18 Ways on How to Get Him Back-The Triumph!

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Are you struggling with your broken relationship and want to get him back? Are you looking for ways to revive your relationship with your favorite person after a breakup?

By putting in a little effort and following some important tips, you can successfully do it. Here, you will get a complete guide to make him come back to you for his whole life.

So, stop being worried and get back together with these 18 ways on how to get him back.

⚜️ 18 Ways on how to get him back ⚜️

Here are the 18 ways on how to get your ex back into a long-term relationship with you.

1. Let some time pass

The first and the most important advice to get him back is to let some time pass. Remember, time is the biggest healer. The women who don’t give time to their relationship before patch up again, make the biggest mistake.

When he is angry at you, it’s better to maintain a distance and give him his space. Don’t talk to him and also don’t contact him in any way. Just leave him alone in the first place and let some time pass.

It is important because time is the biggest healer!

When you make so many blunders in your relationship and broke his heart, stay apart for at least 3 months or more.

This long time would help in minimizing his anger and cooling him down. There are chances that he starts missing you again just like you during this time.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

2. Be patient in getting your ex back

If you want to revive a long-distance relationship, it is important that you must be patient. Don’t just rush to him and show an overwhelmed reaction.

Instead, try to keep good control of yourself and let things begin slowly. It is not wrong to say that patience is the most powerful key to get your ex-boyfriend back.

It may sound weird to you but it is a very important strategy for getting back together into a relationship easily.

Moreover, you must have the patience to improve things after you broke his heart and want him back.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

3. Limit your emotional flood

You may get highly emotional while attempting to get your ex back. At this point, you should cry as much as you can before you approach him.

Practice controlling your emotions and learn to hide them if you want them back.

It doesn’t mean that you should not try. You can, but just don’t do it in front of him neither behave like needy and desperate.

No matter whether it was your mistake or your boyfriend broke your heart, it is you who has to limit his emotional flood first.


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Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

4. Don’t spread negatively about him on social media

Never do the mistake of spreading negativity about the person who broke this relationship. Even if your ex broke your heart, stay quiet if you really want to win him back.

Don’t make the wrong use of social media by saying bad words about him that may sound humiliating.

Instead, you can share your grief with any of your loyal friends to feel lighten up but make sure she doesn’t leak the secrets.

The better approach is to keep everything inside you and cry in your room. In this way, you won’t have the fear of anyone revealing your secrets to your ex-boyfriend.

However, don’t write anything negative about your ex-boyfriend or breakup of social media.

5. Send him a text first according to the contact rule

If you want him back, implement the no contact rule. According to this rule, sending a text first would help in getting your ex back.

There are higher chances that he won’t respond to your one message.

So, you have to be patient and wait for his response. Also, don’t start sending him lots of text messages at once. Instead, send a message and wait to get back his response.

This message should be more effective in getting back to your boyfriend if you behave as you’re happy with life.

For example, you can say that it was our best decision to find someone else for dating but can we just be friends?

Don’t be harsh, rude, or arrogant. Instead, keep your tone lenient in the text messages to get this relationship back to life. Text messages with rude conversations could make the situation worst.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

6. Wander with friends to provoke his response

Another best thing to get him back is to wander with your friends to make him a little jealous. If you give him a signal that you are desperate for him only, he would ignore you.

In contrast, when he sees that you are very happy in your life and enjoying yourself, he would be jealous and try to get back to you.

Especially, when he will see that you are happy with someone else or friends, he would realize his mistakes.

This is human nature. If a woman runs after a man, he ditches her and develops no interest in her. However, if he sees that a woman is happy with someone else and paying him attention, he attracts her.

Therefore, follow this strategy if you want him back in your life for a long-term relationship.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

7. Make him a call as per contact rule

Don’t dial his number after a single text message but wait for his response. Then, do it after sending him text messages a few days ago.

During talking with him, it is very important that you talk in an effective way and don’t start crying.

