5 Things about Women that are Instant Turn-ons for Men

By Sarah williams

December 16, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

instant turn ons for men

When it comes to what men like, everyone is different. There are some general things, however, that are famous for impressing men and making them more interested. If you are single, these are things that you really should know.

Caring About Her Appearance

caring about appearance

The first thing that a man will notice about you is the way that you look. It is not that they are superficial. It is just that before you have a chance to speak to a man, first impressions will already be made.

If you look good and care about your appearance, it will be noticed. If you have certain features that you don’t like, there are makeup tricks that you can use to downplay your more unflattering features. If you don’t know how to properly apply your makeup to accentuate your best features, you can get tips from experts like makeup artists.

Good With Children

When men are looking for their life partners, they will appreciate seeing a woman who is genuinely fond of and good with children. They know that they can start a family with a woman who enjoys children.

A Good Work Ethic

good work ethics

Men want to be with a woman who has a strong work ethic. This doesn’t mean that you need to work three jobs and 22 hours a day to get a man’s attention. If you are successful in your career and have been working at the same job for a long period of time, it shows the man that you are a hard worker and you can help in providing for your family if needed.

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Men like a woman who can stand on her own two feet. They want to see you as a strong woman who doesn’t need anyone else to support them or take care of them.

When it comes to being independent, you need to walk a fine line. While men love independent women, they also like to feel needed once in a while.

Also, you may need a shoulder to lean on at times. You shouldn’t be in a relationship where your needs aren’t being taken care of just because you want to come off as being independent. You can be independent and still ask for help when you need it.

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Men want to be with a woman is level headed. Most don’t want to be with a woman who will fly off the handle at the smallest little problem. If you are not level headed, it can lead to embarrassing moments when you are out in public. Also, if you direct your fury on him, he will likely end the relationship as quickly as it started.

This doesn’t mean that you should change your entire personality. Being levelheaded is a personal goal that you should work towards. Not only will it benefit you in your relationships, it will also help you out in your everyday life.

There are many women who don’t know this, but there are ways to turn a man on outside of the bedroom. If you want to get the attention of a quality man, you should consider the points listed above.


Sarah williams

Sarah Williams has acted as a manager for a great number of notable people. She takes immense pleasure in observing luxury lifestyle, habits and makeup artist in Perth. She finds it easier to share her knowledge and experience by writing than by any other ways.

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