Glossika Review: Fairly Assessed [2024]!

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Nowadays,lots of people are intersted in learning a language, as those who can speak a foreign language, especially English have better chance to get a well-paid job and such individuals feel more comfortable outside of their country.

Glossika Review

Learning a new language by using language apps and platforms

So,language learners are looking for effective and affordable ways of learning a target language.One of these ways is language learning app,like Fluent Forever App, uTalk, Baselang, Yabla, iTalki, Preply, Mondly.

Glossika Review

Moreover, there is one company offerring brand new and innovative language learning method. This is Glossika with Glossika method which offers more productive way of language learning for all language learners.

You can learn different languages or improve your language skills by using Glossika. It doesnt’t matter whether you are intermediate learner or complete beginner, Glossika definitely helps you in learning the language that you want.

There is the opportunity to learn so many languages, achieve fluency by innovative language courses in Glossika. It is not necessary looking for other resources, if you use Glossika as a main tool to learn a language.

Glossika Review

The main goal of my research

I personally used it for a month and did glossika review. If you are hesitating to use Glossika as a tool to learn a language, you can make a final decision by reading glossika review in this article.

I believe that Glossika is considered as one of the few resources that can really help you in learning the language.

You can also make sure that Glossika is reliable way of language learning by opinions of people review glossika. Just go to this link to get familiar with glossika review done by users.

If you also want to review glossika, you can also leave your comments on the Internet. By this way, you can contribute people to decide to use or not to use Glossika.

Glossika Review

Glossika Review

Glossika is developed by American linguist and phonologist,Michael Campbell, who offerred language learners the Artificial Intelligence based audio method containing bilingual sentences.

This method is not suitable for beginners and is designed for intermediate level learners.

That’s why, you are required to know, at least, basic grammar rules in order not to have difficulties during lessons of Glossika.But, don’t worry if you don’t know all grammar rules in your target language.

The reason is that Glossika provides you with necessary grammar explanations during lessons. You just need to listen and repeat.

Glossika Review

Glossika teaches you through the method mainly based on repetition. There are audio recordings from the native speakers of different languages.

Intermediate learners have an opportunity to learn some new vocabulary, improve their knowledge by learning grammar patterns and increase their self-confidence by practice speaking.

Thanks to the Glossika review I did, I found out that Glossika is not only the learning tool, but also it can serve as the way of language preservation.

Glossika Review

Glossika and other language platforms

Glossika Review

In my opinion, Glossika better than other language platforms, such as Fluent Forever App, uTalk, Baselang, Yabla, iTalki, Preply, Mondly because of the usefull native speaker recordings of it.

According to my glossika review, such language apps that I stated above are less effective and unconvenient to use in comparison with Glossika.

I would like to recommend to use Glossy for those who don’t want to be limited with only one language and have a desire to learn the language in a convenient and productive way.

Glossika is one of the best ways of learning the language. Besides, Glossika claims that they guarantee to the good quality of their service.








Glossika Review

Approach of Glossika based on lots of repetition of the same sentences

Audio recordings that Glossika offers contains the same materials for different languages and this method mainly based on spaced repetition, whereas other resources are different for each language. For example, French learners have more exercises available compared to Dutch and Swahili ones.

The spaced repetition system of Glossika makes learning process easier.

I think that Glossika is more befeficial for learners compared to other language learning apps and learning tools because of this system enabling people learning the language more easily and more productively.

The audio materials containing the speech of native speaker are given more focus in all the languages.

In Glossika, at the beginning, you should choose the source language. After that,the native speaker says a sentence in the language you chose. Then there will be a pause, followed by the translation of the sentence in your target language.

Glossika Review

Meaning of lots of repetition

This method is designed to make you learn a new language intuitively by memorizing necessary phrases and sentences which are used by native speakers in everyday life.

I personally recommend you to avoid using English so much in Glossika. In my point of view, either turning off the audio for the source language or changing it to another one that you have a desire to learn might be beneficial for you.

Glossika basically emphasizes so-called ‘Glossika Mass Sentences’.These sentences become difficult gradually and they are designed for students to learn sentence structure and to speak like a native speaker.


The convenience of learning the language in Glossika

Learning a target language by Glossika is so convenient, as you can listen to audios offered by it wherever you are.

