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Learning any foreign language is surely an undertaking process. Among many foreign languages, most people choose German as a second language. Definetily, there are some good reasons behind this.Across Europe, German is the the second most spoken language.

You have already heard that German is a difficult language to learn. You may think so because you heard the speech of native speakers? But this is just a myth. If you have enough motivation and commitment, you can master the language with ease.

Interested in German? Are you thinking of taking up courses of German language? If you don’t know how to start, you must read our article. We have collected most useful information, language learning tips which will help you to speak German faster and learn easier.

All About Learn German On-line

Learning a new language includes not only acquiring new words, grammar rules and pronunciation, but also integrating into the culture and learn why certain traditions and customs exist. This process encourages us to study further and keep on learning.

It is obvious fact that attending language specialized schools is the best option for improving your knowledge. But this isn’t possible for everyone for different kinds of reasons. Such as lack of money, time and motivation.

If you are aimed at learning German language, we suggest you read following a quick review of most useful apps.




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Apps To Learn German Language

Modern technology has already made our lives easier, especially, learning process. Now people have access to huge amount of information. On the net, one can find free applications. They are great tools to improve and aid in your learning.

There are some applications which offer good courses. With the help of internet you can get them downloaded in a few minutes. Here are some of them that you should look through:

1. iTalki


Italki is considered as one of the most affordable places to find a tutor for a variety of tongues, German is being one of them. The website offers a huge number of teachers. Learners have the chance to search for a tutor who is suitable for your learning styles, schedule and your personal qualities. The platform has different features for language improvement.

Italki is a platform where learners can book language classes. You will have a chance to choose among thousands of instructors who teach on Italki. Tutors all have their own price, scheduled time, different educational and cultural background. Classes are usually organized by Skype. The huge number of instructors lets you to pick ideal one for you. If you want your teacher be certain nation, certain age range, have certain degree or qualification, this is the most exiciting feature of Italky.

No matter where you live or which language you are going to learn, Italky may be extremly beneficial for your learning process.




The price of the lesson is determined by each tutor induvidually. The lowest may be $4 and the highest is $60 per hour.Mostly, it is estimated as being $10 per hour.



Huge number of instructors available

Affordable lessons

Booking system is understandable to use.


Lessons aren’t structured all the same.

Quality of teachers may vary


2. German Uncovered( I Will Teach You A Language)

German Uncovered is a course aimed at trasnforming you to intermediate learner from absolute beginner. The app itself can be used as a whole resource. The application was co-created by Olly Richards and Kerstin Cable. They named the each segment of the sourse as being a chapter. This is mainly because it is built around a storyline. Mainly the site is created on the basis of 6 areas of learning.

They are:

-Establishing a strong basis for studying the target language.

-Improving your stock of words

-Get familiar with the utilization of words, phrases.

-Acquiring most important grammatical patterns.

-Starting the routine for your learning process.


The site is incredibly useful for those who are going to learn Germanic language for the first time.

Following the storyline as it gets harder will make your German language learning fun and .

German Uncovered is the best choice for beginner level learners.

Free subscription


The story learning method can be a little bit frustrating for those who find reading boring. However, audios and videos will help you to make your studying fast.

German Uncovered doesn’t help to practice speaking, but provides resources for self-practice.


3. Babbel


With over 1 million users Babbel is known as a popular app all over the world. Their courses are known to be effective for basic german vocabulary in target language.

Babbel structured its classes in quiz style. Firstly, users will be given new piece of information on grammar, vocabulary and etc. Then, during the lesson learnt material is reinforced. The course is a real introduction for those who are learning it for the first time.


Babbel doesn’t include any classes on speaking, any practice of real life conversations. That can be a drawback for those who want to improve their speech.


Subscription fee is $12.95 for 1 month, $8.95 for 3 months, $7.45 for 6 months, $6.95 for 12 months.


Babbel is a way more professional than its rival Duolingo.

The content is created by linguists.

Babbel is a great choice for beginners.

Price is reasonable.


The app is overhyped and can’t meet some demands of learners.

The teaching structure tedious.


4. GermanPod101


If you are independent learner and the one who loves self-studying, then this app is for you. It has 10 million users all over the world, we can deduce why the app is a best-seller. It is different from other its alternatives in that it provides you with extensive lesson materials.

