22 Reasons Why Cougar love Exists- Must-Know!

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

What does cougar mean in love?

A cougar love can be defined as an older woman in love with a young guy. This kind of relationship can involve a sexual relationship between the two. The woman is known to be over 35 years old. The older woman exceeds the age of the young guy by 8 years and above.

sexual relationship
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💟 22 reasons why cougar love exists 💟

1.  This kind of love exists because the younger guy feels that they can learn so much from these older women. In this relationship, she is considered to be a wise and intelligent creature.

2.  The man might be looking for a self-confident and self-assured lady and someone who is not just focused on starting a family. This man is mostly looking to expand himself intellectually.

3. Some younger men love, admire, and respect women who have dedicated their lives to achieving their goals. They love a persistent older woman since she has raised her standards in her profession.

4. Some men want to feel that heroism nature by being with someone who feels as though they matter in their lives.

5. The younger guy gets to experience higher attention from the older woman hence increasing his self-esteem and confidence.

6. Some younger men crave a parental figure or a mother-figure woman in their life.

7. Most of the older cougar women are attracted to energetic well built young men. They tend to love their physical nature and energetic lifestyle.

8. Some of the older women who have managed to stay fit and lead a healthy life may want to find a younger man who is a decade younger than them but looks more like their age.

9. Most young men are looking for a mature woman who has great experience in relationships. When in this kind of relationship, the older woman is capable of handling the ups and downs that may come with the relationship. She is capable of handling her own insecurities. Through this, both parties can get to establish a strong foundation together.

10. This type of relationship exists since the older woman may find her way through to mold the younger man into the kind of man she wants in her bedroom. This may happen since she has a better experience than the young man.

11. Older women find younger men spontaneous and fun-loving since they have fewer things to worry about in their lives.

12. Some men will want to settle with a financially independent woman. The older woman may find it exciting to spoil the younger man with gifts, take him shopping, and dates.

13. When a woman becomes old it becomes difficult for her to find someone to share a life with. So most of the older women marry younger men since men of their age have already married, are in a relationship or even they are not interested.

14. Most older women who date younger men always look forward to feeding their self-esteem and ego.

15. The older woman may be lucky to have a nurturing nature that the young man may want to be fulfilled.

16. Most people love being with someone who is mature and has experience with this life. That’s why some men opt to go for single cougar women.

17. Some men are looking to settle down after a tough season of finding a stable job, hence they will be looking for a lady with refined taste.

18. In this generation getting a lady with whom you can have an intellectual conversation can be tricky.

19. Most men find cougars most attractive and opt to date them.

20. After partying and having fun with life, most men and women start searching for partners who are willing to start a family and have children afterward.

21. Women want to feel loved despite their age, that’s why you will find cougars yawning for well-built or caring guys who can show affection to them.

22. Some cougar relationships are brought up by having a best friend who is years younger than you and with that built foundation, your feelings for each other develop and you opt to give it a try.





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▀ How do you date a cougar? ▀

✅ You are not supposed to stereotype her.

Most of the older women out here are looking for a good relationship and some would not want a one-night stand. Some are out here all attracted to younger men who will treat them right than the bad marriages they have been in or relationships. They are looking to compensate for their youth life so it’s best not to stereotype them.

✅ Act your age. 

A cougar is known to be out here to find a younger man. It will really be bad and a fatal error if you try to impress the old woman with maturity. Act your own age. They are interested in your youthful exuberance.

✅ Do not play games with her. 

These are already mature women with principles and have already passed the stage of playing games. They have already done the roller-coaster as much as they would love and that doesn’t impress them anymore.

✅ Money role reversal. 

This is a cougar who has been lucky to establish herself in the industry of financial independence. She will be out there in the club or dating site looking for a young man who can meet her other needs.

All she wants is to settle with a good young man who will take good care of her.

✅ She is certain that she is aging and she has to act accordingly. 

She is much older than you and yet she knows it. Women were not born to be cougars circumstances led them to be one. It really takes a lot of time for them to find true love.

These women can emerge from fallen marriages or relationships.

Photo credits: unsplash.com
Photo credits: unsplash.com

They have taken it upon themselves to take good care of their bodies and keep them in shape and fit. They know that they are physically active and this is the only way they can show their youthfulness.

Signs a younger man likes an older woman ▣

⦿ The man loves your experience

Experience is termed to be very valuable. This man spends more time seeking wisdom and ways on how he can go about with some of the difficult situations in his life. He feels as though there is much he needs to learn from the older woman.

⦿ He loves how you support him emotionally.

Some of the men who fall in love with older women appreciate how nurturing the woman is. This young man will constantly come back to you for emotional support or whenever he feels low.

He loves how open he can be with you. Mostly they love kind and assertive women with principles.

⦿ He always compliments how sweet your food is.

Every time he visits you he has to make a good compliment on how delicious your food is. By this time as an older woman, you will have mastered the art of crafting any type of meal.

We can all be honest here, most men love older women because of their cooking. It is said that the way to a man’s heart is food.

⦿ He loves the fact that you know what you want and are more direct to him about your needs.

Older women are more straightforward about what they want exactly and will not play around the bush. If you find a younger man staying connected to you for your openness then know that he likes you.

Younger men love to be with an older woman who is mature enough to tell him when he has done wrong, and what you want, and no games are being played around in the relationship.