You just need technological device which have an access to the Internet and optionally good quality earphones making audio more clearly and helping you in learning process.

Glossika Review

The importance of the information about country in which the language you are learning considered as native one

In order to learn a new language, we should first find out enough information about the country in which citizens mostly speak in this language.

It is clear that every country’s language has a similarities with its traditions. For example, if you have enough information about the culture of Great Britain, it would probably be easy for you to learn English.

It means that, knowing only grammar rules, grammar structures and sentence patterns doesn’t mean that you have completely learnt a language.

Glossika gives learners the opportunity to find out more about the culture of the country in which their target language considered as official. There are 3000 sentences available for each language in Glossika.

These sentences express the culture and traditions of different countries. Enjoy learning a language with the help of sentences expressing culture of the country in which the language you are learning considered as native language!


Languages available in Glossika

You can learn multiple languages by using Glossika.There are popular languages among them, such as German, English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, Korean, Hindi, Persian, Arabic, Turkish and Russian.

Glossika Review

Moreover, it is possible to learn following languages absolutely for free: Kurdish(Sorani), Gaelic, Manx, Welsh , Wenzhounese(Wu), Catalan, Hakka(Hailu), Hakka(Sixian), Taiwanese Hokkien,

If you fed up with being capable of speaking only in one language, just sign up for Glossika and get the opportunity to learn more than 60 languages with the help of modern AI based method considering as one the best language learning resources.

And now we will continue our glossika review and talk about types of exrecises and errors in Glossika.


Starting with Glossika

There are 5 types of exercises in Glossika, typing, dictation, choice, translation and fill in. During my research, I saw some errors in these exrecises making learning process slower.

Some of these exercises might not be interesting for some learners.

It is so easy to sign up in Glossika. After signing up, you have an access to all the languages available in this platform. Also, you shouldn’t pay for signing up in Glossika.

First of all, you see the page that gives you information about the way in which the approach of Glossika works and you should also choose the language that you have a desire to learn.

Then, it is time to determine your level. In order to do that, you are given a placement test.

When I tried to do this test, there were 5 questions in placement test. I wanted to find out where I should begin with Spanish, Arabic or Japanese.

After, I tried to do the placement test on my computer to determine my level in Chinese language and there were given me 10 questions. I think that it is error and programmers working in Glossika should fix it.

In the placement test, you are given 10 sentences and you should listen them. All of them have a different level of difficulty. In my opinion, the algorithm is particularly designed for stopping people at some level of difficulty when it is clear that they doesn’t have enough knowledge to answer to the questions.

For instance, I made a really silly mistake in B2 level test of Chinese and the program stopped me. I was not given questions of C1 level.

Glossika Review

Functions of Glossika

After determining your level, you have a chance to select the topics on your own. Then, you should click on the ‘Start Session’ button, followed by you are given a number of sentences that have a similar level of difficulty as your level of language.

You can change your preferences and Glossika points you out how to do so.

During lessons, first you hear the voice of English speaker saying you a sentence. Then another speaker tells you the translation of the sentence in the language that you are learning. In settings, you can change the source language or remove it, change the speed of audio and regulate interval between sentences.

Smiley face at the bottom helps you skip the sentence. During sessions, there might appear text below. Smiley face also helps you read this text.

The top left corner is where you can find out about the number of reps you have left and also the amount of time it would possibly take to complete.

It is possible to record your own voice after repeating every sentence.

After completing the session, Glossika asks you rate the level of difficulty of sentences. It is also possible to rate a particular sentence and give the feedback about the usefulness and level of difficulty of that sentence.

Thanks to spaced repetition, memorizing new words becomes much easier for you. It also helps you increase your speaking skills and your learning speed.

Until starting of the next lesson, you can repeat what you have learnt by either simply clicking to the ‘Starting the session’ or by using the practice mode.

Glossika Review

Let’s continue to review glossika and elaborate the practice mode.

Full practice mode

Through the full practice mode you can repeat what you have learnt by using different functions of Glossiki, such as typing, dictation, choice, translation and feel in.

I personally think that practice mood is more effective way of learning a new language compared to spaced repetition method of Glossika.

While with the help of listening only mode you can just increase your listening skills and learning speed, by full practice mode you have a chance to increase your speaking skills and improve your knowledge of grammar structures.

