The Best Ways To Learn Albanian In 2024

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

There are just a handful of languages that have their own branch. It is one of them. It is a rare and difficult language to master. There are very few decent courses to learn it, which makes it much more challenging.

Modern Albanian language has two primary linguistic groups.

The Shumbkin River roughly separates them, with the northern half of the country speaking Gheg and the people in the south half speaking Tosk.

Beginners shouldn’t worry too much about whatever language they are learning since the two are mostly interchangeable.

However, don’t be intimidated by the prospect of studying a language in a seemingly isolated environment. There are many similarities between English and other languages that can be heard by anyone with a keen ear.

More than 7.5 millions native speakers exist in Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, and other countries.

Nouns are divided into 3 genders (masculine, feminine and neutral) and 2 number (singular and plural) there is 4 declensions and six cases (nominative, accusative).

Interesting facts about the Albanian Language

The Albanian language is actually one of the oldest pieces of literature in history.

It comes from the family of indo languages of Europe and is one of the three oldest languages in the entire world. It is a unique language and is not similar to any other language in any way.

Written Albanian was not developed until the 1920s.

This language is written in Latin. It’s the native language of about 6 million people. The syntax of Albanian is something similar to Greek and Romanian.

For those who are fascinated with languages, you will love learning Albanian!

Some people believe that the Albanians are similar to Italian and Spanish. It has some similarities with Spanish but not with Italian.

It is not strongly related to any other member’s language group and is a unique language.

The Shkumbin River runs through the dividing border between south and north. In some areas of the country, there’s a distinct difference between them.

Albanian is categorized into two large dialect sections.

Other fascinating facts about Albanian that will make you want to enroll in an Albanian course immediately include:

The Albanian diaspora is huge

Compared to the number of Albanians residing in the country, the diaspora is substantially larger.

While Albania has a population of just over 3 million people, there are an estimated 7 million Albanian speakers distributed over the world.

Albanian is an isolated language. This means that Albanian has no near cousins in its language tree.

learn albanian

It was formerly thought that Albanian belonged to a separate branch of the Indo-European family tree.

This branch of the language has not been definitively linked to any other language to date. Armenian and Greek are the two other languages that are still spoken today.

Albanian has a confusing history

Albania’s origin and development are still a mystery. This language has no living ancestors, and even its ancestors are a mystery.

Although Illyrian descent is widely assumed, there is not enough evidence to prove it. Unfortunately, relatively few Illyrian languages have survived to this day.

Complicated grammar

Albanian has somewhat complicated grammar.

Five cases and gendered nouns make up Albanian grammar. Only a few ‘neuter’ nouns exist that can act as masculine singularly and feminine plural.

As well as this, the verb system has three persons and two numbers, along with 10 different tenses, two different voices, and six different moods.

The language has used a variety of alphabets over the years.

The Ottoman Turkish variant of the Arabic alphabet was employed at one period, and Cyrillic was used at another.

Additional indigenous alphabets such as Todhri and Elbasan had been created. In the past, the Tosk and Gheg languages utilized the Greek alphabet, respectively.

Reasons to Acquire Albanian Language

Why not study the language if you’re motivated and certain about it?

If you’re interested in learning more about the language and culture, working or dating in the country, starting a business, understanding Kosovo hip-hop. the list goes on.

learn albanian

Albania is a small country in the Balkan peninsula that goes unrecognized or is perceived differently by each individual. Invest your money in Albanian companies.

You may make a lot of money by investing here, and there are a lot of advantages to it: lower utility bills and employee salaries; education, health care, and food.

Befriend people from across the world in a location where you will be treated as a human being, not as a member of society.

You’ll need industry-specific terminology if you wish to work for an Albanian company, for example. Focus on the basics if your goal is to make your trip more enjoyable.

It’s perhaps the most significant aspect of language acquisition to make it a priority.

When it comes to learning, there is nothing that can stop you from succeeding.

In addition, the resources indicated in this article will undoubtedly assist you in your quest for knowledge and understanding of the Albanian language.

The Best Ways To Learn Albanian In 2024

You must take into account your desire for learning the language as well as how you prefer to study.

Some resources work better for some people than for others, and vice versa. How much do you enjoy games with animations and points?