When he attends your phone, it is very important that you don’t lose control of yourself. Instead, make sure that your emotional flood stays inside you and you don’t melt away after hearing his voice.

Be strong and talk in a normal tone that is assertive and productive; neither passive nor aggressive.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

8. Don’t say bad words to him

To make him come back, see if he again wants a booty call. If yes, contact him again, and don’t forget to talk in a soft and caring tone to maintain self-esteem.

Here, maintaining a caring tone doesn’t mean that you start to beg him to come back. Don’t tell him that you are living a miserable life without him where you miss him every second.

In the same way, there should be no negative words and blames to him from your side.

9. Stop reviving bad memories from the past

When you talk to him, don’t discuss what went wrong or who took the back step. If he wants to get back to you, it is important that there should be no bad memory in his mind.

There is no need to make each other realize who broke this relationship weeks or months before.

Instead, simply discuss the present and communicate on the general topics.

You can also discuss how both of you beautifully fell in love with each other but don’t drag this topic.

10. Don’t cry or sob so hard in front of him

When you hear his voice after weeks or months, you could feel like crying. However, don’t make this mistake of crying hardly in front of him.

It may make him feel like you are so desperate and it would become hard to make him come back.

Similarly, don’t tell him how is your life without him after the breakup.

It’s ok if tears come out of your eyes while talking to your ex-boyfriend, but don’t loudly sob or cry hard.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

11. Control the situation

To get back together and to make him fall in love with you again, learn to control the situation. You can’t get your ex back if you are poor in controlling the situations after a breakup.

While getting back to him, you should be very conscious. Never let the situation go against you but try to make it in your favor.

If he starts getting back to the old poor memories, change the topic wisely. Similarly, if he starts to throw tantrums or taunts, don’t say anything rude in return.

Otherwise, the situation will again go out of your hands, and you won’t be able to start a new relationship with him.

12. Make only limited conversations

Another best thing about reviving a relationship is to make only limited conversations at the start. Don’t spend hours communicating with each other when you are trying to get him back.

Make little conversations and only at that times when you are no too emotional. Moreover, make sure you approach him when you are in a good mood and talk like friends.

Limiting your conversation is the best approach to practice when you are trying to back with your ex again.

13. Stop bothering about his reaction

You shouldn’t bother about his reaction at the start. It is obvious that he may get mad at you or show you anger or attitude.

However, if you want to get back to the relationship with this guy, bear his mood swings.

It is important because if you make any reaction, he would get more furious and they things would go wrong. Therefore, it is better to stay quiet and be nice so that he can calm down too after flushing out all his anger.

After that, you will have the golden opportunity to offer him a meet-up plan.

Once started dating to get your ex-boyfriend back, avoid anything that hurt yours and his self-esteem. Instead, try to maintain a little bit of control over yourself to avoid making any type of mistake again.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

14. Create a better version of you

No matter whether your boyfriend broke this relationship or you, you still need to represent a better version of yourself.

Work on yourself and struggle for creating a better version of yourself if you really want to get back to him.

For example, keep reminding yourself that he is one of the guys who made your life beautiful once. He is the guy which whom you wanted a long-term relationship.

If you still want to know how to create a better version of yourself, read articles about it.

15. Try to figure out what he wants

Do you remember you used to do so much care about his wants and needs?

Then, why not now?

Learn to read his mind after you started dating him again. See if he also wants to come back to you or not.

If you realize that he is interested in moving back into the relationship with you again, welcome him. He must be one of the guys that are sincere and really want to come back after realizing their mistake.

Such a guy is hard to find as many will simply move on after the breakup.

So, if you see him coming back, find out what is in his heart and what he thinks of you now.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

16. Make him miss you again

It is important that you make him miss you even more so that he can’t go back. Without being desperate, show him that you want him back and he is the best guy.

Make him realize that he used to love you so much. Talk about your good memories and happy moments.

During such conversations, he would also make you feel great as both of you have lived those moments together.

