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ForexVPS Review

Over the years, the Forex market has witnessed the rise of trading robots, software that helps traders execute trades automatically based on predefined parameters. These robots have brought a revolution by enabling trades to be made without constant manual monitoring. Amidst this backdrop, there’s a critical component required for these robots to function efficiently — a dedicated server that remains online constantly.

Enter ForexVPS. Although not a Forex robot or something that generates a signal, ForexVPS specializes in providing a virtual private server (VPS) service specifically designed for automated trading. These servers are always on, ensuring zero downtime, which is paramount for running Expert Advisors on platforms like MT4 or MT5.

This article aims to review ForexVPS in depth. Readers will gain insights into its features, glean through customer reviews, and weigh its pros and cons. Additionally, the cost associated with the service and a guide on setting up for automated trading will be discussed. The objective is to equip traders and investors with comprehensive knowledge about ForexVPS, including its potential shortcomings, ensuring they make an informed decision when choosing a Forex VPS provider.

Evaluation Criteria

Before finalizing any decisions on VPS providers for automated trading, the skilled team at Dumb Little Man carries out a thorough examination of the VPS provider in question. This esteemed group consists of retail traders, financial advisors, and trading experts, collaborating to produce a fair and precise review. They employ specific standards when evaluating a trading bot. Their assessment touches upon:

  • Trading features
  • User-friendliness
  • Consistency and performance
  • Safeguarding and security of funds
  • Profitability of the platform
  • Cost-effectiveness of the services
Upon assessing ForexVPS using the aforementioned criteria, several key observations emerge. ForexVPS distinguishes itself as a superior platform for VPS in the realm of automated trading. This distinction can be attributed to its ability to cater to a broad range of trading needs. Whether you're a novice trader seeking simplicity or a seasoned trader in search of advanced features, ForexVPS appears poised to meet these demands.

What is ForexVPS?

ForexVPS stands out as a company committed to delivering top-notch VPS services, crafted especially for the unique requirements of forex traders. Whether a trader is using algorithms, managing multiple accounts, or simply seeking reduced latency for quicker trade execution, ForexVPS has got them covered.

Their service isn’t about providing forex robots or generating trading signals. Instead, they offer an uninterrupted virtual private server (VPS) environment tailored for automated trading. The servers at ForexVPS are up and running around the clock, ensuring there’s no downtime.

This is crucial for traders who use forex robots or the Expert Advisors feature on platforms like MT4 or MT5. In essence, ForexVPS is the go-to for traders in search of reliable servers designed explicitly for trading.

How Does ForexVPS Work?

At its core, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is akin to a dedicated computer system, but instead of being physically present at your home or office, it’s hosted in a remote data center. This digital ‘space’ is made available for you online, ensuring you can access it from anywhere, anytime. Since it’s designed to be up 24/7, there’s no worry about unexpected downtimes or interruptions.

Now, let’s draw a clearer picture: Imagine you’re renting a high-performance computer, situated in a data center in the UK. This isn’t any ordinary computer; it’s designed to be online around the clock, with robust security measures in place.

Once you’ve rented this VPS, you aren’t physically traveling to the UK to use it. Instead, from the comfort of your location, you use the internet to connect to this computer. It’s like remotely accessing another computer from your own device.

Upon accessing the VPS, you can then set up your trading platforms, such as MT4. By doing so, you ensure your trading activities continue uninterrupted, irrespective of whether your local machine is on or off. This reliability is what makes VPS an indispensable tool for serious forex traders.

What are the Features of ForexVPS?

For those diving into the world of forex trading, ForexVPS offers a suite of essential features tailored to make the trading experience smoother. Here are the primary features broken down for clarity:

Guaranteed 100% Up-time

ForexVPS ensures your trading won’t be interrupted. With a power backup ready to kick in during outages, traders can be confident about the continuous operation, especially vital for those managing numerous positions and requiring constant connectivity.

Exceptionally Low Latency

With tier-1 bandwidth on all their servers, ForexVPS boasts ultra-low latency. This ensures that your trades execute in less than a millisecond, which is significantly faster than many other VPS providers in the market.

Equinix Data Centers

By employing Equinix data centers, ForexVPS ensures that your server stands shoulder-to-shoulder with your broker’s and bank’s servers. This strategic positioning assures optimal connections and minimized latency, a crucial factor for efficient forex trading.

Universal Compatibility

One of ForexVPS’s strengths lies in its adaptability. It is compatible across all trading platforms and with every broker out there. Additionally, it supports all prop firm accounts, giving traders the flexibility to manage multiple accounts under favorable conditions.

Web-based Control Panel

Managing your server and associated programs is a breeze with ForexVPS. Their user-friendly, web-based control panel means you can access and oversee your server from anywhere around the globe.

