The Body language of Man In Love (18 Breathtaking Signs He Is Falling In Love)

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Every woman wants to know the actual signs that a man is in love. There’s nothing worse than having a guy you’re serious about and not knowing if he loves you back or not. But, unfortunately, a lot of people believe that men are not good at expressing their feelings. Well, they are mostly wrong because men express their feelings even if they don’t show them. But the problem is, not everyone knows how to read his expression, especially if you just met him or if he’s just your friend.

Men are believed to be less verbal than women. Therefore, you may wait forever for him to mention the “L” word. However, he may be expressing his feelings through his body language, and if you aren’t too careful, you may not pick his gestures. If you think that a man is in love but unsure, keep reading the article for 18 unique signs of falling in love and why you should pay attention to his body language signs.

💘 18 Amazing Body Language Signs Of A Man In Love 💘

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If your man is not good at expressing his feelings of love, look for the following 18 body language signals that he is in love;

1. He Gets Into Your Personal Space

It’s natural to feel emotionally gravitated towards the people we love. In the same way, a man will want to sit or stand near you when he is in love. It is a vital sign that he is in love because it indicates his interest in getting close to you and maybe getting intimate with you.

He invites you into his personal space by getting close to you and allows himself to be vulnerable to you. He wants to get close enough to you so that you can hear what he has to say. If you notice that he wants to sit beside you in a room full of people or conversation, it’s a positive sign that he is in love.

2. He Touches You More Often

If a man is always looking for an excuse to touch you in a friendly or flirtatious manner, it’s a sign that he may be falling in love with you. On the other hand, if he suddenly becomes touchy, it means that he wants to get closer to you and watch your reaction to his touch.

When a man is into you, he will hold your hand or throw his arm around your waist when walking together. If he squeezes your hand tighter than before and does not want to let go, it’s a positive sign that he is in love. Besides, if he initially used to kiss you on your cheek but suddenly wanted to kiss you on your lips, it’s a sign that he wants to get close to you.

3. He Mirrors Your Body Language

Does your man change seats or sip on his glass when you do? Well, he may be doing it subconsciously, but it’s a sign that he is in love. Also, if he starts talking in your language, copying words or phrases from you, it means he enjoys being around you.

Mirroring your body language indicates that he understands you and sees things from your perspective. He is trying to identify with you by putting himself in your shoes. Doing this is a positive sign that he is into you.

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4. He Stares At You

However much a man tries to hide his true feelings, he will subconsciously stare at you when in love. He will not take his eyes off you if he feels physically attracted to you. A man will stare at you when wearing something he likes or if he thinks you are beautiful.

A man in love will stare at you in a room full of girls because you are the most beautiful girl in his world. If he stares at your face, it’s a sign that he is fascinated and can’t control his feelings for you.

He will stare at you when coming to him or walk away. If you are not sure that he is staring at you, try looking in a mirror when walking away, and you will see him stare until you disappear into oblivion.

5. He’s Happy When You Are Around

If your man’s face lights up immediately he sees you; it’s a positive sign that he is falling in love. It indicates that he is happy to have you around. If he often smiles when conversing with you, he is interested in whatever you are saying. You will notice him smiling whenever you come across each other or when together for no apparent reason. Although it’s normal to smile when you meet a person, you’ll notice him smiling more, meaning he’s happy around you.

6. He Laughs At Your Jokes

Even if you are naturally funny, not everyone will find your jokes hilarious. If a man can’t help but laugh at your every joke, it’s a sign that he is falling in love. When he laughs at your jokes, it means he enjoys being around you. It indicates that he feels relaxed when around you, and he is trying to get you to feel the same. A man who enjoys your jokes feels at ease around you and finds you fun, a sign that he is getting into you.

7. He Maintains Eye Contact

Eye contact is crucial in any conversation. If you notice that a man always maintains eye contact when having a conversation, it means that you have his full attention. Eye contact promotes emotional connection and strengthens a bond between two people. A man will maintain eye contact if he is interested in what you are saying. Besides, a long period of eye contact may spark a strong emotional connection, and he may do it intentionally to get you to connect with him.