Bring him to the point that he starts to miss you again and couldn’t be able to let you go again. The more he starts thinking and missing you, the more quickly he would be getting back to you.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

17. Provoke him to speak his heart out

Don’t only make him miss you but also provoke him to speak his heart out. He must also be able again to enjoy the love conversations with the woman of his dreams.

Do you know how you would make him like that?

It’s simple. You would make him a person like this with your actions and talks.

Without making him speak openly and freely in front of you, you could not win him back. Therefore, make sure to reach this step to get him back in an amazing relationship.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

18. Make promises and plan the future together again

Another result-proven way to get him back in a relationship is to make new promises.

Both of you should be committed to the new promises and work of fulfilling them together.

Among all other promises, make sure to make a promise that both of you will try to keep each other happy. None of you will ever break each other hearts and struggle to flourish this relationship.

In addition, make sure to plan the future together and set long-term goals as well. Support each other in accomplishing these goals to get back to each other.

By following these ways, it would become easier to get your ex back after the breakup.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

🔐 Steps on how to make him want you again 🔐

Here are five very important steps to make him want you again.

1. Cut all connections and let the time heal him first

You must have heard a famous saying that,

“Time is the biggest healer.”

Have you?

Yes, this saying is dramatically true as time actually does wonders in a relationship after it broke.

When you lose the man you love and want that person back into your life, take some time.





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Cut down all sorts of contacts with him and avoid sharing any bad or good news with each other. Give some space to each other if you want him back.

When both of you would not be in touch with each other, the anger will keep on fading away with time.

Ultimately, both of you would reach a point where you would want to reconnect as time has healed the wounds.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

2. Contact him and admit your faults

To bring your ex back, don’t wait for him to send you a text first.

Instead, it should be you who initiates the communication. To get back with your ex, send him a text at his mobile number and see if he responds.

You can also choose to send him an email if he is used to reading emails daily.

Whatever method you choose, wait a little bit for his response.

If he doesn’t respond, wait for a few days before sending him a message again or before calling him again.

3. Apologize to him

If you wish to get back with your ex, make sure to apologize in the first place.

After asking about how is he doing or a few general talks, get back to your actual purpose.

Say to him, “I realized that I was wrong and I want to apologize.”


“It was me who made so many mistakes but you were right”.


“I shouldn’t have done this to you. Please forgive me for this.”

By any of such emotional talks, you can successfully melt his heart and develop a soft corner for you in his heart again.

However, make sure that when you apologize, you do it with real intentions without lying.

4. Be the same woman to whom he used to love

If you want him back in your life, make sure to be the same person that you were used to be.

You must try to be the person that he loved once.

A woman knows which qualities his ex wants in her. Moreover, only a woman knows her best version for getting back together.

Try to develop those qualities in you while quitting the ones that break his heart.

Let’s take an example!

Suppose that he hates it when you argue with it or say something else in response. So, you should practice being quiet when he is furious and yelling.

Later on, make him realize his behavior when he cools down.

This strategy works for each and every woman.

So, do consider this one if you want to get him back to you forever.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

5. Make him recall the happy/love moments he spent with you

If you want to get back to a happier relationship with him, take him back to your happy moments.

Make him remember those beautiful days that both of you spent together with each other. Remind him how beautiful life was at that time. Ask him if he wants to go back to that time.

For getting back together, it is important that he also takes interest in your conversations.

Therefore, engage him in persuasive communication about the past happy days.

Some guys are easy to bring back into your life while others may give a hard time doing so. So, keep in your mind that all guys are not the same.

It is possible that your friend gets his ex back quickly while you may not. Therefore, be patient in this journey and keep reminding him about the past happy days.

The more effort you put to get back with your ex into a relationship, the more fruitful the results could be.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

🎤What to say to make him fall in love again? 🎤

When you want him back and plan for dating again with him, you must use the power of words. If you want to know how, here are the following sentences to make him fall in love with you again.