ForexVPS Pros and Cons


  • Wide-reaching server network
  • Assurance of a 14-day refund
  • Exceptional low latency and quick 1-millisecond trade execution
  • Quick setup process taking only about 5 minutes
  • Round-the-clock customer support


  • Restricted resources provided

Benefits of Trading with ForexVPS

Consistent Trading Experience

With the assurance of 100% uptime, ForexVPS eliminates the risk of missed trading opportunities. The presence of a backup power source ensures that even during power outages, the trading process remains seamless. This reliability is especially beneficial for traders handling multiple positions who cannot afford any interruptions.

Rapid Trade Execution

Due to ForexVPS’s ultra-low latency, traders can profit from fast market moves. Trades execute in less than a millisecond, giving traders an advantage over those utilizing slower VPS providers in terms of quicker access to the cheapest prices.

Optimal Trading Connections

By utilizing Equinix data centers, ForexVPS guarantees that traders have effective connections to their brokers and banks at all times. Because of the near proximity, data may move more quickly, which can make the difference between a successful transaction and a lost chance.

Flexible Trading Environment

Due to ForexVPS’s wide range of compatibility, traders are not constrained by their choice of broker or platform. Since they can trade in a setting that suits their preferences and strategies, this flexibility is a blessing for traders wishing to vary their techniques or manage numerous accounts.

Easy Server Management

One small but essential advantage is how simple it is to manage one’s trading tools. The web-based management panel from ForexVPS makes it easy for traders to manage their servers and apps. Traders can effectively manage their trading setup from home or while traveling, ensuring they are always in charge.

ForexVPS Customer Reviews

Many users have expressed satisfaction with ForexVPS, highlighting its ease of setup, efficient documentation, and swift online chat support. They’ve praised the stable connection, high performance, and responsiveness of the support team, finding it a reliable VPS solution for their trading needs.

However, there have been contrasting experiences; one user faced significant challenges with their service, experienced issues in connecting to multiple MT5 accounts, and found the order execution lacking. This user also encountered difficulties with customer support, noting a frustrating experience around the refund process.

How Much Does ForexVPS Cost?

ForexVPS offers a range of pricing options depending on the desired plan and billing cycle:

Basic Plan: $36 per month

This plan offers a Windows 2012 Server, accompanied by 60GB of disk storage and a 1-core CPU. It’s best suited for individual forex traders running a smaller operation, perhaps utilizing one or two Expert Advisors (EAs) and a limited number of trading platforms.

Basic+ Plan: $41 per month

A step up from the Basic package, the Basic+ provides traders with 80GB of disk storage and a 2-core CPU. Users have the option to choose from Windows 2012, Windows 2016, Windows 2019, or Windows 2022 as their server operating system. Its enhanced features and versatility make it a popular choice among traders.

Standard Plan: $60 per month

This package offers a 2-core CPU and 90GB of storage. You can select from Windows 2012, Windows 2016, Windows 2019, or Windows 2022 for the server operating system. It’s tailored for those running numerous EAs or a large trade copying operation, or those simply in search of a faster VPS experience.

High Frequency Plan: $69 per month

Touted as their premium offering, the High Frequency package comes equipped with 3 GB RAM, a 3.4Ghz+ CPU Core, and 100GB disk space. Notably, the Windows 2022 OS isn’t an option for this plan. While it may seem excessive for the average trader, it’s tailor-made for those employing high-frequency trading strategies, utilizing many EAs, or overseeing a vast trade copier operation. It aims to deliver unparalleled VPS performance for those in need of the best.

Note that the abovementioned prices are only for monthly billing cycles. Potential customers can get a discount if they want to be billed biannually or annually instead.

Setting Up ForexVPS

Setting up ForexVPS is a straightforward process:

  1. Connecting via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol): If you’re familiar with Windows, you’ve likely come across RDP. Developed by Microsoft, it allows you to connect to your Windows virtual private server. On your personal computer with Windows, you can simply launch this by going to the Start menu and typing “remote desktop”. A suggestion for the Windows RDP client will pop up.
  2. Enter Server Details: Once you open the RDP client, you’ll be prompted to input your server’s IP address and your login details.
  3. Use the Welcome Email: You’ll find the necessary server and login information in the welcome email sent to you by ForexVPS. After inputting these details, you’ll be able to connect to your VPS and view its desktop right on your home computer.
  4. Installing Metatrader: The next step involves setting up Metatrader on your VPS. Fortunately, ForexVPS has already equipped its servers with Metatrader, simplifying the installation process for users.
  5. Begin Trading with Forex Robots: Once all the setups are complete, you’re ready to commence trading using Forex robots, commonly referred to as Expert Advisors (EAs). One of the significant perks of using ForexVPS is its 24/7 operation, allowing you to execute trades continuously without interruptions.

Who is ForexVPS For?

ForexVPS is primarily tailored for traders who lean heavily on automated trading strategies, especially those utilizing Forex robots or Expert Advisors (EAs).

Its promise of constant uptime means that these strategies can run seamlessly around the clock. High-frequency traders, who hinge on split-second decisions and require ultra-low latency for trade executions, will find the infrastructure of ForexVPS particularly beneficial.

