3 Best Online Forex Brokers in Taiwan – In Depth Review 2024

By Wilbert S

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best forex broker for traders is Avatrade

The #1 Forex Trading Course is Asia Forex Mentor

The forex market is open to people from different nations. It is also one of the biggest exchanges in the world and as such, if you are a Taiwanese investor, you’d probably want to try your hand here. Well, you don’t need a lot of things before you trade in forex. You just need a nice broker with a good trading platform to get you started.

Lucky for you, there are actually a lot of high-end brokerage firms that accept applications from people in Taiwan. But picking the right broker for forex in line with your needs is never that simple. There are just too many things to consider on the go.

But you do not have to go through this. Our team of experts looked at a wide range of brokers and came up with a list of the top two firms we feel are strongly suited for Taiwanese forex traders. Keep reading and learn more about these brokers and what they offer.

Best Online Forex Brokers in Taiwan

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3 Best Online Forex Brokers in Taiwan

Before we go to an in-depth review of the best brokers for forex in Taiwan, we need to give you a disclaimer before you start trading. You see, CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly. Consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money when trading these instruments on various trading sites.

#1. Best Advanced for Non-US Traders: Avatrade

Photo: Avatrade

AvaTrade is an Irish-based online forex broker that offers over 1200 tradable assets on its trading platform. The brokerage firm has become a huge player in the forex market and continues to accept applications for traders all over the world, including those in Taiwan.

AvaTrade is regulated by top-tier agencies including the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CYSEC, and even the Financial Conduct Authority FCA. The broker is also allowed by local Taiwan regulators to offer brokerage services in the state. This makes it a relatively safe place to begin trading forex.

The broker also offers state-of-the-art trading platforms. In addition to the popular MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, users also get access to AvaTrade’s proprietary trading software that feels so easy to use and quite intuitive as well. There is also a reliable team of customer support reps here, some of the lowest trading fees in the market, and a wide range of educational materials to help you profit from the forex market.

How does it work?

As one of the best forex brokers in Taiwan, AvaTrade has done well to make sure that your trading experience is as fulfilling as possible. So, in case you’d like to try out this firm, then you will need to follow just a few simple steps. For starters, you must get any of the trading accounts offered here. It takes just a few minutes to do this. Simply key in your basic personal info and after that, upload verification documents and wait for a few hours.

If indeed there is nothing wrong with your documents, then you will get approved for an AvaTrade account in no time. The next step would be to deposit some money. There are several deposit options for Taiwanese traders including a credit card, debit card, and bank transfer. In most cases, the deposit reflects after three business days at most. Some deposit methods may offer faster processes.

The third step is to pick a platform you’d like. There are several trading platforms here but as a rule of thumb, always choose trading platforms that feel easy to use for you. Go ahead now and download the mobile trading app on your phone. This would be very important for folks who trade on the go. Once the app is installed on your phone, you can now log in, pick the assets you want to buy or sell, and start earning decent returns. However, in case you run into any issues, contact customer support right away.


  • Offers multiple trading platforms including its own proprietary software for traders
  • Easy to open and verify trading accounts with this provider
  • You get excellent customer support, including a live chat feature
  • Low trading fees with tight spreads on currency pairs and CFDs
  • Comprehensive educational materials on how to trade forex and other assets
  • Regulated by top tier agencies around the world


  • The in-activity fees charged by this provider are way above the industry average
  • You need a minimum deposit of $100 to access brokerage services here.


AvaTrade uses a spread-based system to charge commissions for its forex services. Commissions start as low as 0.9 pips on the EUR/USD pair but can range a lot depending on the type of assets you are buying and the trade volume.

For example, in case you would like to try the high-volume professional VIP account offered by the broker, the fees charged will be considerably low, sometimes as low as 0.6 pips on the EUR/USD pair.

Please also note that a minimum deposit of $100 will be needed to access the services of this forex broker. With everything considered, there is no doubt AvaTrade charges below average commissions compared to the industry average.

