What Are The Signs That A Guy Is Hiding His True Feelings From You (28 Clues For You)

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

A Guy Is Hiding His True Feelings From You

The ability to feel love and other emotions makes us humans. However, the body language to show love has changed with time; modern society has a different take on love. However, the fundamental aspects of love have not changed that much.

In today’s world, people still struggle to find the answers to the right questions – the question of developing feelings. However, it can become hard to tell if someone is just a friend, or if he has a little something going on for you.

Many guys hide their feelings and don’t approach the person they like. A common reason for that is, that they don’t know about your feelings, and hence, they fear rejection; and the cycle keeps on going.

Fortunately, you can make his job easy and approach him instead if you notice these obvious signs. The guy may not tell you, but he’ll show some tendencies that will help you understand that the guy is hiding his feelings for you.

If he thinks that you positively get his signs, then it might be the beginning of something new. Read on to learn about 28 of these clues!

✨ Here are 28 things you need to know – A Guy Is Hiding His True Feelings From You” ✨

1. The guy often starts a conversation

Sometimes, good things start with a great conversation. It is essential to make the first efforts of communication if somebody is into somebody.

If the guy often starts conversations, that implies that he wants to talk to you. It can also mean that the person wants to know about you, and hence, that is a sign that he likes you.

2. The guy compliments you

Most guys hide their true feelings about someone because of their shyness. However, they still make some efforts and most of them are in subtle ways.

For example, they will compliment you on things – your appearance, clothes, jewelry, and so on. They might not say that in an outright way, but to make you notice.

It is not easy to pay attention to the most subtle things. You can be sure that the person is interested in you.

3. Notice his body language and his very natural male instinct

Words may deceive. The only way to find a solution is by paying attention to the body language that doesn’t lie. You will find some telltale signs. Our behaviors tell much more than we usually talk about.

And for a person who is hiding his feelings, his behavior and body language might indicate something else. They will do most of these things unconsciously, so they can be definite signs that the person likes you.

For example, try to find answers to these thoughtful questions- Is the person raising his eyebrows? Does he show a huge favor for you? Is he playing with his hair or beard? Is he focusing his attention on you?

If you see these signs, you can rest assured that the guy has something going for you. He has romantic feelings for you. It is always important to maintain eye contact.

4. He is trying to be presentable

You may notice that he will adjust his hair and clothes whenever you come across him. The guy loves to be noticeable by doing these things.

He might adjust his posture for better; and put his hands on his hips to look more intrigued and approachable. He also might spread his legs when he is sitting in front of you, which might feel odd, but it tells a lot about the guy’s feelings.

If you see the guy crossing his arms on his chest, you can tell that he wants something. And in most cases, the guy is harnessing feelings about you.

5. He will remember everything you say

Shy guys are very good at hiding their feelings, but they make sure that you understand what they feel for you. They will do it in tiny ways. For example, they will remember every tiny detail about your conversation.

Many trivial details, such as you attending your cousin’s birthday or losing your pen – they’ll remember and ask you about them.

You’ll be surprised that you also don’t remember telling him those, yet he asks about those things. These situations only mean that the guy thinks about you and wants to stay in touch. That can be a sign that the guy is into you.

6. He becomes tense

You have already known that all his efforts to hide his feelings become harder when he is with you. While holding a conversation, you may see that he is tense and awkward; either he’s speaking fast or not responding enough.

Chances of his nostrils getting flared are a good sign; that means he’s excited and nervous at the same time. Is he leaning in?

Only a person who’s interested in you will do that. He also does things that can make him look stupid; it only means that he is trying hard not to ruin things. Be patient, and sure, the guy is failing to hide his excitement.

7. He asks you to hang out

Hanging out ensures spending more time together, and by that, we can know more about the person we are interested in.

A guy who hides his feelings can tread this way, as he wants to ensure that he gets more time to stay with you and keep engaged in conversations. If a guy asks you to hang out or stay for a little longer, don’t worry.

The reason he’s saying that is, he wants to make sure he gets more time with you and knows you better. The more you hang out with him; the chances of him asking you out become more evident.

8. He doesn’t ask about your partner

It is quite common to develop feelings for somebody who is already in a relationship; love doesn’t happen the way you always want it to be. You can be in a relationship, and the guy is a friend to you, but he won’t ask about your partner.

The person will avoid topics regarding your boyfriend; and will not ask how things are going on. Instead, he just wants to focus on you. It becomes tough for them to talk about somebody you’re with.

9. He changes the subject when you talk about other guys

If somebody has feelings for you, it becomes hard for them to listen to others. You may like somebody else and want to talk about him.

