30 Tips On How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back- Be The Man! Win Her Back!

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Are you in a situation where you had a wonderful relationship with your girlfriend and then suddenly the worst happened? You guys broke up. And now you feel nothing but pain?

All those memories, all those moments, all the love that was there suddenly lost its magic, and you find yourself alone?

You both went separate ways, things didn’t work out for a reason and time just went by slowly and gradually. Now, you think about whether you should let her go or win her back in your life.

Whether your girlfriend left you or you left her first, that’s not the real issue. Misunderstandings can be on both sides. You can’t play the blame game in a relationship.

You loved a woman with all your heart, and now she is gone. That’s what matters. Love. Maybe you had a huge fight, or just patience ran out on both ends.

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Now, after the storm, you are thinking about your ex-girlfriend and asking yourself, “Can I win her back?” or telling yourself “I want my girlfriend back!”

The thought of making everything better now is just not leaving your mind. All you think about is your girlfriend and how to make her feel your true intentions and feelings.

You want to mend things now, and you want her again. You want to contact her somehow and talk about how much your relationship with her meant to you.

These are all everyday thoughts whenever you have a breakup with a woman you love. It’s hard. It isn’t easy. You might feel just the worst kind of feeling when you break up and fall apart.

All you think about is how much you want your girlfriend again in your life. And how to get my ex-girlfriend in my life again. You go about finding ways on how to get her back. You search for more and more answers because the feelings inside you won’t go away until you finally get her back in your life again.

You may want to talk with her. Probably the easiest way would be to see her on social apps. But what if she is dating a new guy already? What if she is dating someone better than you? What if she has a found a better person than you?

The initiation after a breakup is always the most challenging part. Your heart is aching, and your thoughts are all jumbled up.

You try to act like it’s all fine and well, but in reality, it’s just causing you an immense amount of pain. But the thought of losing her forever always gives you the courage to not let that happen.

You never want to let go of the beautiful relationship you once had with her and now winning her back is the main point of your life.

But where to start in the first place? You are just a guy with feelings who want to get his girlfriend back.

If you don’t know where to start, then don’t worry, I got your back. I will guide you on how to get your ex-girlfriend back.

I will share with you 30 tips on how to get your ex-girlfriend back. I will go into detail about each tip and discuss it thoroughly so you can understand much better.

We have many tips to explain that will benefit you, so make sure you read through all of them. Hopefully, you will find that one answer you have been searching for about getting your ex-girlfriend back.

So, without further ado, let’s get started then, shall we?

💫 Here are the 30 Tips On How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back 💫

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1. Fix the root cause of the problem

When you are in a relationship with a woman, you spend time with her. You make memories with her. You love her with all your heart.

When you are dating her, you talk about everything with her. You text messages and call her cute names like a baby girl, angel, babe, etc.

It’s the most fantastic feeling to have a woman in your life that understands you and loves spending time with you. Call you her boyfriend and could do things to make you happy.

But in a relationship, there are ups and downs too. Whether you are a guy or a girl, sometimes we have no idea what we say or do that might hurt someone else. Words carry energy. There is a saying.

” A physical wound will hurt just for some time. A wound caused by words lasts a lifetime.”

Misunderstandings happen all the time when you are in a relationship with someone. It’s our job to maintain trust and keep the relationship in balance. But, there comes a time when we lose our patience and make decisions based on our feelings like anger, resentment, and hate for the situation.

In a moment, we lose everything just because we couldn’t understand our partner well and thus. Everything starts to crumble away right in front of us when we calm down.

So, when time passes by, and you come to your senses, the woman that you loved is gone, and now you are asking yourself, “What went wrong?” then clearly you haven’t identified the root cause of the problem.

How to get your ex-girlfriend back? It’s simple. Find the cause that made you guys break up and fix it. What went wrong? Where it went wrong? Was it your fault? Was it hers? Was it a trust issue? What was the fight or misunderstanding about?

Sit down, relax, have peace of mind, and start identifying problems. After identifying, let her know clearly and calmly that it was all just a big misunderstanding.

We should work on it, not go our separate ways when things get sour. We build a relationship, not break it apart.

If you have such a mentality then, the chances of getting your ex-girlfriend back are pretty high. It was all a huge mistake in the first place. So why lose love over something that you can identify and fix?

2. Send her a text message

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After a breakup and some time, sending her a text message might be the easiest way to make contact again.

Getting your ex-girlfriend back just by sending a text message is possible because it can bring back feelings that might still hinder her heart.

Try sending her a small, sweet, lovely message about your time together. Something that you both have fond memories of.

If she replies positively, then you know she still hasn’t forgotten you completely. Maybe, she wants to win you back as well. Who knows.

Women are very emotional by nature. And they take a lot of time after the breakup to think about dating another guy. Because you already gave her so many good memories, it’s hard to let go of that.

Maybe when you were not there for quite some time, her feelings for you might have gotten even stronger now.

What if she is waiting for your text messages? or waiting for you to make contact with her?

Women often do that to guys, and it’s a potent tool that they have at hand. But if you take a lot of time and don’t try to win back her heart so soon.

She might have moved on and found another guy for dating. If that’s the case, then getting your ex back is impossible.

3. Don’t be impatient

Getting back together in a relationship with your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend requires time. It would be best if you talked about things before you considered whether you should start dating again or not. If someone wants you back in their life, they will be patient and think about a long-term fix, not just for the time being.

There should be a mutual attraction first before you start to act like just like how it was before. Before getting into a relationship, most women and men are friends first.

That’s pretty common when you are dating someone because you feel that connection with them before considering them to be your partner first.

That attraction comes into contact with both of you when you start your new relationship. You value her while she values you.

After a breakup, things are different, and you should not act like her boyfriend so soon again. Or talk about something you did when you were in a relationship with her.

You have to take things slowly. Be patient with her and give time to heal the wounds that once caused the relationship to break in the first place.

Show her that you are giving your 100% to get her back and want to get back that relationship that once was the best thing that happened to you guys. You could be a little bit patient with that, can’t you?

Spending time with her as just friends might make her want you back for the long term this time. That’s the main point. Be her long-term boyfriend whom she can depend on and introduce to her friends and family.

Chances of getting your ex-girlfriend’s trust and love again will be high when you are patient. Just don’t rush. Trust time and bring her back. Ignite that attraction again by talking with her. Share text messages with her after a casual meeting, and then you can find the answer to how to get your ex-girlfriend back by just being patient.

4. Call to win your ex-girlfriend back

Guys can get their ex-girlfriends back from many different scenarios. One of them is by simply calling them. Yes, just calling her might win back the love that you lost. But it’s not that easy as it sounds.

When guys break a relationship with a woman, they often delete their numbers from their phones. Maybe his girlfriend dumped him, and he could not bear the thought at that point where he was just in an emotional phase.

Deleting her number might have been hard, and he had no way to make contact with her somehow. That’s where social apps help us.

When we are in a relationship with someone or look for a new relationship, nowadays, we are always asking for social app contact. So, if you have deleted her number, then don’t worry. There might be other ways to make contact as well.

You can always message her on social apps and chat again. That’s what we discussed earlier but if you have successfully re-establish to talk with her, then calling her comes right after that.

You can create that attraction again with the woman you are trying to get again. How? By asking her out to her favorite restaurant, to her favorite spot in the city, to her famous park, etc.

Tell her for communication. You would need her number, so everything is alright. Sounds pretty easy, right? At that moment, you will know and decide that whatever you would say to her would be from your heart, and you would hold nothing back to win your ex-girlfriend’s trust back again.

Be wise with your words and show value in your actions. Women love that.

I don’t think she will accept you back like that. No! You have to value her time, respect her space, value her words, value her actions, and significantly, value her love.

You can call and talk about how much you want to win back your girl again in your life, but don’t beg!

If it’s meant to be, then you will get your ex-girlfriend back. Give her time. Call her but ask before that whether she wants to or not.

Giving women space gives them an idea that you are caring and thoughtful. Women need that attraction with you which they always think about.

They value guys who want attraction too. So, call, tell your woman about your mind and heart and let time heal both of you.

5. Tell her about your feelings

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You want her back, right? You are the guy who wants to get your ex back. You want to win the love of your girl again. You want to win your ex back because there was so much attraction in that relationship that now you understand the actual value of it.

The breakup was hard on you and your girlfriend, and now, you want to talk with your girl and make her feel how much you want her back.

