Top 7 Best Lesbian Cougar Dating Sites in 2024

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

As a woman attracted to other women, finding your special someone to cherish and love can be difficult. Many people are too work-focused, which doesn’t leave any time to go out and mingle. It gets more challenging if you are a lesbian.

If that is the case, we have some fantastic news for you. Lesbian dating sites can help in online dating so that you find your one true love. Some websites are even free of cost, while a few are paid.

Stay with us to witness the top 7 lesbian dating sites where you can find your true love.

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Top 7 Best Lesbian Cougar Dating Sites

Check out our top picks below:





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Are you ready to review lesbian cougar dating websites with us? Please note that some websites are free of cost, while a few are paid.

So without any delay, let’s dive right into it and check out some online dating websites.


eHarmony is not the website that is reserved only for lesbians but rather is open to all. It’s the perfect place to find a hot and sexy single woman who is ready to have some fun.

The online dating site has around 29 million registered users. It focuses on connecting people for long-term and serious relationships.

The site is user-friendly and uses a high-end compatibility matchmaking system that ensures that you meet the perfect match. And that is done through matching personal preferences that people mention in their profile.

In addition to this, it offers a diverse pool of users from all locations and of all ages. You will have to go through an extended comprehensive psychological test during the registration test. It will allow you to find the perfect match for yourself.

You can create and register your profile free of cost. Once your profile is made, you can view other profiles, send winks to matches and add people to your favorite list.

Consequently, if you want to progress things further in terms of online dating, you will have to get a premium subscription. It will unlock features like who viewed your profile, unlimited messages, etc. And the fantastic part is that it has an app version too.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on online dating today. 

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Lesbian Personals

This online dating site is mainly designed for lesbian dating. Thus allowing women to look for their perfect counterparts. This site revolves around casual dating and flings, making it ideal for women who just want a one-night stand.

The online dating site feels and looks great. And it has high response rates in casual dating sites. It doesn’t have an app version, but the website provides a high-end experience whether you log in from your laptop, tab, or mobile.

The website also allows you to post graphic images and explicit content. Allowing you to be as open as you want. You can make a profile for free in just 5 minutes and even use some of its advanced features without subscription charges.

For instance, you can view member live cams, add members to your hot list, customize your profiles, and so on.

On the other hand, you can view everything the site gives if you get a premium subscription. The premium subscription will enable you to join groups, contact other members, enter chat forums and rooms, etc.

Seems like something that fits you; why wait? Join it now.

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Elite Singles

Elite Singles is another popular lesbian dating site. It gives a wide range of members who have different interests. And it’s LGBT-friendly.

Although this website is not mainly for lesbians, it’s still the perfect place to find lesbians. The website has around 5 million registered members in the US. 80% of them have university degrees. Thus showing the level of the website.

The registration process is quite thorough and has a personality survey so that you can match it perfectly. It also focuses on promoting serious and long-term relationships.

If you want to unlock more features, you will have to get a paid subscription. And you can also use the app version.

Click Here to Create Account with Elite Singles (Official Page).

Pink Cupid

It’s a website where you can find both love and friendship. Pink Cupid has around 300,000 members in the United States. And over 30 thousand new people join the website each month.

Like other dating sites, this one allows you to upload photos and use a few basic features while creating your profile for free.

Consequently, if you want to use the website without any restrictions, you will have to opt for a paid version.

Perfect for meeting single bi-curious and single lesbians all over the globe, this website features SSL encryption. So don’t worry about being insecure online. This is the best option for lesbian cougar dating.

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Zoosk is a famous dating site that allows singles to look for a serious relationship, a casual date, or a one-night stand. It’s a lesbian cougar website that promotes heterosexual relationships.

Zoosk is a super-flexible website that helps millions of people find their partners. The best feature on this website is SmartPick, which has an advanced matchmaking system that ensures the best matches.

Like other websites, you can make your profile for free, but you need to get a paid subscription for more features. While its matchmaking system is fantastic, the quality of the profile is a little outdated.

But their app version is pretty good. Nonetheless, you can browse profiles easily with your free membership.

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This is one of the senior lesbian dating sites established in 1993. Previously Match used to give free membership to its first few members. And it is famous because it welcomes all in the online dating world.

Their database is a mixture of gay, straight, transgender, and lesbians, thus showing that Match has a diverse member list. Most of the members on Match are from the United States.

Whereas the distribution of users is proportional. So if you want lesbian cougar dating, this is the perfect dating site for you.

