Is She Into Me? (Here Are 49 Signs She Really Likes You)

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Well, we all fall for someone at some point in our lives. The hardest part is falling for the girl and not knowing how she feels about you. Many of us get scared and never even ask her out because we are afraid to hear the answer. Honestly, it is pretty ironic that there are hundreds of ways to talk to each other, yet so many people struggle to open up about their feelings, especially men.
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It feels like the more ways there are to talk to a person, the less you have to speak to them. But, it need not be that way. So, if you are into a girl but you don’t know how she feels about you, worry no more.

✨ Here are 49 signs to pay close attention to, to know if she feels something for you as well ✨

Also, it will be wise not to bother her if you don’t find any of these signs in her behavior. Be true to yourself!

1. She’s around you

She always tries to be around you, even after her friends have gone. The girl might either ask more questions and suggest that everybody stays for some more time. Or, she might just sit quietly and wait for you to talk to her.

2. She always wants to know more about you

When you tell her things about yourself, she will try to know more. She will ask more questions to make you feel like she wants to hear you out by asking you about your friends, family, hobbies, and other such things.

3. She cracks up at your lame jokes

You know that your jokes are terrible, she knows that too, but she will still laugh at them. So, if she laughs at your weird jokes, it can be safe to assume that she might be interested in you.

4. She tries to make eye contact

If you both talk and maintain eye contact for a prolonged period, it is a no-brainer! You can always utilize the opportunity to get to know her better.

5. She reacts well to your body language

When we talk about impressing women, your body language matters a lot. Many studies suggest that women are more attracted to the non-verbal signs that men give and their body language than just their looks. The way she reacts to your body language says it all. If your body language gives her the hints, she will respond in her way, and you will know! Looking good, dressing well, and staying in shape can be a bonus here. Of course, with the ideal body language.

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6. She’s always smiling when you are around

It might be that she likes looking at you, and it makes her happy. If she smiles a lot, don’t freak out. These signs point to the fact that she might like you. Or maybe you have something on your face!

7. She is calm and relaxed when you are around

It is a sure sign of someone taking an interest in you. She will be calm, and most of all, she will be herself with you. She won’t pretend or hesitate to open up, and you will notice that she is in a relaxed state.

8. She’s interested to know about your relationship status

Nowadays, women aren’t so subtle. So, don’t get confused if she comes and asks about your relationship status straight up. Instead, if there are other signs of interest, it will be safe to assume that this sign is also one of them.

9. She lets you in her personal space

It is best not to take it for granted if she lets you in her personal space. If a girl talks to you about her life, her life problems, and other personal details, she might be into you. You might also want to open up to her. If you do, then go for it!

10. Her attention is on you when you are there

It is a significant sign that the girl you like might be interested in you. She wants to let you know that you have her undivided attention. Thus, she won’t be engaging in long conversations with other people while you are around. She won’t be looking over your shoulder or anywhere else. All her attention will be on you.

11. She takes an interest in your social media

A girl taking an interest in your social media says a lot about her. She will comment on your posts, like them, share memes with you, and do many other things.

12. She is always teasing you and picking at you

For some people, it might sound relatively immature, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Anyways, what’s the harm in a friendly joke? She might tease you if you dropped something on your clothes, or even about an aspect of your looks! However, it will never be anything serious. In most cases, it is something that will even make you laugh.

13. She touches you during conversations

If there is one way you can know if a girl likes you, this one is it. You can get some significant insights if she touches your shoulder, arm or even holds your hand during a conversation. In most cases, all of these are subtle signs of letting you know that she likes your company and even feels comfortable.

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14. She gives you hints pointing to a date

She might tell you that she is free on a particular day, a specific afternoon, or something like that. You need to take the hint from it. She wants to spend time with you. These things might sound desperate for some, but it also shows that she is interested in you.

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15. She doesn’t move away when you lean

One, when you lean in, she won’t move away. In some cases, she might even lean on you during conversations. It will be best to go with it. What could go wrong?