In those situations, he will consciously change the topic and ask you about things that concern you.

You may notice that whenever you talk about your crush, he will get uncomfortable and try to distract you. It is only a matter of time before the guy asks you out.

10. The guy is protective

Have you noticed that when you’re out with the guy, he tries to shade you? You may find this behavior unwanted or unattractive, but it is common among men to try to protect the person they like.

It is a biological factor that the men come hardwired with. Many experts call it the ‘hero instinct’ that a man will try to be guarding.

Men who get to fulfill this tendency fall in love quickly. You can trigger this hero instinct in him to look for his response. He will certainly give hints that he’s fallen for you.

11. He makes you laugh

He makes you laugh
Photo credit: Pixabay.com

The guy you’re hanging out with maybe hiding his feelings for you, but there are ways he is trying to tell you that.

The person will try to engage in a conversation with you as much as possible, and in those conversations, he will try to make you laugh.

Laughing makes situations comfortable and easy, and that might be a great way to increase closeness.

It also means that the guy is concerned about your happiness and will do anything to put a smile on your face. That is a great sign that the guy has some feelings for you.

12. Keeps asking you questions

It is another sure way to tell if someone is interested in you. A person who’s hiding his feelings might find it difficult to open up, but instead, he will ask you questions to keep the interaction going.

He might ask you about things that you find trivial, but it only shows that he is pretty interested in you and the things you do.

After a while, he might get comfortable talking about himself, and in the meantime, you will get the answers you’re looking for.

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13. He discusses plans with you

When a person is serious about somebody, he will think about the future and most likely will include the person they wants to be with.

General conversations are great to break the ice and keep a steady connection, but discussing the future is when you understand that things are getting serious. He will ask you about your plans, career, and settlement.

The reason behind that is, he is trying to find similarities and thinking of a possible future with you.

Though it’s not necessary to share common fields of interest, knowing about these things early can be a great sign that he wants a future beside you.

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14. He shares secrets in his personal life

He shares secrets in his personal life
Photo credit: Pixabay.com

Sharing secrets is one of the greatest signs of trust. You will be surprised that he’s telling you things that even his closest friends don’t know.

If a man is telling you secrets, rest assured, he has a huge crush on you. It is a common trait in men that they start to trust the person they like and confess about things.

You may also get the opportunity to know the relationship status. Moreover, you can check his relationship psychology.

15. His friends know about you

There may be instances that he is introducing you to other men who are his friends. You might wonder that however, you have never met them; they treat you like they have known you for quite a while.

The only reason they treat you like that is that your friend has said things about you to them.

If they treat you very cordially, the chances are high that they know about the guy’s feelings about you.

So, whether he is in a good mood or hides his feelings for you, it is evident that you already give the ‘girlfriend’ vibe to them.

16. You’ll catch him in every mood

Suppose, you’re seeing a guy for a while. He is funny and goofy around you and makes you laugh.

Again, you find that same man upset or in a depressed mood. You might also catch him in every mood and situation a man can pass through.

By all of that, it not only means that he is comfortable around you, but he is also showing the different shades of a person. It only happens when a man has very strong feelings for you and expects the same from your side.

17. He is always available for you

It may seem odd that a shy man is always making himself available for you, but the truth is something else. A man like that won’t make time for a woman he is not interested in.

So, take it as a good sign when he is planning outings or a movie night with you. It shows how much he wants to spend time and wants to stay close.

Similarly, if you ask him to go out and he promptly says yes, he is prioritizing you in his life. You can detect the same while texting or talking over the phone. It shows his keen interest in you.

18. The boy is behaving differently

You may notice that when you’re talking to him over texts or phone calls, he is comfortable talking. That changes when he is around you. That speaks volumes of somebody’s feelings about you.

The reason that they get quiet is that they are trying to hide feelings; that may not feel evident when he is not in front of you.

On the contrary, the guy can get hyperactive in front of you but quiet and calm at other times.

19. He is trying to be helpful

When a guy likes you, he will make sure that you find him whenever you need him. He will try to help you with everything, whether it’s your studies or you moving to a new place.

The truth is, the guy wants to be there for you because he cares. Whenever you’re in need, he wants to make sure that he becomes the first person you turn up to.

Care is a pillar of forming bonds, and that shows he wants a future with you. It is one of the basic human reactions to love and attraction.

20. He smiles around you

Smiling is a natural, human response to kindness and happiness. When a guy smiles a lot whenever he is with you, it means that he is very happy and comfortable.

Being able to smile is an indicator that he enjoys hanging out with you; he may not say it, but you can take it as a positive sign that the guy has feelings for you.