Another option is to take a simple audio course that starts you talking right away.

Because there are so many resources available for learning it, choosing the correct one relies on your goals and learning style.

If you’re looking for tools that engage you and make you enthused about the progress you’re making, then this post will hopefully send you in the right direction.

Here are some of the best tools to acquire the Albanian language:

50 Languages App

This app 50 languages is ideal for anyone who wants to acquire this language offline and free online.

50 Languages App

The 50 LANGUAGES app supports Android and tablet phones including iPhones and iPads. Tests and game is bundled with the app.

The audio MP3 files belong to the class. You can download all audio in MP3 format.

Get audio files 50Languages for downloading free from the app. Download the Audio file to download and test your knowledge.

50LANGUAGES has all the resources to study your next language. Online courses, free apps, Audio content, tests, free games, free flashcards, and many more.

This app was updated by Apple using the latest Certificate in Apple Sign-up. IOS 11 performance improve • several bugs and crash fixes.

50 Languages has allegedly declined to disclose details of its practices and uses for data in the case to Apple Inc.

If you want to get the basics then you can get Free Albanian for Beginners at 50LANGUAGES.

You can purchase this book online or by clicking here on Amazon.

Activities and games are more efficient, making learning more personal and more fun.

The system of continuously producing drip-feeds increases linguistic retention. Thus preparing you for an Albanian you need for a trip or getting a job.

No Albanian on Duolingo

No Albanian on Duolingo

Albanian can be described as a ‘primitive’, ‘undeveloped and continuously evolving’ language.

Duolingo decided not to have an Albanian course if it have other common courses.

Some would argue that Albanian is Slavic influence.

Its language has many German and Greek attributes and it makes sense from a historical viewpoint.

There are a good number of other websites that work perfectly to help you with this language learning. Each has taken its own paths in replacement for the gap created by the lack of Albanian in Duolingo.

Let it be a question of deciding which option fits best in your situation.

If you are just looking for a more casual experience to get one or more phrases before traveling then apps such as Ling could be the best option for you.

You’ll need to put together a learning plan.



This program covers all the content. You study survival phrases and a different lesson before progressing to intermediate levels of language in speaking, comprehension, and reading

Each session includes an initial dialogue, isolated speech and structures, and complete practice of all the vocabulary.

Pronunciation and understanding are the most important aspects to consider.

This course will help you speak confidently in real-world situations and about the past and prepare for the future; you will be able to speak with confidence and study the language and culture in your large range of vocabulary after completing this lesson.

There is a limit to how much you can acquire a Pimsleur lesson so that your brain can digest every new item before you go on. Because there is a defined structure for them, adding more words and phrases is easy.

You can acquire and retain information with a Pimsleur course in a variety of ways, from the natural integration of your brain’s inflection and rhythm to the incorporation of memory reminders.

If you need a word, it’s right there on the tip of your tongue.

There are audio lessons that need a lot of participation – So you’ll be talking the entire time.

If you want to acquire a language quickly, it’s a good idea to take notes on what you’ve learned in the free session.

You should really consider a Pimsleur subscription to improve your language proficiency.

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Memrise is an excellent tool for learning practical words and retaining them in your memory.

Memrise teaches a variety of courses.

The Memrise community has created hundreds of programs in the 16 languages, in addition to the official programs created by Memrise personnel.

In addition to core sentences and structure, the programs prepared by staff are a bit more in-depth than the ones created by the students themselves.

User-generated programs might focus on more specialized topics, such as tenses or sentences from a certain textbook.

No official Memrise Albanian courses exist however there are dozens of user-created programs that are available for free on Memrise.

Memrise’s exercises are entertaining to practice and will help you get the most out of your studying time.

But because the materials are all user-generated, there’s no quality guarantee, and you may or may not discover audio to accompany the flashcards, depending on how many people contribute.

Memrise is now far more user-friendly than it was before.

With cute little sounds, vibrations when you comment and answer a question poorly, and seamless integration into what you’re doing on the desktop, it’s ready to compete with the Duolingo.

Especially for beginners who are acquiring different characters and fundamentals, Memrise is useful software.

Being more than just a flashcard software makes it more interesting.

Also, the free service offers a lot of value. Never does it feel as if you’re reaching a paywall.