16. She is physically close to you in public places

It is a clear sign she’s comfortable with you to an extent. She might sit beside you in a restaurant when you are out with a group of people, or she might sit next to you in class. All of it also shows that she really likes your company.

17. Her friends know about you

If her friends know you or mention you, it obviously means that she has been talking to them about you! It is a sign she’s often thinking of you when you are not around.

18. She is available for you

A person taking out time for somebody they like is one of the most appreciable things. If you see her happily canceling other plans for you, or taking time out of her busy day for you, don’t take it lightly because she might be into you. Appreciate her efforts and try your best to reciprocate them.

19. You feel like she likes talking to you

Irrespective of what you talk to her, and irrespective of how much she relates to it, she will try to know more and ask you more things about it. If it happens with you, there might be chances that she likes you. She will be attentive while you are talking, and she will enjoy your company nonetheless.

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20. She compliments you on your looks

You might be wearing old clothes or just regular clothes that you wear every day. Yet, she will compliment you and tell you how good you look. Don’t brush it off. Instead, appreciate it.

21. She drops hints about her being single

If you have just met each other, she will start giving you hints that she is looking for a new guy. She might tell you about her previous relationship. There are fewer chances that she will straight away tell you about all of it. You might have to ask around a bit, but if you see these signs, it might be worth it!

22. She texts you throughout the day

Even if you both are only friends, there are things that you need to watch out for in her messages. If she talks to you throughout the day, sends flirty emojis, or does other things to keep the conversation going, she might be interested in you.

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23. She blushes when you compliment her

If you compliment her and she gets all nervous and shy, it is a very good sign! It is significantly more notable when she is somebody who loves to joke around, but she’s shy with you.

24. She purposely tries to avoid eye contact

It might be hard for her to admit that she likes you if she is shy. Therefore, she might avoid making eye contact because it might intimidate her or make her vulnerable. There is nothing wrong, and it is not your fault here. However, you should watch out for it if you are hanging out with her.

25. She dresses up for you

If she is somebody who always wears t-shirts and jeans, but she is in a dress when she meets you, you should watch out. Women often tidy up when they like a guy because they want the guy to notice her.

26. She stares at you when you are not noticing

If she continues to stare at you even when you are not looking at her, it might be a way to tell that she likes you. Either that or there might be something on your face or on your mouth, but it is most likely the former.

27. She fixes her hair when you are looking

Women know that men like long hair, and if she has long hair and you find her playing with it or fixing it while staring at you, it is a good sign that she is into you.

28. She licks her lips when you are looking

There is something highly sensual when it comes to the lips. There are many meanings to it, but one is that if she licks her lips while looking at you, she might be into you. It is not something they do purposely, but many of these signals are subtle.

29. She’s smiling when you two are talking to each other

Girls, guys, and everybody smiles when they see the things that they like. So, if you are talking to her and she smiles while looking at you, it might be that she likes you.

30. She leans on you during conversations

During conversations, if she leans into you, puts her head on your shoulders, or is close to your head, it might mean that she likes you.

31. She is shy

Pay close attention to this sign. If the girl you have a crush on is an outgoing and extroverted person, but she suddenly turns into a shy girl when you are around, she might be interested in you. Many women don’t know how to act when a good guy gives them all their attention, thus, the shy behavior.

32. There are casual touches when you both are with each other

These casual touches don’t mean handshakes. Instead, we are talking about the moments when she touches your arm or your hand gently.

33. She laughs at your stupidest stores and incidents

You know the stories and incidents that you are narrating are lame and stupid, and so does she. Yet, if she is interested in you, you might find her laughing at these weird stories.

34. You get an immediate reply from her to your texts

Women get many text messages from men, and there might be many others like you who are trying to get her to talk to them. But, if you get an immediate response, it might be a huge sign that she likes you.