After messaging, calling, and setting up a date with your woman again, you might think things will go smoothly from there, and you are her boyfriend already. Wrong!

That’s not how it is. If she has agreed to talk with you or go on a date again, she hasn’t accepted you as her boyfriend already. She might want you back, but that doesn’t mean you are her boyfriend still.

That’s the point you should not ignore when you finally have a chance to come face to face with your girlfriend again.

To get an ex back in your life, you must tell them why you want her back again? Why do you want to spend time with her again? The why’s and what’s which has been inside your heart, just lay them all out on the table but considering her situation as well.

It would help if you did not make her feel uncomfortable by showing your feelings. Guys make that mistakes all the time.

Women love to talk, so the first talk about how her day was, how is she doing at work, how are her friends, etc. You know, do the small talk first. Women don’t like you.

Just start bringing up feelings as soon as you meet them. What you could do is talk slowly towards the main point of the meeting. That’s why you guys are there in the first place.

Show her how much you missed her with every word and action while she was not with you. How much you miss the relationship with her and how much you miss her voice, smile, and love.

Show her how your heart beats only for her and show her that she is the girl of your dreams.

She might want you back and consider that you have become this new guy who understands how a relationship works much better. The chances of getting her back will be more when you are honest, genuine, and clear about your feelings.

Women value that when a guy shows her that. So, open up to your woman, don’t be afraid, and take upon chances like that because those are very rare for women to give in the first place.

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6. Attraction, Attraction, Attraction

Get your ex-girlfriend back by showing attraction to her. It’s a nice move when you have started dating again with her. Because she’s into you, that’s why she has agreed to seeing you and dating you again.

She still sees you as boyfriend material and might want you back in her life. To get your ex back, you have to give them value in answering why’s and what’s.

A girl who broke up with you does not forget the attraction there once in a relationship. She is a woman who is trying to get her head around what transpired in the first place.

So how she will know for sure that attraction is still there between you two? You are the guy who can take care of his girl? You are the guy whom she will contact whenever she can?

Attraction, women love attraction because that way, they know love is in the air. They feel a connection with a guy that could be potentially their boyfriend. But not just a boyfriend, a long-term partner.

If you are spending time trying to get her back in your life again by showing attraction, then the chances of getting that could be high.

7. Tell her at the right time

To get your ex-girlfriend back and win your ex heart again, you need to understand how women’s minds and hearts work.

They might also want to get their ex back, but the pain from the breakup is always there. Keep that in mind. Women don’t want a guy who thinks that a relationship in life is just a game.

They don’t want to get back to how things were before. They know and remember what broke them. What broke their trust, what broke their hearts, what broke their dreams.

Women remember the tiniest details. That’s their superpower. They remember the time and dates more than a guy can.

Women value time in a relationship. How it’s spent and with whom it’s spent. If you break a woman’s heart and make her feel miserable, how does she see you? To hurt someone’s heart is just something very harsh thing to do. It might not be intended, but it still leaves a big scar.

Winning her back can be possible after a breakup when you can make contact with her again. Contact her and find time to meet, and if she agrees to meet you, then there is a chance that she might consider you once again as a guy she can forgive. But make sure the time is right.

Make her sure that you are the guy she should be considering and not some other guy. Discuss with her the main point of how much you value the relationship and want to get back everything that was lost because of misunderstandings.

Telling things at the right time will benefit you with positive results and may fix things that once were broken. Whether you are a guy or a girl, give value to time if you want to get something in life because time could heal the deepest wounds.

Time makes you contact the lost ones. Time builds that attraction slowly towards positive results.

If you want your ex back, look for the right time to tell her about your feelings. Rest will happen eventually.

8. Hangout with her friends

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A girl has many friends in her life. She has the most trust in friends and usually hangs out with them on many occasions.

So when you were dating a girl or were in a relationship with her, know that her friends also mean a lot to her.

It’s not just about you and me to a girl. It’s about friends, relatives and close ones too. A girl does not want to see a guy who takes no interest in her friends or someone who won’t try to make contact with them.

A girl wants a guy who cares about her friends as much as he cares about her.

So, be involved in her friend circle. Make contact with them and become friends with them too. When you want to get back with your girlfriend, those friends could help you as well. At some point, they might help you get your ex back.

Getting back together with someone in a relationship is complicated. That’s the truth.

That’s where her friends come in, to help both of you guys to make amends and fix things rather than be the guys who broke each other hearts.

They will help you get back to the life you want and build that attraction again between you guys. Just don’t repeat the same mistakes and make sure her friends know that you most definitely want her back because she was the girl who introduced you to her friends, and they know and value your relationship, just like you.

They will give their opinions about your relationship with her, and you might find a way to get your girlfriend back again. Trust and believe. Talk and make a point to her friends, keep in contact with them, and they will help you get her back. It’s one of the ways to get your ex-girlfriend back. And it works pretty well most of the time.

9. Forgive who broke your heart

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Forgiving is the best way to fix things when you are in a relationship with a guy or a girl.

When guys want to get their ex-girlfriends back, they will do anything to make that happen.

It takes a big heart to forgive someone and an even bigger heart for those who accept them.

Let your ex know how you feel. If it was your mistake, forgive her. If it was hers, forget it. I am not saying it’s easy to make a relationship just back to normal again so quickly.

The more negative feelings you harbor in your heart, the more resentment you will build inside you. And that will only hurt both of you to the point that there will be no attraction anymore. No magic, no love. Just memories. Bittersweet memories.

For a relationship, you have to avoid such feelings and try to forgive each other. It’s okay to be in a fight about something silly. It’s okay to take some time apart.

The feelings won’t just go away quickly. But you should always act like a man and forgive mistakes. If you genuinely value your girl, you will forgive her no matter what because deep down, you love her still.

When your ex realizes how kind, pleasant, and a decent guy you are, she might consider dating you again because you are forgiving.

Women want guys like that, and you should be the guy every woman wants. So let your ex know that everything is forgiven, and let the attraction find its way back to our lives again.

Whoever broke someone’s heart always carries that guilt around in their life. Whether it’s a girl or a guy, dating or not, whether you are with friends or close relatives, always forgive no matter where you are because forgiving opens up chances to make things better. And in a relationship, that’s what matters the most.

10. Don’t overwhelm her

You can’t ask how to get your ex-girlfriend back when you are overwhelming her with messages, gifts and talk about how you changed. Women don’t need to hear or want that. They don’t like guys who overwhelm them with things that bother them even more.

You want to win your ex back. They know it. You are trying to get back to her. The girl knows that too. You might be her ex-boyfriend still, but she knows that you still value their relationship. But too much is too much, even for a girl who still wants a relationship with you.

By being pushy and too overwhelming, she might consider dating someone else than giving you a second chance with her.

Women don’t like pushy guys who want to get back with them by trying to make contact by any means necessary. For example, stalking, constantly messaging on social websites, following you everywhere. It’s overwhelming to even think about how bad it will look on your part.

So, if you are thinking about getting my ex back, don’t be a guy she thinks is pushy or overwhelming. Be calm, be yourself. You were with her before as well, correct? So use that to your advantage.

Make her comfortable rather than uncomfortable. Tell her that she is the woman of your dreams, and you will act like how she wants you to. You will fix what broke before in the relationship.

You are the guy she should reconsider dating again, not someone else. She should consider a new relationship with you if you give her the space she needs. Get more creative dating ideas and win her back, check this to know more!

11. Don’t gossip about your ex

When you break up with someone, you should never talk behind their back. Because if you do, winning her back after a breakup or getting into a new relationship with her is just impossible then.

The attraction will be off from the moment she hears about you bad-mouthing her after a breakup. Say goodbye to your chances to get back together.

In a relationship, both a woman or a guy have each other backs. Because they love each other, right? So when you have a breakup at some point, does that mean love is gone? Of course not! It’s still very much there. There are invisible walls because of misunderstandings, and it’s our job to break those walls and be with our love again.

If you genuinely want your girlfriend back and you don’t want her dating someone else, then you should be a man about it and not talk behind your ex’s back.

Getting your ex-girlfriend is a very bold move to do, and you should be aware that talking behind her back will only reduce your chances of getting your ex back again.

Win her back with your chivalry, your manly attraction, get back what you have lost, fix what was broken, and find value in the point that you should only talk good about her. No matter what. Nobody should know the secrets she shared with you, and the same goes for her.

Don’t broadcast information to her friends or your friends. A breakup doesn’t mean you should punish each other like that. That’s low.

