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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Financial trading is a broad and complex industry that includes everything from the stock market and Forex to the always changing world of cryptocurrency. The demand for high-quality training in these markets’ navigation develops along with their appeal.

The world of financial trading courses have developed to meet this expanding need and attempt to arm aspiring traders with the information they want. HowToTrade distinguishes out among these instructional resources since it aspires to give traders the essential tools and assistance they require to succeed. The subtleties of numerous financial markets, including but not limited to cryptocurrency, commodities, equities, forex, options, and indices, are thoroughly explored on this platform.

This in-depth evaluation will highlight HowToTrade’s advantages and disadvantages. We’ll examine its operation, cost, user feedback, target market, and more. We attempt to give an unbiased viewpoint, allowing you to choose whether HowToTrade is in line with your learning requirements. We do this by drawing from both professional assessments and real trader testimonials.

Evaluation Criteria

Dumb Little Man has established itself as a leader in the market, promoting secure trading practices and demystifying the intricacies of trading. This effort has enabled numerous traders to carve out a career in trading. Unfortunately, many beginners equate trading to mere chance, falsely assuming that after every downturn, a rise is inevitable, leading to unfortunate financial losses.

Often, these misunderstandings arise from over-enthusiastic mentors who seduce newcomers with exaggerated tales of success, building unrealistic expectations. When reality fails to match these elevated hopes, traders are left feeling lost. Our review method systematically assesses trading courses on four main metrics. Our experienced team employs rigorous criteria to guide traders toward courses that align with their goals, protecting them from potential monetary and time losses.

  • Convenience: We consider the course's user-friendliness, clarity, and accessibility.
  • Reliability: We delve into the company's track record, teaching prowess, and content caliber to gauge the course's credibility.
  • Competency: We compare the course's efficiency with leading industry programs, taking into account outcomes, time investment, and user feedback.
  • Affordability: We examine the course's pricing relative to comparable offerings in the market.

Our team of specialists carefully analyzed the trading course, focusing on its genuineness and dependability. From our investigation, HowToTrade's educational platform stands out as a trustworthy resource for both beginners and experienced traders. Nonetheless, prospective users should be aware that our assessment did pinpoint certain areas needing attention.

What is HowToTrade

HowToTrade is an uncomplicated educational platform designed to provide traders with the resources and assistance necessary for trading success. This website can answer all of your questions on cryptocurrencies, stocks, currency, commodities, options, and indices. Four seasoned trade mentors with a combined experience of almost a century fall under its umbrella.

Their extensive understanding provides newcomers with a dependable helping hand as they navigate the frequently complex financial landscape. Even seasoned traders looking for greater understanding and peer assistance will find value on HowToTrade. Simply said, if you’re serious about solving the trading riddle and improving your outcomes, HowToTrade might be the companion you’ve been looking for.

How Does HowToTrade Work?

A resource for education called HowToTrade was developed to help users become more knowledgeable and skilled traders. It offers a wide range of information, including in-depth market analyses, video training, webinars, and trading instructions on how to trade stocks and currencies. These resources, which are intended for both beginning and experienced traders, aim to arm users with the information they need to confidently enter the forex and other financial markets.

To lay the framework for those just starting their trading experience, HowToTrade offers free training. In their free courses, the foundations of forex trading are addressed, including an introduction to candlestick charts, a thorough study of technical and fundamental analysis, and a look at how forex interacts with other markets.

They also provide free stock classes that teach novices how to use demo accounts, comprehend stock charts, select the ideal trading strategy, and utilize important technical indicators for effective analysis.

The premium courses that HowToTrade provides go beyond the free content and are only available to subscribers. You can deepen your grasp of the currency market by studying these more difficult lessons. You might learn about options trading, sophisticated trading techniques like the precise sniper trading approach, prodigious scalping, and a deeper comprehension of cognitive biases in trading with this premium package.

A 3-day acceleration program is also available for individuals who are just getting started. This gives you the personal mentoring relationships and in-depth training you need to be successful in a range of financial undertakings.

One of HowToTrade’s strongest traits is its versatility. After purchasing a membership, a user has unlimited access to it and is free to proceed at their own pace. Students can connect with traders from around the globe, accrue points as they proceed through courses, and keep track of their academic achievement as additional motivational features.

HowToTrade Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive educational platform
  • Comprehensive resources for all trader levels
  • Wide variety of trading instruments
  • Abundant educational and risk management tools


  • Limited alternatives for customer service
  • Potential trading commissions
  • Regional variations in the availability of educational resources

Benefits of Learning with HowToTrade

When you are learning with HowToTrade, you can gain lots of benefits from the trading educational platform.

  • Free Course: Even without paying for the monthly membership fee, you can already access their free Forex and stock courses that will help you come up with several trading strategies. These courses alone can already let you grasp the fundamentals of Forex and stock trading.
  • Coaches Simplify Complex Topics: When you are new to trading, the complex jargons of the trading world can be daunting. From creating a trading account to understanding technical analysis, the coaches of HowToTrade are there to simplify these complex topics for you to learn.
  • Access to Feedbacks: If you are a member of HowToTrade, you have the privilege to seek feedbacks from the experts of the platform. For example, you post your individual trade on the platform to ask for their feedback, the experts can then give you insights on how to improve your trade.
  • Community Building: For every educational platform, there is also a growing community on that platform. HowToTrade can offer you a space with your fellow traders who align the same interests with you when it comes to trading. With this, you can learn lots of stuff about trading which books alone cannot teach you.