When you sign up on Match, you will have to inform them about your current relationship status. The reason for this is that Match doesn’t encourage third-party relationships.

Other than this, you can sign up for free. You have to fill out your personal information and upload a nice picture.

Once you are done with that, you are all set to find your lesbian cougar partner that you longed for.

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If you are searching for a fun lesbian cougar date through online dating, then BeNaughty is the place for you. This lesbian cougar dating site encourages members to be as naughty as they can. If you know what we mean. *wink wink*

BeNaughty is specially made for people searching for sexual encounters and hookups. Let’s just say these people are very adventurous. And if you are one of them, then this is your heaven.

When you sign up on BeNaughty, you can skip a few details that you don’t want to give answers to. But you need to provide important information such as your location, email address, age, and gender. The rest of the questions can be skipped.

Additionally, the site will require you to upload one picture of yourself. The picture can’t be of a celebrity or be nude. Once the registration is done, the last step is to get your account verified with the help of your email address.

The best thing about the BeNaughty website is that it has many features that can help you find your perfect lesbian cougar. You can even avoid scammers on BeNaughty as it has a Full Safe Mode setup.

Thus allowing you to communicate only with members who have been verified and ignore the ones that are not. Lastly, BeNaughty also has an app that will enable you to look for your lesbian cougar even when you don’t have access to your computer. Its one of the established lesbian dating sites that has everything for you.

With the lesbian cougar dating site options given, let’s move on to the next step.

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What Does A Lesbian Cougar Look For In Their Partners?

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Wondering what your potential partner is looking for or what you should look for in a lesbian cougar?

We have got you covered. Let’s review the most important cougar dating traits you should look for in a lesbian cougar.

◆ Someone Fun

Lesbian cougars are looking for some fun. The reason is that lesbians their age also have a simple life and search for some fun.

They have many responsibilities and next to no time for fun. But young lesbians are looking to have as much fun as they can.

Whether it’s just staying in bed or going on a road trip, they are up for anything with the younger, fun-loving, and spontaneous lesbian cougars. This is precisely why mature lesbian cougars prefer young women.

Additionally, young women are not busy with responsibilities. They are free souls. So if their lesbian cougar wants to go on a date with them or even an impromptu vacation, they will definitely be up for it.

◆ Someone Independent

As we mentioned earlier, lesbian cougars are busy as far as their careers are concerned. They won’t appreciate anyone or anything that adds stress to their lives. That is why they want a younger lesbian girlfriend that knows how to handle herself and won’t be clingy.

In short, they want an independent girl that doesn’t disturb them in their busy hours.

Obviously, you will also have to return the favor and be independent. Lesbian cougars are crazy about their independence. So always make sure you are giving them some peaceful time apart.

Once you understand this trick, it will help you go a long way and result in a long-term relationship.

◆ Someone Who Doesn’t Expect Special Treatments 

You may feel awesome with younger lesbian women, but don’t think or even expect her to treat you any different. For instance, if you are unwell, don’t expect her to come to your door with chicken soup and medicines.

Why are we saying this? It’s because they expect you to take care of yourself.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean you should not show affection and expect it. You will go a long way if you show just a little affection. You can take them for a spa day, or if they ask you to come along, don’t forget to say yes.

Remember that you don’t have to give special treatments, but you need to know how to show affection.

◆ Someone Who Has Her Own Interests 

As discussed earlier, lesbian cougars look for someone independent so you should not feel bad if they hang out with their friends.

So you need to have friends of your own and have your own interests that are not linked with your relationship. Don’t get jealous of their friends or even their interests.

They have been friends with them long before they met you. Don’t expect your partner to just leave them because that won’t happen.

Just like they don’t want to leave their friends, they won’t ask you to do the same. Just make sure that you have time for them, mainly if they are always busy.

Wrap up

Lesbian online dating sites have gotten to a whole new level. You can pick any lesbian cougar site or app. As you have found out, you have plenty of options.

Whether you are in search of a serious relationship or a casual hookup, these cougar dating sites will fix you up with anything.

A few lesbian dating sites also have apps allowing you to stay connected with potential matches on the go.

So don’t waste another minute and create your profiles on these websites. You will find your perfect match sooner than you can say the words lesbian cougar. No matter which lesbian cougar dating site you pick, you will get the fruit.

Get on the train and be ready to mingle! Have fun with cougar dating.


#1 hookup site with large member base! In business for 20 years! Free to Try!

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