Top 10 Forex Trading Videos

By Wilbert S

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best forex broker for traders is Avatrade

The #1 Forex Trading Course is Asia Forex Mentor

Traders who start their forex careers by learning the basics build the most solid base for excellence in a lifelong career. At the current moment learning and mastering the basics with forex is far easier than it has ever been in the past decades.

Most of the brokers around allow traders to onboard with free Demo accounts where they trade against the real markets whilst under the cover of dummy capita. Demo trading helps in learning the ropes along with forex markets.

The amount of learning information online is huge. First, there are very many articles online that readers can start from to learn forex trading. Also, many traders can access very many videos on trading, and all of them are for free.

Towards helping learners sort the best video channels they can land on and start learning instantly, we’ll cover a round-up of the top ten channels on YouTube that offer content on Forex trading.

YouTube is a goldmine when it comes to learning forex trading. You can access a vast library of very helpful videos which extend the learning on Forex trading and far beyond into other subjects. For the main purpose of this post, we’ll narrow down to channels that exclusively dedicate their efforts to the forex trading fraternity.

Learners and more so forex trading trainees are all different and so are their learning curves. While some learners grasp best by doing things, others do so best by listening. Undoubtedly, a good number also learn best by watching videos on forex trading.

A great video is able to give a presenter the opportunity to share step-by-step processes with explanations. Video presenters also tap into illustrations which include graphs among other resources to help forex traders get the points being shared in ways a lot easier to visualize and understand.

While articles are a powerful resource, they share good content with illustrations here and there. However, videos are a more powerful resource as traders can follow processes with great ease and they are even able to rewind clips as many times as necessary seeking clarity. Videos are very effective especially when explaining tutorials to do with indicators as well as other things dealing with “How To” in forex.

Videos are a great resource for newbie traders who are looking to join in and be profitable traders at the end of their learning. Towards helping out new traders with free yet easy-to-understand videos, here is a compilation of the best forex trading video channels. Although the videos are picked from several niches of Forex, they all serve as a wonderful starting point.

Top 10 Forex Trading Videos

#1. Asia Forex Mentor – For a holistic approach to general and LifeStyle Forex trading

#2. Rayner Teo –  For beginner traders

#3. Investopedia – For beginner traders

#4. Price Action & Income – For mastering price action analysis

#5. DailyFX EDU – Best for day traders

#6. My Trading Skills – For mastering technical analysis

#7. Clay Trader –  For mastering technical analysis

#8. Bear Bull Traders – Best for day traders

#9. Nitin Bhatia – For Traders and done in Indian dialect

#10. Booming Bulls –  For Traders and done in Indian dialect with English captions

The summary above gives a sneak peek preview of the type of YouTube channels in line with the specific category of traders that find each helpful. The internet can overwhelm a trader as they attempt to grapple and figure out which channel fits their specific needs.

When traders get past the beginner phase, they know much about the entire industry and they can tell if they’ve captured a concept in the past and hence dedicate their useful time to more challenging topics.

From the look, you can tell that traders require to know so much about their fraternity. And while we agree that videos are among the best models of delivering the tutorials, it’s also best to consider a lifelong career from them.

By a holistic approach, the premise is to weed out all the aspects that derail treading careers. And the best bet here is Asia Forex Mentor, with an approach that suits many timeframes and builds on the psychology of good trading. By holistic, it also implies the mentorship component which is peculiar but plays a very significant role in complimenting the journeys of trading trainees.

Best Forex YouTube Channels – Reddit Recommendations

Photo: Rayner Teo

Videos training on forex trading are also subject to community reviews and one place to find impartial reviews is on Reddit. While there are many reviews, for the purpose of this post we’ll narrow down to picking only those that are friendly to beginners.

At first, instance comes, Rayner Teo. Redditors when asked mostly point to Rayner Teo with his YouTube channel with great content for helping beginner traders grasp the basics of trading forex.

Redditors appreciate the content from Rayner Teo and like its presentation in small and digestible chunks like the formats from Babypips. After some acquaintance, traders feel the content seems to get repetitive and the best way is to reach out to more YouTubers.

Beginner traders can also benefit immensely by reading from Investopedia.  Readers believe the content is similar to that of Rayner Teo – with the very basic concepts that help traders from an economic and financial point of view.

Therefore, Investopedia is a great starting point for forex beginners with comprehensive videos that bring out clarity on the basics of trading and investments. The downside with Investopedia is a lack of overall coverage of the topics dealing with forex. It’s incrementally helpful to read on from other YouTube channels run by expert traders.

Beginner traders looking to grasp the basics with price action have an exclusive channel – the Price Action & Income. The content under the Price Action & Income channel is primarily focused on traders who are long-term.

As such, it may not be instantly beneficial to day traders. However, the list of videos on forex strategies is a great resource. Price Action & Income also covers a great portion with content aligned with the psychology of traders which sits very well with traders who are purely starters and seasoned ones.

