Cougar Dating Guide: Need to Knows and Tips in 2024

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

A cougar love can be defined as an older woman in love with a young guy. This kind of relationship can involve a sexual relationship between the two.

The woman is known to be above 35 years. The older woman exceeds the age of the young guy by 8 years and above.

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The importance of having a cougar dating guide is to help individuals find their perfect match and not fall for traps or scams. It guides you on what to expect once you fall in love with a cougar.

What is Cougar Dating

Cougar dating can be defined as the relationship between older women and younger men. Many single younger guys are mistaken to be dating older women (sugar momma) while others believe that these relationships are based on casual meetings rather than long-term relationships.

Many people always have that thought that the cougars always prowl and look for their next victim through cougar dating apps and act just like the puma and jaguar. However mature women and younger men always know what they want in life and they’ll always choose long-term relationships over a casual date.

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It’s absolutely okay for younger men not to find interest in their significant younger women but finding true love in older women may be through the help of the best free cougar dating site.

From the research made in the USA, only 2%-5% of cougar dating and marriages were between older women and younger men. This has been proven that many older women engage themselves with younger men. These older women dating range from the age of 35 years to 55 years, and they find younger me with 8 to 10 years below them attractive.





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Cubs in the Cougar Dating Industry

Cougar dating comprises two parties, that is the cougar and the cub in the relationship. Technically speaking these cubs have an age difference of about six years from their cougars.

There are some instances where the age difference is extremely wide but typically age difference doesn’t really matter so long as both the younger man and mature woman know exactly what they want in a cougar life.

Cougar dating app

A cougar dating app is a dating app that’s designed for younger men to meet mature women and find truelove through these dating platforms.

Dissimilar to more broad dating apps, an age hole of more than 10 years is common and it makes it a lot simpler for singles searching for that sort of relationship to track down it.

On a cougar dating app, you ought to anticipate that more young men should be searching for women over a decade more grown than them and ladies 35+ searching for a lot more young men.

With regards to observing a provocative, an older woman who is sure about herself and knows what she needs, any young man really should seek after an older woman.

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Moreover, any older woman can perceive that it is so interesting to invest her experience with a young man whose energy and excitement match her own. Subsequently, we have the energy behind cougar dating!

Yet, how would you approach tracking down a cougar to date, or then again assuming you’re a more seasoned lady. How would you approach getting down a young man?

The mystery is cougar dating sites. By using these cougar websites, you can slice through the ponderousness and get solidly in with the general mish-mash including different singles searching for cougar dating.

There are many articles that have highlighted the best cougar dating sites, the essentials of cougar dating, and tips and assets to assist you with succeeding!

How do you choose the best cougar dating sites?

Consistently people try out and survey handfuls and many online dating sites and cougar sites. They have commonly followed the accompanying arrangement with each cougar niche dating site they peruse.

4 Must Remember Steps:

1. Profile

The profile of the user should include good photographs in order for them to identify fake users or differentiate users from the other users.

2. Check Features

They investigate and use the free features of the application for roughly two or three weeks

3. Membership

Later on, they advance to premium membership with more advanced features and excellent customer service.

4. Offers

After achieving that, they go ahead to check what this dating site or cougar dating app brings to the table
One of the older women or younger men is spoken to.

4 Important things you should check for once you start looking for a good cougar dating app or site

1. Know what you need

Are you searching for cougar dating, conventional dating, or casual dating? Carve out the opportunity to grasp the distinctions and know what you need first.

2. Choose the best cougar dating site

The subsequent stage is to begin evaluating the best cougar dating websites that fit the objective of what you’re searching for.

What’s extraordinary is that we’ve included free preliminary connects to each of our suggested choices so you can test things out for yourself.

I’d strongly suggest making free records and doing some quests at a niche dating site before you choose to update. Like that, you realize you’re spending your cash where it serves you best.

3. Get dynamic

Once you’ve picked the best cougar dating app, start getting dynamic! Send messages, send teases, read profiles, and begin attempting to get to know individuals.

A contest can be high for an alluring casual cougar and fledglings, so you’ll need to ensure you’re doing your part and investing the energy required.

4. Reexamine

After half a month or months, make a stride back and find out how things are turning out. In the event that they aren’t going as well as you need, begin by ensuring you’re doing things right and investing the energy.

If you sincerely are, head back along these lines and check one more choice out. Observing a cougar or a full-grown lady is a smidgen more testing than dating inside your age section in light of the fact that the pool of choices is normally more modest.