The app aimes to practice skills of 4 different level learners. They are Absolute Beginners, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.


Each of the levels include its own library where audio and video files are kept which you can use to improve your speech. Audios can be slowed down and transcriptions are also provided.

App provides spaced repetition flashcards.


The prices vary according to the duration, and offers basic, premium, premium classes. For instance, 1 month subscription fee is $8.00, 1 month premium class fee is $25, 1 month premium plus charge is $47.


The application offers a lot of varied classes to practice the German language.

The quality of German classes are high than other languages provided. Language education is fun, all skills are practiced.

The price is inexpensive.


Some video materials are of bad quality.

The interface could be improved.


5. Pimsleur

Pimsleur offers materials that are great. The application is user-friendly. The classes teach you new vocabulary and grammar. Speaking skill is also boosted by using best audio materials.

Their method is different from other alternatives. It includes questions-recall-responses technique which is effective for understanding the basics. If you want to learn the foundation of German this application will be a great choice for you. Many people review that this application helped them to make a significant improvement in their real life speeach and communication.


Monthly subscription is $14.95


A huge amount of materials and classes provided will get you actual speaking and listening.

Functional lexis is learned

If you would like to improve your pronunciation and sound as a native, the classes will help you


German is taught very formal.

No emphasis on raeding and writing.


Reasons For Learning The German Language?

People want to learn Germanic because of many reasons. Most frequent ones are following:

-Germany is ranked second on exportation sphere in the world. Obviously, its native language,German, is also in demand.

-The economic status of this country is leading in European countries and fourth in the whole world.

-A number of international companies are established in Germany.

-Germany possesses the most number of users in Europe. It is even more than the English language and French.

-German language has already spread around the world.Being an international language, German language is known as one of the 10 mostly spoken languages. While it considered as the second mostly used scientific language.

-Germany is home to many Nobel Prize winners. 11 Nobel winners came from Germany.

-Many Germanic and English words have the same sound or word form. This makes being taught German easier for English speakers.

-Many notable works of writers on literature, music,historical events, psychology, and physics are written in German. Only a few of them are available in English or other languages.

-Germany is considered the doorway to a higher education.

-Mostly Western world’s notable works of literature, philosophy, art history, psychology, physics, medicine and engineering are published in Germanic. Besides they are now also written in Germanic.

Does Studying German Really Take Much Time?

Acquiring a new language is undertaking process which requires much work and effort. If your native language isn’t a part of the family of Indo-European languages, then it may be a little hard to learn.

German language may seem a little bit confusing for you in the beginning. But if you are determined and motivated to acquire German language, you should work on some special tips. The most important factor is consistency. No one can guarantee you a fixed time in which you will be fluent in speaking. If you keep on your studies and be consistent, you will see results. Your results will depend on a number of factors like your educational background, your motivation. However, supposing you push yourself to review everyday for 6 months, you can definitely make a conversation with German speaker, order something in café, ask for a direction. But if you are going to master German and be fluent, you should put much effort and time. It will probably take years to master the German language fully.

Tips For Studying German Fast?

We review learning German language will be fast by using different kinds of methods. Here are a few of them:

1.You must realize your aims and motivation.

2.All basical knowledge should be acquired.

3.Make your studying process as interesting as possible.

4.If you have the chance, talk with a speaker of German language.

Complete beginners should start from the alphabet of the language. The German has the same number of letters as English, 26 letters. German alphabet includes a few letters which don’t exist in English.

Is German Grammar Difficult To Learn?

The answer to this question may vary. Some people are afraid of picking up a second language because they consider the grammatical aspect being the most difficult one. However, this isn’t true about German language. There are 6 tenses in German Language, corresponding to English  Present Tense, Perfect Tenses, Past Perfect, Future Tense, Future Perfect also will, shall forms and to have. Comparing two languages will definitely help you to see their similarities and differences. Learn by comparing and that surely makes it easier to understand Germanic. German has 4 cases unlike English. They are nominative case, accusative case, dative case, genitive case. For each gender there are  3 noun prepositions: die is used with feminine nouns, der is used with masculine nouns, das is used with neutral nouns.