Instead, be polite, kind, keep information hidden within yourself, who knows, chances of getting her might come along, and you will get lucky to win her back in your life again.

That’s one way for how to get your ex-girlfriend back.

12. Don’t ever be manipulative

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Women don’t like to be manipulated by guys. When you have a breakup with a girl, some guys become manipulative and form plans and conspiracies to get an ex back in their life again.

They don’t care much about what broke the relationship but rather how to get back to dating or in a relationship again. Don’t be that guy! Who manipulates a girl just for their selfish reasons.

If you want your ex-girlfriend back, then win her back with something you have to show for. If you are only throwing schemes after schemes at her, then she’s not a woman who will find value in you again. There is no attraction there for a woman to see in you.

There is no way she would even consider establishing contact with you again, let alone have a relationship with you again.

If you want to get your ex back, it should come naturally, not through manipulation or tactics. Your reunion will be possible only if she sees you as a guy worth dating again. If she sees some attraction from you, only then you can get your ex back.

Some Guys get their ex-girlfriend back in such a manner, and after they get them, it’s always resentment on the woman’s side. Don’t be a guy whom women will resent, but be someone who wins her back with honest feelings, with the only truth and clear emotions.

13. Don’t be angry with her

There are two types of angry people. Explosive and implosive.

Explosive is the ones who let their anger out whenever somethings make them mad.

Implosive anger is the type that keeps the anger inside their selves for quite some time and lets it all out instantly when they can’t hold it in anymore.

I am sharing this with you because you might have seen such types in your life before. And in a relationship, there are ups and downs quite often.

Anger is the most common culprit for a breakup in a relationship. Anger only creates problems instead of solving them. Not only does this destroy lives, but it may remove possibly every chance you can have to get your ex back again.

To get her back, you should not be angry in the first place. Why should a girl consider dating a guy again who is still mad with things that happened in the past?

Maybe it was anger that broke your contact with your girlfriend, or that broke your attraction with each other, or broke things that were beautiful in a relationship. It was all the anger fault, and you both were its victims.

If you display your anger even after a breakup, how can you even get back together with a woman? Nobody likes dating an angry guy.

Women want calmness and peace, not anger. So, if you’re going to win your ex-girlfriend back, my tip is to let go of your anger and resentment. Show your woman that you value her safety, her feelings, and her peace. Build attraction instead of destroying it with rage.

Please make a point that you will do anything to get her back in your life again, even let go of your anger. Only then your ex-girlfriend might consider getting back together with you.

14. Keep your distance after a breakup

Getting back together with your ex-girlfriend soon after a breakup is a bad idea. Why? Because the hurt is still there. It can be your fault or her fault. It can be anyone’s cause but if you want to have a relationship with her again and probably want your ex back, keep your distance first after a breakup.

You don’t want to put oil on fire, but rather, you want to put it out. You and her both are not in a state where you can listen or be in a position to get an ex back.

You need to gradually get into contact with her and get back together at the right time. If you try to contact her soon and bug her on this matter, it will worsen her.

A Woman needs time to heal, and if she sees you soon after a breakup, then her emotional instability will cause both you and her more hurt. Instead of attraction, you will be repelling her.

That’s not what you want from the woman you wish to back as your girlfriend.

Women want to feel that attraction again when it’s in the right way. They have feelings too, just like you when you were in a relationship with her.

“Only fools rush in.”

So don’t be that fool which makes the woman not allow you to win her back. But make sure you have enough value in yourself that she might consider having an ex back in her life again.

Be the guy she can trust, who knows where her boundaries lie, understand her in such a situation, and fix the relationship for both sakes. Keep your distance and let the woman calm down first.

You have plenty of time to make contact with her again. Just don’t make her life sadder by showing yourself now and then after a breakup.

15. Don’t taunt your ex

If you want to see your ex-girlfriend back in your life, don’t ever taunt her by bringing more girls near her. That’s just plain stupid.

Women understand what guys’ motives are when they are in a situation like this. They understand the message very clearly that you are fine and okay to date other women, and you are only trying to make her jealous so that she can feel bad about what happened. Pathetic! That’s just the lowest level of thinking.

Do you honestly think a woman will accept you back in a relationship if you try to make her jealous by bringing other women? That’s just hilarious!

If you want to have an attraction again, getting back together with this method is impossible. That’s not how you try to win her back. That’s stupid.

Getting your ex back after a breakup is a crucial decision. You should not waste your time making her jealous like that, but instead, you should find chances that have some value to getting your ex back again in your life.

Don’t taunt her, but show her kindness. Show her value in you that you have still the same attraction with her only.

Don’t show her you are chasing other women, but show her with great confidence that she is the only woman you will ever consider a girlfriend. And you want to build that relationship with her again because that’s how much she means to you. Now that’s an attraction, something that women might consider about giving a chance to a guy.

Don’t ever taunt your girlfriend.

16. Apologize

Photo credit: unsplash.com

“Every tidy situation conceals new failure up ahead

But I could leave if that’s what you need, but I’d rather hold onto you instead” – Gabriel Lynch – Another Apology

Apology. I am sorry. I am sorry I hurt you. I am sorry for the breakup. I am sorry for not giving you the value you deserve. I am sorry for making this relationship not work out. I am sorry I didn’t contact you. I am sorry for everything.

Now when you read that, how did you feel? Do you want to say such words to your girlfriend, or do you want to hear them from her? Do you think when people have a breakup, they should just let things be? Let it pass over time? Let’s not contact each other ever again? There is no attraction anymore? Is the relationship over just like that? No.

We have this funny organ in our body called the heart. It’s a very fragile thing, yet it’s powerful at the same time. It makes you curious because one second you are laughing and enjoying your time with your girlfriend, and the next minute it makes her your ex-girlfriend. Funny right?

But, having a heart that can admit mistakes and lets you apologize to your ex-girlfriend. It makes you want your ex back and make you think about the relationship with her. Then, my friends, your heart is the biggest, kindest, and most beautiful thing in the whole world.

Admitting mistakes and apologizing is one way to see your ex-girlfriend again. It’s easy yet difficult because, as I said, the heart is a funny thing. It has love, and it has passion. It has everything that you feel. Right there.

Getting your ex by apologizing sincerely and admitting to your mistakes has a high chance after a breakup. Women want guys capable of making decisions like such and who can admit their mistakes and apologize to them when they are wrong.

If you apologize to your ex-girlfriend, then she might consider having a relationship with you again. Women know when to forgive, so man up and apologize. Don’t let the breakup lose her forever.

17. Show your willingness for change

If you are thinking about how to get my ex back, then the first thing you should try is to change things that caused the problems in the first place. If you want things to work out and you want your ex-girlfriend back, show her willingness to change.

Your ex-girlfriend might let you get her back if you get rid of toxic behavior and habits. You don’t have to change your entire personality to get her back. Just so that she knows you are willing to change for the sake of the relationship.

Women love guys who listen to them or grasp the situation and find a fix for it. They value such notions that men are willing to change.

After a breakup, it isn’t easy to make contact in the first place. But if you show your ex-girlfriend that even after a breakup, you are willing to change for the betterment of the relationship, she might give you another chance.

Second chances are very rare to come by, and you should be firm about the decision of getting back together with your ex-girlfriend.

Women don’t like to waste time in life, and they most certainly will not with a guy who doesn’t value changes in a relationship. So, be an intelligent guy, and if you love her, show her that you mean getting back together with her, and the relationship means a lot to you. And for that, show your will to change.

Your ex-girlfriend might value your effort and let you contact her again. Who knows, the relationship that was once lost can be regained again.

18. Show her you are fine and well

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Women mind works in a very different way. Now I don’t mean that in a negative context but relatively positive for both women and men. Breakup causes pain. I think everyone knows that already. It causes an immense amount of pain, and just life feels like nothing. It’s hard, difficult, and unbearing.

The thoughts won’t go away about your ex-girlfriend, and the hurt will come in like waves. And all you want is to get back to your ex-girlfriend as soon as possible.

You want your relationship with your ex-girlfriend again because she is just what you need in life. You want to contact her and talk about the breakup and about fixing the relationship. But do you think she will value your effort when you are miserable in front of her or do you think she will value your effort when you are okay without her? It’s the latter.

If you show your ex-girlfriend that you are fine either way, whether you love to be in a relationship with her or do without her. She will be thinking about deciding for you whether she would get back into a relationship with you or not.

