Everything You Need To Know When You’re In love with a Married Man

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

love with a Married Man

When a woman meets an attractive man, she is likely to gain an interest in him, whether he is married or not.

What happens when you eventually know that he is married to another woman, perhaps even having kids?

You will find yourself with conflicting emotions because you are happy you have found love, but on the other hand, this man is married.

Let’s discuss how to handle this matter of falling in love with a married man.

🤵 Ways to get yourself out of if you’re in love with a married man 🤵

◉ Mingle with other men

You are not guaranteed that you will end up with the married man you have fallen in love with. Why then close yourself up and not mingle with other men?

Do not hesitate to go on a coffee date with another guy simply because you are dating a married man.

Also, join online dating groups and get to know other men. You will realize there are plenty of men you can date and possibly start a relationship with.

If this married man cannot withstand seeing you with other men, he sounds like a hypocrite. Why is he also dating you yet has a wife?

He should also give you space to make up your mind.

◉ Leave him and find someone who suits you

Leave him and find someone
Photo Credit: pixabay.com

I understand it is easier said than done. You already have a connection with this man. But the truth is, most married will never leave their wife for a side chick.

If he loves you so much, he could have left his wife by now. However, he is still in touch with his wife and kids.

He might be using you, and in the end, he leaves you. It would be best to leave as early as possible to avoid getting into a complicated situation.

For instance, you could get a kid from this affair. How will you handle it if this married man leaves you?

There are plenty of men outside there who are looking for women they can start healthy relationships with. You only need to say no to married men and find a suitable partner who will make you his priority.

◉ Take a break until he takes action

Does he truly love you as he claims he does?

Give yourself a break from any sexual relationship with him or even seeing him until he takes the right action. Let him prove that he wants you no matter what comes.

If he claims that he can leave his wife and that is what you want, let him do it. But if he keeps saying the same thing without taking action, know he could be playing with your mind. He should initiate a divorce or a separation.

Besides, let him make things clear so that you can know your position in this relationship.





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◉ Graduate from a side chick to his woman

Are you sure that you are willing to win this man to be your husband?

Will this benefit everyone involved (you, him, his wife, and children)?

If you think you cannot live without him and you have strong feelings for him, then you have a game to play. You need to win him so that he can be officially yours.

Here is the trick to having this married man in your life;

Men have a deep inner desire that they are born with. They want to feel needed by women especially those close to them.

A man will feel attracted to a woman who acknowledges him as his protector and provider. And perhaps that is why this married man fell in love with you.

Therefore, you need to give him a space to protect and provide for you. Besides, you have to admire him and show him that you need him.

When you make a man feel like a hero, he will fall in love with you, especially if this need is not met in his current relationship. He will be willing to pay the cost of having you as his wife.

🤵‍♂️ Signs A Married Man Is Falling In Love With You 🤵‍♂️

At one point in life, most married men find themselves attracted to other women. But wait, a married woman can also fall in love with a man who isn’t her husband.

Mainly these feelings are triggered but what a person is passing through in their current relationship.

But how can you know that a married man is falling in love with you?

Here are 10 signs that he has romantic feelings for you;

◘ He likes talking to you

When a man feels attracted to you, he will want to keep talking to you. He will keep calling or texting you even when he doesn’t have much to say.

If you work in the same company, he will be coming to your office desk just to say hi. In the evening he will call you and discuss everything with you from politics to movies.

Besides, you will realize that when he is talking to you, he is cheerful. He will be funny and crack all kinds of jokes with you.

◘ He tries to be good when around you

Every woman wants a good-looking man. Hence, this married man who is attracted will try as much as he can to present himself in the best way possible.

When he knows he will meet you, he will dress smartly and put on some sweet-smelling spray. This is all to win your attention.

He can even go to the gym to get that masculine tussle to win you. He will also make sure he gets that stylish hairstyle to impress you.

◘ He always wants to help

When a married man is falling in love with you, he will always want to help you. If you go out shopping, he will offer to carry the shopping bag for you.

