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To most investors, the term “death cross” likely conjures up images of a skull and crossbones. And while this may be an accurate visual representation of the implications of this market indicator, it’s important to understand exactly what a death cross is before making any decisions about your investment portfolio. For brokers, the death cross is a scary indicator that indicates a potential market reversal.

The technical chart pattern shows crossover and points out the price momentum shift. The death cross appears on a chart when the 50-day moving average crosses below the 200-day moving average. To understand the death cross, we have got Ezekiel Chew to share his take on the death cross with us. Ezekiel is the CEO and Founder of Asia Forex mentor, a provider of technical analysis education for traders and investors.

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What is Death Cross?

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The Death Cross is a chart pattern that signals any advancing or growing weakness in the asset price. It is represented by two distinct lines named ‘moving averages .’It can also be said to be a technical analysis indicator responsible for indicating the negative crossover of a short-term moving average to a long-term moving average.

Remember that the death cross provides such indication only when a 50-day moving average (DMA) is increased over 200 DMA. While analyzing the patterns, it must be remembered that the moving average line calculates the average price over a particular time. These points are then used while assembling a smooth line.

As the time frame for change in the pattern is longer, there is a lesser chance for short-term movements. This enables it to be more useful for long-term movements and also allows it to determine the general tone of the market at the time.

What is the connection with Golden Cross?

Both the Death Cross and the Golden Cross are responsible for the technical analysis through statistical analysis. Both of these indicators are opposite from one another. The Golden cross is referred to as the positive reversal and indicates a long-term bull market going forward, while the Death cross indicates a negative signal and a long-term bear market.

Whenever any strategy is planned, it is necessary to analyze both indicators in the chart patterns. In the case of a positive reversal, the short-term moving average moves in upward momentum. This momentum results in positive sentiments. In the case of converging moving averages, it is interpreted as a strong sell-off signal.

Once the price goes below the moving average, the selling pressure increases. In such cases, the corrective moves are responsible for causing strong resistance at all higher levels. As the moving averages go upward, the selling pressure decreases. When a golden cross occurs, it is advisable to buy stocks as it helps you decide when is the right time to buy.

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Three Phases of the Death Cross

The formation of the Death Cross pattern consists of three stages. In the first stage, the short-term movement, also referred to as short-term MA, is above the long-term movement in an uptrend. Once the present uptrend of the asset reaches its peak, there is a reduction in the buying momentum. The seller gains the upper hand in the market because of the ultimate price fall.

In the second stage, there is a reversal of the events. The short-term movement crosses below the long-term movement. This stage can also be referred to as the downtrend in the securities’ prices. This is the point of occurrence of Death Cross, and a long-term trend is introduced in the market.

In the final stage of the death cross pattern, a downtrend stage takes place. This is the time when short-term movement stays below the long-term movement. It is also referred to as the downward trend in the market. In the case of short-term momentum, it can be said to be a false signal with the stock direction going up.

Death Cross Pattern is a Negative Signal

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When put in words, the Death Cross is technically referred to as the negative crossover of the short-term moving average to the long-term moving average. Once the moving averages get closer, the possibility of Death Cross is indicated. Rising stock prices represent increasing levels of resistance and selling pressure. This is the time period when a change in trends is suspected.

The negative signaling of the Death Cross is beneficial for warning the traders and market analysts. The other technical patterns that can be seen also contain negative signals in their parameters. By observing a market chart, the difference in the stock trajectory can easily be determined.

Death Cross provides the bear market timing signal. This signal is triggered when 20% or more loss occurs as the market’s downward monument represents deteriorating assets. This is why it is taken as a negative signal or a warning of the most severe bear markets.

Opportunity for a Long Position

Even though Death Cross is a technical pattern representing a negative sentiment or a weakness in the securities, it cannot be denied that Death Cross arises from short-term movements, i.e., it is a representation of the past or what has already happened.

Therefore, this technical indicator cannot be referred to as a signal for future bearish movements. It cannot be said that once a negative pattern arises in the market, it cannot be reversed. In such a case, positive reversal won’t have existed.

There can be years of market decline in a crypto market, which can be positively reversed in no time. Also, it is the opportunity that most investors are looking for. They invest when the market is down and wait for it to take a turn in the long term, which usually greatly benefits them.

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Conclusion: Death Cross

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Death Cross is a technical indicator that should not be ignored as it can provide valuable insights into the market. It is important to remember that this indicator is not a signal for future movements but a representation of the past. While some investors may see Death Cross as an opportunity to enter the market, it is important to remember that this pattern can also be a warning sign of further decline.

Remember that the death cross is quite a lagging indicator that creates false signals. When the death cross formed, the market has already made its move. With that being said, the death cross can still provide valuable information to help you make informed decisions about your trading.

However, keep a close eye on news and fundamental analysis to make sure a sudden move in the market does not catch you off guard.

Death Cross FAQs

What is Death Cross in Crypto?

Death Cross is a technical indicator that signals bear market conditions. It is created when the short-term moving average of an asset crosses below the long-term moving average. Traders and analysts often consider this pattern a warning sign, as it typically indicates a change in trends. In short, it indicates that the market is losing momentum and heading towards a downtrend.

How long does Death Cross last?

The duration of a Death Cross can vary depending on the asset and market conditions. However, it typically signals a change in trends that could last for months or even years.




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