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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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The experts at Dumb Little Man, recognized for their financial and trading acumen, are adept at conducting thorough reviews of proprietary trading firms. Their approach involves a meticulous algorithm and stringent assessment techniques, concentrating on vital factors for in-depth broker evaluations. These factors include:

  • Efficient and responsive customer support
  • Rapid access to capital
  • Robust financial and data security measures
  • Commitment to ethical trading practices
  • Achievable trading objectives
  • Fair distribution of profits

In their analysis of Take Profit Trader, the team concluded that the firm surpasses these essential benchmarks. Take Profit Trader sets itself apart with comprehensive broker knowledge and substantial support for traders, marking its prominent role in the prop trading industry.

“Prop trading firms” also referred to as proprietary trading firms, present a different trading opportunity. By enabling people to trade using the company’s capital, they reduce personal financial risk and share rewards. Those who want to enter the trading industry without making a sizable personal investment are increasingly using this technique.

In the prop trading firm industry, Take Profit Trader stands out as a ONE Step, No Nonsense Funding Company. It provides a simple, no-frills approach that concentrates on clear-cut, long-term profit growth. Notably, traders have the ability to take winnings out of their PRO accounts as early as the first day.

This post offers a thorough analysis of prop trading firms like Take Profit Trader by fusing real customer experiences with trading knowledge from Dumb Little Man’s trading specialists. It aims to provide a balanced view, integrating professional analysis with real-world feedback from users to get a thorough understanding of what it truly offers to the trading community.

What is Take Profit Trader?

Take Profit Trader is a futures-focused prop trading firm headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA. It provides traders with a special chance to work with large cash without putting their own money at risk. This method of trading futures places a strong emphasis on strategy and trading skills.

James Sixsmith, a former ice hockey player, founded Take Profit Trader in response to his difficulties managing his finances and trading. His goal was to lower risk and raise trader proficiency, which shaped the company’s attitude toward emotional intelligence and sustainable profits.

This prop firm places a strong emphasis on free quality education and provides extensive resources and free seminars. This emphasis on teaching along with an easy-to-use platform guarantees a seamless trading experience for both novice and seasoned traders.

The operational model of the company is characterized by its transparency and simplicity. Relying on simple trading concepts instead of intricate risk rules and measurements helps to achieve steady profitability.

A variety of CME assets, such as CBOT, CME, COMEX, and NYMEX Future assets, are available to traders.

Its no-minimum withdrawal policy, which enables traders to take their winnings right away after passing their evaluation, is one of its primary features. Its attractiveness in the prop trading industry is further enhanced by frequent sales and promotions.

Pros and Cons of Take Profit Trader


  • Flexible Profit Withdrawal
  • Simple and Transparent Trading Model
  • Educational Resources
  • High-Profit Split
  • Efficient Customer Support
  • Attractive Registration Discounts


  • Limited Communication Methods
  • Potential Wait Times
  • Challenges in the Evaluation Process
  • Buffer Zone Withdrawal Policy

Safety and Security of Take Profit Trader

The security and safety of a trading platform is critical for futures traders. Dumb Little Man conducted extensive research and Take Profit Trader emerged as a company that puts these factors first.

The prop firm takes regulation seriously, even though the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Association (NFA) do not require futures funding firms to belong to any particular organization.

It works only with licensed brokers and executes trades using CME-approved data sources such as Tradovate, NinjaTrader, and Rithmic. According to the company, your live market data feed should become available to you within 5 minutes, and it never manipulates trades in any way.

Its clients can feel secure knowing that their trades are protected. All orders are completed in an ethical and transparent manner because the company only works with regulated channels and providers.

To add to this Take Profit Trader reviews, The futures market trading community regards Take Profit Trader with trust because of this degree of security and compliance.

Take Profit Trader Bonuses and Contests

Take Profit Trader offers new and experienced traders an alluring bonus that includes a 50% off bargain that lasts for life. The substantial discount lowers the financial barrier to entry in the prop trading industry by giving traders an affordable way to use their services.

Traders can benefit from this long-term discount by using the code 50ANDFREE, which will increase the value of their trading experience with the company.

This prop firm offers a lifetime discount in addition to a free additional account upon financing to further encourage traders. With no additional fees, traders can increase the scope of their trading techniques and possible profits with this bonus account.

Take Profit Trader Customer Reviews

Take Profit Trader has received mixed reviews from customers; as of right now, Trustpilot has given it a 4.3-star rating, suggesting that there is still potential for development. Some clients declare the company to be the greatest in the prop trading industry, praising its easy-to-understand guidelines, speedy account creation, effective reset processing, and prompt payouts.

They commend the excellent customer service and the ability to withdraw profits immediately after trading starts. However, there are contrasting views where customers express significant dissatisfaction, accusing the firm of hidden fees and deceptive practices, and even labeling them as scammers.

Take Profit Trader Commissions and Fees

Take Profit Trader works by prioritizing trader profitability while structuring its fees and commissions. The company uses an 80/20 split in its PRO account, meaning that the funded trader keeps a substantial 80% of the profits made.

This advantageous split highlights the company’s dedication to making sure traders get the most out of their trading endeavors.

Traders can immediately withdraw money from the moment they receive their PRO status, giving them flexibility and rapid access to profits. Withdrawals are not possible until the “buffer zone,” a safety net for maximum drawdown, is reached.

To begin withdrawing at 80% of the total profit, for example, a funded trader must reach a profit target balance of $52,000 in a $50,000 account with a $2,000 maximum drawdown, or buffer zone.