Germanic Daily Set Expressions And Phrases.

Everyone who is about to star picking up a target language has already been exposed to a native speaker speech before harsh grammar rules, before memorizing a huge bulk of words.

Language studying is mainly about joy and fun, other than a real desire to start mastering the language. It is recommended that you should begin from an aspect which grabs your concentration and arises questions about what is beyond that, helps to find a motivation and keep you studying.

It is said that there doesn’t exist any easier technique to learn language other than to star memorizing words and expressions used on a daily basis as saying “Good morning!” or asking about something. This technique gives learners the sense of progress. Here a few German language daily phrases to begin with. This will make you stimulate a simple connection using words then a dialogue.

How Can I Say..In Germanic?



Wie geht’s?-How are you?

Mir Geht’s gut-I’m doing well.

Mir geht’s nicht gut-I’m not doing well.

Ich komme aus-I’m from

Humorous Side Of Germanic Words

What if we make memorizing a bit humorous. Like other languages in the world, one can come across some funny vocabulary patterns in German language, too. If you translate some words, sentences into English , they sound funny.

Like any others German language is full of strange words.Here are some of them:


Ohwrum means “ear worm” in English . It means remembering melody or lyrics of a song in your memory for a long period of time. You feel like this song is stuck in your head. Anyone who has ever been in this situation can say how difficult it is.


It is translated as “soft egg” from English. This is a word denoting a person who is coward and scaredy-cat. This person usually just goes with the crowd and friends, find what seems like to be done with ease, instead of trying hard to get what they are aimed at. This features make them different from others.


This word necessarily means a person who is deserving to get a slap in the face at a time. This is usually used among best friends in order not to start tension arose.


Purzelbaum means tumble tree in English. Everyone who is interested in german culture, world of german business knows this word. It describes a somersault on the ground, ending up with landing on dirt, as a result you get your knees dirty.


The word-for-word translation is tongue breaker. This word’s english equivalent is tongue twister or phrase. Due to the sequence of similar letters in words, it is very hard to pronoune them.


In English this word literally means air castle. It denotes unrealistic dreams like building a castle in the air, like red snow. It is usually used when the dreams can’t be achieved.


This word means playing an entire movie scene in your imagination like you are in the theatre.


In English durchfall denotes diarrhea. It native origines are from Greece and it can be understood as “flow-through”.

German Idioms

If you have ever tried acquiring German, you have probably noticed that German is full of interesting word stock and phrases which you may find to be helpful to speak German like a native speaker. German has a huge bulk of idioms and phrases just like English. Start memorizing phrases. Practice and use them in your speech, then you will see at no time your spoken German will progress very fast.

“As long as one wants to speak in the German language, they must start thinking like a native German”. The saying means that one must contemplate according to target culture rules. For instance, in English it is said like ” I’m running out of gas”, however we all get the meaning beyond this right that no one is running to anywhere, just someone’s gas supply is ending.Idioms are set expressions just like phrases expressing a metaphorical meaning.

Idioms and phrases reveal true social, cultural origin of a nation. Learners should be attentive and find meaning beyond each phrase they come across. Sometimes we can find full correspondant of a german phrase in English,but sometimes they can make different senses.

By memorizing idiomas and phrases you will definitely make your level of German higher. It will help you integrate into German culture, start thinking in German and love German traditions.

Fix and fertig

The idiom is literally translated as “I’m quick and ready”, however this phrase is used to express hpw someone is tired and needs help. The idiom means “I’m tired”.

Ich glaube ich spinne

Sometimes German idioms feel like making lots of sense, but this is not always the case. At times it can be difficult to guess the meaning unless you analyze the origin of that idiom. This idiom is used to say “I’m going crazy” but literally it is translated as ” I believe I spider”

Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof

This idiom is translated as ” I only understand the train station” into English. But if you start searching for its true meaning you find that in English its equivalent is “It is all Greek to me”


“You have lost your passport?” or ” You have broken something?” “Mist!” . This word is the perfect idiom for expressing your anger and frustration. You can translate it as “Damn!” into English

Einen Kater haben

The literal English translation is “I have cat”. It is used to say that someone is having a hangover after a party.