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#2. Best Overall Broker: Forex.com

Photo: Forex.com

Forex.com is one of the most recognizable names in forex brokerage services. This firm has been doing this for years now and has earned the trust of many users, and the reputation of being one of the best forex brokers in the world. As you would expect from such a highly rated firm, Forex.com is regulated and audited by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA, the Security and Exchange Commission, and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CYSEC.

In addition to this, the parent company that owns Forex.com is listed in the US on the NASDAQ exchange. All these factors simply mean that the forex broker can be trusted in the long run. There are also a few other things to look forward to when you open forex trading accounts with this provider.

First, you get a multi-platform approach to your forex trading. In addition to its proprietary trading software, there are also the MT4 and the MT5 platforms to choose from. Forex.com has also built a team of dedicated customer support reps standing by to help you with anything. You also get low trading fees, over 4500 assets to buy and sell, mobile and desktop trading, and a host of other innovative trading and risk management tools.

How does it work?

Well, Forex.com is built to cater to beginners. This makes it such an easy-to-use broker. There are a few steps to follow through in your efforts to unlock the power of Forex.com in getting into the forex trading market. As with any other broker, you need trading accounts opened and funded before you get started.

Lucky for you, Forex.com has very limited KYC screening for Taiwan traders. You should be able to fill in the required info in a few minutes and get the account verified within an hour or so. Only an identification card or passport and proof of address are needed to verify the account.

Taiwanese forex traders also get various deposit options to fund their accounts. As a trader, always pick the option that feels more secure and faster for you. Now that your account is open and fully funded, the final step would be to choose a trader platform. There are of course the two meta trader platforms the M4 and M5. But they can be quite intimidating for a new trader.

In that case, once your deposit is in, consider using the proprietary software offered by Forex.com. It’s much easier to use and feels like the best out there for all traders. Please also note that Forex.com offers traders in-depth research and trade signals on various assets. This info can be invaluable in helping you make wise investment decisions so make sure you pay attention to it.


  • The broker is regulated by top tier agencies in the US and Asia
  • Offers a selection of forex trading platform options for new and advanced traders
  • You get a demo account as well to trade with minimal risk and learn how to get by
  • Some of the lowest fees with tight spreads and low fixed commissions
  • Global name recognition and one of the most notable brands in forex trading
  • There is in-depth research on various assets and trade signals on the forex trading platform


  • A minimum deposit of $100 is needed before getting started
  • The educational materials are not on par with other leading brokerage services


Forex.com is regulated by the central bank of Taiwan and as such, there are certain standards it must meet when it comes to pricing and trade execution. Well, interestingly enough, there are no fixed commissions here in fact, how much traders pay for these services depends on the accounts they have. There is of course the standard account which is the most common among traders.

Here commissions start from as low as 1.4 pips on the EUR/USD pair. Other pairs may have different pips but the average will always revolve around the 1.4 pip mark. There are however the Direct Market Access accounts.

These accounts are actually designed for large volume traders with huge deposits. Fees on the accounts will be as low as 0.03 pips. But it is important to note that there is a fixed commission on these large volume accounts. When you put everything together, the final fee paid for brokerage services comes to around 1.2 pips per trade on the EUR/USD pair.

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#3. Lowest Cost Overall: Interactive Brokers

Photo: IBKR

Interactive Brokers or IBKR is a US-based full-service brokerage firm that offers access to the forex market for Singaporean traders. With global name recognition, a list of major forex pairs, and a superior trading platform, IBKR is rated one of the best partners to trade financial markets.

In addition to this, users also get low fees, fast trade execution, and a huge variety of trading account options to open. You will also love the quick and responsive support team here, premier trading technology, and a wide range of educational materials to help you get started with forex CMC markets. No minimum deposit is required to start trading with IBKR. And besides, you get a multi-platform trading approach including a mobile trading experience with all the risk management tools you need.