Advantageous sides of exercises in Glossika

For example, typing exercises can help you increase your writing skills. After doing some typing exercises, you are able to think of sentences not in your native language, but in the foreign language you want to learn.

And translation exercises help you in learning few languages simultaneously. In addition, after completing this type of exercises, you are able to fully understand academic articles which are diificult to understand.

The reason is that such exercises teach you not only how to tranlsate sentences, but also improve your vocabulary.

Glossika Review

Let’s go on with glossika review and take a look at the full practice mode exercises.


First, let’s talk about typing section. In this section, you hear or see sentences in the language you are learning and you should simply write what you hear.

While, spaced repetition is designed for teaching language by repeating the same sentence continiously, typing teaches you the language by making you type what you hear.

If you know speaking in particular language, for instance, you know spoken Chinese, but you do not know how to write Chinese words correctly typing exercises is especially for you.

The reason is that, as you write the same sentence repeatedly, you automatically memorize how to write words correctly.

Glossika Review

The importance of knowing an Alphabet

But, I would’t recommend absolute beginners to use typing exercises as a tool to learn a language, since they might simply do not know the alphabet of language they want to learn.

But, if you know the aplhabet of language that you have a desire to learn and you can write simple words in that language, typing exrcises of Glossika definitely helps you learn all popular languages.

If you want to learn a language which uses non-romanized alphabet, like Arabic you should have the appropriate keyboard to use.

It is also possible to make sentences more difficult or easier and change the way how they are displayed by choosing your preferences in Settings.

My personal view about ‘Typing’

It is true that, typing exercises are able to help you correct spelling mistakes, but I consider that they are somewhat pointless. The reason is that, you can see what you should write on the display of your computer, smartphone or another technological device.


The dictation is so similar with the typing. The main difference is that you only hear the audio without written form of sentence and you should try to write the sentence correcty.

You should type what you hear in the box. According to my personal experience, I think that the sentences in typing and dictation sections are almost the same.

I felt that the difficulty of sentences which I listen in A1 level of Chinese was almost the same with that of in B2 level of this language.

Glossika Review

My personal view about ‘Dictation’

In my point of view, the main disadvantage of dictation exercises is that the speed of audio is so fast. It might be a problem for lots of learners, especially for absolute beginners.Moreover, you have no chance to make audio recording slower.

You should know that Glossika mainly emphasizes the repetition and if you don’t like or don’t want to repeat or write the same sentence continuosly, Glossika, unfortunately is not for you.



The next section is called ‘Choice’. Tell the truth, I found this section absolutlely useless.

In this section, they give you an example of sentence in IPA(International Phonetic Alphabet). You should choose the correct variant that has the same meaning with the sentence written in IPA.

If you want, you can change the IPA into Romanized alphabet.

In Choice, you are required being able to read the alphabet of the language you are learning. For example, you should know the Chinese alphabet, if you want to learn Chinese by Choice section and to survive Choice.

It means that, you most probably have to learn the alphabet on your own from other learning resources.

Glossika Review

My personal view about ‘Choice’

I personally consider ‘Choice’ section as one of the most useless features of Glossika. I think that it is not only me considering ‘Choice’ as useless.

Although, it is evident that there are enough learners liking ‘Choice’ feature in Glossika.


In Translation section, you are given the sentence in the language you are learning.

For example, if you want to learn Chinese , you are given the sentence in that language and you should choose one correct sentence out of 4 ones in English language.

If you want to change the source language, you should click the button called ‘Settings’ and then drip-down menu appears.You can easily change the language you selected as source one in that menu.

Glossika Review

My personal view about ‘Translation’

I believe that ‘Translation’ section might be adnavtageous for both absolute beginners and those who are at intermediate level.

Fill in

The ‘Fill in’ sections has the similarity with ‘Typing’. However, the difference is that, in ‘Typing’, you hear full sentences, whereas there are some missing words in the sentences you hear in ‘Fill in’

You should fill in these sentences and it makes you to use and memorize better what you learnt in last lessons.

Glossika Review

My personal view about ‘Fill in’

I think that, this section is not so beneficial for learners. The reason is that sentences are really simple even in the highest level of Chinese. I really found them so easy that I filled in all sentences in a short amount of time.

In this section, like the others, you are required to be familiar with Chinese Alphabet.


Glossika Review: how much does Glossika cost?

