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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Digital investments are the new ‘buzzword’; we have seen the emergence of various new gurus who claim to teach the art of investments and help traders make millions. One is Thomas Kralow, the investor-turned-mentor who has been in the trading markets for the past seven years. He claims to have earned over $9 million in net profits and has made over 20000 trades.

He claims to provide an excellent solution for novice traders to learn about the investment world and prepare their mindset. Although digital investments have changed the fate of hundreds of traders, it has been equally cruel to thousands. Many traders have lost their entire savings in attempting to generate profits from the market. The trading process may seem simple; however, trades without knowledge can backfire.

Are you a new trader looking to venture into investment markets? Well, you’re in luck. In this article, we will share our insights about one of the most popular investment courses- ‘University grade trading education’ by Thomas Kralow. We shall analyze the course based on the offerings, lecture quality, content accuracy, and more. Let’s go!

Evaluation Criteria

Dumb Little Man has started a market movement of safe trading; we have helped thousands of traders understand the trading markets and make a livelihood through trading. Often, new traders think of trading as systematic gambling; they are deluded into thinking a fall always means a future rise and tend to lose their investments.

A part of the problem lies in false expectations built by inexperienced gurus; they tend to motivate students to purchase their courses by building a castle in the year. When the bubble bursts, traders have nowhere to go. Our evaluation criteria analyze a trading course in four fundamental aspects. Our experts use strict standards to ensure traders sign up for the best available course and don't lose their money and time.

  • Convenience: analyzing the easiness, comprehension and accessibility of the course content and information

  • Reliability: evaluating the mentor's experience, teaching abilities, and content quality for traders

  • Competency: comparing the course against leading programs in the industry based on results, time, and customer reviews

  • Affordability: understanding the pricing criteria for the course and overall expense required compared to other similar courses.

Our experts experienced the trading course with a critical eye and checked the legitimacy and reliability of the course for traders. From our review, Thomas Kralow's university-grade trading education program is a decent attempt at building trading psychology amongst traders and preparing them for realistic results. Nonetheless, it also has some flaws that interested traders must know.

What is Thomas Kralow?

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University grade trading education

Thomas Kralow started as a conventional trading investor in about 2015-6; he experienced the markets in changing dynamics and made substantial profits. His website boasts a dream 9 million+ trading profit made over the last seven years. He is actively involved in crypto trading and investment mentoring; he suggests his main aim is to find crypto assets that have fallen below their intrinsic value and profit from them.

In 2020, he realized that the trading market was short of good courses about trading. He believed that trading was only 20-30% of technical analysis, and the rest, 70-80%, was about risk management, trading psychology, and other crucial trading aspects that new traders often ignore. Thomas Kralow decided to launch an innovative course that aimed to end trading woes for both new and inexperienced traders.

Instead of launching short videos, he created a course that required traders to attend 150 lectures, do their homework assignments, take a test, and finally, pass a final exam to get a certificate. He shaped the complete program like a course in a university and later defined it as ‘university grade trading education. The course has attracted positive reviews, and the audience base includes thousands of learners. The course has a 4.6-star rating at Trustpilot, making it one of the highest-rated courses on the platform.

Membership and Education of Thomas Kralow

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CPD Certified

Thomas Kralow’s university-grade trading course attempts to redefine the mentoring market and bring a much-needed change in the trading mindset. The course has allocated over 50% of the videos to help traders understand how the market works, how the market sentiment can impact, and what traders should do to succeed long term.

The course assists the students in gaining confidence about the market even if it reacts irregularly; Thomas Kralow says the course enables you to ‘explain the market’ despite constant fluctuations. The idea is to go beyond ‘trend analysis or indicator results’ and attain a keen sense of market movements due to multiple external influences.

The course covers virtually all financial markets, including Forex, crypto, stocks, options, and ETFs. Thomas Kralow has launched three-course formats designed to cater to the needs of the masses; they have courses for new, inexperienced, and experienced traders. The basic program is designed to give new traders a flavor of the financial markets; the program consists of 2 chapters with 20 lessons and about 19 quizzes. The basic program has a time span of about 21 days.

The complete program is a 150-day course comprising 19 chapters with over 202 videos. The course contains about 145 interactive quizzes with regular home assignments and practical tasks; it is a complete program that takes you through a detailed guide about the financial markets and prepares you to take it by storm. Thomas Kralow has also launched a shorter version of the complete program that eliminates basic information. The program suits experienced traders ready to dive deeper into the subject.

Pros and Cons


  • A detailed course for all trading levels
  • Particular focus on trading psychology segments
  • Include 1-on-1 trading and Assignments
  • Offers a diploma at course completion


  • Expensive courses may only suit some traders.
  • Not focused on a specific market

Benefits of Thomas Kralow

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Benefits of Thomas Kralow
  • Interactive quizzes and assignments to check trader’s progress
  • Includes multiple assistance levels
  • Offers a money-back guarantee if traders are unsatisfied
  • The focus goes beyond technical analysis only
  • Thomas Kralow introductory trading course motivates new traders toward investments

How Much Does Thomas Kralow Cost?

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Thomas Kralow Cost

Thomas Kralow is a comparatively more expensive course than other options available in the market; Thomas Kralow Trading Academy doesn’t charge based on the program but on assistance levels. They have created three options for traders.