21. He is always catching a glimpse of you

Many men who find it hard to express their feelings choose to hide them. But that doesn’t help them completely, as their behavior and actions tell otherwise.

If you see a guy is constantly trying to catch a glimpse of you, you like it or not, but there is a high chance that he’s interested in you.

Some guys may stare, while some will shift their gaze whenever you catch them looking. It means that he finds you attractive and wants to make a move.

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22. He will follow you on social media

We all spend a lot of time online, posting about various things and opinions. Imagine finding a guy liking all your social media posts and photos – that’s a sign. The guy is finding it hard to ask you out, but you are living in his head all the time.

With that, it’s a great way to confirm if you’re seeing someone or not. He wants to see you more often, so he’ll follow you on all the social media platforms you’re active on. That’s a way to find out if a guy likes you.

23. He’s bringing you gifts

We always like to surprise our loved ones with gifts. So, if somebody does the same, there is a chance that the guy has feelings for you.

He will remember the things you like, and it doesn’t matter if it’s very trivial, he’ll bring it just to make you feel delighted.

Gifting things also means that your happiness matters to him a lot, and that’s an obvious sign that he is hiding his feelings.

So, the next time he brings you your favorite meal or merchandise, make sure to notice his face when he hands them to you. The expression on his face will tell you the truth.

24. He tries to comfort you

You may not feel the same every day. Some days will make you feel hopeless and sad, as life is full of ups and downs.

However, one guy will stay back and listen to all your rants and problems. He will make you feel comfortable by listening to you attentively.

With all that, he will do anything to comfort you and gain your confidence back.

No man will cancel his plan and sit down to listen to your rants if he doesn’t have strong feelings for you. You may not feel good for the things that happened, but nobody will hate a man who sticks close in difficult times.

25. He desires physical contact with you.

Once you two have become comfortable, you may notice that the man is trying to touch you. While touching may put many people off, he will do it in the gentlest way possible.

If you’re going through a tough time, he will put his hand on yours to assure you. Or, he may lend his shoulder to cry.

At other times, when you’re walking the streets, he may try to hold your hand.

Imagine you’re in a movie, and he puts his arm around you. The constant urge to touch is a clear indication that the person is losing sleep over you.

26. He’s giving you mixed signals

While he may give you plenty of reasons to think that he likes you, some things may also confuse you. Giving mixed signals is a common trait among men, especially the ones who hide their feelings.

Bringing gifts, food, or helping you get done with chores can mean something, but many friends also do that.

Also, he is unsure about how you feel for him, so he can distance himself to see if you reciprocate any of his actions.

In that sense, one day, you see his cheerful side, while cold and distant on the other; it becomes hard to tell if he’s being friendly or he secretly likes you.

27. He’s trying to impress

If a guy has feelings for you, no matter if he’s saying it or not, he will always put his best efforts to be noticeable.

It can be evident, from simple party tricks to great problem-solving skills, that he’ll always put in some work to win you over.

Some women may find it cheesy, but at the end of the day, it’s all about making someone feel special. He will make sure that the air around you feels different and that you get the best every time.

28. His eyes will tell the truth

A guy who is trying hard to suppress his feelings is because he is unsure about your feelings, and hence, he fears rejection.

Instead, he does little things to make you remember that he’s got you. It doesn’t matter what he does; his eyes won’t disappoint you.

You will always find the shine in his eyes which will answer a lot of questions. You may even find your answer without asking anything just by looking into his eyes.

✦ Signs a guy is playing you and sending you mixed signals ✦

Mixed signals – shall you believe them?

Look for these signs to know whether the guy truly has feelings for you or not:

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☝️ Flirting without asking out

In a budding romance, there are several red flags that you need to steer clear of; this is one of those. You may come across a guy who is giving you a bit of priority and engages with you.

He may talk about interesting things and try to flirt with you most time. But after showing most signs, he is still not asking you out. In this situation, it is better to move on.

☝️ Meeting only when it’s convenient

If a guy has genuine feelings for you, he will do whatever it takes to spend more time. One thing you can confirm of him is that he’ll make time and probably change his schedule to hang out with you.

However, if you notice that he is not putting in any effort or sees you only when he has free time, it may not be the thing you want.

☝️ Sends limited texts

Another sure way to tell if the guy is really into you or not is to check how frequently he’s texting you. When it comes to making time, he will also make more time to text or call, whatever ensures that he gets time for you.

If you notice that he’s not replying or sending single replies for multiple messages and doesn’t talk about things concerning you, that can imply a red flag.