8. He Cares About His Physical Appearance

If a man starts caring about his physical looks when around you, it may be a good sign that he is in love. A man will want to show off his muscles to a girl he loves. If he suddenly starts wearing muscle shirts when around you, he may be falling for you. In addition, if you notice a man trying to look his best when around you, it may be a sign that he is in love.

You will see him changing his hairstyle or wearing his best cologne when around you. You may also see him straightening or tucking his shirt in or running his fingers through his hair when around you.

9. He Gives You Undivided Attention

You will know that a man is falling in love if he gives you undivided attention. If he fully faces you when having a conversation, it means that you have his attention. He will maintain an open posture by leaning forward when talking to you and opening his arms. Also, he will avoid distractions by putting his phone away just to give you his full attention. You will notice that he is listening to you by nodding and getting engaged in the conversation, and he will move closer to you to indicate that he is attentive to what you are saying.

10. He Gets Nervous When Around You

A man in love may get nervous when around you. You will notice it if he appears restless when he is with you. He gets nervous because he is afraid of doing something that might put you off or upset you and ruin his chances of being with you. You will know he is nervous if he taps his fingers or appears to shake or fidget when around you.

A man may also feel nervous because he is unsure of your feelings towards him. He may want to tell you how he feels, but he may be afraid of rejection. If you are out on a date, you may notice him playing with a straw or glass or fumbling when speaking to you.

11. He Is Unhappy When You Talk To Another Man

If a man is unhappy when he sees you with another man, it may signify that he is falling in love. Although there is a difference between being protective and possessive, no man wants to see a girl he loves speaking to another man.

You will notice a change in his facial expression when a man comes over to say hi to you. Also, if he stands tall and brings his chest out, he simply tells the other guy off and marks his territory. On the other hand, it may seem rude if he comes over and interrupts a conversation, but he is trying to tell off his competition. He may also put your hand into his to tell the other guy that you are his.

12. His Voice Changes

Sometimes, you may be unable to control your voice when around someone you love. Women become loud while men become deep when around the people they love. If he talks to a group of friends and suddenly changes his tone of voice when he sees you, it’s a good sign that he is in love.

He may be trying to get your attention by getting loud or deepening his voice. By doing this, he may be trying to show his masculinity to show you that he is a real man.

13. He Becomes Your Protector

Although men are naturally protective over women, you will know a man in love if he wants to protect you. If he wants to defend you when he thinks someone is mean or rude to you, it’s a sign that he is in love.

You will notice him trying to protect you by standing between you and traffic or giving you his jacket if he thinks you are cold. He will also want to protect your feelings and emotions by avoiding words that could hurt you.

14. His Pupils Dilate

Although this is a hard-to-pick sign, it’s an indication that a man is falling in love. When you are sexually attracted to a person, your body produces oxytocin and dopamine, causing your pupils to dilate. It can be a false sign because pupils naturally dilate with low light, but you can find it yourself.

Try flirting with a man or touching him and observing his pupil reaction. If you notice his pupils dilating even under sufficient light, it’s a sign that he is falling in love.

15. He Sweats More When Around You

Although the smell of stale sweat can put you off, the smell of fresh sweat in a man can put you on. When a man sweats, the fresh sweat produces androstenol, whose scent is naturally attractive to women. However, when exposed to oxygen, it produces androsterone which is foul-smelling. If a man constantly wipes sweat off his face when around you, his body reacts to anxiety, signifying he is in love.

16. He Tries To Hide His True Feelings

A man may try to hide his true feelings for you by looking away when speaking to you. You may mistake it as a sign that he dislikes you, but it could be because he’s afraid to face you. A man may be shy to express his feelings because he is afraid of rejection. He may not want to look you in the eye because you may read his mind, and maybe he is not ready yet. If you notice this in a man, it means he needs time to put his act together and reveal his true feelings.

17. He Likes Displaying His Affection To You In Public

If your man wants to hold your hand in public, it means he is ready to show you to the world. He can’t wait to introduce you to his friends or family because he is sure of what he wants. If he puts your relationship open on social media, it means that it’s official. Look no further because the two of you are an item.

18. Certain Topics Make Him Nervous

Does your man suddenly get nervous when talking about certain topics? Well, if he gets nervous when talking about something that concerns both of you, it may be because he is in love. If you start talking about marriage, he might get nervous because it might be his intention to get married to you in the future. Also, he may get nervous when you talk about your past relationship, especially when your relationship is still new.

