LuckyCrush Review for 2024: Features, Pros, and Cons

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Thanks to the internet, communicating with other people from all over the world is now much easier than it used to. And for that purpose, there has been a rapid increase in the development of random chat sites or dating sites that serves the purpose beyond just communication with other people.

That’s right, I am talking about online dating via random chat sites which have features like live video chat with random strangers, women can talk with random guys while guys can have a chat with a random girl, can do virtual flirting, meeting girls, have cam chat, send outgoing messages and etc, which are alternatives to using dating websites such as OkCupid, Tinder, or Bumble. LuckyCrush is such an app or random video chat website that allows its users to have video chats with random people all over the world.

LuckyCrush was made specifically for having a webcam chat with opposite-sex partners. Unlike other dating apps or chat sites like Omegle, which are designed to talk with random people without a filter for talking with heterosexual people only. LuckyCrush is designed completely differently from other dating sites or, a random chat website. On LuckyCrush, straight men will be matched randomly with beautiful girls from all over the world and girls will be matched with the opposite gender only. It’s a chat site or random video chat app for users who only wants to get connected with the random opposite sex and start a private video anytime you want. There is no limit to women on LuckyCrush.

Because of its specific design for seeking an opposite-sex partner, LuckyCrush became a million-dollar business from just an idea in no time! Guys only match with women while women only match with guys. It’s hassle-free, there is no need for you to click next multiple times to find a beautiful girl to chat with because you will only be matched with random women only by using this app. You can have fun by using the LuckyCrush website or app if you have some free minutes of your time. It’s a dating site that will hook you up in no time!

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Is LuckyCrush Legit? LuckyCrush Live Review

Whether you want to have a live video chat or private video chat with random girls or guys from all over the world then yes, LuckyCrush is a site that allows its users to use their website for such a purpose. I have checked the website myself and I can say it’s very legit and one of the best experiences I had to chat with girls by using this website.

It’s a legitimate site that has a strong user base of male users and female users. Lucky crush work like no other chat site which is filled with chat rooms with random guys. Instead, it is designed to let men only have a chat with girls and girls have a chat with men. No other chat site can match LuckyCrush when it comes to real video chat experience for the opposite sex. You can try many LuckyCrush alternatives but I know you will be back to using this site because of its features, uniqueness, and user-friendly design.

One of the features that LuckyCrush has right now is how it uses its instant translation system which automatically translates all incoming messages into your language and all your sent messages to your partner’s language.

Photo Credit: LuckyCrush

LuckyCrush is not filled with chat rooms and is dedicated to having a single intimate experience with the opposite person. Female members have the ability to kick out or clean the site from rude male members. That’s right, many girls would avoid a video chat site because of such reasons even if it is completely free. LuckyCrush gives power to their female members who use their site by allowing women to not show their face until they are certain they are meeting with the right person and not some rude guy on the internet who wants to ruin your video chat experience. They can end the chat and look for a new male member on the site who is ready to video chat just like you.

Overall, LuckyCrush is one of the best dating sites out there which is a free Omegle alternative that can be found quite often in the Social and Communications category on app stores, has much better features and support, it has a verification process which means you will meet legitimate site registered users, and no other LuckyCrush alternatives can match what LuckyCrush has to offer. Hands down, if you want to have a blast and meet a complete stranger on the internet who has the same thoughts as you, then LuckyCrush is the place you will find someone who will satisfy your cravings.


Registration on LuckyCrush is actually quite easy. There are only 4 short steps you have to take in order to use the site. As you can see in the image below, it requires you to enter your desired username, password, and Email address, and confirm the tickbox that you are indeed above 18 years of age in order to use LuckyCrush services. After that, it will ask your location of residence just for the purpose of demographics, don’t worry, it won’t be visible to other users.

Photo Credit: LuckyCrush

Now after that information has been provided, there comes a verification process which is very strict yet easy at the same time if you are here to have a legitimate chat on LuckyCrush. The verification process usually takes 24 hours and requires you to send and upload two photos of you in which your face is visible, has proper lighting, and is clear of filters or any other photo effects. If there is any blur or too much brightness, then the photos will be disapproved and your account creation will be terminated unless you upload clear photos again. When you pass this step, the last thing to do is now to enter your mobile number and verify it by providing OTP (One Time Password) that may have been sent to your number and enter it to verify your profile completely.

After thoroughly reviewing the information you have provided, the LuckyCrush team will notify you via e-mail or a text message whether your account has been approved or not. If it’s approved, you can start using Lucky Crush to live video chat with random people.