1. It was my mistake, you were right!

A very important thing to say while reconnecting is to admit whatever blunders you have made. If it were you who broke his heart, you need to apologize.

If you don’t realize what you have done, you would fail to accomplish this mission.

It is crucial for a woman to be aware of her actions. A woman must know what is right and what is wrong. Similarly, a woman must have the courage to admit her blunders while admiring his man.

So, you must say to him:

“I know it was my fault. I know you were absolutely right!”

Being a woman, you must learn to admit your faults and blunders while appreciating him if you want him back.

2. I realized that you are the best guy

The worst mistake that a woman makes is to break his heart and never say that he is the best. If you are also this type of woman, you need to change immediately to get back to your man.

Approach him and start with a conversation in an impressive way. At the start of the conversation, make him happy by saying:

“I know I could be the best woman for you but I have realized that you were the best among all.”

By saying these types of sentences to him, it would create a soft corner for you in his heart.

As a result, he would start to engage with you again in a happy mood.

3. I am ashamed and won’t repeat the same things

There is no shame in saying these kinds of sentences, as:

“I am highly ashamed of what I did.”


“Please forgive me for what I did, I am really ashamed and won’t ever repeat it again.”


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Upon hearing these sentences from a woman he used to love, he would ultimately start taking interest in her again.

By saying such sentences, he would be back to you within no more time.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

4. I Love You!

Saying, “I Love You”, comes in the first place when you struggle to strengthen a relationship.

It becomes even more important to say for a woman or man when they patch up after a breakup.

Before you start dating again, make sure to revive the love first in your relationship.

In doing so, don’t just rush or behave as desperate to get the love in return. Instead, be consistent over a long period of time to see the results.

Keep in mind that he won’t fall in love with you in just a day or two after hearing love you sayings. Instead, it will take time to make him love you again.

Therefore, keep saying “I Love You” to him and stay consistent.

Then, there will come a day when he will start repeating the same words for you in return.

5. Please give me one chance because I can’t live without you!

It is important to tell him that you can’t live without him. Don’t represent yourself as a desperate woman but simply request him to give you the one chance.

Don’t expect this one last chance in a day but it may take him weeks to give you this chance.

When you get this chance, make sure to utilize it by being honest and loyal.

Don’t miss this chance or let someone else enter his life.

Also, keep telling him how important he is to you and what is his worth in your life. These types of discussions between a man and a woman always boost the love element in a relationship.

🚧 How to fix a broken and messy relationship? 🚧

If you miss the time spent with him, learn to fix a broken and messy relationship in the following five ways.

1. Cut all contacts

You may feel it wrong but it is very important to give a fresh start to your relationship with him. If you want to have him with you, you need to immediately cut off all contacts with him.

If you keep in touch with him, things would keep on going wrong. As a result, your relationship would get more harm than ever before.

Therefore, make sure to quit all contacts for a while. Let’ the time do its wonders and make him cool.

During this time, he shouldn’t hear anything bad from you!

You shouldn’t try to approach him in any way, nor send him any message. Just completely disappear from the situation.

2. Re-contact after a considerable time

When you feel that a considerable time has passed and things can improve now, re-contact him.

If possible, make sure together some information about him before you approach him.

For example, you should try to find out how is he or what is going on with him. You must also try to find out if he is still single or married or anything like that.

Any of the mutual friends of both of you can help you in doing this.

However, make sure that he is trustworthy and don’t tell him anything about it.

Then, reconnect to him by being an amazing person to whom he used to love before.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

3. Admit your blunders, feel ashamed, and say sorry

There is no use in your talks when you reconnect with him until you admit your faults and wrong-doings!


This is very important because it would make him feel that you are seriously depending on what happened. It would also do wonders in bringing him back by letting him know that you have changed.

He might have started hating the old version of you that broke this relation.

Therefore, he would be more interested in you when you give him a better human inside you.

Don’t only admit your blunders, but tell him that you are ashamed of whatever you did.

Also, don’t forget to say sorry!

