Does She Love Me? 29 Signs She’s In Love With You

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

If you’re wondering if that cutie you’ve been eyeing for weeks now is in love with you, or you’ve been dating a girl for some time now and suspect that she’s harboring some hidden feelings for you, keep reading. It has 29 signs she’s in love with you! As you go through this article. you’ll start to realize if that special girl has a crush on you or if it’s all in your head. But before we get to that, let’s start by talking about how one would know she loves him.
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☀ Does she love me? Here are the 29 signs for you to know ☀

This article will give you the signs she is in love with you and what a woman thinks when she is in love with a man. Let’s check out how women behave when they are in love!

1. She makes eye contact more often than usual.

When a woman looks at you, do you sometimes ask yourself, “Does she love me ?” If so, then you’ll know that some things about her are just different. Maybe it’s the way she smiles at you or how she looks at you when she thinks no one is watching. You might not even realize it, but her eyes will be drawn to you more than usual, and your presence will make her heart beat faster.

When she’s in love with you, she makes eye contact differently, too. She’ll hold your gaze longer than most people would, making sure to lock onto yours for as long as possible before looking away again. This is because of the intense feelings of affection and adoration that come along with loving someone this deeply!

When women fall in love, their eyes light up, and they can’t help but stare into men’s – especially when they’re thinking about all the ways they want to show men their appreciation for everything they do for women.

2. She laughs at your jokes.

Why do some women laugh at everything their boyfriend says? You’ve probably wondered why your girlfriend laughs at every single joke you make. Well, it turns out there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. According to research published in the journal of Evolutionary Psychology, women are more likely to laugh when around men they find attractive.

This type of behavior is known as affiliative laughter and females use it as a way to show interest in potential mates. So basically, if she’s laughing at all your jokes, then she must be into you!
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If you want her to keep laughing, then keep making those jokes! She’ll never stop giggling if you can keep up with the funny stuff. And don’t worry about how cheesy or lame your jokes might seem because chances are she will think they’re hilarious no matter what. Remember that humor plays an important role in human mating strategies, so use it wisely, and good luck out there, my friend!

3. She touches her hair.

A woman always touches her hair while in the presence of a man she loves. Whenever she touches or strokes her hair while in your presence, chances are she’s got the hots for you! This is just an instinctive action and it all has to do with the way we evolved as humans.
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4. Her voice gets higher

Women’s voices get higher when they talk to men they love. When women are in love, their brains release dopamine and oxytocin. These hormones cause them to raise their pitch as well as increase vocal intensity and effort. In other words, their voices get higher because they want the person they love to hear every word that comes out of their mouths!

5. She blushes

Women often blush when they are around the man they love. It’s a natural response that has been with them since the dawn of time.

When our ancestors met their mates, it was important for them to tell if the other person was healthy and strong enough to survive and reproduce. Blushing is a sign of health because it means there is more blood flow in your body. This also makes blushing an indicator of sexual arousal!

So next time you see someone blushing, don’t assume she’s embarrassed or shy – she might just be thinking about how much she loves you!

6. You catch her staring

Do you ever wonder why sometimes you’ll catch a woman stare at you? Chances are she’s so in love with you that she can’t take her eyes off you. It has a lot to do with how their brains are wired. For example, when they see someone they love, their dopamine and oxytocin levels rise.

These two chemicals make them feel good about the men they love, and a woman in love will want to stare at the lucky guy. So next time you catch your significant other staring at you from across the room, remember that she might just be feeling those warm feelings of happiness.
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7. When talking about the future, she includes both of you

Whenever a woman talks about her future, she’ll most likely include both of you in her plans because she’s in love with you and wants you in her future. She wants to know that you’ll be there for her when she needs you, and it makes her feel good knowing that you want the same things as her. She also loves spending time with you.

She also likes talking about what you would do together if given a chance. For example, she might say, “We should go on a trip this summer.” She might then imagine how great it would be to explore new places together.

Whenever you’re around her, and she’s talking about her plans, don’t think twice before asking her questions or sharing your thoughts too – because no matter what happens in life, having someone by your side is always better than being alone. Next time you ask yourself, “Does she love me?” Rest assured that if she includes you in her future, she does.

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8. Her pupils dilate

Pupil dilation is a natural response that happens in the body when there is an increased amount of light entering the eye. It also occurs as a result of emotional arousal or sexual interest. When a woman’s pupils dilate when she sees you, it means she might be falling in love with you!

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9.She worries about you

Women worry about men they love because this is a biological response to protect the man she loves from harm. This way, they can have more children and pass on their genes. It’s an evolutionary trait that has been passed down through generations for thousands of years.
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Now at least you’ll understand where your girlfriend gets those crazy ideas from when she tells you to eat healthier or go outside and get some fresh air every day – because if you don’t, who knows what could happen? You might not make it home tonight. So please take better care of yourself!

10. She tries to catch your attention.

When a woman is in love with you, she’ll try to catch your attention regularly. There are many reasons a woman would want to catch the attention of a man she loves. For example, it could be because she wants him to know that he is on her mind or that she misses him and can’t wait until they see each other again. It might also be because she wants his company for whatever reason.

Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of reasons a woman would want to grab her man’s attention to let him know how much he means to her. Next time you notice that special lady try to get your attention, chances are she’s madly in love with you.

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11. She remembers everything you’ve ever said.

A woman in love with you will remember everything you’ve ever said because she feels like nothing else matters to her but you; hence everything you say sticks to her. It’s almost as if every word you utter becomes part of her brain’s permanent memory storage system.

12. She accidentally brushes her arm against yours.

Many women have a hard time expressing their feelings, especially when they’re in the early stages of a relationship. It can be difficult for a woman to know how to express her feelings without making her uncomfortable.