German Slangs

One day if you get to live in Berlin, Germany, you will probably not understand what are saying, their speech may feel like very fast and difficult to understand. In this case, some slang words may help you to get used to a speech in German and make your own speech more like a native one.


This slang means hello or good morning.It is most likely to be heard in Bayern


This type of greeting is usually used during the time of lunch, especially at the workplace.


It is also a type of greeting like hello in English. This slang is the best greeting for german people who are productive and punctual.


This slang is translated as “trashy” into English. It is like an insult for a person who you think to be unemployed and ill-mannered.


In English this word can be translated as “wasted” . Imagine that you take time to go out for a meal with your friends in the town in Germany and you may end up breit.


In English we are used to saying “amazing” or “awesome” for something. In German people usually say a slang like hammer, which can also be considered as a tool, instrument when used as a noun. Another version of this slang is “Hammer geil” which will make a full sense if it used for a thing which is ultimately outstanding.


Irre can be understood as “crazy” or “stupid” in English. This is the common way to say that someone or something is crazy.

German Culture

Germany is a land full of traditions and cultures. It has been home to a lot of sensible humans, greatest events for a long period. Germans have influenced not only the traditions of their own homeland but also the traditions and customs of whole world. Their influences can be seen everywhere in the world and through the history. The population of Germany ranks second among European countries, with about 81 million population. Among them Germans are 91%, Turkish are 2.4%.

Germans are mostly known as a diligent nation. They love being punctual and don’t like excuses at all. Their attitude may be cold and like unfair at first, however, they are kind and good people after all. They admire various foods. That’s why German national cusine is full of tarditional dishes. Favourite drink of German people are beer. The beer production is 106 litres for per person each year. Germany is estimated to be third for consumption of beer. It produces 300 types of beer.

Many national events take place in Germany for their favourite drink. One of them is Octoberfest is the most important one. The film festival which takes place in Berlin is an event for art and film celebrations. Actor, actresses, art celebrities globally all attend this festival annually.

German people are known to be good constructors. They are the most famous competitors in this field worldwide. Germany is full of old religious castles. The ever built tallest house of prayer is Cathedral of Ulm in Germany. Germans usually take leadership among automotive industries worldwide.

Germany is motherland for a lot of scientists and intelligent people who changed the history of humanity, like Einstein, Mozart. That’s why Germany is regarded as “Das Land der Dichter und Denker” which is translated as “The homeland to thinkers and poets” into English.

German Food

Germany is rich in traditional delicious dishes. Here are some of them:


They are sausages made from the meat especially pork. It is an essential ingredient of every party in Germany. Nurnberg produces the most famous ones.


They are bacons. Originally, this kind of dish was firstly cooked in 1949 in Berlin by native German Herta Heuwer.


German people are known to eat a lot of potatoes. It is no surprise that there is a special dish using this typical food.


This dish mostly consists of meat. All you have to do is just sink the meat into some special juice for a day or more, then you take it out of juice and get delicious food ready.


Supposing that you are travelling to Germany, you just have to try this meal. This is a meal prepared of meat types like pork, beef. This meal has vegetarian version too.


Schnitzel also consists of meat. You should cut a piece of any meat you want, then cover the meat with flour, eggs and bread. Put the meat piece into oven which is full of oil and fry until it’s ready.


In order to cook this meal you have to roll the ingredients such as mustard, onions, peppers, ham into sliced meat. Then you have to shape it like cylinder. The last part of the cooking is about grilling the prepared food.


Originally, this meal isn’t considered to originate from Germany. But German people have given another taste to this food. German’s Gulasch is prepared with a sliced meat in a rich tasty sauce, sometimes with wine insted of sauce which makes meat softer.

Common Mistakes In Learning German Language

Most of the instructors always suggest one tip for learners in order to learn fast and effectively. This is overcoming the fear of making mistakes and making mistakes itself. Learners shouldn’t be afraid of doing so. Because our own mistakes help us to determine our strong and weak points.

When someone starts picking up a target lingo, they come across some common problems and difficulties being an English speaker. Some of the difficulties are about mistakes on pronunciation, another common mistake is relating a foreign word with your mother tongue. Like a german word “bekommen” may be associated with “become”. In fact this word has the meaning of owning things. This similarity is called as “false frineds”. So be careful!

