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By John V

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

The term “day trading” describes the quick acquisition and disposal of securities over the course of a single day, often even in the span of only a few seconds. This type of trading notably departs from conventional long-term investing, which has as its main objective the gradual increase in value of an asset. Day traders, on the other hand, profit on the modest price variations that happen naturally throughout the trading day.

There has been a noticeable surge in day trading courses designed to inform aspiring traders on the complexities of this practice as a result of the growth of digital media and platforms. Humbled Trader is one well-known person who has built a name for himself in this field. This Canadian day and swing trader has challenged the common perceptions of the trading lifestyle through her YouTube channel.

The Humbled Trader platform will be covered in greater length in the parts that follow, along with its advantages and disadvantages, pricing, and customer reviews. This thorough review seeks to give prospective students a holistic picture so they may decide whether Humbled Trader’s services fit with their goals.

Evaluation Criteria

Dumb Little Man has paved the way in the market, championing safe trading habits and simplifying the complexities of trading markets. This initiative has empowered countless traders to earn a livelihood through their trading pursuits. Regrettably, many newcomers perceive trading as systematic gambling, mistakenly believing that after a dip, there’s always an upward trajectory, resulting in the regrettable loss of funds.

Such misconceptions can often be traced back to overzealous mentors. These figures tend to lure students with flamboyant narratives of success, inflating their hopes. But when these inflated expectations pop, traders find themselves directionless. Our evaluation process meticulously rates trading courses based on four primary criteria. Our seasoned team applies stringent standards to ensure traders choose courses that match their needs while saving them from potential financial and time-related setbacks.

  • Convenience: We evaluate the course's ease of use, clarity, and reach.
  • Reliability: Our review delves into the company's history, instructional capabilities, and content quality, determining the trustworthiness of the course for traders.
  • Competency: We measure the course's performance against top-tier programs in the industry by considering results, time commitment, and user reviews.
  • Affordability: Our analysis carefully studies the course's cost structure compared to similar market options.

Our expert panel scrutinized the trading course with keen attention to its authenticity and reliability. Based on our findings, Humbled Trader's day trading course emerges as a reputable tool for both novices and seasoned traders in the field. However, potential users should note that our review did identify certain areas of concern.

Who is Humbled Trader

Humbled Trader, a Taiwanese Canadian residing in Vancouver who is popularly known as Shay. She emigrated from Taiwan with her family in the early 2000s when she was around 12 years old, beginning her adventure to Canada. Shay worked in the Film & VFX sector before stepping into the trading world, where she began her trading career as a side project.

Shay quickly built out a name for herself in the trading world after becoming well-known for her enlightening and open YouTube videos. She made a big move in 2019 by founding an online trading group, demonstrating her dedication to provide realistic insights into day trading. The mission of Humbled Trader is to demystify the extravagant representation of trading that appears on numerous platforms. As evidenced by her business name, she advocates for a more practical and grounded strategy.

Shay stands out in the crowded trading world because of her sincere humility and open communication style. This blend of assurance and shyness strikes a chord with her listeners. Today, Shay has a significant online presence in addition to being a full-time day trader. With more than a million YouTube subscribers, a devoted 42K Twitter following, and the recently opened Humbled Trader Academy, she continues to mentor and inspire aspiring traders all around the world.

How Does Humbled Trader Academy Work?

The Humbled Trader Academy stands distinct in its pedagogical approach to day trading. Under the tutelage of Shay Huang, this platform seamlessly integrates several foundational pillars that shape its core philosophy, ensuring learners acquire not just knowledge, but wisdom to navigate the trading waters. Here’s a succinct breakdown of what makes this academy tick:

Risk Management at its Core

One learns how to preserve their investment with Humbled Trader in addition to how to gain money. The platform is meticulous about risk management, making sure that every lesson equips students with knowledge of how to identify, comprehend, and avoid potential trading problems. The principle is simple: Longevity in trading is guaranteed by protecting your capital.

