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How Do Guys Feel After A Break-Up: 24 Things You Need To Know

Do you want to know how does he feel after the breakup with you? When two people end up their relationship with each other, the most critical emotional time starts for both of them. To deal with that situation, you must know how do you/he feel after that. Here are the 24 things you need to know on how do guys feel after a break-up

💔 24 things you need to know on how do guys feel after the breakup 💔

After a breakup, a guy may feel some or all of the following things!

1. Feel depressed

After a breakup, most of the guys go into depression. They feel so depressed and helpless when their women leave them alone.

According to the latest research in psychology today, don’t only women tend to go into depression after a breakup but men also do.

2. Prolonged anxiety

Even if a guy doesn’t go into depression, he would for sure suffer through prolonged anxiety if he used to love you so much.

When a person has emotionally invested in you, the thoughts of being apart for life can cause him severe anxiety for a long time.

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels.com

3. Gets furious on little things

When he is hurt after a breakup, he would get furious about little things. He would feel annoyed and angry about every little thing and may start to react harshly.

It’s possible that he may try to engage in more self-destructive behaviors when he is hurt.

4. Stops laughing

When guys are hurt after a breakup, they usually stop laughing because their self-esteem is hurt so much.

He would seem more serious and less talkative when you leave him.

5. Stops trusting anyone

When the self-esteem and trust of guys hurt, they would ultimately stop trusting anyone else. Most women also do the same but men are more into it.

It’s not only after a breakup but it’s a human psyche that he stops trusting others immediately after being deceived by others.

6. Avoids conversations

It’s not an easy job to fix a broken heart. Therefore, he would talk time to get back to a normal life after a breakup.

During that time, he would avoid conversations with others and may start to avoid people until he get over this trauma.

7. Feels lonely

Many guys start to feel lonely after broken relationships. Building up new relationships and move on is not easy for many guys.

Even if he has friends and family around him, he would still feel lonely and sad when you are not with him.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

8. He may get low on confidence

A strange phenomenon when a relationship ends is that the confidence level of a guy also ends with the relationship. He would start to avoid facing people and may feel pity for himself.

A guy’s low confidence level would make it even harder for him to handle breakups. It makes him suffer a lot when a relationship ended.

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9. He plays the blame game

When guys are hurt so much after a breakup, they may feel so bad that ultimately lead them to the point where they start playing the blame games.

No matter who was wrong or if it was a mutual decision, he would start to blame you for whatever happened. By blaming you post-breakup, he would try to calm down himself.

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12. May be unable to sleep

Men tend to go through sleep issues when their women break the relationship with them. These issues in sleeping peacefully due to breakup may take guys to the onset of insomnia.

For many guys, sleep-related reading to overcome negative emotions may sometimes fail to get a good sleep.

13. He may also lose his hunger

When a stress-coping mechanism fails to help a guy come out of the stress, he may start feeling the loss of hunger.

The overwhelming flood of old memories and feelings from the past would not let him live peacefully. The inner flood of emotions with the tough exterior of mixed signals would ruin his eating rhythms and hunger cycles.

14. May attempt suicide

Sometimes, men break their relationship and then regret breaking it. When they find no way to get back to you for rebound relationships or to start a new relationship again, they may try suicide.

In some cases, the suicidal attempts are mild that they don’t hurt much a guy but in other cases, guys may end up their lives. It usually happens when men feel pain so badly that they fail to help themselves.

15. He may also start focusing more on job

To divert his attention, he may start to focus more on his job so that he would forget what happened in his life.

He would avoid talking to his coworkers as well while trying to engage himself in accomplishing the work goals. He would be doing all of this only to overcome the thoughts that have been hurting him.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

16. Tries to keep himself busy and occupied

Not only at the job, but sometimes men also try to keep themselves busy and occupied in their personal lives or at home to avoid regretting.

For example, he may start performing unusual household cores that he was not used to doing before. Guys act like this so that their minds focus on the upfront chores and don’t miss you at all.

However, it is a failed attempt in most cases because forgetting someone is not really that easy. It takes time to overcome the love thoughts or to move on after a breakup.

17. Locks him in the home or leave home for days

Have you ever locked yourself in the home when you are feeling bad and don’t want to talk to anyone? It is exactly what guys tend to do after a breakup as per male psychology.

Male psychology states that men either lock themselves in the home or leave their place to get over their current feelings.

18. Starts spending more time with friends

It is also possible that he starts to spend more time with his friends to deal with his broken heart and poor feelings.

He may seek a new hobby to divert his attention and stop feeling hurt anymore. In the same way, he may also join some new clubs and make new friends as a defense mechanism.

There are also chances that he tries to go back to his ex-partner or ex-girlfriend. To handle breakups, returning back to the ex-partner is usually the best strategy for the guys.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

19. Quit using social media or block you

You would also notice a sudden change in his social media posts. To overcome his feelings, he would either quit using social media or may block you or certain people linked with you.

In this way, he would try to escape from the harsh memories of this relationship. These existential moments would make him cut down all personal chats too to avoid getting hurt.

20. He may pretend as if he doesn’t care anymore

It is possible that he pretends as if he doesn’t care anymore but in reality, he would not be that bigger person with a bigger heart. He would still be caring inside for you and would rush to you if you call him in pain.