Another aspect of German which is usually misunderstood is the usage of prepositions. Generally, there doesn’t exist any rule on the usage of prepositions, you just have to memorize them. After some practice you will have a good understanding, you won’t make any mistakes in using them. For instance, the phrase “nach Hause” refers ” to the house” one at the same time “zu Hause” denotes to house considering the house as a location.

Translating the sentences literally is another common mistake. The sentence structure varies greatly from English one. Let’s look at this example:

Dem Jungen gab ich einen Ball.(I gave the boy a ball)

If we translated this sentence word-by-word, then the sentence would be like “The boy gave I one ball” Wrong translation may lead to misunderstandings and wrong interpretations of meaning.

How To Learn Germanic Fast?

Learners just have to be determined and patient in this process. Using a guide will help you to discover your own way and practice effectively in order to reach your goals.We have to bear in our mind the fact that there doesn’t exist any universal way, style to learn effectively because people aren’t the same with various talent and styles. That’s why, we should try to look for a technique which is suitable for us.

Pronunciation is the greatest issue and fear of many beginning speakers of German. Suggested advice is to watch and download many videos, audios, podcasts to have your mind and ears familiar with spoken German. Always have your own dictionary with you to write unfamiliar interesting word patterns and the ones which you aim to learn.

Lots of learners worldwide are studying German language, that’s why get connected with them, share your knowledge and experience. It is a great chance to improve your German fast.

There is a vast number of forums in which learners from all over the globe gather and share how they learn and practice German. You can participate in seminars which take place on-line. Try making the process as fun as possible. We all know that our brain receives information better when we are excited, that’s why we should attempt entertaining ourselves.




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To sum up our article, we can deduce that knowledge of German can be obtained with hard work and efford made for a certain amount of time. Learners should not only memorize word patterns, phrases, idioms, but also learn grammatical structure of German.

As we can see there is no universal way to learn Germanic, it requires a lot of practice to learn Germanic. Intertia is a law which is universal, applying for eryone. It is struggling at first stages of studying, then starting to move it, finally it is difficult to stop from studying something. By memorazing, solving problems, doing activities brain is activated. Learners should be involved in the process itself, not success.

German Language

German language

If your aim is speeding up the process, you can think about paid online classes. iTalky, German Uncovered, Babbel, Baselang, Pimsleur, GermanPod101 are considered as best applications by many reviewers. You can choose one of them and follow its teaching system.


How To Learn German On-line?

If you are aimed at studying German on-line, you have a great access to a lot of contents. For example, you can watch videos, listen and download audios and podcasts, subscribing to online classes to learn German. There numerous applications for acquiring German language, its grammar structure. The best way to learn german is to recruit online tutor to learn distantly. Among the applications created to leanring German, the best ones are Babbel, Baselang, Pimsleur, iTalky, German Uncovered, GermanPod101.

Where Can I Learn To Speak German On-line?

There are too many ways to learn German language. One of the best choices would be Babbel, Baselang, Pimsleur, iTalky, German Uncovered, GermanPod101 apps. You can learn it using these applications with easy.

How To Learn To Speak German For Free On-line?

You should begin with the basics and practice your reading, writing, and your speech as well, Babbel, Baselang, Pimsleur are the best choices.

Besides for learning German speaking skill would be easy with the apps like iTalky, German Uncovered, GermanPod101. Most of them have new online teaching or one on one teaching method. That method is the best for improving your speech.

How To Learn German For Free On-line With Audio?

Pimsleur and GeramansPod101 are leading language learning apps that provide you good quality audio materials for German language that are online. These programms support on-line teaching for everyone who is willing for learning, especially learning german. German is among the ten most commonly spoken languages worldwide. It is also a lingua franca of Central and Eastern Europe.

How To Learn German On-line With Audio Free?

Strong willing makes you to be a master in German. In that way you will need a programms as Pimsleur . It has audio classes for German learners that helps for learning German language. Totally you won’t pay anything for the audios, they are included in this programm.

Pimsleur provides distinct, and clear phrases that were pronounced by local people. Using Pimsleur continuously gives confident to your German speech.





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