🧐 Why Women Should Pay Attention To Body Language Of Men In Love 🧐

Why Women Should Pay Attention To Body Language Of Men In Love

Have you ever wondered why the man you’re dating doesn’t show their love for you even though they may love you? Why do men act in this way when it comes to expressing their feelings in the relationship? Below are five reasons why women should pay attention to the body language of men in love;

➣ Men Are Afraid Of Appearing Weak

It’s a common notion that men don’t have feelings, but it’s untrue. Men may be more emotional than women, but they are good at hiding it. Most men fear expressing their emotions because they grow up knowing that it’s a sign of weakness. As a result, a man may love you and be afraid to tell you. So before you walk away from him, it’s essential to pay attention to his body language for signs that he loves you.

➣ Some Men Don’t Know How To Express Their Feelings

Some men were taught to suppress their feelings instead of expressing them. For example, if a man was taught that men don’t cry, he may not express his feelings of sadness. In the same way, a man may be in love and not know how to tell you. Thus, you have to read his body language and encourage him to express his feelings.

➣ Men Feel Uncomfortable Expressing Their Feelings

Because men are naturally less verbal than women, a man may be uncomfortable telling you that he loves you. By using body language, he tries to get comfortable enough with you to express his feelings. If you see signs that a man is falling in love with you, you can encourage him to express himself by creating a safe space and encouraging him to open up.

➣ Men Face Multiple Obstacles

When expressing their emotions, men face obstacles such as fear of rejection, commitment, and losing control. A man may be unsure that you have the same feelings, and he may fear that you may reject him. Some men fear expressing themselves because they are not ready for commitment. Thus, it’s essential to read his body language to help him overcome his obstacles.

➣ Some Men Are Shy

A man may be in love with you but be shy about it. In this case, it may be a challenge to read his body language because he might be doing anything possible to hide his feelings. Paying attention to his body language will help you pick signs that he is shy and find ways to help him overcome it.

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☀ What makes a man show his true feelings? ☀

What makes a man show his true feelings

A man is wired to hide everything he feels. He has the best poker face in the world and can even fool his friends, family, and even girlfriend into what he feels about them. He would never admit that to anyone, though.

Showing your true feelings can be one of the hardest things to do when living your life. It might be challenging for a man to show these emotions, but if you are smart enough, you could make him show his true feelings. You just have to find out what makes a man show his true feelings.

➲ You Have Showed Him Your Feelings

A man may be in love with you but unsure of what you feel. Most men fear rejection, and they would rather hide their feelings until they are sure. If you keep sending him mixed signals, he may want to take his time before showing his true feelings, But if you show him your feelings, it assures him that you will reciprocate his love, allowing him to show his true feelings.

➲ He Is Finally Ready

When a man is not ready to officiate your relationship, he may hide his true feelings. Maybe he loves you, but he is unsure if he wants to be with you, or maybe he is not ready to give up his past life. In this case, he may hide his feelings until he feels ready to start a relationship.

Men are wired differently, so are relationships. Some men may take three months to show their true feelings, while others may take years. Once your man feels ready, he will reveal his true feelings.

➲ He Trusts You

If a man had an unpleasant experience, it might be a challenge to trust a woman. For example, if he was in a relationship with a partner who cheated on him, he may be afraid of trusting you. Any person who has been cheated on will naturally feel the same way. It may take him some time to heal, but he will eventually show his true feelings when he can finally trust you.

➲ He Is Afraid Of Losing You

If a man suddenly stops putting effort into the relationship, you may react by staying away. For example, if he no longer turns up for meetings or is constantly making excuses for not staying in touch, you may think he is not interested in the relationship.

When you decide to give him space to figure things out, he may suddenly realize that he is about to lose you. No man would like to lose an incredible woman in his life. He will do anything in his power to win you back, including showing his true feelings.

➲ He Is Ready For Commitment

A man may be in love with you but not ready to commit. Some men fear showing their true feelings because they are not ready to get into a relationship. Maybe he was passing through a difficult phase of his life or was taking care of his family. In this case, he may not yet be ready to commit. Also, he may be passing through situations that weigh him down emotionally. In this case, he may not have the capacity to make an emotional commitment.