Thriving in Community

On this platform, trading, which is frequently a solitary activity, finds companionship. Members can share techniques, celebrate victories, cautionary tales, and offer sympathy through trying trading spells through dedicated chat rooms and a Discord channel. For many people, especially those who are just starting their trading experience, this sense of belonging can serve as the cornerstone.

The Power of Consistency

Humbled Trader emphasizes the virtue of sustained, moderate earnings rather than going after transient high profits. The fundamental tenet is straightforward: over time, a number of modest successes can add up to a sizable overall profit, assuring sustainability and resistance to the whims of the market.

Embracing Continuous Learning

Being informed is essential in the trading industry because it is constantly changing. As a result, Humbled Trader is dedicated to continuing education. Members are prepared to adapt and grow as the market changes thanks to a steady stream of new content and live interactions.

Staying Grounded

Humbled Trader is grounded in reality, as suggested by its name. Shay Huang warns against the siren lures of instant wealth and offers a thoughtful, balanced trading outlook. This practical outlook guards against irrational trading and keeps a clear direction in the face of market instability.

Humbled Trader Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive course catering to beginners and experts alike.
  • Honest portrayal of day trading’s realities.
  • Provides actionable trading setups and tactics.
  • Exclusive access to specialized video content and lessons.
  • Clear pricing and hassle-free registration.
  • Provides actionable trading setups and tactics.


  • Success in trading isn’t guaranteed, even after course completion.
  • Membership costs may be prohibitive for some.

Benefits of Learning with Humbled Trader

  • Straightforward and Honest Pricing: At Humbled Trader, transparency is key. Their pricing is straightforward, with no concealed fees or baffling tiered systems. This transparency allows traders to fully understand their investment.
  • Customized Training Sessions: Humbled Trader understands that every trader has a distinct path, hence they provide bespoke coaching for their members. These interactions enable traders to get tailored feedback, hone their techniques, and boost their trading skills.
  • Focus on Protecting Investments: Rather than merely concentrating on gains, Humbled Trader prioritizes risk management. Such a perspective is particularly advantageous for beginners, ensuring they’re aware of both the rewards and risks in day trading.
  • Dynamic Trader Community: A highlight of Humbled Trader is its active trader community. Novices stand to gain a lot by interacting with seasoned traders, exchanging views, deliberating strategies, and soliciting guidance, all within a cooperative learning sphere.
  • Comprehensive Learning Materials: Humbled Trader offers a vast repository of educational content. This encompasses detailed video lessons, tests, real-time broadcasts, webinars, and one-on-one coaching sessions. Together, they present a well-rounded learning journey, prepping traders to tackle the intricacies of day trading.

How Much Does Humbled Trader Cost?

Humbled Trader stands out for its simple and open price structure, which does away with the inconveniences of several upsells or ambiguous options. Members have unrestricted access to a variety of features for an annual price of $1,870 that includes everything.

This includes access to a members-only Discord server in addition to the prestigious Humbled Trader Academy. Although the price may at first cause some people to hesitate, the potential long-term gains generated from the platform’s thorough day-trading insights may well justify the cost.

Who is Humbled Trader For?

The platform’s offerings are apt for individuals who appreciate a grounded, realistic, and consistent approach to day trading. From novices to seasoned traders, the comprehensive content ensures all can benefit.

Humbled Trader Customer Reviews

Numerous participants in the Humbled Trader community have expressed their gratitude for the thorough and in-depth instructional materials offered. The site is frequently praised for providing outstanding value for the money thanks to its integrated resources, which include anything from instructional videos to a helpful trading community. Many advise signing up for the Discord channel for more engaging updates and learning. Some criticism, however, suggests that the chat room might not be the friendliest place for beginners, with accusations of little activity from the Humbled Trader herself and potential harshness from moderators towards new members.

What is a Good Alternative to Humbled Trader?

