Motley Fool Rule Your Retirement: Does It Benefit In 2024?

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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Most folks find themselves either regretting previous financial mistakes or winning large sums of money and on their way to the retirement they’ve always wanted.

Motley Fool
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Those on track to meet their retirement goals have a strategy. They’re deliberate and focused, and they’re thinking about what kind of future they want. Then they get to work on their plan with zeal, not letting anything get in their way.

Do you have a retirement plan in place or an ultimate guide to finances after retiring?

Retirement planning isn’t just for current retirees. And it’s never too early to start planning for retirement.

Read the motley fool rule your retirement review to find out how you can start planning for your retirement early.

Motley Fool Rule Your Retirement Review: Here You Go!

Motley Fool

What is Motley Fool Rule Your Retirement Service?

Rule Your Retirement is a personal finance newsletter that aims to help customers retire smarter. It’s jam-packed with information that will teach you how to save money and invest wisely.

It believes in the power of simple financial methods to prepare for retirement. Rule Your Retirement provides advice on saving, investing, and debt reduction, among other things.




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Tom and David Gardner

Tom and David Gardner

Tom Gardner and David Gardner founded The Motley Fool in 1993. The brothers are still in charge of the company today. Despite their collaboration, the pair have become respected figures on Wall Street regarding credibility.

They have published several books about personal investment strategies and continue to provide a stock picking service, as well as numerous books on securities and investment strategies in the United States.

Robert Brokamp (Certified financial planner)

Robert Brokamp is the Motley Fool’s lead advisor for retirement planning. He has a wealth of industry knowledge and has written hundreds of articles on topics such as retirement planning, personal finance management, and investment portfolio management.

Robert Brokamp

Robert Brokamp, a former English teacher and certified financial planner, was a guest speaker during the senior day organized by Securities and Exchange Commission. His expertise has been featured in Better Investing and other leading publications.

The market industry has put a lot of faith in stock consultants. Brokamp is a co author of The Fool’s Guide to Paying for School.


Motley Fool Rule Your Retirement Review :What Do Members Get?

Rule Your Retirement is a financial planning service that helps you maximize your retirement income. You will not be given specific investing recommendations, unlike many other Motley Fool Services. You’ll be provided with financial advice in general.

Weekly and Monthly Newsletters

This involves timely, comprehensive, and practical guidance to help you build and develop a successful retirement strategy that will help you achieve your objectives. Newsletters are sent every first Thursday of the month.

Online Knowledge Center

Members have access to over 1,000 articles; special reports, trading journals and new guides that cover timeless concepts and are added regularly.

For all financial concerns of retirement, the articles are organized into numerous categories.

Online community

You’ll also have access to an online community where you can start conversations and receive assistance about your issue. The service covers practically every element of retirement and includes over 1000 guidelines to help you feel at ease.

Online community
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The Key Benefits

This service is intended to help retirees and young professionals  improve their personal finance skills and make more informed investments. All of these topics are intended to help retirees become better investors. The service focuses primarily on;

Social Security Benefits

This is an area you need to get right from the start of your working career. Social Security protects you in case of disability or after retiring.

This service provides helpful advice on how to approach this difficult subject. The development team has created useful tools, such as detailed calculators, to aid in the more accurate calculation of benefits.

In addition, the service will provide you with advice on how to increase your Social Security benefits. The amount you will receive is determined by how you apply for Social Security benefits, how you claim these benefits, and how you intend to use them to get the most out of the funds you receive from Social Security.

Estate planning

A lot of people frown at the thought of having a will. To them, death is taboo and should never be talked about. However, you should start planning for your estate to reduce the chances of your family enduring financial hardships.

At Motley Fools, they’ll assist you in starting estate planning early enough. Your retirement advisor will assist you in planning how others can live smoothly after you’re gone.

Retirement budgeting

Retirement budgeting involves both personal and financial budgeting. One question you can ask yourself  is, “How do you wish to spend your retirement?”

Answering the above question can help you determine your financial goals. There are a lot of retirement options available.

Rule Your Retirement provides you with budgeting suggestions for your retirement. The curriculum teaches you how to manage debt, which is critical for maintaining financial management. Rule Your retirees will be capable of learning how to live on a fixed income.

Paying college fees

The need for education cannot be emphasized; if you have children, you need to find ways to pay for their education. With motley rule your retirement services, you can get relevant information regarding;

  • College savings plans
  • How to cope with college costs
  • College tuition tax breaks

This retirement planning can be done as a prepaid tuition plan.


Health and wellness

The importance of retirement planning can be linked to healthcare and wellness costs. Retail prices for healthcare costs have been rising at an alarming rate. While other financial goals may be negotiated, not one’s health, and wellness.