Moreover, for traders juggling multiple accounts, perhaps utilizing trade copiers, the reliability, and speed of this platform are crucial. Newcomers to the trading scene, wary of disruptions from power cuts or local internet issues, can also rely on ForexVPS for consistent trading conditions.

Choose Asia Forex Mentor for Your Forex Trading Success

Before delving into the world of automated Forex trading robots and VPS, it’s paramount to have a solid understanding of Forex trading itself. Trading robots often come with intricate features and a myriad of options, which can bewilder new investors. Without foundational knowledge of trading, the risk of costly blunders looms large. Hence, investing time in learning the intricacies of trading before employing any robot or VPS services is a prudent approach. For those wanting to master this domain, Asia Forex Mentor emerges as an excellent ally.

Asia Forex Mentor, under the esteemed leadership of Ezekiel Chew, offers premier forex, stock, and crypto trading course, making it the ultimate stepping stone for those keen on carving a lucrative path in forex trading. Ezekiel, the mastermind behind several trading institutions and banks, boasts a personal track record of hitting the seven-figure mark in trades, a feat that elevates his stature above many other educators.

Here’s why Asia Forex Mentor should be your top pick:

  • The course encompasses a vast curriculum that delves deep into the realms of stock, crypto, and forex trading. This structured learning path is designed to arm learners with the acumen required to thrive across these markets.
  • The institution’s credibility shines through its resounding success in shaping consistently profitable traders across multiple market arenas. This success is a ringing endorsement of their impactful training and guidance.
  • Learners at Asia Forex Mentor gain the advantage of learning from a seasoned mentor, whom has etched remarkable success stories in stock, crypto, and forex trades. This mentorship is tailored, allowing students to grasp the market’s nuances with added assurance.
  • Beyond top-tier mentorship, enrolling with Asia Forex Mentor means being part of a vibrant community of ambitious traders. This environment is ripe for collaboration, exchange of ideas, and peer-driven learning, enriching the learning trajectory.
  • The institution places a significant emphasis on the mental aspects of trading. By fostering a strong mindset and instilling discipline, Asia Forex Mentor equips traders to wade through market volatility, manage their emotions, and always stay rational.
  • With the financial world being ever evolving, staying updated is crucial. Asia Forex Mentor ensures that its students always have their fingers on the pulse, granting them continuous access to the latest market insights, strategies, and invaluable resources.
  • Finally, the institution’s track record is dotted with numerous success stories. Time and again, students have metamorphosed their trading careers, achieving financial autonomy, all thanks to the holistic education they received at Asia Forex Mentor.

Why Learn with Asia Forex Mentor?

Forex Trading Tutorial

Asia Forex Mentor is not just another trading education platform; it stands out, receiving significant accolades and endorsements from leading financial content providers. Here’s why you should consider learning trading with Asia Forex Mentor:

  1. Depth and Breadth of Course: Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program has been recognized by Investopedia, a top financial content website, as the most comprehensive Forex course available. This level of recognition speaks volumes about the quality and depth of the course.
  2. Ideal for Beginners and Advanced Traders: Benzinga, another reputable financial and business information site, identified Asia Forex Mentor One Core Program as the best forex trading course for beginners. More than that, Benzinga commended the course for being suitable for both beginner and advanced traders, showcasing its versatility.
  3. Top-Notch Mentorship: Earning the title of the best forex mentor in 2021 from the BestOnlineForexBroker website, Asia Forex Mentor ensures its students receive guidance that’s second to none. Their promise? To help traders realize significant gains in the forex market.
  4. Effective Trading Strategies: The efficacy of a trading course is often gauged by the strategies it teaches. Asia Forex Mentor was ranked at the pinnacle in a review that compared top forex trading courses. This recognition is a testament to the actionable and effective trading strategies they impart.

In essence, these endorsements and awards are not isolated instances. Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program consistently exceeds the expectations of its students, catering to both newcomers and seasoned traders alike. Investing in their course means aligning yourself with an institution that’s respected and trusted in the trading education realm.

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Conclusion: ForexVPS Review

After a comprehensive analysis of ForexVPS, it’s evident that this platform is a reliable option for traders seeking a Virtual Private Server tailored for the forex market. Offering benefits such as guaranteed uptime, impressive low latency, and global server networks, ForexVPS has positioned itself as a go-to for many traders. The variety of packages, combined with 24/7 support, means there’s a solution for traders of all levels, from beginners to high-frequency professionals.

However, as with all services, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons. Some users have pointed out limitations in allocated resources and had issues with customer support. It’s always recommended that prospective users do their research, factor in their specific needs, and possibly test out the service within the money-back guarantee period.

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ForexVPS Review FAQs

What is the main advantage of ForexVPS?

ForexVPS offers ultra-low latency with rapid execution speeds, ensuring trades are processed swiftly.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, ForexVPS provides a 14-day money-back guarantee for users who might not be satisfied with the service.

How quickly can I set up my VPS on ForexVPS?

The setup process is relatively swift, with users typically up and running within 5 minutes.





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