4 Best Online Forex Brokers in Austria – In Depth Review 2024

By Wilbert S

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best forex broker for traders is Avatrade

The #1 Forex Trading Course is Asia Forex Mentor

Finding an excellent brokerage in Austria can be quite a complicated process. Most probably accept the Austrian traders for allowing you to deal in the Austrian Euro. It’s okay; you aren’t alone.

The brokers we bring are supporting payment options, enabling an Austrian trader to make a quick withdrawal of profit and deposit.

They offer the cheapest fees and support MT4, MT5, and cTrader trading platforms. When you trade in Austria you should know about your choices with an Austrian trading broker.

We bring to you the excellent trading sites where you can trade as an Austrian, trade Forex, Indices, CDFs, CTFs, Binary, Stocks, Options, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If you are an Austrian, the brokers support payment options to help you quickly withdraw profit and deposit. The fees they provide are very cheap and support MT4, MT5, and cTrader trading platforms. Let’s discuss the brokers in detail!

Best Online Forex Brokers in Austria

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Advanced Non-US Traders
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Best Intermediate for Non-US Traders

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Best Forex Trading Software
Overall Broker
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Best Forex Brokers in UK
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4 Best Online Forex Brokers in Austria

#1. Best Advanced for Non-US Traders: Avatrade

Photo: Avatrade

Avatrade came into being in 2006; it is an international forex broker and CFD broker regulated by different top financial institutes. Moreover, it has many tools and resources that will fascinate beginners, like paper trading accounts and 100000 dollars of virtual funds.

Avatrade is one of the safest online brokers and is regulated by the top tier-one jurisdiction. This is the reason which makes it a trustful CFD and Forex broker.

The range of marketing is great, and it should also be good for traders. Avatrade is offering its clients worthy selections for trading platforms.

Avatrade has stopped the trading platforms like mirror trader and Robox. With dedicated web trading platforms like meta-trader and Avatrade acting as an alternative, it offers a huge variety of platforms catering to automated and manual traders.

Avatrade attracts traders with different skills and levels to offer them an adaptable trade site. There are more than 200000 registered clients with a trading volume of 2 million per month. Want more to know about this CDF and forex broker? Then continue to read about the Avatrade feature.

How does it work?

Opening an account with AvaTrade is quite simple. The platform in fact allows you to use Facebook or your Google account to do this. You don’t need to fill in a lot of info. However, the platform will have some screening questions to assess your investment experience.

If this is your first time trading in the foreign exchange market, get some investment advice before you start. Nonetheless, your account should be approved in 24 hours at most. After that, go ahead and make a deposit and start trading.


  • Allows users to open a trading account with Facebook or Google to make it easier
  • Global broker with accessibility all over the world
  • Some of the lowest trading fees you can find
  • regulated by the authority of Austria OeNB


  • You can only trade CFDs, Forex, and Crypto and no stocks
  • Your account may incur a very high inactivity fee


AvaTrade does not offer a clear and detailed breakdown of how it charges its users. But as with other top Austrian forex brokers, AvaTrade uses a Bid/Ask spread to calculate applicable fees on each trade. The forex trading platform has done well to keep the spread low but it’s not nearly as good as Interactive Brokers. Either way, you still pay below-average trading fees with AvaTrade.

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#2. Best Intermediate for Non-US Traders: FXCC

Best Online Forex Brokers in Canada
Photo: CedarFX

FXCC offers forex traders to trade on Forex and silver and gold, indices on trusted MetaTrader 4., available as web or download solution. We will log in to Traders Hub to explore minimum regulations, demo, deposits, and leverage accounts in this online broker review. This is your chance to learn further about FXCC.

FXCC follows the STP/ECN model; it offers a competitive price and execution without re-quotes or intervention. The clients choose three accounts from and then trade on precious metals, indices, and Forex on the well-known MT4 terminal.

FXCC provides MT4 to every client accessible on various gadgets and major web browsers. The platform has many advanced features for trading.

This includes a built-in library with more than 50 indicators for indicating technical analysis. There is also access to plus embedded charts, stop and pending orders, the market for accurate analysis.

How does it work?

As the best forex broker, it also provides users to leverage. It can make multiple the initial accounts balance. But as a matter of fact, it should be used very wisely as it can increase the power of losses too.

For the convenience of traders, they can start a risk-free trial of 30 days on a demo account to easily test new strategies and practice skills before they commit real money.

Following some easy steps, you can start up with your practice account loaded with virtual funds of 10000 dollars.

You can connect your trading account from any place with the help of the MT4 mobile phone app. Due to its easy-to-use reliability and interface, the state-of-the-art platform gets good feedback.