If she doesn’t want you, it’s her loss. If she does want you, she will give you the signal. As I said, women mind works very differently. When she behaves like this while you are in a relationship, you find it cute. But when it comes to serious matters, you can see that women behave differently when you show them you are fine and okay even after a breakup. You have no idea how seductive it is to women. She will try to establish contact with you as soon as possible.

19. Make eye contact

You might get into contact with your ex-girlfriend after a breakup. It happens most of the time because the relationship won’t end unless you have closure. So, the universe makes a plan for you guys about getting back together and let you come into contact with one another.

If you are at a place where you can see your ex-girlfriend, and she can see you, then make sure you make eye contact with her. Even though the relationship is still over and you had a breakup, there are still some feelings inside both of your hearts that may ignite once again if you make eye contact with her. You should send her a signal from just your eyes that you still care about her and value her, and love her.

Women love eye contact because they understand that language pretty well. Conveying your feelings in such a manner makes women think about getting back together with you and probably will look over the breakup that harmed her relationship.

Love is still there. Trust is still there. She is your ex-girlfriend now, but before, she was just your girlfriend. All those fantastic and lovely moments she spent with you come like a whirlpool when you make eye contact with her.

But don’t be creepy or stare like a crazy man. It will only do the opposite. Instead of finding value in you again, she might not even contact you after that.

So, be subtle, show her that no other woman will take her place, and you want her back again. For a healthy and long-term relationship this time. Because you care about her deeply, and not even a breakup will stop you from loving her more.

Make her sense your emotions through just your eyes. Your ex-girlfriend will not just be your ex anymore. Get her back and know more HERE!

20. Make good use of your contact chances with her

Your ex-girlfriend might be thinking of having contact with you after a breakup, or you might want to have contact with her. But the question always remains, “what will I say?”

When you are in a relationship with someone, you try to understand each other’s thinking and qualities. You try to get as much information as you can from each other to find similarities and likeness.

You get into a relationship with someone because you at least have some similarities in your personality. Like it can be hobbies, movies, favorite food, etc. After spending some time together, you know each other well but not completely.

That’s where a breakup happens because you have no idea what and why the person is doing this. A breakup is rough on both men and women. No one should go through that in their life ever.

But life is not always the same. There are ups and downs in life, and your relationship might become sour at some point, that a breakup can happen. It’s just how it is. But, life also gives you chances to mend things.

Life gives you time to think over things that might be affecting your relationship with someone. Life also shows you ways and signs on how to mend the relationship with your ex-girlfriend.

So, if you get those rare occurrences after a breakup where you get into contact with your ex-girlfriend, then make good use of it! Please don’t blow it and make it work against you. You want to see your ex-girlfriend back with you, not lose her forever, right?

When life gives you chances like that, you have to be patient and thoughtful about it. You don’t want to feel awful and miserable by doing your worst when such an opportunity arises. But instead, you want to do your best to see your ex-girlfriend back again in your life.

You want her to see you again, right? Then make good use of your contact chances with her. Turn that ex-girlfriend into girlfriend again and stick to getting being together with great confidence and a clear mind. Women have feelings just like you, so know her heart and win her heart with the chance given to you.

21. Respect her

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Women need respect in a relationship, just like how guys want. Women want to be treated with respect whatever the relationship she has with you.

In life, respect is fundamental because it reflects on our morals and manners. By saying that, whether it is your ex-girlfriend or somebody else in your life, you should always respect them.

No matter what. Because women love respectful guys, it shows their upbringing, and it is attractive to them. So even if you had a breakup with your girlfriend or your relationship is sour at the moment, be respectful to her still.

If you genuinely want your ex-girlfriend back again in your life, then you should show courtesy and respect to her. She might be your ex-girlfriend now, but she is still a woman. She still can understand the situation well. She still was your girlfriend.

So, be polite, respectful and try to patch things up by showing respect towards her. Women will consider getting being together with someone in their life if they show respect to them.

Respecting women goes a long way, and they love a guy who has a character that makes attraction. So if you want her again in your life, then make sure your ex-girlfriend gets the respect from you she still deserves. She might give you a second chance.

Respect her property, respect her space, respect her privacy and secrets, respect her boundaries. And see how your ex-girlfriend starts thinking about getting back together with you.

22. Don’t take revenge

Taking revenge on your ex-girlfriend is a bad idea. Not only will it make things worse, but you might diminish all the chances of getting back together with your ex-girlfriend.

Revenge doesn’t have one type, for example, physical harm. It has many different types, and all of them are equally the worst. The only thing you can get by getting revenge on your ex-girlfriend is long-term guilt that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

So before thinking about revenge, you should think about whether you should do that or not. Because clearly, you should not in any way or form.

You don’t want to hurt the person you had a relationship with, someone who was your girlfriend, before turning into an ex-girlfriend. That’s not what you should do at all. She is still a person and highly like still consider the consequences that might come after a breakup.

Women are full of emotions, and they show it openly without keeping anything inside. They do it all their life because it’s in their nature. To hurt women physically, mentally, or emotionally is not manly at all. It would help if you instead cared for them instead of hurting them by thinking about revenge.

All your life you will think about this mistake and believe me women don’t forget that easily. So, be an intelligent guy about it and try to get your ex-girlfriend again without harming her at all.

Chances of getting back with your ex-girlfriend are more when you are calm about the situation. If you let your anger the best of you, there will be chaos, and women don’t want to live in chaos. Instead, they want calmness and peace. So show your ex-girlfriend that you will make her comfortable and not uncomfortable.

Instead of revenge, you will protect her from harm and be a decent and nice guy about it. Only then will she consider having you back in her life again.

23. Be the person she fell in love with

Photo credit: unsplash.com

I think this one is pretty straightforward. Make the ex-girlfriend know that you are still the guy she fell in love with. Women want just one person in their life that can take care of them and their needs, just one.

They don’t want a relationship after relationship but just one that can last for all her life. That’s why she chose you because she saw something in you. She believed you would be that person who would make the relationship last a lifetime. But as we mentioned, there are misunderstandings along the journey of love, and a breakup might happen because of that.

It doesn’t mean you should stop loving each other, No. Instead, show her that you are still the same person she fell in love with, just the situation or that moment was terrible. And it has passed already.

Show her that you are the man of her dreams, how much you love her still, and how much you care about her well-being. Show her that your love is deep, and you will do anything to win your ex-girlfriend back again in your life because the thought of losing her will break you completely.

Show her that life is beautiful only because of her. Ask for a second chance, but don’t beg for it. Respect her space and boundaries. Give her as much time as she needs but never stops showing your love for her. Because if you want to get your ex back and win your ex-girlfriend’s heart again, then loving her still after a breakup will make a point in her life that could bring her back again into your arms.

24. Stop over analyzing

Okay, so you had a breakup, and now your girlfriend is an ex-girlfriend. It happens. With women or men, it’s just the same. Maybe it was a fight or just something else.

The point is you broke up, right? And now you think that all this was just a huge mistake, and you want to get your ex-girlfriend again. And you start wondering and let your thoughts go everywhere. You start overanalyzing the situation instead of thinking about it rationally. You are emotional, and every decision that you make will have your feelings involved in it. You are not thinking straight, and you are only focusing on the negative part of your imaginations.

When your girlfriend becomes your ex-girlfriend, a fire is ignited in your heart. Your mind won’t stop thinking about “How is she?” or “What is she doing?” some questions like these. And then comes the hurt because of your overthinking and overanalyzing everything that concerns her.

You think she might have gotten a new boyfriend already, or she has fallen in love with somebody else. And you can’t bear such thoughts and hurt yourself more and more. Stop doing that! Those two drinks she might be carrying can be for her friend or a relative. Maybe she wanted to accompany her friend to the movies. She might be feeling lonely. That’s why she is hanging out with her friends more.

By thinking like that, you are not only hurting yourself but your ex-girlfriend too. If she is trying her best to make contact with you again, and you blow that chance by only over-analyzing her surroundings, then would she consider having you back in her life? Of course not! Women don’t want a guy who blows things out of proportion. They want a life without any worry. They want to be a girlfriend to a man who thinks positively, not negatively. Women want their days to be full of fun and love, not suffering.

So, don’t overanalyze and assess the situation with a calm mind. Don’t think about why your ex-girlfriend has two or more things when she can get one for herself. Don’t be like that. Be cool about it, and let time throw a chance at you so you can meet her again under favorable terms.