There is one simple trick that women use to get over this fear and finally let their true feelings shine through. All it takes is her brushing up against your arm for just one second and then watch as they realize what kind of connection the two of you share!

If only everyone could find such an easy way out of this problem. Now there’s no reason anyone should ever feel like they can’t express themselves fully with another person again. This technique has worked for so many others already – why shouldn’t it work for you too?

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13. She’s always trying to be with you.

If she’s always looking for reasons to be around you or with you, then she’s crazy for you. A woman will always want to be around a man she’s in love with and spend as much time as she can with him.
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14. She compliments you

Women always compliment the men they love because they can never get enough of them. If she compliments you, she wants to make them feel special. That’s why she goes out of her way to tell you how much she appreciates and adores you for being there for her through thick and thin, rain or shine, good times and bad times.

15. She doesn’t care what others think of you.

Others people may think you are a loser. Whether it’s because he doesn’t make much money, or have tattoos all over your body, or maybe even because of how you dress – your friends and family might be quick to judge you. When a woman loves you, she won’t let their opinions stop her from loving you.

16. She’s more interested in your opinions than her own

A woman in love with you is very interested in what lies beneath the surface when it comes to you. It’s not just about how good-looking you are on the outside; it’s also about who you are as a person and what kind of values you hold dear.

When women fall in love with someone, they want to learn everything they possibly can about them. They want to see if their values align with the man’s or if any red flags might cause problems down the road.

17. When she’s with you, she feels like the most important person in the world.

Many women in love experience the feeling of being the most important person in the world when they’re with the man they love.

If there is one thing that all women crave, it’s being loved unconditionally by someone who truly cares about them. When a woman is in love, she feels like she is the center of the man’s universe because she is special to him. He wants nothing more than for her to be happy and healthy, and he would do anything for her if she asked him to.
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18. You make her want to be a better person.

When a woman is in love with you, she wants to be the best version of themselves for you. She wants to impress you and show you how wonderful she is. And if you think she’s amazing, then she’ll want to become even better for you.

19. Her friends and family love you too.

If a woman loves you, her friends and family will too. Women in love tend to gush over the guy she’s in love with to those close to her, mentioning only the positive things about him hence making him look like a saint in their eyes.

20. She misses you when she’s not around you.

If the girl loves you, she’ll want to be with you every second of the day. When you’re not around, she misses you and can’t wait for the next time you two are together.
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21. She tries to make herself look good for your friends and family.

When a woman loves you, she wants to create a good impression for your friends and family. This makes her constantly try to dress well and put on make-up whenever she’s around the people closest to you.
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22. When she sees a moment between the two of you, her heart skips a beat.

A woman in love is always excited to be around you. When she sees a moment between the two of you, her heart skips a bit, and she might even get aroused thinking of the possibilities. This is one of the best things about being in a passionate relationship. You always want to jump each other’s bones when you see a moment between the two of you.
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23. She is always available for a chat.

It doesn’t matter what time it is or how busy she is. If you want to chat, a girl in love always has time for you.

24. You are the first person she texts when something good happens, and the last person she texts before bed.

When a woman is in love with you, she’s constantly thinking about you. That’s the reason why when something good happens in her life, like maybe a promotion at work, or she got a new job, you’ll be the first person she wants to text. You’re also the last person she thinks about before she goes to bed hence the reason why she’ll want to text you before falling asleep.
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25. When she’s not with you, she can’t stop thinking about when next she will be able to see you again.

A woman in love constantly wants to be with the man she loves. If you’re not with her, she misses you terribly. Almost like you’ve been apart for months, and she gets very excited when you go back to her.

26. She’s a good listener.

Many women generally like to talk and want their opinion heard. However, a woman who’s in love with you could listen to you talk for hours and values your input.
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27. She’s always there for you.

A woman that loves you will always want to be there for you through thick and thin. When you’re sick, she’s at your bedside nursing you back to health. When you’re stressed out, she’ll be there to comfort you. When something amazing happens to you, and you want to share the news with someone, she’s there to celebrate with you. Being loved is amazing, right?

28. You’re her favorite person to talk to

She probably has a ton of friends that she talks to every day or has a close-knit family with whom she’s in constant communication. However, she loves talking to you and could do that all day.

29. She trusts you more than anyone else.

A woman that loves you trusts you more than anyone else in her life. She’s ready to tell you her deepest, darkest secrets and trusts that you won’t tell anyone or mock her. She’s comfortable sharing every aspect of her life with you.

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♣ What she thinks about you ♣

Women are fascinating creatures. So many signs that they exhibit when they’re in love. Now let’s have a look at what she thinks about you when she’s in love.

☀ She thinks you’re a confident man, and you carry yourself with grace.

☀ She believes you’re trustworthy.

☀ She adores you because you have integrity

☀ She fell in love with your compassionate nature

☀ She loves you because you’re emotionally available and aren’t afraid to show her your vulnerable side.

♠ Body language that shows she’s really into you ♠

Men sometimes have no idea that a woman is in love with them, which may cause heartbreak due to the misunderstanding. Let’s have a look at the five signs that show that a woman is in love with you:

♦ She mirrors your movements

♦ She tilts her head while talking to you

♦ She touches you a lot

♦ She’s always fixing her hair and makeup

♦ She points her feet towards you

🔊 Conclusion 🔊

Being in love is an awesome feeling, and it’s good for a man to know if a woman is in love with him. Some of these signs might be shocking but are enlightening because they are not so obvious. If a woman exhibits these signs towards you, you’re a lucky guy. You now know whether to take the relationship further and give both of you the chance to get even closer.

Be on the lookout for these signs from that special girl in your life.

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Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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