  • 100% first deposit
  • Free Virtual Private Server
  • Includes MetaTrader 4 platform
  • high leverage trading


  • It does not include U.S. based traders
  • Lacks different trading platforms


When you trade with an FXCC ECN account, you will be linked to many currencies GBP, EUR, USD featured along with tight spreads.

It forms 0.01 pips with the availability of trading over 30 currencies with a span of tools such as SNS notifications, trading tools, VPN, Technical analysis, and E.A.s.

The only thing it costs is presented by spreads from 0,1 pips and no commission fees. The foreign exchange market us all about such trading’s.

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Intermediate for Non US Traders
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#3. Best Overall Broker: Forex.com

Photo: Forex.com

FOREX.com provides various offerings from spread betting to CFDs across various asset classes, but every region can access all. It is considered safe due to having a long track record. The top financial tiers regulate this trading forex broker.

The parent company of this forex broker has been listed on the stock exchange. Aside from the forex market, where derives the name, FOREX.com also offers indices, commodities, ETFs, bonds, individual stocks, silver, and gold.

The Austrian service offers clients’ accounts security like ESMA-mandated anti-guaranteed to stop losing orders and balance protection. FOREX.com is ideal for every trader who seeks exposure to a wide array of asset classes and materials.

It is a great fit for high-volume forex traders. Material offerings vary by place but still, it emphasizes reliable and fast execution, diversity of other and Forex platforms, and security accounts. In Austria, it’s geared to those interested in trading foreign exchange markets.

How does it work?

Getting started with Forex.com is quite simple. The first thing is of course to open a trading account. Here, you will need to key in the info needed including your address. Verification is needed but don’t worry if you don’t have verification documents. The broker will send you an account verification form where you can fill it in and send it back.

Once your account is verified, go ahead and fund it. There are many ways to deposit funds here including credit cards and bank transfers. Once you are done with this, go ahead and choose the trading platform. There are several options including MT4s and the new and improved MT5.


  • Dedicated FX broker built specifically for forex traders
  • Offers several trading platforms including the new and improved MT5
  • You get some of the lowest fees in the market
  • Regulated by several bodies including the monetary authority of Singapore
  • No account minimums are required here


  • Does not allow trading of most assets and is only limited to forex
  • The desktop platform is not as user friendly as we hoped


Forex.com uses a spread-based approach to charge fees. However, how much you pay depends on the account you have. The broker has three main account types. The basic standard account, which targets individuals, offers you traditional spread pricing on currency pairs with very tight spreads.

There is however a commission-based account that offers even tighter spreads with fixed commissions. The final option is the Direct Market Access account which is designed for high-volume FX traders. Here, you will pay some of the lowest fees of any account.

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Overall Broker
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#4. Best for Execution: IG

Best Forex Brokers in UK
Photo: IG

One of the advanced trading platforms, I.G. brokers, includes a forex trading platform that’s effortless to customize and is user-friendly. The forex market traders also involve educational tools for funding, learning, and other aspects with different trading platforms available.

You will also find many helpful educational tools for learning. Funding and withdrawing money is easy, and there are multiple options, as illustrated by the commodity futures trading commission.

Besides this, the Forex broker includes a foreign exchange with currency pairs to provide retail investor accounts.

It offers advanced trading account features for stock CFDs. You will find a limited product portfolio as these forex traders involve options trading and foreign exchange features. The customer support is second to none with currency market options to get the maximum benefit.

Therefore, I.G. brokers are for users looking for forex trading within Austria. Anyone who desires to trade foreign exchange markets will find these forex brokers a top choice.

IG opts to provide exclusive forex trading services from low spread costs, actionable research, customer service, interfaces, and more, making it one of the most exclusive online brokers in the market.

How does it work?

For Austrian traders, head to the IG website and click to open an account. There will be a lot of info to fill in including your financial status. IG will not accept account applications for people who make less than a certain amount of money each year. Once you are done with this stage, you will be required to upload verification documents, mostly an ID and some proof of address. If indeed these documents are okay, IG will verify the account in 24 hours. After that, fund your account and start trading using the IG platform.


  • One of the most legit FX brokers in the world
  • Offers tight spreads, something that leads to low fees
  • Well built and easy to use trading platforms
  • A huge variety of assets available to trade including forex


  • Account verification can take longer if documents don’t check out
  • The support offered needs to improve a bit


Like all the FX brokers we have listed above, IG also uses a spread-based system. But there are so many additional charges to be aware of. For example, if you are trading with leverage, you will incur an overnight charge if open positions are held for more than 24 hours. IG also charges a USD 12 fee for dormant accounts every month. Currency conversion charges are also applied and you will also pay up to $15 for withdrawals.

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Best Forex Brokers in UK

Lowest Spreads
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securely through IG website

How do we rank the Best Online Forex Brokers in Austria?