25. Show genuine interest in her activities

Now that she is not your girlfriend anymore, her activities might change in her life. Maybe she is hanging out with her friends more and or maybe there is something new in her life as a newborn baby of her relative, or she has taken up a new hobby like gardening, or she started going to the gym. Activities can be many and different women has different activities in their life.

If life gives you a second chance to win your ex back, and you make contact with her again, then when you talk about her, show genuine interest in what she’s been up to. Be the guy who listens and tries to get her even if you act like your girlfriend left you. Don’t let that bother you because you are nowhere to make her feel the same magic again. You want the girl who was in a relationship with you to be comfortable around you. And how could you do that? By showing genuine interest in what she is saying. If you come off as jealous of her, she will be uncomfortable and want to leave as soon as possible.

Women don’t want you to waste their time by being fake. Women don’t like hypocrites at all, so when you meet her after a breakup, make sure you listen to her attentively. Show her that her day and new activities are essential in her life. Encourage her even if she has taken something bold and something she hasn’t done before. It will strum the strings of her heart, and your image in her head will start to clear a bit. She might believe that you are a changed guy, and she values your genuine interest in her new activities. It may be weird at first but if you want to get back with your girlfriend, then show genuine interest.

26. Have neutral conversations

Photo credit: unsplash.com

Women don’t want to feel bad about a breakup. If she sees you as devastated and depressed, then they will feel just bad about themselves and would not even consider having you back in their life again because you make them feel miserable. Noone likes dating a depressed guy. Let alone an ex who is depressed. That’s just a turn-off for women.

If you want to get your ex-girlfriend back, then try to have neutral conversations with her whenever you get into contact with her. Please don’t make her think that you are sad, depressed, and alone. Be mature about it and let your words reach her heart once again that you are a brand new guy with the same old love, just a little bit more understanding now. That way, she will know that you are doing fine and okay and consider getting back together in a healthy way.

Telling her how depressed you are and how bad the breakup was for you will come off as selfish and dark if you want to get your girl back and talk about things that don’t give off the negative vibe. Be natural and have a neutral tone when you speak, and try spending time with her as any normal boyfriend will do. You are not her boyfriend yet, but she might think about how you want her back via neutral conversations. Sometimes the hints and signs are just hidden in the way and manner you speak. So, it’s a tip that might win your ex-girlfriend back again in your life. Use words to convey your message indirectly. I am sure you can do it!

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27. Be the best version of yourself

Actions speak louder than words. Women don’t want someone who wants them back and still does the same actions as he used to. Rather they will only want you back in their life when you decide that you will change yourself for the better. That was the problem in the first place, the actions. Do you think people leave each other or have a breakup just because of words? No! There are always some actions involved which damages and tear apart a healthy relationship. Your girlfriend becomes an ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend becomes her ex-boyfriend. Just like that.

After time has passed, now you are thinking about how to get your ex-girlfriend back and try to find out what went wrong in the first place. You come to a conclusion that whether it’s me or her, I am going to make a firm decision about myself. I am going to be the best version of myself!

That way of thinking not only helps you build up the courage for getting your ex back but also opens up ways for you to do some good for yourself as well. If you aspire to become the best version of yourself and try to improve on things that were once the cause of the relationship fall. Then you are on the right track of getting your girlfriend back again. Chances of getting your ex back are higher when you become the best version of yourself

Later, when you make contact with her again and finally meet face to face. If she sees a positive change in you, or if she sees that you are doing best on yourself to change for good then she might consider starting dating you again. And when you start dating, she will know how much you want her back and how much she wants you back now that you are a brand new guy who is never going to break her heart again.

28. Show her she can’t be replaced

Women want a guy in their life who makes them feel the most special. They want a guy who considers her one and only. Women don’t want to have a breakup but want to value the relationship all their life. They want things that are permanent and not that can be replaced. Like love. Which happens only once and stays forever in our hearts.

If your relationship had a rough patch and you guys decided to break up. It just means you are taking some time off from each other while still, the love is inside both of your hearts.

Now if you are a guy and you really want her again what will you do? Obviously, the tips I have mentioned above. I tried to explain them as much as possible so you can have an idea of how to get your ex back and win her quickly. If you still didn’t find your answer then check this tip out.

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When you start dating a girl, what do you do? You impress her, listen to her, give her time, go on dates, etc. Things like that are pretty common for every relationship. A guy and girl have attraction and they just love to spend time with each other. Now, there comes a time when a girl or a woman wants you to value her even more. Something that you can’t comprehend in the first place. She might not ask you directly like “Hey take care of me more, hey if you are dating me make sure I am the only girl” That’s something you have to do by yourself. But now if you guys broke up then what should you do?

Just the same even if you guys broke up! Show her that the magic will never be gone. She is irreplaceable.

Then, if she becomes your ex-girlfriend and If you create this kind of attraction in your relationship and make her feel like just she is the only one. Then chances of getting her could be higher than you think.

Tell her in ways, through actions, in words that she can’t be replaced. Your eyes were meant to see her only. Only she will do. I was born to tell you I love you. Let your ex know that she cannot be replaced by other women. Only she is the girl of your dreams. Act like you mean that. Even if your girlfriend left you, still show her that her place can never be taken. That way she will want you back again will be trying to get and understand you much better. She will understand your feelings if you are passionate about them.

29. New beginnings, everlasting relationship

Photo credit: unsplash.com

When you want your ex-girlfriend back again in your life you don’t want the same things to happen twice, right? You don’t want to repeat the same mistakes that caused the breakup in the first place, right?

You want to change some things about you or about her. Some things that will cause the relationship to break apart. You want to prevent that from happening again, that’s why you have decided to get your girl again and fix what broke your hearts.

If you plan on winning her again then you might want to talk about it with her. You must want to win her trust, her love, her heart again. Not just for the time being, but for a long relationship. You don’t want her seeing another guy, right? You can’t see her with somebody else because you are trying to be a better person that could potentially be her boyfriend again.

Life gives second chances very rarely. You should know that and keep it in mind. If you have decided to get your ex-girlfriend again and finally reached a point where she decides to date you again then consider yourself very lucky because only a few get a chance and result like that. If she has agreed to be in a relationship with you again and get back together then, show her that this new beginning will be something you both are proud of. You should give priority to this new beginning in a way that she knows will last for a long time. She doesn’t want to go through another breakup with you again. She wants peace of mind, courage that she can muster, and adapt to your new beginning of a relationship.

Show her that this is the right way to fix our love and you will be there to support her, no matter what.

30. Do you remember, my true love?

If you want to get your ex back and you want to win her back the right way then telling her about your happiest moments and memories with her might do the trick.

If you truly want her and form a new relationship, and you want to start over and make things right, then getting back together again by sharing past joyous moments that you spent with her might melt her heart and she might give you a second chance.

Your ex-girlfriend is still a woman who has feelings, is emotional, and is in a state of hurt. Whatever you might say to contact her might be either good for you, or bad for you. So before sharing your past happy moments with her, think about whether it will hurt her more or will she appreciate it that you still remember those?

When you want your ex back, you will do many of the things that I mentioned above in this article. You might do text messages with her, you might call her, become changed, etc. Not every girl is the same and every girl treats their breakups differently. But one thing that is common in all women is their emotional reaction to what was there in the relationship. What made them happy when they were with you, and what were the reasons they felt love.

It’s hurting to discuss the happy memories that you made with her. Talking about this might trigger some emotions in your ex-girlfriend. For example, the first time you star gazed with her, or how you met her in the first place, and your first official date, etc. Thinking and remembering such moments might ignite the love that was there. She might give you a second chance because deep down you both know, the breakup was just a mishap, and love is not lost because you are still there, in contact with each other, talking about the lovely time you spent together when you were in a relationship.

True love never dies, remember that. If you want your ex-girlfriend back, then never forget the happy times you made with her, because she surely won’t all her life.

✨ Things To Say To Your Ex-Girlfriend To Get Her Back ✨

Photo credit: unsplash.com

If you have already decided on getting your ex-girlfriend back, but you can’t figure what to say to her in the first place. Emotions are high on both sides and you don’t want to ruin your chance of getting back together with her. What you are thinking about is what are the right words. You want her back but still can’t find those words for your feelings.

Don’t worry, sometimes it’s difficult to muster up the courage and tell exactly how you feel to someone you once had a relationship with. What you need is something that can be heartfelt by your ex-girlfriend, some text messages maybe or a letter or some quote or a song. You are just confused about what can be the right move or right words that might make you win back her love again.