35. She dresses up and puts on make-up when you are around

This sign is pretty obvious, but many men fail to pick up on it. If she looks all beautiful in a pretty dress and make-up, it might be that she is trying to impress you with it. If you really want to know more about it, it will be best to compliment her about how she looks and see how she reacts to it.

36. She sends you pretty pictures of herself

If she sends you beautiful pictures about herself throughout the day, she might be into you. It is an excellent sign if she sends photos of where she is at, how she is dressed up for it, and other things like that.

37. She drunk calls/texts you

A wise person once said, “A drunk person’s words are a sober person’s thoughts.” She might be thinking of you when she is sober, so when she is drunk, she texts or calls you, and that is when her true emotions might come out.

38. She stalks your social media profile

Social media sites have an algorithm, so if you click on somebody’s photos, the algorithm thinks that you are interested, and it will show you more updates of the person. So, if she likes and comments on your posts, moreover, if she is among the first persons to do so, it might be that she likes you.

39. Her feet point towards you when she’s sitting

According to psychologists, this sign is among the best nonverbal cues to note if someone likes you. Almost all of us are not conscious of what our feet are doing. So, if we like someone, our feet are usually pointing towards them.

40. Her pupils enlarge when you are around

It is relatively challenging to notice, but it is a vital sign of attraction if her pupils dilate while looking at you. So, the best way to notice is by looking into her eyes, but not too long. That might weird her out.

41. She’s copying your gestures and movements

It is a big sign to note, and it is something we subconsciously do when someone we like is around us. She might copy your hand gestures, she might try to speak like you, and she might even use the exact slang words like you.

42. Her family knows about you

If she is interested, she won’t be shy to talk to her family about you. It is even better if she invites you to have dinner with her family!

43. She reschedules your meet-ups when she cannot make it

If a girl is really interested in you, she will want to see you again. For the days when she really cannot make it, she will reschedule it. It is a huge sign that she likes you because she won’t do it for those who are trying to get to her.

44. She takes efforts to continue conversations with you

As mentioned before, many boys are trying to talk to girls on social media sites. So, she has many options. But, if she makes an effort to continue talking to you, you might mean a lot to her!

45. She remembers things that you tell her

She might like you not only if she pays attention to what you say but also if she also listens to you and remembers it by bringing it up.

46. She tries to ask your help with menial things

Sometimes, women make a lot of effort to get the attention of a man. Therefore, if she asks you to teach her something random or help with any small thing, it might be a sign that she likes you.

47. She wants you to open up to her

If she is interested in you, she will open up to you and also encourage you to open up to her. If she trusts you enough to open up about things that many people do not know about her, it is a good sign if she wants you to trust her.

48. You start to see her dorky version

If she shows her lesser-known side to you, it might mean that she is really comfortable around you. It is a good sign, and it might also mean that she likes you. Thus, you should watch out for it.

49. She writes you long texts

If she writes long paragraphs to you, be it anything, an appreciation text, or simply a text that says how her day was, it means that she finds a lot of comfort in talking to you. It can mean that she likes you.

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📱 Signs A Girl Likes You To Look For In Her Texts 📱

Many of us believe that women are the best at giving mixed signals that really confuse a man. Honestly, half of the time, they are not aware of what they desire. But, there is a lot of difference in how men and women communicate. Men are more upfront, while women are more indirect.

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◈ So, to help you out, here are some signs over texts that you can note, which might mean that she likes you ◈

🎌 She initiates the conversations
🎌 She responds elaborately and quickly
🎌 If she uses way too many emoticons
🎌 She shares songs and posts with you that remind her of you
🎌 She tries to have deep talks with you

🎱 Eight signs that she’s just not into you 🎱

First things first, she is not a mean person in most cases. She simply isn’t interested in you. So, below are some signs and situations where you should take the hint and back off politely.

❂ She gives you short answers

Women love talking. One-word answers might also mean that she is busy, but if you always get one-word answers, it might mean that she isn’t interested in you.

❂ She is indecisive about you

Suppose you just went out with her on a date and you want to know when you will meet next, or if you are planning to go with her on a date. Now, if she replies with indecisive answers like “we will see, I’m not sure, I don’t know,” it is a sign of disinterest.