There are higher chances that he reconnects to you easily after you apologize and say sorry to him.

4. Improve yourself and express your love

When you are doing so much effort to win the heart of your man again, also make a little effort on yourself.

Leave the things that he hates in you.

For example, if he hates it when you keep using your mobile phone in front of him, simply avoid using it. You can check all your messages and calls when he leaves. So, don’t stay busy on your phone when he is around.

It is important because if you won’t use your phone too much when he is around, he would get more attention. Such attention would make him get back in love with you.

Not only this but there are a number of other ways too through which you can express your love.

Don’t be hesitant when it comes to expressing love.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

5. Keep putting effort and let things progress slowly

The most important thing to understand in this matter is that things would progress slowly. When you have waited for so long to get your man back, let’s wait a little more.

Keep in your mind that he won’t be the same loving man over one night or two.

He will take time to forget everything that hurt him so bad.

Through continuously and consistently trying, you will be able to win his heart once again.

Things will progress slowly but every new day would be better than the previous one. So, make sure to let things improve slowly but steadily.

📵 Contact rules 📵

It is crucial to learn the contracting rules before you reconnect with him. When you start talking to each other for the first time, it doesn’t mean how you get into the conversation.

It is because everything is new and both of you are highly willing to know about each other.

However, things are not the same when you are trying to reconnect for the second time!

To make sure you are doing great in winning his heart again, you must follow these rules.

1. First rule

The first and foremost rule when you try to reconnect to him is to cut the communication at first.

Cutting the communication doesn’t mean that you should not engage in a face-to-face conversation. Instead, it means that you should not also make a conversation on mobile, email, or social media.

As per the first rule, both of you should stay apart for some time.

Once a few weeks/months passed, move to the second rule.

2. Second rule

According to this second rule, you must make and represent a better version of yourself while reconnecting. You should not be that old woman that irritates him so much.

Instead, you should be the woman that he loved at the first sight.

When you reconnect, present that self-version of yours to him. Talk about the general things first and don’t overwhelm over other things.

3. Third rule

When he starts a conversation with you, don’t forget to say sorry and apologize for everything.

Here, you need a big heart!

If you really love him and want to bring him back, say sorry for each and everything. It doesn’t matter who was wrong, you have to apologize to win his interest in you again.

While apologizing, don’t drag him deeper into the past but simply apologize for the things as a whole.

4. Forth rule

In your conversations, you should show your love and value for him. You must represent to him how much you love him.

He must feel the intensity of your love that will make him return back.

In expressing love, don’t only use the words but some other means too. For example, you can offer him roses and a sorry card or a Love card.

You can arrange a little celebration to cheer him up.

In short, you must try everything that makes him get back into love. However, don’t ignore using the power of words while arranging other gifts and surprises.

5. Fifth rule

The fifth rule is to maintain the respect of each other after the patch up. Don’t drag him or yourself into the previous heartbreaking moments.

When you take a fresh start, let it be fresh and progressive. Don’t let the harsh memories from the past ruin this beautiful new journey.

At the same time, don’t blame each other for what happened in the past.

Also, don’t taunt either when you are trying to revive your relation with him. Instead, be nice and speak nicely so that he can love you all over again.

🛑 Do’s and Don’ts when his back 🛑

When he is back, you should pay more attention to the things that you should do or you shouldn’t do. For your ease, here are the five important do’s and don’ts when he comes back to you.

1. Don’t repeat the same mistakes

If you keep on making the same blunders, you will lose him again.

Keep in mind that if you lose him for the second time, he won’t come back ever again. You won’t be able to regain his trust in you for a lifetime.

Therefore, be very very conscious while communicating and behaving. Don’t make any blunders that provoke his anger or negative feelings.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

2. Do try to be a better woman

You must try to be a better woman who wins his heart. You must also create the good qualities in you so that he can love you again.

While trying to be a good woman, you must do some research about it. Learn what qualities of a woman impress a man or how to win his heart.