Asia Forex Mentor – One Core Program

For those deeply committed to mastering the art and science of day trading, the Asia Forex Mentor‘s One Core Program emerges as a compelling counterpart to Humbled Trader. Renowned in the trading education realm, it caters to both the neophyte trader and the seasoned market navigator.

Ezekiel isn’t your everyday educator in the forex and cryptocurrency arena. He has etched his name as a formidable trader in the financial sphere. With roots tracing back to 2008, Ezekiel has generously dispersed his trading wisdom, benefiting individual traders and heavyweight financial entities alike.

His meticulously crafted 5-step program offers a granular exploration of the forex landscape. Grounded in both technical scrutiny and fundamental stock research, it empowers traders to fully tap into their trading prowess, setting the stage for substantial profitability.

The heart of Ezekiel’s commitment to elevating the trading world is embodied in his One Core Program. More than just a trading mentor for the individual, Ezekiel also trains professionals from proprietary trading firms, investment management companies, and banks.

The One Core Program isn’t merely a subset of the Asia Forex Mentor; it’s an exhaustive compilation of Ezekiel’s two-decade-long journey in forex trading. The program peels back the curtain on effective techniques while also cautioning against those that might be pitfalls.

Structured as a blend of video tutorials, hands-on mentorship, and tangible examples infused with a personal touch, this program is more expansive than many of its counterparts. It’s not limited to forex but spans trading across various instruments — from stocks, indices, and crypto to commodities. Essentially, if it can be charted, the One Core Program has got it covered.

A standout feature that sets this course apart is its foundation in mathematical probability. This not only makes it a rarity in the trading education domain but also offers traders the advantage of quantifying risks and potential rewards with a high degree of precision.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been navigating the trading seas for years, the One Core Program is designed to meet you where you are. If the quest is for a holistic trading course that’s applicable across multiple trading vehicles, then the One Core Program by Asia Forex Mentor might just be your compass.

Asia Forex Mentor Members’ Testimonials

The Asia Forex Mentor Propriety One Core Program, which is taught by Ezekiel Chew, is particularly well-regarded by students as a transforming and worthwhile experience for their trading careers. Where other resources, including YouTube videos, fell short for many, the course has helped to make things clear. Both novice and experienced traders will find the content to be thorough and well-organized.

Ezekiel’s skill is frequently emphasized since his down-to-earth style makes complicated methods easy to understand and implement. In addition, many members have found encouragement in his own story of struggle and achievement. The increased certainty in making wise trading selections and the real financial success brought about by the tactics learnt in the program are recurring themes in the testimonials.

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Conclusion: Humbled Trader Review

The methodology used by Humbled Trader, which is distinguished by rooted approaches, steady gains, and a focus on community, offers traders of all experience levels a novel viewpoint. The platform distinguishes itself from many rivals who can promise rapid profits by putting an emphasis on risk management and the development of a realistic mentality. Individual experiences may differ, though, as with any tool or platform.

Despite the fact that many people have found the Humbled Trader’s services to be of great value and to promote a feeling of community, some have expressed reservations about certain aspects, particularly the interactions that take place in the chat rooms. In the end, a trader’s decision to use the Humbled Trader platform should be based on his or her unique trading goals, educational needs, and personal preferences.

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Humbled Trader Review FAQs

What is the pricing for Humbled Trader’s services?

The annual fee for membership in the Humbled Trader community, which includes access to the Academy and a private Discord server, is $1,870. Additionally, they have a clear refund policy.

Is Humbled Trader suitable for beginners?

Yes, Humbled Trader has resources for both inexperienced traders and seasoned pros. The platform places a strong emphasis on risk management, basic learning, and ongoing education.

Who is the founder of Humbled Trader?

Shay, also known as Humbled Trader, established Humbled Trader. She is renowned for her clear, realistic approach to day trading and for placing a strong emphasis on staying away from the flashy trading lifestyle.





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