Be patient, however, always be ready to make changes in the event that you’re not coming by the outcomes you need.

Joining Cougar Dating Websites

When you join cougar dating websites, you ought to expect that there are women who are more experienced and ones who are hoping to date more young men. You are presumably here to join the site since you’re searching for an older woman than you.

What’s great about cougar dating websites today is that they are not nurturing ladies. They are the ones who are carefree, shrewd, and women who know what they need and the things that she’s not scared of.

Observing the best cougar dating sites for you can be truly a test nowadays however it’s significant.

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It doesn’t make any difference assuming you’re a young man searching for an old lady. With the right cougar dating website, you can make things a LOT simpler for you.

New websites spring up consistently yet not many are really worth your time.

You additionally must be cautious on the grounds that practically all of the cougar dating website surveys you see online were composed by proficient journalists, not specialists who never at any point used this application, not to mention a paid participation!

It’s a higher priority than any time in recent memory to find the right website for you with all the social separation as yet occurring.

Countless older women and young men are just meeting each other on these cougar dating sites at this point. If you’re not doing that, there are a ton of chances you will miss.

10 Things to Know When Dating a Cougar

1. Better communication and conversation

You won’t once deal with an issue while talking with an older woman. She will generally be available to have discussions and talk about anything without question, everything from little to huge.

Assuming you face any issue in your dating life, when something is irritating you about her, if there is anything you need to impart to her, she will continuously plunk down with you and let you work it out.

Most older women put stock in having productive discussions. Subsequently, you won’t ever track down her staying away from any discussion.

2. Knows what she needs

Lucidity of the psyche is the one thing that’s the most grounded in older women. When she adores you she will choose to date you and won’t turn around.

As she comprehends herself well, she will likewise know what she needs from her relationship. Additionally, she will likewise pass this on to you and be direct.

There will be no disarray from her side with regard to her relationship with you.

3. Maturity won’t ever be an issue

With regards to acting and taking a couple of choices in your relationship, her being more seasoned will be an or more point. Being more established with you, she will clearly have more valuable encounters.

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Because of this, she will be sincerely autonomous, solid, and mature. Also, she won’t anticipate that you should manage her concerns since she can do it without anyone’s help.

Any sort of critical thinking in your life also will become more straightforward. Given the maturity, you will end up trapped in exceptionally fewer contentions, particularly over frivolous issues.

4. The effortlessness of your relationship will be remarkable

Dating a more experienced older woman can give you a basic yet most excellent relationship.

Of Course, sentiment ought to be a basic piece of any affectionate relationship, however, when you date an older woman, you will definitely not need to remove her from an amazingly heartfelt date after every two-three days.

You will not necessarily in all cases need to get her gifts for even the littlest reasons.

5. Sex will not be just convoluted

Since she will be more experienced than you, she is probably going to have some measure of involvement outside the room as well as inside it.

She will know what’s in store for you, her necessities, and furthermore how to behave around you. She will likewise have more information about sex than you.

This won’t simply help you yet additionally teach you and make you more mindful.

6. She will be your most grounded team player

Older women comprehend that life can get hard and pull you down. In this way, regardless of whether every other person around you abandons you in your most obviously terrible times and days, she will stick through whatever may.

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She will not release the grasp of her handhold even once. The explanation is, that she, when all is said and done, probably has gone through troublesome times.

Any issue that emerges in your life or even in your relationship, she will hold your hand and face it with you and furthermore assist you with traversing it. It will continuously be “us” against the issue.

7. She will not engage in flings or casual dating

Truly! If you are not looking for a long-term relationship, don’t for a moment even attempt to play around. Since she is more experienced than you, she is most likely wasting time long back.

An older woman will search for a genuine and committed relationship with a younger man. All things considered, she will put in her 100 percent to make your relationship work.

So just and provided that you see a potential future with her as your perfect partner proceed with her. In any case, cut short the arrangement of dating her now!

8. What you truly do will matter and not what you say

Sure, saying “I love you”s and “I miss you”s are adorable and heart-softening, yet are most certainly not the answers for each problem or the way to open her heart without fail.

As far as she might be concerned, activities will mean and ramble stronger than genuine words. You should show her that you are there and not tell her.

You should do things instead of saying them. Acting truth be told checks out and is the most perfect type of genuine.

So I propose letting your actions communicate everything.