However, it’s normal for a guy to make an initial reaction as if he doesn’t care. This is a common way through which men deal with relationship breakups.

21. Wants to escape

After a relationship breakup, a guy may want to escape from the whole situation. If you wonder how guys hurt, the most common thing that you will observe is the escape.

They start to avoid meeting people, avoid conversations, avoid visiting old places, and hide somewhere. Men tend to escape from their responsibilities too in many cases during the initial phases of breakup relationships.

As time pass, the guys behave a bit differently and things come down to normal in a slow manner.

22. Feel like crying all the time

A guy behaves as if he feels like crying all the time or he may actually cry all the time depending on the intensity of this emotional bonding with that person.

If he had a strong emotional bonding with that person, he would cry hard for weeks or months that may lead him to depression.

However, a man heals faster if this relationship was not so intense or was not a highly committed relationship.

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Photo credit: Pexels.com

23. Reevaluates himself

One casual fling to move on is to reevaluate yourself. Generally speaking, a number of men think about reevaluating themselves when their relationship ends with a woman.

If not initially, they must reevaluate themselves later about what was wrong with them or what shouldn’t happen. They make plans to represents a new version of themselves, either in a positive way or a negative way.

24. Tries to move on

There are also men who try to move on after their relationship with their women ends. Although moving on for the men is as hard as for the women, but they are good at it.

Instead of taking their further life in a non-serious or fun way, they take it seriously and make realistically better plans to move on.

🖤 What do guys do after a breakup? 🖤

After a breakup, guys do a number of things from which the top five are as follows:

➯ Guys hurt after a breakup and cry hard

Many men feel so broken when the relationships end that they keep crying for days, weeks, or even months. The feelings of losing their favorite women are not easy to overcome for many men.

➯  Guys tend to stop trusting women

As a result of a breakup, mostly men stop trusting all other women because they believe that all of them are the same. They even stop trusting their friends because they believe that these closest friends would also leave them one day.

➯ They hardly laugh

When relationships break, the feelings of happiness disappear from the men’s lives. As a result, they hardly laugh and nothing tends to bring a smile to their face easily.

➯ They may isolate themselves

Similarly, there are men who isolate themselves from all other people when their relationship breaks. The reason is that they are so broken from the inside and don’t have the courage to face the world.

➯ Guys limit their conversations

In addition, men also limit their conversations with others. No matter if there are his friends or family members, they don’t talk much because their mind is still stuck in the past trauma.

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🗣 Ways to Tell if Your Breakup Will Last 🗣

Here are the following five ways to tell if your breakup will last forever or not.

➽ When there is no regret

Keep in mind that when there is no regret on one or both sides, the breakup will last for sure. To get back into a long-lasting relationship with each other, it is crucial that two people regret leaving one another.

With this feeling of regret, the patch-up becomes impossible.

➽ When one of the partners is caught cheating

When one of the partners is caught cheating the other partner, the breakup will last forever. It is because when one of them is more interested in someone else, he won’t come back to you.

➽ It lasts when men/women tend not to change

If both of you are not willing to admit your mistakes and don’t want to improve yourself, the breakup will last. To end a breakup, it is important that two people must be ready to change for the good.

➽ When the ego is stronger

When one of the partners has a high ego and is not ready to apologize/compromise, the relationships don’t fix.

For long-lasting relationships, it is important that there is no ego factor between both of you. Instead, your love and commitment should be higher than your ego.

➽ When moving on is easier

Moreover, the breakup will last for sure when moving on is easier for one or both of the people. Sometimes, people are so much fed up with each other and so broken by each other’s actions/words that they find it better to move on.

When harsh memories from the past strongly occupy your mind and help you in moving on, the breakup will last.

🥺️ How do you deal with a breakup when you still love them? 🥺️

It’s hardest to deal with a breakup in rebound relationships especially when you still love them. No matter how bad was the guy’s behavior, you would miss him so bad if you love him.

In such situations, it is always good to seek out some help. First of all, you must try to talk to your ex-boyfriend if he also wants to get back to you.

If he still gives you hard time, seek help from a friend, family member, or maybe from a relationship expert. For this purpose, you must also spend some time fixing relationship-related reading to get ideas for reunion.

There are lots of cases where women successfully got their ex-boyfriends back by getting professional advice on the matter.

Figure out the things in a particular order and see what works best for you to deal with a breakup when you still love him.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

😢 Do guys cry during a breakup? 😢

It’s a fact that guys also feel sad and helpless during a breakup. These feelings of sadness and helplessness bring them to the point where they cry so hard after losing their women.

In other words, the crying also depends on the self-destructive tendencies of a guy’s behavior. A mature person may be good at controlling his tears but others may feel helpless and cry throughout the night.

During or post-breakup crying is normal for those men and women who had true feelings of love for each other. When two people used to feel fulfilled with each other, crying is a must and uncontrollable phenomenon during a breakup.

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

Just like women suffer badly after a breakup, the men also feel the worst when their love relationship ends. Top 24 ways about how do most men feel after a break-up have been discussed in this article that you must know.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that no matter what happens, you shouldn’t attempt to physically harm another person. Whether it is your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, no one should be harmed in this two-way street of love and breakup.

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