Women on LuckyCrush can use the site completely free while men have the ability to use the Lucky Crush site as a new user for 10 free minutes. After that, they will have to pay some cash in order to use the webcam video chat services. Men who desire to video chat with beautiful women on LuckyCrush will have to buy some credits from the website while chatting through text messages for men is actually free. On the other hand, for video chatting, $16 is the cost of credits that will allow you to meet these random beautiful women face to face on their website.

Women on the other hand have the opportunity to make some money for themselves by using their point system with gift cards. This is why girls can use the web chat feature on LuckyCrush for free as they are rewarded with credit when talking to men using the site and then they can redeem prizes using the points they earn by using video chat with men.


LuckyCrush is all about randomization. It doesn’t have any filters for that reason because unlike other online dating websites which allow you to filter certain values in order to find that potential match, LuckyCrush will randomly match you with someone who will be far sexier than your expectation. Thanks to their randomization feature, you can truly get lucky and find someone easier than to wait and find potential matches elsewhere.

For finding a random partner, LuckyCrush is programmed with a high-efficiency algorithm that matches you with the other person online. Although it may seem a bit different than the usual dating websites, it is actually better in a way to meet random peeps this way because you never know, what that “Next” button may bring. Which also creates suspense yet excitement in users. So all in all, LuckyCrush works on a Random Algorithm rather than depending on filters.





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Lucky Crush Security

Security is an absolute necessity in today’s age. Everyone’s Privacy is of utmost importance and should be secured with proper encryptions. This is why LuckyCrush gives great importance to the security of its customers. Nobody would want to share their personal information with random people on the internet as it may lead to crimes and such. People are always concerned about their private information being leaked on the internet. Which can be devastating and harmful. And that is exactly why Lucky Crush has created a shield surrounding your data which protects your data from leaking out.

Every chat on LuckyCrush is done on their secure servers. Whether you are using a text or video chat service, no information about your identity can be leaked as it is secured and well protected on their servers. As I have mentioned before, members have to verify themselves in order to use LuckyCrush which is another step for keeping the security tight using their website. If any unexpected events may arise, the information provided when verifying can help the government to take some action.

Pros & Cons of LuckyCush


◉ Random Algorithm that works to your benefit

◉ A huge user base with millions of people

◉ User-Friendly GUI and ease of use

◉ Cost-Effective

◉ Special features like Auto Translation


◉ No app has been developed yet

◉ Men need to pay

Designed for Hookups

Relevant Questions:

Is LuckyCrush worth it?

Absolutely! If you are looking for a quick video chat with some random stranger from around the world then LuckyCrush is worth it. Not only that but you can use LuckyCrush for finding a partner and do flirting as well. It’s not just a chat site but a way of meeting people virtually online by using video chat.

Is LuckyCrush legitimate?

Well, yes! Of course, it is legit. One of the many reasons is their verification feature which doesn’t allow bots on their website. Nobody can pretend to be someone else and everything is done LIVE which is pretty transparent when you are having a chat with someone. You can see many real reviews from girls and guys who will say the same about its legitimacy. There are no ads, no offers, no hidden fees. Just straightforward meeting random guys on the internet and having a good time!

Is LucyCrush better than other websites?

Because of its randomization and special features, it is indeed better than any other hookup site.

It’s secured, it doesn’t have filters, it doesn’t have schemes, it doesn’t have bots, it doesn’t have that swipe system or like system. It’s just a site that allows you to have a straightforward meeting session with a random person via Video chat or text.

If you want to have that spicy and hot experience that is real then LuckyCrush is the better option compared to its alternatives.


LuckyCrush is designed for heterosexual people which allows them to video chat, text chat, and share an intimate time with the opposite sex.

It is different than any other website because it doesn’t have any filters rather it randomly assign you to a new person every time you click next. Which is more sexy and hot because you never know what’s coming next.

Also, males are allowed to use text for free (Have to pay for webcam services) while females can use the site absolutely free by simply verifying themselves. They can also earn money by providing services to men.

It’s a sexy and hot place for passionate people who look for intimacy and sexy time on the internet.

Using their randomizer, you can increase your chances of meeting potentially a hotter person you have never seen before easily. They will make your heart pound with excitement and you might even get a chance to meet them in real.

There are thousands of users who use LuckyCrush to meet random people and talk with them. They enjoy chatting with people from all over the world. There are many USA members as well that uses LuckyCrush to have a private chat. Over 1 Million users from 100+ countries all already using this website for chatting. Lucky Crush works like no other live random video chat app and is one of a kind. Other users of different apps can say the same that what LuckyCrush offers is a completely different and unique experience. This is the reason why so many users get hooked up to LuckyCrush in no time! There is much more to this awesome app that allows you to meet random strangers online. More on that below.


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