  • Standard: an independent learning program costs about $395/mo for four months or $1280. It is 100% independent learning, and traders won’t get access to Thomas Kralow Academy advisor.
  • Assisted Learning: it has 60% independent and 40% of assisted Learning. It will cost you $875 for four months or $2980 for a cumulative payment. Apart from the standard facilities, you get professional insight into your homework and access to a personal assistant.
  • Assisted plus Learning: it is the premium offer, where 60% of the Learning is with Thomas Kralow, about 30% is assisted, and 10% is independent. You can sign in to the program for $6125 for four months or $19980. Assisted Plus gets an exclusive line of communication with Thomas Kralow, and he analyzes the trading algorithms of the trader.

Thomas Kralow courses provide an opportunity for traders to understand the market analytically and set realistic expectations. The trading courses prepare traders for possible fluctuations, losses, and hiccups in their trading journey and how they can stay motivated during each phase.

Thomas Kralow Customer Reviews

Thomas Kralow is one of the highest-rated courses on Trustpilot, and it has amassed a rating of 4.6 stars with a 97% positive rating. The customers have written praises for the course, which signals a positive attitude towards it. Most reviewers have commented on the ‘complete’ nature of the course; they appreciate the insights of the creator by considering the trading journey and creating a course that seconds it.

Customers remark that the course is designed to accommodate both day trading and long-term investment strategies. It allows you to connect with an assistant who guides you about your progress and how to make the most of your investment.

Some users have also remarked that the homework strategy has helped them remember the trading techniques and make the most of each lesson. The assisted plus buyers have benefitted from a direct communication line to Thomas Kralow, who provides precise assistance and mentorship.

Thomas Kralow course review also has a negative side; the most common problem, even with satisfied buyers, was the high price; the assisted plus course requires roughly $21000, which is a considerable amount for most traders.

As the courses are designed primarily for new traders, a high price makes it less fruitful for them, and they could have learned by simply experimenting with the amount. The negative reviews claim that Thomas Kralow isn’t well versed in the trading environment; the reviewers report that he’d reply to a question based on mindset, but once you ask about some trading complexities, he won’t respond.

Although the small ratio of negative reviews makes them negligible, some report a common problem. The reviewers mention that the reviews on Trustpilot are from traders who were promised free products in exchange. They also claim that any negative reviews were reported as ‘fake’ and were removed from the platform.

What is a Good Alternative for Thomas Kralow

Ezekiel Chew's Biography

Asia Forex Mentor

Over the last few years, various trading programs have emerged that promise unreal returns for traders. Thomas Kralow is a comprehensive course about the financial markets, and it has some positives; nonetheless, its high price takes it out of the reach of most traders. The information in the course is readily available on other platforms, and some trading programs may provide even better solutions.

Asia Forex Mentor is the best trading course for novice and intermediate traders. The course is named after its creator- Ezekiel Chew, also popularly called ‘Asia Forex Mentor.’ Mr. Chew has helped thousands of traders understand the trading world and maximize their potential. He doesn’t only train individual traders, but he is also a mentor for famous financial institutions.

His forex courses started in 2008, and he hasn’t slowed down ever since. The course consists of a 5-step program that takes you through the ins and outs of the forex market. The trading lectures are based on technical analysis and fundamental evaluation of securities that help traders make profits.

Ezekiel Chew shares his secret tricks and hacks to succeed in the forex world. Traders can also enter a Golden Eye group through Asia Forex Mentor, where Ezekiel Chew shares his weekly insights about the market and assists traders with profitable signals.

The course has a 4.8-star rating at Trustpilot, with over 98% positive ratings. You can also get a flavor of the course before paying a dime. Asia Forex Mentor allows you to access the 1st part of the course simply by signing up for the form at the official website. The course is significantly cheaper than Thomas Kralow and is a good choice for new traders.

Conclusion: Thomas Kralow Review

Thomas Kralow is a trusted name in the investment world; he has been popular amongst the crypto community and invited to speak at multiple events and seminars. His remarkable portfolio and interesting techniques have helped him generate over 9+ million in trading. His trading course differs from other courses due to its length and content.

While other courses focus specifically on technical and fundamental analysis, the Thomas Kralow course takes a different route by accustoming traders to the financial markets.

The courses contain in-depth videos about market movements, trading psychology, market news, and other external influences that may impact a trader’s trading experience. Nonetheless, the course also contains substantial information on technical analysis through indicators and trends that prepare traders for a profitable venture.

However, Thomas Kralow’s course has some flaws; some reviewers suggest that Thomas Kralow lacks trading information, and his impulsive marketing has made his course famous. We also found multiple reports where genuine reviews were removed that went against the course. Generally, even amongst positive reviewers, the traders believe the course can be significantly cheaper and offers less than it promises.

If you’re a trader who can’t spend the expensive fee at Thomas Kralow, you can try Asia Forex Mentor. The course is a fantastic substitute and has been the game-changer for numerous traders. It has helped hundreds of traders achieve their trading dreams, and you can be the next.

Thomas Kralow Review FAQs

Does Thomas Kralow Teach Forex?

Thomas Kralow Trading course is a comprehensive take on the investment world; the course goes beyond evaluating any market in specificity; instead, it helps readers understand trading psychology, market movements, and other vital aspects.

Hence, although the course isn’t focused on the forex market, you can learn forex trading and other supporting topics through it.

Is Thomas Kralow Trading Course legit?

The Thomas Kralow course was launched in 2020, and over 10,000 traders have bought it. The course has around 4.6 stars at Trustpilot but has received a few negative reviews. Thomas Kralow is also a trustworthy person and has made his name in the trading community through his skills and hard work.

The Thomas Kralow basic trading course is an excellent choice for understanding market dynamics, but its lack of focus on a financial market creates an information gap for traders.

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