When a man faces work-related pressure, he may be emotionally unavailable and not want to commit yet. But after taking time to sort his issues, he might come around and reveal his true feelings

💟 What are the different love languages? 💟

What are the different love languages?

Human beings are numerous. We all have a different love language that makes us feel cared for, understood, and motivated to become better individuals. Some want to feel touched, while some want words of affirmation. Some need gifts, while others crave quality time or even acts of service. These are what we call “love languages.” The five love languages are:

❖ Words Of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are a love language that involves expressing feelings of love through spoken or written language. A person who uses this as their primary love language believes that words matter.

Such a person feels loved when you send them love notes, or messages or when you use certain words such as;

♥ I love you
♥ You are special
♥ I couldn’t have done this without you
♥ You are amazing
♥ You look great

If your partner is naturally inclined towards this language of love, you need to be more verbal when around them. Learn the words that make them feel loved most, and be sure to use them. If you are not good with words, you can write them down on sticky notes and leave them in a strategic place that your partner can easily see. Furthermore, be careful with your words because your partner may easily get hurt by your words.

❖ Quality Time

People who are inclined towards quality time as their primary love language appreciate the time you spend together. To these people, quality matters over quantity. You may spend the entire day with your partner, but it may not necessarily mean quality time. Instead, it means spending time with your partner when doing something without distractions.

For example, you may switch off your phones and watch a movie together, read a book or watch a movie. When having a conversation, maintain eye contact, listen actively, and avoid looking at your phone or reading your emails. You may also take walks to the mall or park together to make your partner feel loved and appreciated.

❖ Physical Touch

People who understand physical touch as their first love language feel loved when you show them physical affection. These people appreciate gestures like holding hands, hugging, kissing, and sex. If your partner is inclined towards the physical touch, they like it when you sit close together on a couch or cuddle or give them a massage after a long day. If you are planning a date, it would be a good idea for a movie date when cuddling on a sofa or just spending time physically close to each other.

❖ Gifts

People who understand this as their primary love language appreciate gifts to show affection. To these people, it’s not about monetary value but the time and effort applied when choosing a gift for them. People are inclined to gifts as their love language values small gestures like gifting them something they love. To them, it means you have taken time to understand what they like. They may never forget any gift from you, however small it is.

❖ Acts Of Service

Acts of service involve doing something that your partner likes. When your partner is inclined towards this love language, they feel loved when you show your affection through service. For example, your partner will feel special when you cook for them, wash their car, walk their dog, or feed their cat. For these people, doing small things to make their lives easier makes them feel loved. Besides, people who appreciate acts of love go out of their way to do small acts of service to others.

◈ Conclusion ◈

It’s not easy to figure out if your man loves you or not, but the tips above can help you know where he stands. He may not be showing all the signs, but you can tell if his body language signs indicate that he is in love. As a woman, it’s essential to pay attention to a man’s body language because most men are not good at expressing themselves.

If a man is genuinely in love with you, they will tell it when ready. Thus, it’s essential to give yourselves enough time to know what you feel about each other. People understand different languages of love. Some prefer gifts, while others prefer words of affirmation. Knowing your partner’s love language will ensure that you love them the way they want to be loved and strengthen your relationship.

◙ FAQ ◙

Q: What Do I Do When A Person I Don’t Like Is Interested In Me?

When a person you dislike is interested in you, it’s good to have a face-to-face conversation with them and let them know how you feel. If this is your acquaintance, limit the time you spend together either physically or on social media.

Avoid giving them false hopes about you liking them because you may end up hurting them. Besides, don’t take advantage of the situation to feel good about yourself or soothe your ego. Treat them with respect even though you don’t like them, and don’t blame yourself because it’s not your fault. Finally, don’t cut friendship ties because you can still be friends even if you are not romantically involved.

Q: Why is communication important?

Both verbal and non-verbal communication is essential in any healthy relationship. Communication helps people understand each other. Through communication, you let your partner know your likes and dislikes and get to know them better. Furthermore, people know each other’s feelings and expectations and increase harmony in relationships.

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