Men feel good when ladies want their help. They feel enough when this inborn desire is triggered. Besides, they would always be around a woman who fulfills this need for them.

He will feel like a hero when you show him that you need his help!

◘ He opens up to you

Men will always hide their issues and never open up to other people.

However, if you find a man opening up his secrets to you, he probably feels something for you. He might have seen you as a trustworthy friend who can keep his secrets.

He can disclose some personal information to show he has fallen in love with you about his plans. For instance, when a married man tells you he is thinking of buying a new home or car, he could be interested in you.

◘ His body language says it

Do you meet this man, and he keeps smiling or gets nervous? He could be falling in love with you.

A married man who has an interest in you will behave weirdly when around you. He will keep eye contact when having a conversation, lean on you or touch you.

Such strong feelings for you will be evident when together.

◘ He spends his free time with you

When a person falls in love with you, they will want to spend most of the time with you.

A married person who wants you will not see it as a big deal to spend his free time with you. He will be finding excuses not to be with his family members but to be with you.

He will take you for lunch and dinner dates whenever possible. This is because he perhaps thinks it is the only way he can win your attention.

◘ He either speaks or keeps quiet about his marital status

Does this married man talk about his marriage, or he never mention it?

If he discloses too many details about his marriage, he wants you not to know that he is not happy in his relationship. He wants to show you that his marital problems are too much to bear, and he is available.

When he keeps quiet about his marital status, he is probably guilty of what he is doing. He wants to brush off and assume that he is not connected to another woman.

◘ He shows interest in your life

When a married man has feelings for you, he will want to know you better. He will be interested to know about your family members, friends, and relationship status.

He will ask you about your career and hobbies. Besides, you may find him embracing some of your hobbies to impress you.

He may also want to know about your plans. When he asks you about these, he wants to see whether you can be compatible.

◘ He compliments you

How do you feel when someone tells you, ‘Hi lady, you look lovely today. You will feel good the rest of the day because someone has praised you.

When a married man compliments you for your dress sense, career achievements, or body shape, just know he is eying you. This is because a man will rarely compliment a woman who is not his friend or someone he is attracted to.

Hence, when you realize a married man keeps praising you even when you least expect it, he could be suggesting something.

◘ He tries to highlight the similarities between the two of you

If he likes pointing out the things you share in common, he could be falling in love with you. Besides, he will go ahead and hint that you are the type of girl he likes because you have a lot in common.

On the other hand, he will contrast this by saying that he has nothing in common with his wife. He may tell you that he finds it challenging to watch movies with his wife because he likes horror movies, yet his wife likes action movies.

To make this matter juicy, he may end up showing an interest in what you like.

However, before you give in, remember that an affair with a married man can lead you to hurt feelings.

🤵‍♀️ Signs of an emotionally attached married man

Are you friends, or have you crossed the line?

Do you feel connected to this woman?

You may not be having sexual relations with her, but probably you are emotionally attached to her. An emotional affair with another lady can break your current marriage.

How do you know that you are attached to another woman other than your wife?

◈ When intimacy with your partner decreases

Intimacy is one of the things that connect people in a marriage. When you feel you no longer desire to be intimate with your spouse, you may be emotionally attached to someone else.

This can also lead to daydreaming about having intimacy with another person. Be on the lookout when you start to have such feelings as a married man.

◈ When you spend less time with your family

Have you found yourself not wanting your wife and kids near you lately? And perhaps there is this best friend you have been taking out for dates?

If yes, you may be attached to her, and you are slowly pulling away from your family.

You may even get annoyed when your spouse tells you that she wants to talk with you. This is an indication that your interest has shifted from her to another lady.

◈ When you suddenly start to concentrate on your appearance

When you are in love with a married man, he starts paying attention to his appearance to please you.

Therefore, when a man becomes more interested in his wardrobe, changes his hairstyle, or works out, he intends to please someone else.

However, he may do it for his own good, but a sudden change may raise your eyebrows as his partner. If he explains his intentions, there is nothing to worry about.