Photo: Canva

Do you know different options of retail CFD accounts lose money? Basically, accounts lose money when you make a purchase.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high-risk option to offer swap-free services. Choose whether you can afford to take the risk or not. Let’s see how we can rank the best Forex broker!

Account Types

Different retail investor accounts lose money if not operated carefully. The Cyprus Securities and exchange in Austria aims to take the high risk of losing your money among a maximum of retail investor accounts. Different account types include:

  • Variable Spread Account Types: fluctuates with the demands conditions.
  •   Commission Accounts: ECN-style accounts that have low spreads with commission fees of flat-rate.
  • No Commission Standard Accounts: There are no commission charges on the top of spreads.
  • Fixed Spread Accounts(micro accounts): Fixed spreads are predetermined and remain the same regardless of the situations in the market.

The number of assets includes

Another crucial factor to consider is the number of assets features. What does that mean? Basically, it is about things you want to trade. Whether the broker includes all the essential assets you need or not?

It will be an effortless process if you desire to get foreign currency pairs, but many brokers can provide you with exclusive benefits and features if you desire to trade shares and stocks.

Order Execution

Execution speed is the most vital factor for picking out a broker. Inefficiently executed orders may result in traders facing vast amounts of slippage, further losing money. The table you can see below compares execution speeds among the best brokers globally.

If we take an example that the customers of FXCC can incur a minor slippage compared to the customers of Avatrade because the orders they execute are half the time.

Spreads, Costs And Trading Conditions

The most important thing to consider when choosing a broker is transaction costs and pricing. Due to the tough competition between some of the best brokers worldwide, accounts for retail investors are very tight institutional-grade charges.

Most brokers provide the traders an option of variable and fixed commission fees and spread patterns when you trade Forex.

Accounts of ECN-style with a flat-rate commission fee enable competitive spreads as minimum as 0.0 pips with the standard versions offering wider spreads. However, traders don’t face any commissions.

Value-Added Services

In a competitive online trading forex industry, some brokers try to distinguish themselves among other brokers. It occurs while offering more valuable news feeds for actual times, trading signals, and free market analysis. 

How to choose the Best Online Forex Brokers in Austria?

Photo: Canva

Well, different traders have different needs when it comes to forex trading. But there are some important factors to look for before you pick a brokerage firm. First, ensure the brokerage has been regulated by relevant authorities.

The OeNB authority does this in Austria but different countries have their own bodies. Look at the trading fees carefully as well. The lower the fees the better. It may also be a good idea to look at the kind of reviews a given platform has from other users. Finally, pick a forex broker that has some reputation in the industry.

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Conclusion: Best Online Forex Brokers in Austria


Photo: Canva

Finding the best forex brokers should not be that hard. There is a huge variety of firms out there but despite this, Avatrade is a great choice for Austrian traders. The firm is an all-inclusive brokerage that gives you access to a wide range of markets, including forex.

You also get state-of-the-art trading tools, a superb team of customer support, and some of the lowest trading fees out there. Although Avatrade should still do some work in improving educational content, other than that, it is a solid option.

Best Online Forex Brokers in Austria FAQs

Is Forex trading legal in Austria?

Forex trading platforms are popular in Austria, mainly among the residents. Before you choose the best Austrian Forex brokers, it is essential to know whether these regulated brokers are legal or not. Any broker will make Forex trading legal as it involves money when trading CFDs and other financial services. The brokers in Austria are well authorized and offer a web platform for assistance.

Moreover, Forex trading is legal in Austra. The Financial Conduct Authority FCA offers trading strategies and assistance with the trading account with a minimum initial deposit and trading costs. The securities and exchange commission Cysec offer CFDs with this provider and XTB XTB when trading CFDs with these platforms.

What are the tasks of financial market authority?

The Financial Market Authority develops and regulates the issuance of securities and transactions. It also regulates the activities entitled to while working under CMA. Moreover, you should consider whether you understand how CFDs work with a demo trading account.

Besides this, the Financial Markets Authority mandates facilitating the fair development and efficiency of financial markets. That’s how it benefits with a high risk of secured amount. You can get money rapidly due to the leverage of regulated brokers within Austria.

Does forex broker lose money?

The market is undoubtedly a high risk. However, the financial services compensation scheme still reduces the risk of losing money rapidly as any regulated broker will offer assisted services. Well, traders go through an intermediary for executing trades. At the same time, some brokers might make hidden fees with gains and losses.

Do you know it’s common to lose money when trading even with the best forex trading platform? Some require a minimum deposit with the currency pair, and the financial conduct authority ensures to save from circumstances. You will not lose money when trading CFDs and get the maximum advantage.




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