⦿ He envisions the possibility of being together in the future with you.

By this time the younger man will have found some good qualities in you and would be willing to settle or find his passions through you, and maybe achieve some of his goals with you.

He loves the fact that you are helping him conquer his life difficulties and make the best out of them.

⦿ When he gazes into your eyes. 

When a man loves you he will constantly look at you and compliment you. In his mind thoughts of expressing what he feels for you clog his mind. He will not stop staring at you even when you are both in public.

⦿ He will always put you first. 

When men love someone they will always put you first no matter what. You will become his priority. He always involves you in his daily activities like going out for a hike, playing bowling, going to the gym, and going out for adventures.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of activity he is involved in, whenever you call him he will always pick up your calls.

⦿ He goes out of his comfort zone for you. 

He doesn’t care how many years you have left him with. All that matters to him is that you reciprocate what he feels for you. He doesn’t listen to the criticisms that people give him for dating an older woman.

He stays strong beside you and that’s all that matters.

⦿ He is happy to be with you. 

When a man smiles often when you are together it shows that he likes or loves you. He is comfortable and free with you. He appreciates the little and big things you do for him that’s why he sticks around for the long term.

⦿ He helps you get things right.

He is much more into helping you around the house. He loves helping you cook and do the dishes and laundry. He shows his affection in many different ways. To him, it doesn’t matter whether you are more experienced or not.

📍 Can an older woman, or younger man relationship work? 📍

Yes, an older woman-younger man relationship can work. The age difference doesn’t matter at all.

Age is not a factor to be considered when two people find happiness in each other. People claim that some young men fall in love with older women for their money but it will not always be true. Affection and companionship can not be defined by what culture has made them look like.

If both partners are committed to each other and are willing to put the effort into making it work for both of them then nothing can stop them.

Since these relationships have grown widely in society and pop culture, hence people have stopped judging them despite their age gap.

👣 How do you tell if an older woman likes you? 👣

⏺ No matter how busy she is, she will find excuses to be with you. 

When you happen to find that you are seeing her a lot more than you expected then it is because she has decided to go out of her way to see you.

You do not necessarily have to see her flirting or showing signs of attraction, the little things she does show how much she is into you.

⏺ She will do anything to be with you.

A cougar will always do anything to be with you since she knows that her time in this world has expired. She will want to spend every hour or day with you.

If she needs to skip work just to see you then she will do that to gain high self-confidence and feel younger again.. If you come to think of it, she may have sacrificed more of her time to volunteer for the late meetings for her to compensate for the time she spends with you during the day.

⏺ When she is around you she behaves differently. 

When a woman is in love with you she will be cautious of the thighs she does. She is caring and may become touchy all of a sudden.

She will want to be on her utmost best behavior around you. Have you noticed that she cares more about how she appears when she meets you? Has her tone changed drastically?

⏺ She becomes more curious about your life.

She will want to know what you have been doing in your life since she has lived her life. Her curiosity about your adventures, about what you like, about what you love to eat will become intense.

All she is doing at this time is getting to know you better. Does she keep on asking about your past sex life or your facets?

⏺ You have got to see her seductive side. 

When an older woman loves you she will act more like a young lady by lingering her hands on her shoulder or neck for a long time. Most of the time she will flash you some seductive smiles and flirting gestures.

Definitely, she will not tell you that she likes you but her behavior towards you will speak louder than her words.

⏺ She will find her way to interact with you secretly.

Older women do not have as much time as younger women, so any time she gets that freedom she will show you the kind of affection you would want from any woman.

She will not always be upfront with you about why she makes the night calls with hushed tones but by the way, things seem you will know that she is into you.

⏺ She’s Jealous and Possessive 

Both of you aren’t seeing someone, she despises it on the off chance that you discover your routes in the arms of another lady, particularly somebody who may be more age-proper for you.

When you interact with your close female best friend, she’ll promptly act inactively forcefully or even unfriendly to that lady, doing things like intruding on discussions or putting down the other lady.

⏺ She Tends To Turn Conversations Into Flirtation 

She’ll ask you in a coy manner about yourself, possibly alluding to your sexual coexistence and attempting to raise cozy themes in any event, when it doesn’t bode well.

She will likewise frequently request that you look at her, inquiring as to whether you like her dress, her shoes, or on the other hand if her top looks great on her or not.

⏺ She Hovers 

She’s continually watching you, particularly when you have no clue that she’s doing it.

She has no unmistakable motivation to twist up any place you may be, however she generally appears to do it, each and every time.

🤔 Conclusion 🤔

One is not always destined to be a cougar. When life doesn’t give you all the sweet apples then you will have to buy every lemon that comes with the basket. The Cougar lifestyle is now known to be best for single women who have established themselves and are looking for a long-term relationship and maybe children in the future. Don’t be afraid to be a cougar.

💌 Relevant Questions 💌

Q: How much of an age gap is OK?

A: 8-9 years is a good age gap for people who feel they can make it work. It makes sense to date younger suitors.

Q: What is the most beautiful age for a woman?

A: It is known to be age 30. I suppose that’s why most younger suitors for a sugar mama who at most they’d want to have a long-term relationship with.

Q: What attracts a younger man to an older woman?

A: A young guy is attracted to a cougar for her maturity, personal stability, and her additional great life experience. They feel empowered by her character.





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