◈ When you become secretive

Most men, if not all have guilty feelings when they start having an affair. As a result, they tend to be secretive as much as they can.

You will find that they won’t say where they are going, or they will lie. Maybe you used to watch movies with your family, but now you only want to spend time on your computer or phone.

Besides, you may begin to guard your phone, so your spouse cannot see whom you are speaking to or texting.

◈ When you compare the other person with your partner

When a married man starts to compare his wife with another person, he could be feeling attracted to the other woman.

He may start comparing his spouse’s body shape or how they dress with the other lady. Besides, he could go to the extent of saying he admires the other lady than his wife.

This signifies that the man is emotionally attached to another girl, bringing the conflict to his love life.

◈ When you start complaining about the faults of your wife frequently

A man marries a lady whom he has accepted despite her weakness. Hence, he is supposed to help her partner improve where he can instead of complaining.

Imagine having lived in peace with your husband, and then suddenly, he starts complaining about you not satisfying his sexual needs.

This could be an alarm that he could be having an affair with another girl, and it is a severe issue that can end a marriage.

◈ When you start having fantasies or dreams about the other person

Do you dream about the lady you have been hanging out with frequently?

Or do you have fantasies of how life could be if she were your wife?

It could be you are emotionally attached to them, and they are taking up the gap of your spouse. Be careful not to ruin your current marriage.

◈ When you start talking to the other person during odd hours

This is another sign that can tell you that married men are emotionally attached to other women outside their official relationships.

Which is that pressing issue that can’t wait until the next day such that you have to call her at midnight? Unless it is an emergence, then this can be an emotional attachment.

When a man has a lady he sees as a potential partner, he can hide in the middle of the night to chat with her.

🕴️ Tips To Stop Dating A Married Man 🕴️

You could have fallen in love with a married man, and all seems to be okay.

But wait! Are you happy to be the other woman?

I don’t think so because you deserve someone who will fully commit to a long-term relationship.

Use these 8 tips to leave a married man and find the right partner;

⇰ Come back to reality

Love at its initial stages is so sweet that you find everything okay.

He is taking you for dinner dates and shopping for you. He is also praising you and telling you that you are the best woman she has ever met in this world.

Besides, he has told you that he can divorce his wife to have a formal relationship with you.

Darling, come back to reality because that is a big lie. Let him do it first, and then you can continue with the relationship.

Married men will rarely leave their wives because of side chicks.

Therefore, know that you are wasting your life with that married man.

⇰ Think about your future

When you fall in love with a married man, you are affecting your future.

This is because you are not sure if this married man is using you and then dumping you. And how about your love life? You are letting young men interested in you go because you are hanging on a complicated relationship.

Your future is necessary, and there are many potential single men outside there. Leave the married man and find your life partner.

⇰ Consider the consequences

Are you willing to bear the consequences of being involved with a married man?

First, you cannot introduce him to your family and friends. Also, you will have a logistical nightmare because you cannot be with him all the time.

And how about not getting married or even having kids? Besides, the guilt and the loneliness you will go through are tremendous.

⇰ Share with your best friends

Most people will never open up when they are in a relationship with a married man. However, it may not be easy to do it independently when you decide to leave this affair. You need some help.

Go to your closest friend or family member and explain to them what has been happening. They will give you some good advice on how to end the relationship.

⇰ Have a conversation with him

Now it is time to face him and tell him the truth. It is the hardest yet the most important thing to do when you want to end a relationship with a married man.

First, meeting in a public place would be wise to be safe if the break-up doesn’t end well. Also, be calm and firm about the decision you have made.

Talk to him about how you feel bad having fallen for a married man.

⇰ Call it off

During the conversation, be bold and tell him it is over between you and him. It is painful, but it is the best thing to do at that moment.

Don’t worry too much about how he will react because he will be mad, of course. But it is all about you. As for him, he has a family he can associate with, but you have no entitlement in your case.