9. She will be similarly tomfoolery

Since older women are more experienced than you, it doesn’t make them exhausted or less tomfoolery. Invest a lot of energy with her face to face or even practically beside her, and you will investigate another side of hers.

This side of hers will be a striking mix of tomfoolery and insanity. She will float from being platitudes and evaluate unique, especially intriguing things as well, with you.

Try not to be shocked when she sits close to you on the lounge chair, watches football or cricket coordinate, and furthermore cheers with you.

10. Wear her out past cutoff, and she will turn around and leave

Never underestimate an older woman. When she sees that you’re not investing amounts of energy or sees that something is starting to crumble, she will attempt to fix it and do all that can be expected.

Despite that, when you don’t focus and invest amounts of energy, she will quit attempting and end it. She will need uniformity.

She alone won’t continue to invest amounts of energy. She will expect you too to show the equivalent drive.

When she doesn’t see this, she won’t burn through any time and end it in the most simple way without the slightest hesitation.

10 Must Remember Tips to Catch a Cougar’s Attention

1. Praise her vigorously and make her feel appealing.

Older women continually fight self-perception issues. Similarly, with younger men, the age gap negatively affects their bodies, and they may be searching for ways of remaining fit and look hot.

You can draw in older women basically by offering them unending authentic compliments. Try not to be timid about being immediate and informing her what you like regarding her and what you see as appealing.

Some older women might appreciate being alluded to as a young lady as opposed to an older woman. Here are a couple of models.

  • Observe some of her normal interests or things you can do together. Regardless of whether an older woman is drawn to you, the age distinction might be holding her back from getting along with you frequently. The most straightforward method for moving past this obstacle is to track down normal interests and things that you can do together.

The following are a couple of pleasant ways you can compare your energy with your beloved mature woman without providing your initial not many gatherings with the apparently weighty name of “a casual date”:

  • Practice together at the rec center — holding and playing with her at the exercise center makes for a tomfoolery, easygoing excursion.
  • Accompany her to yoga classes.
  • Go to the theater with her.
  • If she is a book reader, you can accompany her to the library.
  • Attend studio classes with her or go to the studio together.

2. Be respectful; behave like a polite person.

The regular picture of a cougar depicted in TV shows and films is that of a lady who goes to bars to search for men, excursions, and casual hookups. Like most spectacular things that happen just in the films, this kind of conduct isn’t really regular.

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Try not to behave like an awful young man before a mature woman. Be affable and polite around her if you have any desire to draw in her. She is searching for younger men who can take her for a ride, yet she would rather not cause problems.

3. Try not to be the most intense person in the room; be quiet.

Behaving like an apex predator and hollering as loud as possible might cause you to appear to be macho before your significant other, and it might even cause you the focal point of consideration at a party or assist you with drawing in young ladies your age.

In any case, this strategy may not work when you need to dazzle older women.

Older women like younger men who are quiet. They are probably not going to feel drawn to the most intense younger guys in the room, since they perceive commotion as an indication of adolescence.

4. Tune in; let her assume responsibility for the discussion.

Both young women and older women love it when men step up and begin discussions, whether it is at a date or a relaxed first gathering. Whenever you have loosened things up, judge the older woman’s non-verbal communication, and let her assume responsibility for the discussion.

Older women might have gone through severe separations and painful relationships and heartbreaks. After all the dramatization, they might be searching for a decent man.

Show her that you can be the younger man who messes around with her and quietly pays attention to her simultaneously.

5. Be fun and unconstrained; help her to remember her childhood.

Suddenness for the most part subsides as individuals progress in years. You can draw in an older woman by allowing her an opportunity to re-experience her childhood.

Be unconstrained, and do the senseless easily overlooked details she hasn’t accomplished for quite a while. For instance, even something as basic as arbitrarily going out for frozen yogurt late around the evening time will give her a rush she hasn’t encountered in quite a while.

Any action that is done precipitously will get your lady’s heart hustling, regardless of how senseless it appears.

6. Try not to gloat about your sexual experience — she’ll see directly through you.

Older women will not be switched off assuming you genuinely concede that you have less sexual experience than she does. Since she is more experienced than you, she anticipates that you should have less experienced.

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Advise yourself that you don’t have to over-expand your sexual history unless you are confronted with the question, “So how many ladies have you been with before?”

Try not to wrongly gloat about your involvement with the bed to an old lady. Recall that she is more capable, and she can in a split second spot every one of the falsehoods.