Despite the fact that Memrise Pro has additional capabilities that serious learners may wish to take advantage of, the free version has all of the elements that make Memrise so amazing.


An international language and cultural project, LingoHut is an initiative that transcends borders. The site assists with the practice method, spelling, practice, and pronunciation.

LingoHut’s every lesson is tailored to fit your learning style and learning style preferences. Acquire more effectively, more personally, and with greater enjoyment by engaging in activities and games.

It uses a drip-feed strategy to learning it, which substantially improves your capacity to retain the language and culture.

This language will help you prepare for a vacation or an interview.

The application will surely help you get through a week-long trip to Italy or start conversations with your new neighbors. However, t it won’t turn you into Shakespeare.

Lingohut’s approach consists primarily of flashcards with words and phrases. You can practice your skills with these cards.

These words and sentences are tested in five companion games.

Also on the site, there is a blog about language learning, and there are bilingual guest bloggers who contribute to the site. You can read them and practice on your own.

There are Gender-inclusive word flashcards on this platform that make future learning easier.

It is very useful – Easy to use and understand.

You will like the variety of sentences that are provided in this package.

It has an amazing theme and design: read what you want and ignore the rest.

Everything on this site is free if you really want to learn. There is no need to register, create a free account, or provide an email address.


SimplyLearn is a phrasebook in an app format that gives you all the advantages for language learning.

You can listen to the words and sentences spoken by native Albanian speakers as well as for Albanian and phonetic spellings of their names. It’s a good companion while practicing for you.

It may not be the best selection for students looking to improve their language but gives them a good start in basic pronunciation and simple structure.

In fact, it explains Flashcard techniques and space-based repetition that helps in language learning. SimplyLearn belongs to the same family as Ling.

It contains 101 lessons on Albana. 30 complete lessons have been added to the free app. This is a great way to practice and improve your skills.

The combination of text and voice is performed using these 50 methods.

52 languages correspond to the common Framework standards A1 and A2.

You can get to speak fluent sentences in real-life situations: in hotels restaurants shops, banks, etc. Similarly or on holiday or to talk – on the telephone.

Download mp3 records from a website. Listen anywhere – bus stop and station, auto and in lunchtime! Audio content allows you intensive practice in English language courses.


Language learning is possible by watching a selection of free videos on YouTube.

There are a few YouTube channels that I think stand out in terms of quality and video volume while searching for “master Albanian.”

Videos addressing specific parts of the language can be found on Youtube. There are also a lot of recordings of group content on the channel.

Also, there’s an official website, which offers links to lessons on italki, as well as other free resources.

Acquire Albanian with Viola is another YouTube channel with a lot of useful stuff.

Prior to moving to Albania, this was one of the few channels I used (though sparsely), and it comes highly recommended by foreigners.

Viola’s teaching manner is kind and helpful, and she covers a lot of essential information. She also teaches this language to Italian speakers, if they are interested.


Language textbooks can assist learners who prefer a more traditional approach.

There are standard layouts that can be used to help you plan your studies.

If you’re in the market for a detailed book to work through, Anila Mayhew’s Beginner’s book may be right for you.

First-time readers might find the book intimidating, but it is packed with useful information and includes two audio CDs.

Discovering Albanian 1 offers a more cost-effective option.

albanian books

The book is geared toward students at the beginning to intermediate levels and includes eighteen scenarios that reflect real-life situations. Another option is to use this free Memrise deck to follow along.

Consider checking out Colloquial Albanian, as this can help you with the course from a completely different perspective.

Discovering Albanian 1 was written by the same author as this book, but it was published much more recently. You can take audio content from the book entirely free of charge.

In order for Albanian learners to get a free grammar reference book, there is a free PDF version of Standard Albanian. A useful verb conjugator that is also free is Verbix.

Other free online lessons that come to mind include the Live Lingua Project, which offers free ebooks and accompanying audio recordings from such diverse places as the Peace Corps and the Defense Language Institute.

albanian book

A solid English Albanian dictionary is a great additional resource. Despite the criticisms, this online dictionary has a good reputation.

Genuine Albanian Content

Gaining the ability to interact with media in the language is one of the most gratifying aspects of learning a language.