☝️ He doesn’t want to commit

There can be a lot of problems that a person faces before going into a new relationship. Maybe the person has just come out of a toxic relationship, and that has manifested a fear of commitment in him.

No matter what the problem is, you can genuinely tell if he wants a future with you. To ensure that, he will constantly work on those things.

However, some men may suggest seeing how everything goes before commitment. Most of the time, these last only as flings, as he will part his way citing reasons for the thing not working.

☝️ He comes to your home but never takes you out

Suppose you have planned a date with the guy you’re seeing, but he suggests grabbing takeout and hitting your place. Watching movies with dinner at your place sounds good, but he never asks you out for a date or dinner outside.

A reason for that is, he doesn’t want people to see him outside with you, as he is already dating someone. Or, he is just with you to have a casual affair. If that’s not your thing, then be ready to read the red flags.

☀ Signs he has strong feelings for you ☀

Well, if you hang out with a guy who has developed feelings for you, you may notice some changes in his behavior and appearance.

Among all that, you can figure out some signals, while some others may give you trouble to know what they mean. There are a lot of shy men who avoid asking directly, so they hide their feelings. However, they behave and appear in a way to assure that they like you.

However, along with some genuine reactions, there are times that their reaction becomes quite indifferent. It can become difficult to understand a person who doesn’t open up about his feelings, so you look at their gestures.

For example, a guy is very comfortable with you, but the very day he is indifferent. If you think somebody is showing you that they care for you but behaving differently, that can imply many reasons. That can be odd for somebody who has developed a liking for you.

While, in general, it means that he is too afraid to tell you verbally that they will face rejection, you cannot be too sure of that. He might just be friendly, or he is trying to flirt with you, which can also be possible.

While it may not seem necessarily bad, but can also lead to different things. If you want a person to stay, but the guy isn’t ready for a relationship, you need to observe the signs closely.

❣ Signs That Show He Cares About You and Your Life ❣

Photo credit: Pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels.com

We know that good friends generally come as helpful and sympathetic towards you. But, sometimes, one special person goes a few steps further than most of them.

That means he wants to be more than just friends and wants to be with you in the long run. How will you identify that the guy has genuine feelings?

These are the things to look for to answer that question.

💟 He is available for you all the time

You may have a set time to hang out with your friends. However, like other men, the guy thinks of spending some quality time with you.

Whenever you need something, he will show up to help you. It won’t matter if it’s morning or late night; you can get to him anytime, anywhere.

💟 He to solve your problems and reject the wrong idea

One of the greatest signs for somebody to like you is that they make your problems theirs. You may be going through a bad phase and need somebody by your side, and you can always find him there.

He will listen to your problems and comfort you, even try to fix them with you. He may bring you treats to ease your mood. The guy likes to pay attention to little requests.

💟 He makes you feel special

You can always notice his constant smile when you meet him. He will treat you in every way to make you feel special and valued. That’s an obvious sign that he has strong feelings for you.

∎ Signs he wants to make you his girlfriend will help you gain that clarity ∎

➤ Tries to become your best friend

➤ Arrange some fun dates

➤ Protective of you

➤ Compliments you

➤ Tries to impress you

➤ Shows interest in you and your love life.

➤ Texts you more often.

🧐 Conclusion 🧐

The guys who hide their feelings come with gentle signs to make you take notice of them. The little things they do speak volumes of their true intention. Check for the signs mentioned, and you might find the perfect person to be with. One thing you can trust on that action speaks louder than voice.

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

❓ Why do guys hide their feelings?

It is a social construct that teaches boys and men not to show emotion and feelings, as showing feelings may give off feminine vibes.

So, most men hide them from appearing manly. By the social norms, if a guy appears more manly than others, he might get more dates.

Being able to hide feelings may give them a certain sense of toughness and control, which they might use to attract the girl they like.

However, shy guys hide their feelings from someone they like because they fear rejection from that person. They think that they might complicate things if they confront you. So, the idea of staying mum about their feelings attracts them more.

❓ How to tell if he still has feelings?

Things don’t go the way we intend to, and people fall out of love the same way they fall in love. You may have gotten over somebody you loved, but there lies a chance that the guy still loves you. Look for these signs to confirm that:

  • Still follows you on social media – It looks like the guy still misses you, so he checks on your social media posts and photos to catch up with what you’re up to.
  • Looks for reasons to keep in touch – He will try to contact you for random reasons, and if you engage, he will keep the conversation going. He may even ask you to meet.
  • He confronts you – This might get uncomfortable for you, but many guys will confront their feelings still after breaking up. Nothing speaks more surely of his love than this one.

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Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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