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Words are something that holds great power in them. It has the ability to change a person and it has the ability to make things right. When you love someone, you tell them things that they want to hear. Not because they want to, but because you want to express your feelings for them. Sometimes, magical words just come out naturally from you, and sometimes you just wonder about what to say.

Now the situation here is to get your ex back with a deep, profound, well-thought message that gives you a chance to mend things with her.

So, if you feel you can’t express your feelings clearly to her then don’t worry because I am here to solve that problem for you. I will share with you some of the most heart-touching, passionate, and full of feelings messages that might just make you win back your ex.

  1. I may not be the best person you ever met, but I am the person who will love you more than the rest. Let’s forget the mistakes and get back together again. I miss you!
  2. My days are restless and my nights are long. I think of nothing but you and you only. How beautiful it was when you were with me. My heart, it beats for you only my beautiful girl. You may think the love is gone but it’s very much there still inside my heart. I miss you all the time my love.
  3. Being apart from you feels like someone has taken my heart straight out of my chest and threw it away somewhere. I can’t find it now because it always belonged to you. Only you can help me find it again.
  4. I want to say sorry to you, from the bottom of my heart. Please, forgive me for all the pain that I have caused you. I want to make things right and not wrong anymore. Can you please accept my apology and give me another chance?
  5. Come back my divine angel because there is no one else who I ever truly loved but you only. With you, I could understand the meaning of divine and true love. Now without you, I know the true meaning of sadness and emptiness.
  6. What I did was wrong and I admit that. No matter how much I say sorry, I still hurt you. But there is no other way to make you know how I feel deep inside. I truly am deeply sorry for the immense pain I caused you. I know I said it all before and I will say it as many times as I need it to be. Until I make things right with you again, my love.
  7. Whenever I try to sleep, I think of you, and in dreams, I see you only and when I wake up, I remember you. Your face is everywhere, telling me to get back to you again. That’s why I am here contacting you again, to tell you how I feel. Please, give me another chance because you are the only girl I can dream of.
  8. Days go by, time flies, and I am stopped in my place. My whole world is stopped since you left me, dear. How to tell you even how I feel right now, it’s madness and chaos here. It’s pain and hurt here. Because the guilt I am carrying is much heavier than the thought of losing you forever. I want to admit that everything that broke our bond was a huge mistake. And I want to fix it by saying sorry to you from the deepest depths of my heart. Please come back and make my world start again. I need you and I miss you all the time.
  9. I miss your voice. I miss your twerking. I miss your dress sense. I miss your understanding. I miss your hard work. I miss your support. I miss your body. I miss your touch. I miss your blush. I miss your eyes. I miss your nose and lips. I miss you. It took me late before I realized.
  10. Living with you and without you is like going to heaven and hell. The difference is clear. You make my earth here heaven with everything you brought there, unfortunately, I messed with it and I lost them all at once. I miss you. I really miss you.
  11. I want you again. I have prayed to God. I have cried about my mistakes. I am not going to hide it anymore; without you, I am gone. When you left, half of me left. If you don’t come back, then it’s over for me. Give me one more chance.
  12. My dear, I apologize for allowing you to pass through the hardest period of your life alone. Truly, you needed me. But I wasn’t there. I was preoccupied with other things. I was selfish and worst of all self-centered. I am truly sorry.
  13. It’s been a while now but I can’t still understand how I acted the way I did. I realized that I have always been so insensitive. I miss you dearly. I want us back because I can’t breathe well without you. With your love, I’m choked.
  14. I still desire to see you again. I still crave your warm embrace. These past months I have been in the midst of many people yet I am lonely. You have been my best companion. Though we broke up, I’m hoping we can make up.
  15. You gave me love. I gave you a coldness. You gave me care. I took it for granted. You endured me, I oppressed you. How foolish I am. To think I would be asking for your forgiveness when I know if I were in your shoes I wouldn’t have yielded is laughable, but you are not me. In fact, you are the right and perfect version of how I am. Please, help me to be better. Give me one more chance.
  16. For the words, I was supposed to say but refused to say. For the words, I was not supposed to say but I ended up saying, for the ways I was not supposed to act but I decided acting. For the one, I was supposed to do and I didn’t do. To all, I say I am very sorry. Now I know what it means to be truly down.
  17. I acted like a child during our relationship, yet you endured me. You gave me time to grow up and be understanding. Instead of improving, I became worse, full of myself. So, you could no longer bear it and I was blind to see you lose it. Now, I realize my errors. I miss you so much.
  18. My cute woman and most endearing lady. I have come to know that you can never be down, instead whoever looks down on your will end up being below you. You are a wonderful personality; I lost you out of carelessness. I have learned my lessons. I desire to see you again.
  19. You are a unique woman and your love for me was genuine. I was just crap at thinking I can do to you whatever I feel without considering or even overlooking the consequences. I know you will ever remain beautiful and I hope you can extend your beauty to my life just this time again.
  20. The love you showed me when we were together is still the only reference point in life when I think about true love. No one beats how you express love. You will always be the best lover I met. I want to meet you again and talk with you about all the things that happened one more.

These were some of the quotes, messages, and letters of some sort I found on the internet for you guys. To summarize the whole “Things to say to your ex”, what you need is words from the heart, filled with your love for her, your care for her, and your willingness to do whatever to have your ex back in life again.

There are many things that can be said but words from the heart always hold true meaning to your intentions. Let your ex know that love is not lost completely, there is still something that can be done.

Good luck to you guys! Hope you get her soon.

☀ Good Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back To You ☀

Photo credit: unsplash.com

You had a breakup with your girlfriend and now you are thinking about whether will she eventually come back to you or not? But you try to focus more on “Come back” rather than “Not come back” because she was someone you loved and cared for in the first place.

If you broke up with her after a big fight or just common misunderstandings that caused the relationship to turn sour. You both decided it’s time to take a break and understand the relationship better. Or it could be something more intense like anger, which caused the relationship to end. It can be anything, the reasons can be many but the results are the same. You broke up. You both went separate ways and you both decided to have some time alone from each other. Usually, that’s what happens when couples decide to break up.

But, the love is very much still there between both of you. It resides so deep, right in the core of your very souls. All you want is now to just get that love back again in your life. You want your ex back so badly that you can’t think or sleep well. All you want is just a second chance with her and ask for forgiveness. You want to make things very much right this time and you miss her all the time. You still love her.

These are all normal feelings for your ex because love is something that is easy yet difficult to understand. When we react to our impulses, the results are often catastrophic, like a breakup with the person we love. But we never let go of them forever, right?

So, if you are looking for signs that your ex will eventually come to you then look no further because I got them right here. Don’t worry at all. I have found the signs which might help you with peace of mind about having your ex in life again.

➤ She didn’t block your number

Breakups are rough on both the man and the woman. The majority of the time you both are angry at each other and blame each other for being the cause of relationship issues. And when the breakup eventually happens, you try to stop communicating with each other because both of you are upset.

But, if your ex has not blocked your number yet. And you can still call her or share text messages with each other. Then this might be a sign that she is letting you chat with her so that you can ask her to come to you again.

➤ She texts you

Now that she still hasn’t blocked your number, she is willing to text you in a day. It can be just one message or two. Or an “Accidental Text” which basically starts a conversation that lasts for hours. She might make it look like she texted you by accident but we all know that when you are in love, you take up any chances to have a conversation with the person you love.

So what does this mean? It means that she wants to share her feelings with you via text messages and wants to have long conversations still. If she is still texting you after a breakup, then your ex will eventually come to you soon.

➤ She checks you on social media

In today’s time, social media is a must-have for every person. And almost everyone has gotten at least one account on social media. They all have memories, photos, status, stories, and videos there. It’s just you share whatever you do in your actual life on social media.

Now when you are in a relationship, your girlfriend might have added you there too and probably made some fun things together and shared with the world.

But after a breakup, if you sense that your ex still hangs around your social media accounts, and drop a like here and there just to see what you have been up to. Then it’s a sign that she still wants you in her life. She probably wants to get you again.

➤ She is not seeing other people

One of the major signs that your ex will eventually be with you again is when she is not seeing or dating anyone else yet. If your ex is not getting into a new relationship then she might be thinking about you.

But it doesn’t mean it’s always like that, maybe she is just taking some to evaluate her feelings before trying something new again. She might want you again and she might want someone new. In both cases, it’s a sign that you should look out for.