How does it work?

To trade Taiwan forex and other financial instruments with interactive brokers, you need to follow three steps. First, pick the account that you want. IBKR offers multiple accounts to meet the needs of different users. Each account has its own risks involved. So, take your time and look through each, including a demo account, and open one that suits you.

As a traditional broker, you will be required to verify your address and identity before starting to put your trading strategies into action. It doesn’t matter which financial instrument you intend to trade, verification is necessary. After your account is verified, the final step is to deposit money and start to trade CFDs, forex, the city index, and anything you want. There is no minimum deposit required by IBKR.


  • Takes only a few minutes to open a trading account
  • Regulated in the US and other major countries
  • Has a huge variety of assets including currency pairs and the city index options
  • Accepts deposits in the Singapore dollar and other major currencies
  • Superior trading platform with superb trade execution


  • Sometimes account verifications for folks outside the US can take long
  • The educational materials for trading forex offered need some improvement


As with other forex trading platforms, Interactive Broker does not charge a flat fee. The trading fees here are based on the Bid/Ask spread. As you know, each currency pair has a bid price and an asking price.

The difference between these two prices is called the bid/ask spread. It is often the fee charged by the forex trading platform. The same applies when doing CFD trading with retail CFD accounts. The good news is that IBKR strives to ensure that spreads are as low as possible.

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How we rank the Best Online Forex Brokers in Taiwan?

Photo: Canva

Finding the best broker to trade forex is a huge undertaking. However, if you know what to look for, then you can easily find trustworthy brokers that are open to each trader. This is exactly what we did in our analysis. We simply wanted to find brokerages that have a history of working with all manner of traders, and those that guarantee safety and security.

So, there is a variety of factors we looked at. First, we wanted to see if indeed the broker is regulated by the leading bodies. A brokerage service that is regulated by the top-tier agencies tends to offer more safety and security compared to brokerages that are not. Secondly, our team also looked at the nature of platforms offered to trade forex.

While we wanted to include brokers that offer superior trading platforms, we also felt that these technologies needed to be easy to use. For this reason, brokers that had advanced tech that was so easy to use were ranked higher. There were also some considerations on how much it costs to trade for beginner and advanced traders.

As a trader, you want to make sure your margins are as high as possible and as such, you don’t want fees taking too much of the profit from each trade. For this reason, brokers that had lower fees and good services ranked higher. The team also looked at the effectiveness of customer support, ease of opening an account, deposit and withdrawal methods, and the educational materials offered to trade forex.

How to choose the Best Online Forex Brokers in Taiwan?

Photo: Canva

Different traders have different needs when it comes to the forex trade. However, regardless of what you are looking for, there is always a list of important considerations you must make before you choose broker services. First, ensure that the broker has some of the best trading platforms in the world. The volatility in forex is very high. The prices swing very fast and as such, traders need powerful platforms that allow them to trade fast and efficiently.

In addition to this, you must also check the fees. These days brokers offer low fees in fact, we have even seen some that are now giving traders commission-free trading. This is done to ensure that you don’t have to cut too much into your profits. However, even though there is nothing wrong with a trader paying the lowest fees possible, ensure you are getting value for your money.

It is also advisable to assess just how effective customer support is. There will be times when you need help and brokers that have advanced customer support teams are always ready to help. Finally, ensure that the broker you have chosen is regulated by top-tier agencies. You see, a broker that is regulated by these agencies will always feel safe and secure to trade with.

Choose Asia Forex Mentor for Your Forex and Stocks Trading Success

If you have a keen interest in establishing a successful career in forex trading and aspire to achieve substantial financial gains, Asia Forex Mentor stands as the optimal choice for the best forex, stock, and crypto trading course. Ezekiel Chew, renowned as the visionary behind trading institutions and banks, is the driving force behind Asia Forex Mentor. On a personal note, Ezekiel consistently achieves seven-figure trades, a distinction that truly sets him apart from other educators in the field. Here are the compelling reasons that underpin our recommendation:

Comprehensive Curriculum: Asia Forex Mentor offers an all-encompassing educational program that covers stock, crypto, and forex trading. This well-structured curriculum equips aspiring traders with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in these diverse markets.