Types of of subscriptions

There are two versions of subscriptions in Glossika. After testing Glossika for a week you can choose one of them:

– Annual subscriptions at $299.88  per year

– Monthly subscription at $30 per month.

Glossika Review

It is true that these prices might not be affordable for many people, especially for those who are from developing countries.

But, if we take into account that Glossika offers innovative and effective way of learning a new language and majority of people review glossika nicely, it feels that Glossika is really worth to its price.

If you want to try Glossify after reading this glossika review you can sign up for Glossify by visiting this link.

What do you get in return?

It does not matter whether you use Glossika for free or you are subscribed to it, Glossika always gives you the opportunity to learn a new language by native speaker podcasts, professional pronunciation transcriptions, helpful language resources, unlimited repetition and unlimited offline downloads.

Although, majority of languages are chargeable to learn, you can learn some languages, such as Gaelic, Kurdish(Sorami), Hakka(Hailu), Hakka(Sixian), Catalan, Manx, Taiwanese Hokkien, Welsh and Wenzhounese(Wu) absolutely for free.

Enterprise package

There is also enterprise package particularly designing for organizations.

Thanks to this plan, you can manage your students or employess by using metrics, reports and results of tests.

This plan is especially convenient for those who are the manager of big company and want workers to learn a particular language.

This version of subscription is custom-built and you should contact with Glossika to order them to make it. The price for such subscription is decided mutually with Glossify.

Beneficial sides of subscription

After purchasing one of the plans of Glossika, you will have unlimited access to the recordings of native speakers.

These recordings are considered as one of the advantages of Glossika.

The most usefull side of the subscription is that it provides you with the access to the learning materials of all languages available in Glossika.

Compared to other apps such as Mondly, Italki, Utalk, and Yabla, Glossika is comparable in terms of prices.


Glossika Review: Pros and Cons

There are both advadtageous sides and drawbacks of Glossika. Based on glossika review of mine, I can say that, there are more advantages of Glossika than disadvantages.

Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of using Glossika I determined during my glossika review.

Glossika Review

Glossika Pros: what we liked

– Glossika is especially convenient for those who have a busy schedule that disturbs them to learn a new language, as method of glossika,that is listening only mode means that they can improve their language level anywhere, even during walking out or on the public transport.

– Through the listening only mode, Glossika offers you to learn a language in a more productive way.

– The audio materials in Glossika are in various interesting themes, which are designed for learners to get familiar with the language they want to learn and increase their knowledge and outlook as well.

– With the the help of Glossika you are able to learn both formal language and slangs.

-If you want, you can change the source language.

-Using Glossika is convenient on both mobile phones and personal computer.

– There are more than 60 languages in Glossika. You can learn almost all popular languages, even endangered ones, such as Uyghur language.

Glossika Cons: what they need to make better

– Placement test is difficult to solve for beginners. This test is appropriate for intermediate level learners.

– There are some sentences translated wrongly in Glossika. You can send the message to Glossika when you see such mistakes.Just try to translate the sentence by your own words and ask to correct the mistake.

-There is no mobile app of Glossika. Nowadays, mobile phones are the most famous device used by billions of people. It would be better if Glossika develop its app pretty soon.



So, you read the article containing glossika review of mine. Tell the truth, I saw lots of comments of people praising Glossika on the Internet before doing my research.

Then I tried to find reasons why some users like Glossika so much. After finishing my glossika review, I found out that there are several features making Glossika different from other language learning platforms.

Glossika Review

Main features of Glossika that make people interested

The first feature is, undoubtedly, that Glossika gives people the opportunity to learn their target language with the help of listening only mode.

The second advantage of Glossika attracting lots of learners is that it can help you increase not only language skills, such as listening skills or speaking skills, but also your level of intelligence.

Moreover, you can find almost all the languages you want to learn in Glossika. There are even a number of unpopular languages and Glossika provides people who want to learn such unpopular languages with usefull materials and advises.

Although, there are so many languages in Glossika, in fact, all learning materials are reworked into the different languages completely disregards cultural context of learning a language.

There are tons of language platforms helping you in language learning. Undoubtedly, Glossika is considered as one the best ones.

I can say you that Glossika is very nice choice if you are searching for a tool to learn a new language. Although, there are many nice alternatives of Glossika, I would exactly choose Glossika.

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