➤ She is nostalgic

Now that you have established contact, it seems your ex is always talking about the good times she had with you. All the memories and happy moments won’t leave her mind because she is constantly thinking about you. She shares with you every day how it was and how it could’ve been. Sharing her feelings with you to remind you about the love that was there.

The nostalgia hits her and she just can’t stop herself without sharing it with you. If she is thinking about you still, and want to share all the good memories with you then it’s a sign that she might be thinking of reuniting with you.

➤ She wants to hang out with you

Even when you spend time apart from your ex, it seems she just can’t resist asking you out on a weekend and hang out with you. She requests you to meet with her occasionally because she misses you. She might not say that directly to you but we all know what it means. She is a girl who misses your company and that’s why she asks you to be with her from time to time. Even when she is your ex-girlfriend.

Now, what does this all mean? well, it means she wants you to reconsider having a relationship with her again. She might be giving you signs that she is still very much in love with you. She could’ve asked anyone else in the world but she asked you, her ex to give her company.

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➤ She told her friends about her feelings

When you are in a relationship with a girl, it’s common for boys to be friends with their friends as well. Maybe just with her best friend. You meet them, you speak to them, and even chat with them so often.

So, if they tell you that your ex has opened up to them and shared all their feelings with them about how she misses you and how she is longing for you, and how she is so in love with you still. Then clearly it’s a sign she wants to be in your life again.

Friends are there to help both of you, and they might make her eventually be with you again soon. Because she trusts them and she still has feelings for you. So be patient and give time.

➤ She still visits your family

If your ex is still visiting your family members even after you broke up with her then it means she still cares about you and the relationship you had with her. She might not be completely over you yet and this visiting your family is a clear indication that she still considers you to be the love of her life.

She could have just stopped seeing your family members if she wanted to but if she has decided to see them even still then it’s a sign she wants you in her life again.

➤ She hasn’t returned your things

One of the signs that she will be returning to you is when she hasn’t given you back the things you gave her. When you are in a relationship, giving each other gifts shows affection and love. It can be anything, from a dress to toys or something special that only you both know.

If she hasn’t returned those things to you yet then it means she is very fond of them and can’t resist the thought of giving them back to you because to her it might mean that the relationship is completely over. And she might not want that, the reason? because she is still holding on to your things. She loves them because it reminds her of you.

These signs are very obvious that your ex might be thinking about re-establishing the relationship with you again.

➤ She answers your calls

If your ex is picking up your calls even after a breakup then it means she wants to have a conversation with you still. Mostly, they will ignore your calls after a breakup and would probably block you everywhere they can.

But if she hasn’t done any of that and still picks up your call then it’s a sign she might be thinking of giving you another chance. She might not talk with you how she used to but even if she agrees to only have a conversation with you via call means she might have something on her mind about you.

Instead of ignoring, talking with you is a good sign that eventually she will reunite with you again.

➤ She is sad

Things happened between you and your ex, and now you both are alone. Women are emotional when it comes to things where feelings are involved like love, relationships, and guilt.

When couples break up, both of them become sad and feel some kind of guilt at the start. They both want to say things but somehow they can’t

If your ex is in contact with you and she is sharing her feelings about how sad she is when you were gone and how much she misses you. Then she might be thinking that you might want her again too. She tries her best to tell you about her heart, feelings and make you understand that she misses you like crazy.

It’s a sign she is missing your presence and she wants a relationship with you again

➤ She does things you love

If your ex has decided to do things that you love then it’s a sign she might be trying to get you back. Was there something that you wanted to change when you were in a relationship with her? was there something you shared with her that you loved or like? And now your ex is giving you or showing you a change in her which might make you believe she is trying her best to win you over?

Then it’s a sign that she is making an effort to reunite with you on good terms. She wants to change herself for you and want to have a relationship with you again.

➤ She admits the mistakes

If your ex admits that she was wrong and tries to repent for the mistakes she has done then deep down she is trying to win you back in her life again. Admitting that you are wrong is a really difficult and hard thing to do in the first place. If she has told you that she feels bad or worst about what happened it’s a sign she feels guilty about what happened to the relationship and wants to fix things with you.

➤ She appears out of the blue, everywhere

If your ex is popping up at places where you usually didn’t see her before, then she is trying to be near you in order to have you again in her life. She is doing this on purpose to remind you about the relationship you once had with her.

Wherever you go, in events, in the coffee shop near your workplace, to a party, etc. She just appears out of the blue and strikes up a conversation with you. It just means she misses you a lot and still wants you to consider getting back together with her.

➤ She makes you happiest

If your ex is trying to make you happy even after a breakup then she wants to get you again. Suddenly, she is giving you more attention and more affection and care. Over the phone, or casual meetings. She is trying to do every possible thing that can make you happy.

Maybe you needed a collectible item and she gifts it to you randomly. She showers you with her sweetness and care in a subtle way that you might think of getting back together with her again.

Then it’s a sign she will eventually come back to you.

💞 Ways to make your ex miss you after a breakup 💞

Photo credit: unsplash.com

There are many ways to make your ex miss you after a breakup. Why do you want her to miss you in the first place? That should be the question. Do you want to be with her again? Do you want the love again which was there in the relationship? Is your mind full of only her thoughts? Does she not leave your mind and you miss her to the point that you want her to miss you too?

Well if you are looking for effective ways for your ex to miss you then you are at the right place. I will tell you how you can make her miss you. You probably still love her and want to get her again in your life. You want to give the relationship with her another chance, so, here are some of the ways to make her ex miss you.

➭ Show her that you are happy

Showing your ex that you are fine without her and still can be happy will make her miss you madly. She will try to know how can you be happy without her and probably will think about different scenarios in her head to find the reason for your happiness.

If you display your happiness to her, she might miss you even more after a breakup. It’s not meant to hurt your ex but only to make her realize that she still loves you. By showing to her that you are fine and well without her, you can actually see her real personality. You can find the answer to true love as well that way.

Couples usually do this to make their ex miss them in a way so that they want them again in their life. If you show your ex that you are fine, she will want you again for sure. Because she still loves you and will probably miss you even more after seeing you happy.

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➭ Ignoring her might do the trick

Women don’t like to be ignored, whether she is a girl or a woman, no matter what age. They need attention and care, always. Most men know that already and commonly use this trick to make women miss them.

If you ignore your ex after a breakup, you are making her being left alone with her thoughts which can go anywhere. Probably, always about yourself.

So, keep your distance whenever you come into contact with her, ignore her for some time, don’t answer her text messages or calls, don’t talk with her friends, simply ignore her to the point she starts missing you. Don’t show her that the bond we shared was something extraordinary.

That way, her women instincts might awaken and she would start to miss you and probably regret leaving you. She will try her best to contact you more frequently because she has just started missing you badly

➭ Have some confidence

Believe in yourself. No words can be more powerful than these. If you have trust in yourself and believe in what you have then stick to it. Nothing gives off a more clear message to your ex than being confident in yourself. If she gets the hint that you have great confidence and can do anything. She might get scared of that and probably will start missing you a lot.

By showing great confidence to your ex, you are indirectly telling her that she’s made a big mistake for leaving you. Confidence is a great thing for a guy to have. Not only it gives you a morale boost, but it makes you look better. And women love that.

With confidence like that, she will start missing you in no time and probably will grow feelings for you once again.

➭ Take good care of yourself

Don’t be gloomy, depressed, and dark after a breakup. I know it’s easier said than done but believe me, if you try your hardest on this, you will be happy soon.

Instead of becoming a hermit, loving solitude, and just a depressed guy, work on yourself more. If you take care of yourself and get a new look. She might miss you even more and will want you back in no time. Get some new clothes, get into shape, work on your face or hair. Anything that can bring a change in your look. The more cool and sexy you will look, the more she will miss and want you.

➭ Don’t be desperate for her love

The goal here is to make your ex’s heart miss you, and showing desperation for her love is not the right way to go about this. Instead of showing being desperate for her love, show her that you can be fine without her. Get a new hobby, plan a vacation with your friends, go out with your family, etc. There are plenty of other people who love you. Showing her a sign like this may make her miss you badly and she will probably try to get back to you in no time.

She will miss you so much that her clinginess will simply be controlled then. All she will think about is you, you, and you. Love is the cause and remedy for all relationships. Make her feel that love can be found everywhere and see what happens afterward.

∎ Ways To Make Your Ex-Girlfriend Regret Dumping You ∎

Some of the ways that I think might make her regret dumping you are:

Make her jealous

By making her jealous in many ways will surely make your ex-girlfriend regret dumping you. You can make her jealous by hanging out with other girls. Throwing smiles every time she sees you and making your social apps blow up with your photos being happy without her. Having fun without her is one way to make her regret dumping you.