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7. Be an honorable man; show her you can be valiant.

Older women who have experienced relationships and long-haul connections might have become aliens to gallantry. Their spouses might not have been playing with them around the final stages of their marriage, prompting a dunk in degrees of sentiment.

Draw in an older woman by playing with her and acting like a man of his word. The following are a couple of things you can do:

  • Open entryways for her.
  • Praise her persistently.
  • Take out seats for her.
  • Stand up when she goes into the room.
  • Give her the adventure of being the center of attraction every now and then, and act like a man of his word around her. These are a portion of the perky and heartfelt seemingly insignificant details that have likely been absent from her life.

8. Act mature for your age.

Assuming Nan older woman has a keen interest in you, she will in a flash be drawn to you assuming she feels that you are much more experienced than your real age.

For instance, you will intrigue a lady in her 30s or 40s on the off chance that you are only 25, yet you have steady employment, vehicle, financial independence, and an arrangement for vocation achievement. Your development will show her that you’re not like the other younger men with no educational experience.

9. Try not to call attention to the age distinction while conversing with her.

The most horrendously terrible thing you can do while playing games with an older woman calls attention to the age distinction. Regardless of whether it isn’t deliberate, referencing the age gap can in a split second put her off.

Considering it according to her point of view, simply the notice of the words “age contrast” can set off awkward questions and contemplations in her mind.

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The following are a portion of the things that she could be contemplating when the age contrast is called attention to her;

  • “How am I doing a young guy around 50% of my age?”
  • “What will my children think about me dating a person who’s nearer to their age than mine?”
  • “Will I be known as a ‘cougar’ assuming everybody figures out I’m dating this younger guy”
  • “Imagine a scenario where my companions ridicule me when they catch wind of the age distinction.”
  • “Am I getting into a bounce-back relationship with this person who is so young?”

Try not to set off these terrified contemplations in her mind — don’t specify the age contrast. Proceed with caution at whatever point you discuss age.

10. Quit thinking she simply needs sex.

In mainstream society, cougars are depicted as ladies who simply need sex. You really want to advise yourself that to draw in an older woman, you’ll have to move past this idea to lay out a serious relationship.

Until you recognize that your relationship with an older woman will be significantly something other than desire, you’ll always be unable to introduce yourself as a man of substance.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is a cub in cougar dating?

Young men who are hoping to date older men are known as cubs. They can likewise be any age, if they are more youthful than the ladies they are hoping to date.

Are all older women dating deemed to be cougars? 

Not all older women are searching explicitly for more younger men. A lot of ladies who date these men date a wide scope of ages, which is another explanation standard websites are an extraordinary method for meeting them.

Now and then observing a cougar is as basic as observing a more experienced lady who seems to be available to meet and date a young man.

Is the term cougar hostile?

While certain people use the expression “cougar” to allude to all older women who date younger men. The term might be a side road to the people who feel it is used to pass judgment on them, or who feel it seems like they are hunters exploiting the more younger men they date.

What are the best free cougar dating apps?

As we referenced previously, there truly is certifiably not a decent cougar app that is allowed to date site. Every one of the quality choices requires more paid content articles to join since the end product will correspond to its price with these sorts of cougar apps.

Each completely free choice has a great many folks assaulting each lady with messages consistently and the most attractive folks get practically the entirety of the female consideration.

Paid destinations will generally have much better male/female proportions, more drawn in and intrigued ladies, and quite often give infinitely better outcomes to men.

Are these great apps that one can use to meet older women?

These are likely the best cougar dating apps to meet a mature woman out there at this moment. This goes for both younger men and older women. All of the applications and dating sites in our rankings have an enormous number of now single older women, are not difficult to use and make meeting mature women simpler.

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The primary thing to recall while dating a cougar is that the age bracket implies you will be stepping on new ground. She will be different from those younger women you are accustomed to dating with a decade or so additional educational experience to attract upon and to have been formed by.

Stay away from the entire age thing out and out. Treat her as a darling and a person, and on the off chance that you in all actuality do have a standard propensity for the older woman, you’re likely best off hushing up about that.

Obviously, similar essential guidelines apply to dating a cougar as they do some other ladies. Just to give you all out there with next to zero insight of dating the old woman some assistance.

Thusly, any commendations that you can toss her direction will be exceptionally valued, causing her to feel sure and confident, and drawing out the provocative mature goddess side to her that is so drawn in you in any case.





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