Read plenty of suggestions, tips, and strategies on this topic so that you can successfully become a better woman.

3. Don’t criticize or taunt him about the past

When two people keep on taunting and humiliating each other, they can’t come closer to one another.

If you want to stay near to his heart, you must have to make efforts for it.

To do so, you should stop criticizing him even if you find something annoying in him.

Similarly, never taunt him about what he was in the past or what he did at that time.


It was you who wanted to bring him back. Now, you have to make more sacrifices in this journey than him.

So, only focus on the present and struggle together to build an amazing future ahead.

4. Do tell him every day that you love him the most

Do you tell him that you love him the most?

If not, start saying it from today. It is very important for a man to keep listening to the woman that she loves the most.

Believe me, these words are magical!

So, make such love sentences an important part of your everyday life to see the amazing changes in him.

5. Do the things that strengthen your relationship

Not only the love saying, but also do plenty of other things that strengthen your bonding with him.

For this purpose, you can adapt your daily routine according to your likes and wants. For example, if he likes to wake up early in the morning and have coffee, you accompany him.

Similarly, if he loves to go on a picnic, you should arrange several picnics for him.

Be at his side all the time and especially whenever he needs you. Practicing these things would bring both of you closer for sure!


If you are struggling with getting your boyfriend back, the 18 ways discussed in this article would help you a lot in this journey. It is often not easier to regain the love of a man, but you can effectively do this by practicing some effective ways/strategies.

One of these effective ways is to completely go out of the scene first so that he can cool down. It will basically help in preparing him for the reunion. Then, try out all the other ways and get him to love you again.

After having him back, make sure to follow the do’s and don’ts to keep him with you for a lifetime.


How to get your ex back when he’s moved on?

To get your boyfriend back when he is moved on, you would need to follow a couple of strategies/ways.

For example, you must give this dead relationship some time to revive again along with putting your sincere efforts into it.

Try to reconnect with him again and apologize for all the bad things. Persuade him to give this relationship a fresh start. Be patient and consistent while making attempts to get your man back to you.

How to apologize to a guy and get him back?

If you want to apologize to him, the best way is to start by admitting your faults.

Don’t tell him what he did wrong and how he broke your heart. Instead of saying anything else, tell him that you were wrong.

It was not him but you who broke this relationship.

It is human nature that when he sees the other one is accepting his fault while appreciating him, he gets back to her.

What to know if a relationship is really over?

A: If a relationship is really over, stop right there. Don’t try to do anything but get back and sit aside. Stay far away from your ex-partner for months. Let the anger thoughts cool down.

After a few months, come back to the play. Follow the above-discussed ways to get your man back to you.

In contrast, if you start fighting or trying to get him back immediately after the breakup, he would get irritated. As a result, he may start to look for anybody else to get rid of you or to come out of your thoughts.

💔 Break up tips 💔

Whenever you want to break up with a guy, make sure to get the things clear first.

Find out the reason why you want this breakup. Go to him and discuss it in detail. There are chances that the communication resolves your issues.

If you still think that the breakup is the only solution, set a step back with dignity.

During this, don’t humiliate each other and avoid saying heart-breaking stuff. It is because there are higher chances that you may want to be back with your ex in the future.

Therefore, a breakup should not be like that which made you ashamed of yourself in the future.

Say goodbye to each other in an acceptable way and cut down all types of contacts.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

💟 Love Advice 💟

Do you think of a couple who never fights with each other?


You are right because these are the little fights that bring people closer to each other every time.

However, these fights should be not cross a certain limit where it becomes hard for a relationship to continue.

Therefore, keep in mind that if you really want a person, you must ignore his little mistakes. In this relationship, not only you but he must also make you feel special. Both of you should try to flourish this relationship for the life.

Be good to each other and take care of the needs, wants, and expectations of each other.

Share all your secrets and bad or good news with each other and support each other in every possible way.

By following this simplest love advice, you would be able to enjoy a fantastic relationship with each other forever.

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com





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