Best Technical Analysis Youtube Channel

Rayner Teo covers a good portion of the basics traders require for technical analysis, however, it will be best if traders get a little deeper. The best supplement for Technical analysis is checking out more comprehensive and in-depth content at My Trading Skills.

My Trading Skills also cover the basics for new traders and will build your skillset upwards. One key thing in My Trading Skills is the ability to build a trader to a level they can come up with strategies from the word go.

Advancing trading skills with the mindset of strategies form a firm foundation in trading where traders can work with strategies they own. It’s more advantageous than making attempts to copy strategies from other expert traders. My Trading Skills covers a range of trading courses you can take. They also carry out market analysis while sharing great content on useful strategies to approach trading.

Traders looking to grasp content on technical analysis have another useful channel here, ClayTrader. Their content on forex is valuable and it’s the reason they have a huge number of followers online.

ClayTrader has been running for well over a decade now and the main focus is to educate traders on how to do technical analysis and master reading of charts and make profits trading.

One other key area where ClayTrader helps traders is by building on the theme of the psychology of a trader and they merge that with great content on forex trade risk management.

Best Day Trading YouTube channels

Photo: Bear Bull Trading

Agreeably, quite a good number of new traders are eager to make quick bucks. And they fit well within the day trader’s category. Wondering what channels they can check out to upskill?

Bear Bull Traders is one key resource for day traders. The channel is a product of Andrew Aziz and a team of like-minded people who churn out very helpful information for traders.

Novice traders may not notice the distinctions, but more advanced traders can tell and really appreciate the helpful content from the channel for new traders. Bear Bull Traders make a real effort to put things together from deep research to clear explanations with an aim to help build trading skills.

One other key alternative for day trader’s channels is the DailyFX EDU. They operate under the ambit of forex broker Forex Capital Markets or the FXCM. Many aspiring traders refer to DailyFX EDU as the day trading university. They do not have a heavy following but their content is very rich and helpful for starter traders. Their list of video content covers the fundamentals of trading and it’s therefore, a great place to start aiming at understanding the basics.

Best YouTube Channels for Trading in India

Photo: Nitin Bhatia

India is a vibrant hub when it comes to video tutorials, and luckily, some are done in the local language. Therefore, it benefits you as a local since you’ll grasp the content without the baggage of second language complexities.

One popular video channel when it comes to trading in India is run by Nitin Bhatia. The channel has a good number of followers and that must arise from the beneficial videos from the channel. Although the coverage includes stocks, the applicability to forex trading is pretty straightforward.

Nitin Bhatia will help you transform your technical analysis as well as trading with moving averages. Nitin will occasionally cover extensive topics like real estate, and that’s part of his expertise in the application of trading. Notably, you’ll only benefit if you understand the Hindi language and all videos are done in it.

Booming bulls is a key alternative among the best YouTube channels you can explore in India. The base language is Hindi, but they make sure to share English captions which help reach out to wider English viewers. The content in Booming Bulls covers real trades banking profits as an options trader. However, they are pretty informative and entertaining with loads of information that is helpful with the psychology of trading.

Adding to the list of best YouTube channels for trading in India is the Labour Law Advisor, or LLA. The channel is broader in coverage and subscribers appreciate the helpful content from Rishabh and Mandeep. Two key pillars of the videos from the channel build on sharing content that is both very simple and clear.

Best Forex Traders to Follow

Verdict on the One Core Program trading course for forex traders

Following the YouTube channels, we’ve shared here is a good step to starting your trading career. The free content from Rayner Teo and Andrew Aziz is really helpful. However, for a holistic approach to trading, explore the Asia Forex Mentor Youtube channel

Following the Channel will benefit you by gaining from Ezekiel Chew’s experience as a veteran in the market. More than the accomplishments he shared, he built a system that enables me to make positive ROI consistently.  And the system applies to any market, including commodities, stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies. The system applies to any investment with a chart to help analyze what the prices are saying.

At Asia Forex Mentor, they share our approach to the psychology of optimal trading and onboard you with a system that builds your streams of income with consistent trading that banks profits.

Their model at Asia Forex Mentor will not rake in millions in one night, but you can rest assured that you’ll make wonderful positive ROI with a proven and extremely low-risk model.

Many traders rest their search for profitable trading in forex by landing at AFM. At AFM, their focus is not on day trading but they focus on LifeStyle trading. It’s the system other institutions like the DBP bank in the Philippines have adopted and it’s replicated by many other traders across the globe.

At AFM our flagship premium course is the One Core Program, a holistic approach that has been mentioned by the Investopedia, Benzinga, and the European Global Baking and Financial Awards. I encourage willing traders to subscribe to our YouTube channels and take our free 5 days of training for free as they explore the chances of joining our One Core Program.