Proven Track Record: The credibility of Asia Forex Mentor is firmly established through its impressive track record of producing consistently profitable traders across various market sectors. This achievement serves as a testament to the effectiveness of their training methodologies and mentorship.

Expert Mentors: At Asia Forex Mentor, students benefit from the guidance and insights of experienced mentors who have demonstrated remarkable success in stock, crypto, and forex trading. These mentors provide personalized support, enabling students to navigate the intricacies of each market with confidence.

Supportive Community: Joining Asia Forex Mentor brings access to a supportive community of like-minded traders pursuing success in the stock, crypto, and forex markets. This community fosters collaboration, idea-sharing, and peer learning, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Emphasis on Discipline and Psychology: Success in trading necessitates a strong mindset and disciplined approach. Asia Forex Mentor provides crucial psychological training to help traders manage emotions, handle stress, and make rational decisions during trading.

Constant Updates and Resources: The financial markets are dynamic, and Asia Forex Mentor ensures that students remain up-to-date with the latest trends, strategies, and market insights. Continuous access to valuable resources keeps traders ahead of the curve.

Success Stories: Asia Forex Mentor takes pride in a multitude of success stories where students have transformed their trading careers and achieved financial independence through their comprehensive forex, stock, and crypto trading education.

In summary, Asia Forex Mentor emerges as the premier choice for those seeking the best forex, stock, and crypto trading course to carve a rewarding career and achieve financial prosperity. Through its comprehensive curriculum, experienced mentors, practical approach, and supportive community, Asia Forex Mentor provides the necessary tools and guidance to mold aspiring traders into accomplished professionals across diverse financial markets.





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Conclusion: Best Online Forex Brokers in Taiwan

Photo: Canva

There is a great variety of brokerages out there for the forex trade. But for folks in Taiwan, there are two brokers that are simply suited for the kind of needs you have. They include AvaTrade and of course Forex.com. Although these two firms have so much to offer, if we were to choose between the two, then AvaTrade gets a slight edge.

The firm is a big brand in forex trading and has been doing this for a long time. It has also done well to invest in some of the most advanced trading platforms out there, including the popular MT4 and MT5 meta traders. There is also a proprietary trading software offered by AvaTrade. You will also love that there is a huge variety of assets to buy and sell. In fact, at the time of writing this review, AvaTrade had over 1200 assets including currencies, crypto, commodities, indices, and CFDs.

Opening a trading account with this provider is also quite simple as well. It takes just about a few minutes to do it. But even with all these good things, AvaTrade has a minimum account deposit. This can be a bit of a challenge for people who want to start small. You may also pay high inactivity fees and the educational materials offered here can be better. But overall, this is a solid broker for Taiwan and its reputation alone is enough to convince you.

Best Online Forex Brokers in Taiwan FAQs

Is Forex trading legal in Taiwan?

Yes, Trading forex in Taiwan is legal. But there are some risks involved as with any other investment. So, make sure you learn as much as you can before you open a trading account and make a deposit. You can also start with a demo account and hone your skills before you get started. This will help you develop as a trader in the long run.

What are retail investor accounts?

Retail investor accounts are individual trading accounts that are normally managed by a single person. There is no forex broker these days that does not offer retail investor accounts. But even then, you ought to be very careful as a retail investor and understand the risk you are taking when you buy and sell forex.

Does forex broker lose money?

It’s highly unlikely for a forex broker to lose money. Most of the deposits made by clients are in fact held in separate accounts. This means that the forex broker does not use that money to fund anything else. So, you can be sure that your deposits will be safe and sound.




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