How Much Does HowToTrade Cost?

The monthly membership fee for HowToTrade is about $20 USD. They now give new members a 50% discount as of the time of writing. For new users, they also provide a 30-day free trial.

Who is HowToTrade Best For?

HowToTrade is available to anyone with an interest in the financial markets. The website has a lot to offer everyone, from new users looking for fundamental information to seasoned users seeking cutting-edge insights. HowToTrade provides tools and interactive areas to meet a range of needs and goals, whether you’re a casual trader learning the ropes, a full-timer pursuing expertise, or someone looking to participate with a like-minded group.

HowToTrade Customer Reviews

When compared to dispersed sources like books and YouTube videos, HowToTrade‘s systematic approach to trading instruction is appreciated by many users. They appreciate the expert-driven information and commend the accuracy, breadth of expertise, and direct style displayed in the academy videos.

However, some commentary points out navigational difficulties on the platform, with particular criticism directed at some evaluation procedures that some find perplexing and depressing. Overall, while many people think HowToTrade provides insightful information, some think the platform’s design may make learning more difficult.

What is a Good Alternative to HowToTrade?

For individuals genuinely interested in delving deep into the world of financial trading, Asia Forex Mentor emerges as an exceptional choice, potentially surpassing the offerings of HowToTrade. Recognized for its top-notch trading education, Asia Forex Mentor is a beacon for traders at all stages – be it novices taking their first steps or seasoned professionals seeking advanced strategies.

Asia Forex Mentor – One Core Program

The mastermind behind this comprehensive training is Ezekiel Chew, a distinguished expert in the trading realm. With a career spanning from 2008, Ezekiel hasn’t just touched the lives of individual traders. He’s also been a sought-after resource for established financial institutions, imparting tailored strategies and insights. His dedication and expertise are evident in the One Core Program, an integral part of Asia Forex Mentor. This initiative isn’t merely a course; it’s an encapsulation of Ezekiel’s vast 20-plus years of experience in forex trading.

Diving into the One Core Program, learners are treated to a rich tapestry of learning methods. It seamlessly blends instructive video lessons, immersive mentorship sessions, and real-world trading examples. This well-rounded approach ensures that every concept is understood and internalized. Moreover, the program isn’t just a deep dive into forex. It casts a wider net, covering the intricacies of trading in diverse arenas such as stocks, crypto, commodities, and essentially any domain with a chart.

One of the standout characteristics of the One Core Program is its anchoring in mathematical probability. This data-driven foundation equips traders with a unique lens to view the markets, enabling more informed risk assessments and strategic decisions. It’s a rarity in the world of trading courses and provides a tangible edge to its students.

In essence, the One Core Program is a dynamic and adaptable learning journey. It caters to the diverse needs of traders, irrespective of their experience level. If one’s quest is to discover a holistic, data-backed, and broad-spectrum trading course, the One Core Program by Asia Forex Mentor is undeniably a top contender.

Asia Forex Mentor Members’ Testimonials

The Asia Forex Mentor program’s participants frequently laud its thorough and well-organized curriculum, highlighting how it has changed their trading experiences. Many claim that before joining, they had trouble making continuous earnings, but that under Ezekiel’s leadership, they started to experience real financial improvements. After finishing the training, some even made back their tuition.

Participants appreciate the thorough coverage of fundamental ideas and cutting-edge tactics. Their understanding is improved as a result of Ezekiel’s practical approach, in-depth knowledge, and fresh ideas, which help increase their confidence in navigating the currency market. Numerous participants—both newbies and those with past forex knowledge—highlight the program’s capacity to improve their trading skills while attesting to its unmatched quality and profoundly useful material.

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Conclusion: HowToTrade Review

As a comprehensive platform for traders eager to explore the financial markets, HowToTrade has made a name for itself. The platform seeks to meet the demands of traders at all levels with its vast collection of educational resources, which includes courses for beginners as well as advanced students.

Although it has many benefits, like user-friendly interfaces and a wide variety of instructional tools, some aspects, including customer assistance and the availability of resources according to region, might require improvement. Overall, it provides a trustworthy and organized method of trading education.

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HowToTrade Review FAQs

Who is the target audience for HowToTrade?

HowToTrade caters to traders of all levels, from beginners who are just starting out to experienced traders looking to refine their strategies and knowledge.

What are the costs associated with HowToTrade?

Membership costs approximately $20 USD per month, with discounts and a 30-day free trial available for new members.

Is Asia Forex Mentor One Core Program as an alternative worth it?

Yes. Asia Forex Mentor has received acclaim for its comprehensive and effective training in forex trading. Many users have reported enhanced trading skills and profitability, suggesting it offers substantial value for both beginners and experienced traders.





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