want to know where you are and whether you are safe or not. Whether you are having fun or doing an activity that you love so much.

Texting good night to you is another way of knowing if someone is really into you. It means when he is about to sleep, his mind is full of your thoughts and he is telling you exactly that. By saying sweet and romantic good-night messages, he makes sure that you think of him as well just like he is thinking of you all day and will do so in the dreams that are yet to come.

Other than that, if someone likes you, they will give full effort to talk with you as much as they can during the day. It can be from minutes to hours, whenever he is free, he will try to send you a simple “Hi” or “What’s up” just to see if you are available for chat. Some guys send messages every hour and some just text a little during the day. Both are fine and well because they like you and take the initiative to always talk with you first. They just miss you and want you all the time. Because they truly like you.

☀ How long is too long for a guy not to text? ☀

A week should be considered too long for a guy who is not texting you. Some might say about a month but that’s not a realistic time frame to decide something. Nobody would wait for about a month and hold on to something that might never come. No one is so busy in life that they can’t pick up a phone and send even one-word replies to someone.

If they don’t reply for one day, it will just mean maybe they are busy with some work or they are busy hanging out with their family or attending some sort of event where they cannot use their phone to text you.

If they didn’t reply for two days then it can mean they are probably sick or out of city or town.

If they don’t reply for three days then you may start getting concerned about whether he is interested in you or not. Because no guy who likes you will take more than two days or even one day to text you. If they like you, they will text between two days, if it’s three days then you can start thinking about other possibilities.

If they didn’t reply for a week then you should know that by now that he has started ghosting you. He just doesn’t want to have “That” conversation with you and simply starts to ghost you out of nowhere. He can’t face you and thus he cuts all sorts of communication with you. One week is the maximum time you should allow yourself or him to come up with a valid decision. It gives you enough time to analyze the situation and come up with a possible solution that can make both of you happy.

Delays can happen when you are texting someone and those only take up minutes, not days! People might get busy with their daily routines and life as well. Things happen and you should know it better because you are people too. But if you like someone very much, you won’t take too much time and wait to talk with them. You will do anything in your power to talk with them in a day, for sure.

If guys don’t send you a text even after a week, leave them be and move on.

☝️ How often should a guy text you? ☝️

As much as he can. I wish I could easily tell you but if someone loves you, they will not sit idly and will want to talk with you as much as they can. But that doesn’t mean they should send you text after text and not give you enough space to breathe.

Nobody likes that much clinginess. If someone is into you they will try to text you at random moments and create spontaneous topics, just out of nowhere to have a chance to talk with you. They should talk with you for as long as you need to. Knowing someone better is a pretty time-consuming task and that cannot happen when you are talking less.

The more guys text you, the friendlier they will become with you. And when that happens, you will know each other likes, hobbies, boundaries, dreams, goals, and other things easily. They should text you in the morning and the evening, they should text you when you are out somewhere with your friends and they should text you to know how you are doing at any random time of the day.

If they text you a lot, it means they like you. By doing that, you will know that you are on his mind, and that is why he starts texting you. He finds you desirable and would want your company.

By analyzing the frequency of text messages, you can have an idea about guys and their intentions. If he is a thoughtful person and deeply cares for you, he will text you any chance he gets. In the morning or during the day, he might be interested in knowing you much better or he may have plans to see you later on. If a guy likes you, he will ask you many questions about yourself and will always have something to talk about. But most importantly, he will try to appreciate you as much as he can.

So, a guy should text you now and then during the day and should keep the flow of the conversation going. He should text you about his day or ask about yours, he should discuss everything with you. Whether he needs an opinion or has something to think about, he should always run it by you. That way not only your connection and bond will get much stronger but you will ideally become like-minded partners in the future.

♢ Why does he text but not hang out? ♢

Guys can be shy when it comes to hanging out with you first. Planning a date and overthinking about it makes them a bit hesitant to make plans with you. Or they can be introverted and require a great deal of time to get out of their comfort zone and take you on a splendid date. Or it can be because they have anxiety issues. But that’s not very common. Guys who like you will not take too much time to take you out on a lovely dinner or plan an adventure on a weekend. They won’t let you wait so long to take you on a date.

If he texts you a lot and doesn’t want to hang out with you then it means he is hesitant about something. There is something that is holding him back even though he likes you very much as you can tell by the messages. Probably, the main reason can be that he is not ready for the things that might come after going on a date. He is just scared of the future that is yet to come because he is overthinking.

You should know that it’s not about you, but him. You should feel down or start doubting yourself whether are you good enough or not. Are you beautiful enough or not? No! That’s not how you should think.

If a guy likes you, he will make a great effort to meet you, even for once. He knows if he wants a serious relationship with you, he has to take you on dates and hang out with you more. To know you better in person and understand you.

But if a guy is taking too long to hang out with you and still texts you a lot then you should consider your situation very seriously. You are not an option and you deserve better. You should not live like that at all, hanging on to something that may or may not come in the future. No matter how much you like someone, they should be able to hang out with you. You should know your worth and avoid anything that can damage you in any way. Always remember that you are not an OPTION! Don’t be a part of his texting game.

Some guys just want to use girls and they do that more commonly by portraying such behavior. They will be the perfect man when texting but when it comes to serious situations, they will get cold feet. So be very wary and know your capabilities and worth. Your time is very precious. And so is your beautiful heart.

🧐 Conclusion 🧐

Texting is the most standard way of communication these days and it is fused in our daily lives now. Whether you want a relationship with someone or you want to talk with your loved ones, you can always use texting as the easiest way to talk with them.

Since texting became a very integral part of any relationship, most people are very attached to it and most often convey their feelings through it. Daily, they send and receive messages from all types of people in their lives, even strangers. That’s how they make friends nowadays as well.

So, to conclude everything here, if you are a victim of ghosting so suddenly then don’t worry. Use my tips to have some peace of mind. Find your answer by applying the methods I have discussed with you.

Good luck and always remember, you are always worthy.

🤔Relevant Questions 🤔

❓ Why do guys stop texting for a few days?

There can be many reasons why a guy stops texting for a few days. Usually, they do that when they are not serious about the relationship. Or when you are a bit too much to handle. Or you talk a lot or he is scared of committing to you. There can be other reasons too like he might have some family issue going on or he might be going through something personally. Either way, it’s the same thing. They just stop texting you out of nowhere and there is always a reason behind it.

❓ Why did he stop texting?

Maybe you offended him. Or maybe he doesn’t consider you as a priority at the moment. It can be anything that can make men stop texting you so suddenly. You should not blame yourself or him before coming to know what is the real reason behind why he stopped texting you. Maybe he just wanted to keep you around just to have a boost of self-esteem. Some guys are jerks and will use you for their needs. No matter what the reason is, he stopped texting you. And that says a lot about his character.

❓ Is it normal for a guy not to text you for a week?

No. In today’s modern times, it’s pretty hard to admit that it’s perfectly normal for a guy to not text you for one whole week. We have so many social media apps nowadays that reaching out to someone has never been this easy before. Also, the service providers usually have very awesome and cheap deals for communication. That’s their selling point. So, it’s pretty hard to believe that some guy cannot find time in 168 hours to text someone. All it takes is just a few seconds to even give one-word replies. Even emoji can be used as an acknowledgment that “Message received”.

On the other hand, if something serious has happened to him or his family, then it can be a valid reason for him to not send a text message for a week or more. But that can occur in 0.001% of the cases.

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