⫸Completely remove any kind of contact

cutting off complete contact with your ex might make her regret her decision of dumping you. It’s like you completely removed her from your life and women can’t stand that. Delete her number and block her on all social apps. It will surely make her regret dumping you.

⫸ Don’t reply to her text messages or calls

If you haven’t blocked her yet, you can simply ignore her text messages or calls. No matter how much she pleads or shows remorse for her actions, you should ignore her. It’s just a tactic to win you again for some time. You are not a time pass. Always remember that. Don’t settle for something like this and fall into her trap. Ignore her calls and chats will give her the signal that you have moved on. And that will surely make her regret her decision to dumping you.

⫸ Show her you have moved on

One way to make her regret dumping is by simply moving on. Show her that you are fine and well even without her. Make her know that she can be replaced. Just the thought of having another person to take her place in your life will make her decision of dumping you regretful.

⫸ Ignore her

The oldest trick in the book is to just ignore her no matter where, how, and why she makes a contact with you. Ignoring is the right way to make your toxic ex-girlfriend regret dumping you. Whenever she needs you, simply don’t reply or show any interest in her anymore. By doing that, she will probably think that you have completely forgotten about her and have moved on happily. It might build some guilt inside her which will eventually make her regret dumping you.

⌛ Is it possible to get back with an ex years later? ⌛

Photo credit: unsplash.com

It is possible. Only if she is single. If she is married or with somebody else, then it’s not possible.

How is it possible?

The universe works in a magical way. When two people are meant to be with each other, there is no way the universe will separate you for long. The breakup always comes in a form of a test on how strong your bond is with your partner.

You can either be broken for a quite long time or, you can come and be together again, for eternity. And much stronger.

Love is never gone, always remember that. No matter with whom you share your love, it’s always there even years later. There are stories of love that started as teenagers, then the breakup happened, the girl got married to someone else, and still, they found love again in their life later.

Your ex might still have feelings for you and seeing you again after years later might awaken the old feelings inside her.

One movie comes to my mind that true love is possible, even if it is not present for a while. That movie is “Love In The Time Of Cholera” It’s a must-watch! Because the movie explains love pretty well and acting in the movie really makes you relate to the scenario that is portrayed by the actors.

It shows that it is possible to find love again, even after many years, you can be back with the woman of your dreams.

How is it not possible?

You can’t get back with your ex after years later for many reasons. The main one is if she is married or with someone else. It is a clear indication that she has moved on and chosen someone else to spend her life with. Why would she leave everything just to be with you again? Do the years she spend with the other guy mean nothing to her? That way of thinking is wrong and terrifying. For both of you. You might see her again but not as your girlfriend anymore but as someone’s wife or partner.

Affairs only lead to destruction and there are a lot of things involved in a love triangle. Conspiracies, betrayals, trust issues, guilt, depression, and a huge amount of hurt to all 3 involved.

It’s just not possible to get her again in your life when she is with somebody else. Even thinking about getting back together with her will do harm to so many people around you. Even your families. If that is the case then sadly it’s not possible to get back with your ex even after years later.

Just think of all the feelings of people involved, and you will find the answer to right and wrong. Don’t be a fool and give in to the devil. Because only he will lead you astray. What’s gone is gone, admit that and move on with your life.

◈ How do you know if your ex is your soul mate? ◈

Photo credit: unsplash.com

Soulmate. A single word with the meaning of everything inside it. The Universe. Love. Man and a woman. God. Spirit. Angels. Care. Kindness. Just on and on and on.

Finding a soulmate in your life is not so easy as movies or films make it to be. It’s a blessing if you have found yours. But how do you know if someone is your soulmate? And how can an ex be your soulmate?

When a man or a woman gets into a new relationship, they find love first. They meet each other souls by making eye contact. They see something others cannot see in you. It’s something that cannot be explained in just words but only the person who can feel that sensation can tell you.

So, if you are with someone whom you consider your partner and you love her doesn’t necessarily mean she is your soulmate. A soulmate is someone extraordinary that will literally do anything for you just for the sake of making you happy. A soulmate will put your happiness first before anyone else. A soulmate will lift up your spirit and show you the meaning of true love. A soulmate is someone who not only stays with you in this world but plans to be with you forever even in the afterlife.

So if your ex-girlfriend has made you feel like the best version of yourself. If her presence always made you smile just because she is there. If her words have reached the very core of your soul at some point and if she still loves you even after a breakup then there is a chance that she might have been your soulmate. And she still is because she still loves you.

Love doesn’t just come and go. Love stays inside you, it wraps your heart with something extraordinary that can only be known to your soulmate.

If she stays single after a long period of time if she still keeps your things with her if she is reminiscing about the time you gave her and misses you. Then your ex might be your soulmate.

To love is one thing, but to truly love is another. Without a doubt, true love is the most beautiful thing in the world and that can only be received in the form of soulmates.

⦿ Does begging for your ex-back work? ⦿

Photo credit: unsplash.com

No. It can never work for you because to women begging just feels awful, it makes them cringe and just make you sound desperate. No matter how much you bet to get your ex back again, it just won’t do. Only on the rarest occasion when your ex has no standards at all. And she thinks of you nothing but some boy to pass her time with. If you are okay with being treated like an animal then of course go ahead, beg as much as you need. But that will only work in her favor and not you. Do you think everything will be the same as before you if you beg your ex to be with you again? Think again!

Women will not treat you the same if you beg them to take you in their life again. Women want a MAN, not someone who cries and begs for love. Who cries and begs for attention. Who cries and begs for her time. Why should she spend time with a man who begs from her? It will simply make her hate you or resent you even if you behave like a loser.

Love is not something you should beg for instead it’s something that should be given to you naturally by a woman. Instead of begging, why not change her mind about you by talking about you? Instead of begging, why not change yourself for the better? Instead of begging, why not try to create comfort and peace so that she can think about having you in her life again?

Anything besides begging will work on decent, smart, intelligent, loving, caring, and true girls. If you want something fake in your life, then go and beg your ex as much as you can. If she accepts your begging and agrees to take you back then know that she is only using you for her benefits.

Listen to my advice and don’t ever beg for love. Not to your ex. Not to anyone. Instead, make things work by being thoughtful and considerate. By being charming and kind. That way you will attract good people in your life, even your ex-girlfriend if she is good.

🕴️ Conclusions 🕴️

Photo credit: unsplash.com

If you have read my article till now then I am sure you must have gotten the basic idea of how to get your ex-girlfriend back. What are the things and emotions related to ex-girlfriends and how to solve your many problems in one spot?

To love is the most precious thing in the world and to be loved by someone like a woman is something even more beautiful. All relationships have problems and many ups and downs during their journey. If it was just only happiness all the time then this world will be heaven, right?

So if you had a breakup with the person you love then don’t be scared. Be calm, patient and let time heal you both. It’s only for just a moment, it will pass, it will go away and when you both come to your senses, it will all make sense again.

If you want to get your ex-girlfriend back again in your life then you must have made a decision about how much you want that to happen. She might also be thinking just the same and all that is left is to take your decision into action.

With all the tips and signs that I have shared with you, you can use any of those and try your very best to get your ex-girlfriend in your life again. She should be yours and your only.

May the love find its way back into your lives again.

👤 Relevant Questions 👤

Q: What percentage of breakups get back together?

A: As per relationship expert’s research, 50 percent of the couples get back together after a breakup, and 50 percent of people don’t.

Q: How do you make your ex fall in love again psychology?

A: By implementing positive motivation. You need to show her that you are not just a relationship material but marriage material. You need to attract your ex in simple ways like having a pleasant conversation with her or complimenting her etc. If you actively try to motivate her in going out with you, then for sure your ex will fall in love with you again soon.

Q: How you can get your ex-girlfriend to talk to you again?

A: By making contact with her after a breakup and apologizing for what broke the relationship. It doesn’t have to be the blame game. If you apologize only, even then she might just want to start talking with you again.

Q: Why am I suddenly thinking about my ex?

A: Because of love. Love doesn’t leave hearts so easily or quickly. It stays there probably forever, all your life. Whenever something reminds you of her, all you do is start thinking about her. It can be your guilt too and you might want to patch things up with her. That’s why you are suddenly thinking about your ex. You loved her and now you miss her. So obviously you will think about your ex.


Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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