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⇰ Cut off any contact with him

After breaking up, it is good to stop contacting this married man to avoid going back. Besides, set boundaries and exercise self-care.

It hurts to let him go, but you can’t live as a side chick for the rest of your life.

Therefore, please do not call or text him. Also, avoid any place or event you are likely to bump into him. Let time do its thing, and you will finally overcome his feelings for you and forget about him.

If it is hard to deal with on your own, find a relationship expert to assist you. It is for your well-being!

⇰ Be open to a new relationship

Cutting cords with a married man should not discourage you from finding a life partner.

It gives you a chance to mingle with other guys and find the person you deserve.

Hence, after leaving the extramarital affair and healing, be open to finding love again. Hang out with your buddies and interact with them to get a chance to meet the love of your life.

This will also help you to forget your past and focus on your future.





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🔎 How do affairs start? 🔍

In most relationships, the married man or woman first notices a gap in their marriage. Maybe the hole came in handy after unresolved relationship issues.

Due to these marital problems, the couples become cold to one another, and they begin to find faults in their partners. As a result, a gap develops between them.

When one partner feels he cannot cope with what is happening in their relationship, they find someone who can fill that gap.

In most cases, people do not start affairs with people they have never met before but with those who have been around them.

After becoming vulnerable, the cheating spouse starts to become secretive. They start meeting their affair mates in weird places where no one can see them. This is because they know what they are doing is wrong, and it will affect their marriage.

Finally, both parties become addicted. This is a stage where the affair is likely to move from emotional attachment to physical attachment. It becomes difficult to hide the relationship at this stage, and you may be caught or decide to confess.

⚜️ What makes a man develop feelings for another woman? ⚜️

feelings for another woman
Photo Credit: pixabay.com

Extramarital affairs are common in the current world. Even ordinary men are going outside their legal relationships to find other women.

But why will a married man fall for another woman yet he has a wife?

Here are some of the reasons a married man will fall in love with another woman;

➤ Unfulfilled emotional and physical needs

When a woman fails to recognize his man, the man is likely to feel out of place. As we saw earlier, a married man loves someone who meets his hero instincts needs. They always want to feel like heroes in the presence of their wives. Therefore, when a lady doesn’t give her man a chance to protect and provide, he may divert his feelings to another woman.

Also, men have a deep desire for sex compared to women. Hence, when a wife does not meet a man’s sexual desires, he may be tempted to look for another lady to satisfy him.

➤ For fun

Some men claim that just because you are married doesn’t mean that you cannot love someone else. They justify themselves that they have the other lady just for fun and nothing more.

Also, they may defend themselves that they are taking care of their wives and children without the other person interfering.

➤ When the other woman entertains the man

No man can enter into a lady’s life unless they permit them. Besides, men are likely to fall into the traps of women who are open to love.

You will fall in love with a married man when you entertain them. It begins with him and then proceeds to ‘Can we go for lunch together?’. And without realizing it, you start chatting frequently. This man will become attracted to you because you are welcoming him into your life.

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

Everyone wants to be loved, and sometimes you may find yourself falling for a married man. Getting involved with a married man has its consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to equip yourself with everything about falling in love with a married man. For more articles about love, dating, and relationships, stay in touch with us!

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

Is it right to love a married man?

Many people have found themselves falling in love with married people, which is not an issue. You may feel attracted to them, but what matters is how you carry yourself after the chemistry happens. You can entertain him or keep him off.

When does a married man fall in love with another woman?

A married man is likely to fall in love when his spouse does not meet his needs (e.g., emotional, physical). Besides, he can also fall in love when the other lady entertains him and allows him into her life.

Why should you never date a married man?

Dating a married man has vast consequences that no woman who values herself would like to go through. Some of them include;

  • You can never introduce him to your family and friends, and he can also not introduce you.
  • You feel guilty
  • His wife and kids may suffer because of you
  • You will not find a life partner because you do not hang out with other men.
  • He is likely to dump you after being found out or getting tired.





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