Inside the One Core Program, traders have opportunities to carry out live analysis and trading with the Lead trainer Ezekiel Chew. It’s a portion of the mentorship model that helps traders believe in our promises and build on their abilities to trade profitably the LifeStyle way on their own progressively.

Best Forex Trading Course

Ezekiel Chew's Biography

Are you looking for the best Forex trading course? Join the world’s best trainer/mentor – Ezekiel Chew.

Ezekiel is the mastermind trainer behind Asia Forex Mentor and the One Core program, which trains beginners and expert traders in making 6 figure trades – even for retail investor accounts. The course is a life-changer that is backed by theoretical practice and numbers from a trainer who’s trained institutional traders and banks. One Core Program covers all concepts applicable to currencies or complex instruments

One core program is a rare course that features live trading and mentorships by the lead trainer. One other hidden characteristic of Ezekiel Chew is his way of giving to the community – by training others willing to invest in knowledge that he shares as a living example and earns from FX trading. You can subscribe today for a free eBook on the masterly of successful trading. Or chat with the team. Lastly, the Asia Forex Mentor website has tons of helpful material you can explore, all for free to help you make up your mind and prepare to join the One Core program.




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#1 Forex, Crypto and Stocks trading course. Ranked most comprehensive by Investopedia and Best by Benzinga. Free to Try!


Best Forex Brokers

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Intermediate Non-US Traders
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Overall Broker
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Professional Forex Traders

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Conclusion: Forex Training Videos

Photo: Canva

Videos offer forex trading trainees an ample opportunity to learn by seeing and listening. The beauty about it is that it also allows traders to take time with content, get back and review it until they capture the concept from the presenters.

To help traders land on the YouTube channels of a specific choice, this post shares ten of them with a pillar reason why each channel stands out. Towards bringing out the reality, part of the insights come from the Reddit community – a space where individuals can share impartial notions regarding the channels cited here.

Also, aspiring traders can gauge the usefulness of the content in the channels by looking at the rates of subscriptions. Although traders should use this gauge cleverly because some great channels have lower subscriber numbers but host golden content.

One key channel here is the Asia Forex mentor. You can check the 5 -day free course and feel if it suits your circumstances. And in most occasions, the model fits in as traders join the premium One Core Program and fast track their way to the Lifestyle trading model.

Asia Forex mentor also recognizes the rich content and tutorial ability of videos. Inside the mentorship, traders are open to joining Ezekiel Chew in the live analysis of markets and trading.

Forex Training Videos FAQs

Can you get rich by trading forex?

Yes, that’s the short answer. You can get very rich Trading Forex. However, rich is a relative term and we can best refer best to consistent profitability. Of the many new traders who onboard into forex, only less than 10 % finally make it into the cohort of consistent profitability.

Therefore, consistent profitability of the less than10% arises from their mastering the basics by following various learning curves. And part of the challenges out there arises from the poor onboarding that comes with too much information and also illogical introductions. Of the 90% failure rate, there is a common tendency to chase quick profits in the absence of solid capital protection mechanisms.

A trader can hit the gold mines either by sheer luck, fumbling around correctly or getting an established trainer to both train and mentor them. The realms of truth with getting consistently profitable build on wrenching the very risky markets with a process of capital protection as a first priority and profiting next.

The core of getting rich by trading forex is building on the consistency of making profits that exceed losses. When a trader is able to grab a good strategy, the key things fall into place, and profitability is achieved in a learn-rinse and repeat model – only then that the dream of getting rich morph into a living reality.

How can I learn forex trading fast?

There are very many ways a trader can follow through and learn forex trading. However, the fastest way to learn forex trading is to work with a trainer and a mentor at the same time. A mentor is able to fast-track trainee progress by skipping the unnecessary bits in the entire process or reserving them for later steps.

If you opt for a trainer, why not check out Ezekiel Chew and the One Core Program course. Over and above the training, you have access to live analysis and trading with him. The other option for learning will be training yourself, and this is a process that will take slightly longer if you are lucky to escape the pitfalls many novice traders make along the way.

Online videos and articles are a goldmine with the resources you can get to upskill your trading career. Unfortunately, the mountains of information will overwhelm your choices. A trader may fumble like forever trying this eBook or the other, one video course after another. And so on in a cyclical manner, making very little or no progress at all. This is the main reason it took mentors like Ezekiel Chew roughly two decades to get a system that is proven to work.

Lastly, self-training is hard due to one significant factor – the psychology of trading. And this brings us to the main reason why trainers handle this part best. It’s hard to discipline oneself and learn psychology. It requires one to get heavy insights from another partner to help them gauge or benchmark and move forward.




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#1 Forex, Crypto and Stocks trading course. Ranked most comprehensive by Investopedia and Best by Benzinga. Free to Try!

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