What Is Marketing Automation Software And 5 Reasons Why You Need It Now

By Dumb Little Man

March 10, 2023

What Is Marketing Automation Software And 5 Reasons Why You Need It Now

In this day and age, technology is the future, and the future of technology is artificial intelligence and automation. This is an age of swift action and massive data flow. If you need to learn how to navigate that, your business might stay caught up in the rat race. So, what can be the solution? Hiring more people to deal with response time and an avalanche of data will cost you tons. Well, why do that when you can automate mundane and tedious tasks? That way, your marketing and sales team will be free to brainstorm creative strategies and approaches to boost sales and brand visibility. So, what is marketing automation, and why is everybody talking about it? Let’s take a close look at that.

What Is Marketing Automation Software?

What Is Marketing Automation Software?
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Marketing automation software is a technology built to tailor fit your marketing needs and automate the process of monotonous work like social media posting, email marketing, etc. It streamlines the entire process of analysis, tracking, and optimizing everything to the best of its ability. It provides both efficiency and personalization that helps build a relationship between the company and the customers. It is efficient, time-saving, and cost-effective, which makes a lot of difference, especially if you are starting. 

Now let’s look at 5 reasons why you should consider integrating marketing automation software in your workflow- 


Each of the actions of your lead is super important. Every click matters. Every action creates a data point that needs to be noted and analyzed for better understanding. Marketing automation software does this for you. With software like Pardot, you can have analytics/ROI tracking, website visitor tracking, sales analytics, and much more. Powered by these, businesses can understand when specific actions are necessary. Timing is everything, and with this, you can boost your marketing in no time. Check out Pardot pricing now to integrate this into your business today. 

Boost Engagement

A central part of marketing is engaging with your leads or potential leads to convert them successfully. Be it via social media or email; you need to keep the touch alive. With marketing automation, you can leave all that to the technology. For example, you can automate responses to people reaching out to you. You can also use chatbot AI to help potential customers go in the right direction and solve all their queries before purchasing. This makes sales happen more efficiently and a lot faster.

Social Media Management

You can put many social media management tasks on the shoulders of marketing automation. You can plan and schedule posts ahead of time or automate some comments or responses based on specific targeted keywords. This does the job much faster and more cost-effectively and helps reduce workload exponentially. You can also see your brand image by tracking on social platforms what is being said about you. This will help you understand your market value and brand image. It will also help you understand and connect with your audience better. 

Nurturing Leads

Nurturing leads is essential if you want to boost your sales numbers. Only some leads will be ready to buy then and there. It would help if you nurtured them to bring them to the sales point. However, it can be time-consuming and takes up a lot of resources. In the beginning, many small businesses need more help to nurture every lead manually in hopes of a sale. Here is where marketing automation plays an important part. Powered by technology, you can leave most tasks with automation and focus on creative strategies to bring home more leads. 

Combine Sales And Marketing

Even though sales and marketing are related like two sides of the same coin, working these two departments together can get tricky sometimes, but combining these two can create a powerful force that will drive home the growth of your business. In this day and age of technology, this should be fine. Marketing automation can provide essential aspects to the sales team by improving the quality of leads, increasing revenue, and automating tons of mundane tasks. It will streamline the collaborative workflow seamlessly.

Are you convinced to try out marketing automation software now? What are you looking forward to integrating into your business through this technology? Let us know. 

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