❂ She ditches her plans with you

It is one of the most evident signs of disinterest, but let’s make it clear. If you have plans with her, but she gives excuses, in the end, it can mean that she is just stalling you and she is not really interested in meeting you.

❂ She often stands you up

This sign is close to the sign mentioned above. If you have plans with her, and in the end, she just stops picking up your calls or responding to your texts while you are at the venue, it means that she just stood you up. In most cases, it oozes disinterest.

❂ She doesn’t initiate conversations

If you find yourself initiating every conversation, it might mean that she doesn’t want to talk to you in the first place. She might just be replying to you out of kindness only because you are initiating conversations. Who knows that if you stop texting her one day, you won’t hear from her either.

❂ She lies to you

If she isn’t able to be straightforward to you about the silliest things, it might mean that she doesn’t just want to face you in the first place. It might hurt you to wait for her because she is not coming clean to you about her feelings, but this sign is enough for you to stop investing in her.

❂ She doesn’t make plans with you

If you only find yourself making all the plans and deciding venues, she might not be interested in hanging out with you. You can test it by not planning for some days and see if she plans things or not.

❂ She responds to your call or your texts according to her convenience

If you call her and she doesn’t pick up, or if you text her and she responds to you hours later, then she might not have anything special for you. If she had, her texts and replies would have been more spontaneous. Even if it weren’t, she would always let you know.

▣ Signs that someone is flirting with you ▣

Irrespective of what you are looking for in a girl, you must recognize the signs of flirting. It will help if you want to avoid giving the wrong impression or if you want to make things better.

◈ So, here are some signs that mean she’s flirting with you ◈

⫸ They shoot you with numerous brief glances
⫸ They try to play with their clothing
If they tease you and compliment you a lot


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◉ What to say to a girl to see if she likes you? ◉

If a girl likes you, but if you don’t like her back, the best thing to do will be to come clean about your feelings. Leaving her hanging and unaware of how you feel isn’t good, and you might also be hurting her if you do that.

However, if she likes you, take it slow, steady, but don’t go too slow. You can take small steps that will bring the two of you close to each other. For instance, you can ask her out on a date, spend quality time with her, and do other such things. After spending a lot of time with her and getting to know her, it will be safe to take things up a notch.

◉ Is she into me or just being nice? ◉

If she takes a lot of effort, it will be noticeable. Yet, if you can’t notice it, your friends definitely will.

However, if she takes additional efforts for you, like getting you gifts, flowers, taking time out to spend some alone time with you, it is safe to assume that she is into you. However, if she behaves with you like other people, that might not be the case, even for extroverted girls.

It becomes difficult here because they will take out time for you, hang out with you, open up to you, and they might even touch you casually or lean on you during conversations. But, the difference is that they are generally friendly to everybody and all these things are normal for them. It is a part of their nature, so, in that case, they are just nice.

😍 Ways to Make Her Fall in Love 😍

Initiate and continue conversations

Compliment her

Do not ditch your plans or ghost her

Ask her about those who matter to her

Come up with subtle surprises

🤓 Conclusions 🤓

Figuring out if someone is into it or not can be relatively challenging. However, with the help of these signs, you will be able to estimate if she is into you or not. Try not to get disheartened if she is not into you because a special someone is always out there for you. All you need to do is be patient! And if she does like you, it is time to take things forward!

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

Q: Do you flirt without knowing?

A: A playfully flirty person might enjoy doing it and not even realize that they are flirting because they have been doing it subconsciously for so long.

Q: Is a smirk flirting?

A: The smirking emoji could indicate that a person can be flirting or suggesting something else. In real life, it differs from person to person. It might be smugness for some people, and for others, it can be flirting.

Q: How can a girl express her feelings?

A: For anybody, the best thing to do is to tell the person how they feel simply. However, it should be nice and romantic, and a gesture could help as well.

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