Health and wellness
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Besides, a shortage of finances has been linked to high levels of stress. Financial stress has been related to medical ailments like insomnia, diabetes, and migraine headaches.

Rule your retirement will assist you in determining when the optimal moment is to retire from your job. The program also recommends that you maintain a healthy lifestyle during your retirement years.

With this Retirement Subscription, you can have a healthy, happy life in retirement.

Retirement accounts

What happens after you save money for use in retirement? After retiring, you’ll realize more money is needed.  Investing is the only solution left.

This service offers advice on how to choose the best retirement package. You’ll also receive advice on how to get the most out of your investment account.

Some of the advice you’re getting is on how to best spend your earnings so that your retirement fund may grow to its full potential.

Rule Your Retirement goes into greater detail about how to get the most out of your investments and how to make the most of your retirement funds. They even provide you with a stock advisor to help you boost your everyday finances.

Retirement investment strategy

Long-term, proper investment planning can help you earn big profits. It is critical to begin investing early to mitigate the effects of market volatility. Over time, keeping funds in a bank savings account will not yield substantial returns.

At Motley Fool, the rule your  retirement services will help you with a general investment strategy to help you make more money.  They’ll help you find the right stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and so on .

Retirement Model portfolios

Retirement comes with expectations. As a retiree and an investor, you need ways to achieve your financial goals. For this reason, you need a financial advisor such as Motley Fool.

Rule Your Retirement team assembles model portfolios to help you achieve your financial goals by diversifying your assets. The investments in this portfolio are a mix of indexed mutual funds and EFT-backed investments.

Motley fool rule your retirement has three customized portfolios to choose from.

When you learn everything there is to know about investing, you should be able to protect your money against total loss by using the correct portfolio asset allocation.

Property and mortgage

Retirement comes with challenges. The impact of your property on your finances needs to be evaluated. If it has a negative effect, then you may reconsider downsizing or relocate after retirement.

Property and mortgage
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Rule Your Retirement Services will help you make an informed decision about it. Their in-house financial advisors are always ready to provide helpful information.

Here’s some helpful information on how to prepare to sell a house and obtain fantastic rewards if you’re retiring in a few months or years. Furthermore, Rule Your Retirement service provides you with actionable advice on how to sell your property for the best possible price.



The importance of insurance coverage in safeguarding people from unforeseen disasters cannot be overstated. As a result, Rule Your Retirement will inform you of what you’ll need Medicare coverage for to be safe. You’ll also get advice on dealing with situations adequately in retirement.

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Motley Fool Rule Your Retirement Review: Pricing

The Motley Fool offers annual and two-year subscriptions to Rule Your Retirement. The costs are;

  • Annual subscription at $99.
  • Two year subscription at $149.

Each subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can cancel anytime.

Motley Fool Epic Bundle

The Motley Fool Epic Bundle is an impressive compilation of four distinct Motley Fool services, namely Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, Everlasting Stocks, and Millionacres: Real Estate Winners. Offered together at a reduced rate, customers gain access to an extensive collection of over 300 Motley Fool stock recommendations. This package also includes various exclusive reports and in-depth stock analyses from each individual service.

Previously priced at $499/year, the Epic Bundle encapsulated their renowned services such as Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, Everlasting Stocks, and Real Estate Winners. With the latest promotional offer, customers can avail of a significant discount. They can now access all four cornerstone stock-investing services at the promotional price of $198/year for the initial year, which translates to a saving of over $300 compared to the original pricing.

Potential subscribers should be aware that the $198 promotional rate applies only to the first year. The subscription will be automatically renewed at the prevailing rate thereafter. This enticing deal presents an opportunity to harness the collective wisdom of multiple Motley Fool services for less than the cumulative cost of individual subscriptions.

Pros and Cons


The retirement plan focuses on issues in society. Many retirees need professional advice on estate planning, budgeting, retirement income issues, and how to live a healthy and wealthy life.

Motley Fool relies on market data. As a subscriber to their services, Motley Fool will teach you everything you need to know. This includes investment ideas and stock market.

Motley Fool Retirement Services is one of the most affordable plans in the industry. Pricing is favourable for all age groups.


Motley Fool can’t guarantee if any of the newsletters, special reports and advice will work.

Who Is It Best For?

Motley Fool Rule  Your Retirement is a comprehensive service that will benefit a wide range of investors. It fits different age groups, from the young to the aged.

The objective is to guarantee that you can pay your bills without difficulty. It is never too early to begin planning for retirement. Motley Fool  may be able to assist you in this with investment ideas.

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You don’t have to be a financial expert to plan your retirement. Nothing prevents you from starting today, and using valuable tools like the Motley Fool guide to retirement will help you retire sooner and navigate major financial decisions.

If you’re planning to retire, the Motley Fool Rule Your Retirement is the ultimate guide. It’s the best option available.

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