Openings to the whole life come in the form of fun music, books, websites, and TV and radio broadcasts.

Studying is advantageous thanks to having the content to study.

To not only observe how native speakers use the language but also take notes on information you don’t understand is a great opportunity. Also, it’s a great way to get to know the language better.

To fully understand a new language, you would like to browse the web to see what’s going on.

A casual, entertaining way to practice is by checking out an Albanian Instagram account or the Albania subreddit.

If you prefer reading books, you might like to read one of the more well-known works by the Albanian writer Ismael Kadare.

There is, of course, also radio. This free Albanian radio app lets you hear a variety of free Albanian radio stations, regardless of your motives.

The TV channels are free to stream online if you’re interested in online training.


Podcasts are yet another excellent form of free educational content to be found on the internet. They are, on the other hand, one of the most convenient resources that are available.

Linguaboost is the only podcast that offers a substantial amount of content.


Using their website, learners can access 30 audio lectures and 9 review lessons, in addition to PDF data and other resources for a small fee. The audio on the site is good to hear.

Also available for free on their favorite podcast streaming service, such as iTunes, are approximately 30 audio lessons on various topics.

The SBSAlbanian is another excellent fun podcast to attend.

It is an excellent resource for those seeking authentic listening practice, but it is not recommended for those who are just beginning to discover the language.


Getting experience with this language is really easy thanks to a variety of resources.

If you’ve decided to acquire it, this post will help you find some wonderful resources that meet your style and goals.

Consider that the finest study strategies generally involve a variety of approaches.

A single one of the materials listed here is unlikely to lead you to speak like a native, but with a little patience and the appropriate combination of tools, anything is possible.


How To Acquire Albanian?

Start reading the news stories.

Plan to read one book per day, or a few per week, or numerous books on one day of the week, and make it a goal.

Youtube is a great place to find videos. There are a number of Albanian-learning YouTube channels.

eduAlb, an app similar to Duolingo, is an excellent approach to improve basic language abilities.

You can download other apps too. Among other Apps, 50languages is a great app to practice and test your skills. You’ll find these apps on the app store or google play apps for android users.

On social media, start following artists/pages/organizations. If they post in Albanian, you can translate it with ease if they write in English.

Learn How To Speak Albanian?

Albania is a country of friendly people, amazing landscapes, and impressively distinct languages.

It might appear intimidating to acquire a language without any connection to other languages but don’t be afraid.

There are two main dialect groups in modern Albania: Tosk and Gheg.

If you want to work for an Albanian company you will definitely want to focus more on how to use English terminology when studying a few English terms whenever you want to acquire the language.

Why Learn Albanian?

Most people, both Albanians, and non-Albanians, ask “Why are you learning It?” and “When are you going to use it? ”

It’s not as difficult as people make it out to be to learn this new language.

Once is have a conversation with a native, you will enjoy the vibe of speaking this language.

It is one of the oldest European languages, if not the oldest. According to popular belief, the ancient Illyrians were Albanian.

There are those who embrace this notion, while others believe that Albanians are descended from the Thracians or that Albanian is a hybrid of the two languages.

No matter how you slice it, it’s ancient.

Many individuals will try to dissuade you from studying the language by telling you how difficult or impossible it is.

This is a pure fabrication! It has a large number of Latin cognates, making it a bit easier for English or Latin speakers to recognize numerous sentences in this language.

How To Learn Albanian For Kids?

Albanian classes on Duolingo make learning the language a bit more entertaining for children. As soon as they start watching the classes, children will begin learning the language.

Kids who are learning or want to study the lessons might benefit much from the children’s book library, which is a wonderful resource.

Kids can choose from a wide choice of books, including alphabet books for kids, beginner’s books, classics, audio content, short stories, and fairy tales, as well as children’s novels.

One pdf file contains 150 flashcards for youngsters. Featuring letter or A4 paper, you can quickly download and print flashcards on animals, colors, cars, and more!

A total of 15 pages are included, with 10 flashcards per sheet. Flashcard games are an excellent way for kids to learn.

A number of interactive games are available for children, including memory card games and quizzes.

After each session, games are deliberately placed to test the children’s progress in learning the language.

These games help to improve the skills and practice.

There are games online that are widely used to teach bilingual youngsters who are learning the language.

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