Effective Ideas To Combine Social Media With Digital-out-of-home

By Maria Scott

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Effective Ideas To Combine Social Media With Digital-out-of-home

Social media has undoubtedly become a vital part of our lives. It has become so impactful that you will find it everywhere, in our lifestyle, businesses, festivities, culture, and everywhere around the globe.

So, when you bring social media to your digital-out-of-home, you know that it will become an instant match. It will help you create more interactive and engaging social media campaigns that will reach out to a maximum number of audiences and bring in maximum results. It will create a smooth interactive flow between you and your audience.

That’s why we have decided to bring this blog for you to help you out on some ideas that you can implement in your next Digital-out-of-home x Social media campaigns. Continue reading and find it all out.

What Is Digital-out-of-home?

In layman’s language, digital-out-of-home is digital signage. The only difference is that DOOHs are placed strategically outdoors to capture the attention of the maximum number of audiences. You could place DOOH anywhere outdoors and ensure that each passerby stops and engages with your content. Just like Digital Signage you get the liberty to display endless content. In this blog, we will explore the potential of digital signage and social media.

Why Combine Digital-out-of-home & Social Media?

With more than half of the world’s population (63%) above the age of 13, active on social media, it opens up endless growth possibilities for brands. What makes social media and digital-out-of-home advertising a perfect match is their ability to serve dynamic content in real-time to keep the users updated. The possibilities to express the creativity they both have are endless.

When you bring them together, they bridge the gap between the online and offline space by engaging the offline audience with the online content.

You can display the digital out-of-home x social media at bus stations, train stations, airports, waiting areas, and other public spots where the public has some idle time to stop by and engage with the digital out-of-home.

Ideas To Combine Social Media With Digital-out-of-home

If you are wondering how you can incorporate social media with your digital out of home, here are some amazing ideas, you can leverage and enjoy the benefits they bring in!

1. Make Your Campaigns Authentic

A lot goes into creating authentic brand campaigns and making them successful. Especially with digital out-of-home when you want people to stop by and engage with your campaign. It has become a consumer behavior to seek authenticity and relatability when engaging with a brand. In that case, user-generated content can be the perfect solution for your brand.

When you display user-generated content posted on social media by your customers on the digital out-of-home, it helps your campaigns stand out. People are used to looking at zero-sized models and air-brushed pictures clicked by professional photographers. It is user-generated content that will make your display look unique as it is created by individuals who have their own way of expressing it. The passersby would actually stop by to look at your display and engage with it.

2. Create Robust Hashtag Campaigns

When it comes to social media and the users’ behavior, social proof plays a major role. Social proof is a phenomenon that works around the bandwagon effect in which people tend to copy a social behavior if they see maximum individuals doing the same thing or following a particular pattern. Hashtag campaigns work in a similar pattern.

Organize a hashtag campaign on social media using a hashtag that is related to a trendy topic, or people find it relatable and feel encouraged to express it on social media using that hashtag. Display the social media content created using the hashtag on the digital out-of-home. It will not only engage the passersby but also encourage them to post on social media using your hashtag. It will create major brand awareness and improve your social media presence like never before and also it will greatly increase the user’s engagement.

3. Create Shareable Content

What makes social media loved by its users so much is the fact that they can share its content with their friends and family members. And it is the relatable content that is shared the most on social media. Make sure that the content you put out on the digital out-of-home is relatable. You can also use humor and wit to grab the attention of passersby.

If they find the content on the digital out-of-home entertaining and relatable, they will surely search for your brand on social media, follow you and share the content with their friends and family members. That’s when the digital out-of-home will help you reach your ultimate goal of brand growth and awareness among the audience.

4. Organize Trivias With Rewards

Who doesn’t like rewards? Consumers love rewards, and they also love to participate in trivia or quizzes brands organize along with exciting prizes they offer. With digital out-of-home, you get an amazing opportunity to expand your brand’s reach by organizing quizzes or trivia on social media and getting the potential audience along.

When you display your social media trivia or quizzes on the digital out-of-home, it ensures that each passerby would stop by to try and solve the quiz. It will act as a great engagement factor for the individuals who come across the digital out-of-home. Not just that, they might also feel prompted to answer the trivia, visit your social media account and even the winners will post on their social media accounts mentioning your brand.

It will help you receive many social media visitors and followers.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Social media helps to build communication between brands and consumers. With digital out-of-home, brands get to interact with their target audience by bringing social media to the physical world.

We now reach the end of this blog, where you got to know about the possibilities digital out-of-home x social media holds and how you can work them up to gain maximum benefits.

So, try them out and serve your audience effectively.

Maria Scott

Maria is a Digital Marketer at Taggbox, a user-generated content platform. She is very passionate about her work and stays up-to-date with all the latest marketing trends. With her 4+ years of experience in the Digital Marketing world, she is hard working and always strives to provide the best to the marketing community.

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