The prop firm advises holding onto this $2,000 cushion until the funded accounts are closed, at which time the trader will receive payment. The firm’s approach to risk management and trader security is aligned with this structure, which guarantees traders a safety margin.

Take Profit Trader Account Types

Take Profit Trader offers three account types, the Test, PRO, and PRO+ account types.

The Test Account is in a SIM environment, with an Unlimited number of accounts, In Place daily loss rule, and End of Day drawdown. The commissions are $5/$.50 RT.

For the PRO, the environment is SIM and withdrawals are available on Day one, with an 80/20 profit split. Three is the maximum number of accounts, with In Place daily loss rule, and Intraday drawdown. The commission is still $5/$0.50 RT.

The environment for the PRO+ account is live. Withdrawals are available on Day One with a 90/10 profit split and a maximum of 3 accounts. Drawdown is Intraday with no daily loss rule. The commission depends on the broker rates.

Opening a Take Profit Trader Account

Begin trading with Take Profit Trader in just a few simple steps. This guide will walk you through the streamlined process of opening an account with this innovative prop trading firm.

  1. Choose your desired account size to start the subscription process with Take Profit Trader.
  2. Select a Take Profit Trader platform that aligns with your trading preferences.
  3. Confirm your subscription to proceed with the account setup.
  4. Choose a payment method suitable for your financial convenience.
  5. Enter your credit card details to finalize the payment.
  6. Complete a brief registration form with your personal information.
  7. Agree to the terms and conditions of Take Profit Trader.
  8. Submit your application to officially open your Take Profit Trader account.

Take Profit Trader Customer Support

Effective customer service is a top priority for Take Profit Trader, as reviewed by Dumb Little Man. Users can fill up a form on the corporate website to get help, and they will receive a response in less than a day. This process guarantees that questions are answered promptly and methodically.

Take Profit Trader provides a live chat option for customers looking for more quick support. On their website, the live chat tool is situated at the bottom right of the page and offers a quick and easy way to communicate with their support team.

To add on this Take Profit Trader reviews, The provision of immediate assistance improves the user experience and reflects the company’s dedication to easily reachable customer care.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Take Profit Trader Customer Support

24-hour response time

Instant support via live chat

Limited communication methods

Potential delays during busy periods

Take Profit Trader Withdrawal Options

Take Profit Trader offers flexible withdrawal options from the PRO. Payouts are real money, funded by various fees and shared profits.

Traders can withdraw profits above the buffer zone immediately, with no restrictions on the number of profitable trading days, withdrawal amount, or waiting for a payout window. The policy allows for quick access to earned profits.

Withdrawals are possible once traders surpass the “buffer zone”, or maximum drawdown level. For instance, in a $50,000 account with a $2,000 buffer, the first withdrawal starts after reaching a $52,000 balance.

Options to withdraw profits within the buffer zone exist but may result in account termination and a reduced buffer payout, depending on account duration.

The First Withdrawal is processed through ACH/Bank Wire and PayPal, providing secure and convenient methods for fund access.

Take Profit Trader Challenges and Difficulties

Take Profit Trader sets varying profit targets and maximum drawdowns, depending on the size of the funded account being traded. This approach tailors the trading experience to the specific account, ensuring that goals and risks are balanced and that there is a risk management system in place.

Regardless of account size and profit target, certain risk rules apply universally. These include a minimum of 10 trading days and no set maximum duration for the challenge, allowing traders the flexibility to trade at their own pace. The profit target is consistently set at 6%, but maximum daily loss and end-of-day trailing drawdown limits vary based on the account size.

How to Pass Take Profit Trader Evaluation Process

Given its strict requirements, passing the Take Profit Trader Funding Evaluation Process calls for thoughtful planning and a calculated strategy. To be successful in this assessment, traders must be well-versed in pertinent information and employ successful trading techniques.

A crucial first step in this preparation is to enroll in an extensive training program, which will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to not just meet but also surpass the obstacles presented by Take Profit Trader’s assessment.

Asia Forex Mentor – Rated Best Comprehensive Course Offering by Investopedia

Trading professionals at Dumb Little Man highly recommend Asia Forex Mentor for people who are committed to passing the Take Profit Trader examination. Asia Forex Mentor is a well-known resource for comprehensive preparation, having helped thousands of traders pass various prop company evaluations.

Asia Forex Mentor was established by Ezekiel Chew, a well-known forex trading expert with more than 20 years of expertise. It is a whole training program rather than only a course. Chew, who also leads the Golden Eye Group, created the One Core Program with a specific goal: to teach forex traders how to profitably trade. His success is a testament to the program’s effectiveness.

The inception of Asia Forex Mentor was a direct response to Chew’s friends requesting trading lessons. What began as personal instruction expanded online, evolving into a robust and widely accessible platform. This growth underscores Chew’s commitment to sharing his knowledge and expertise, making Asia Forex Mentor a premier choice for those seeking to excel in the Take Profit Trader’s challenge.

How Could Asia Forex Mentor Help You Pass Take Profit Trader Challenge?

Forex Trading Tutorial
Photo: asiaforexmentor.com

Asia Forex Mentor stands as a highly credible resource for traders looking to pass the Take Profit Trader’s Challenge. This credibility is backed by multiple accolades from reputable financial content platforms.

Awarded as the Best Comprehensive Course Offering by Investopedia, Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program has been recognized for its extensive coverage, making it an exceptional choice for comprehensive forex education. Investopedia, a leading name in financial content, acknowledges the depth and breadth of this program.

The One Core Program, which Benzinga named the Best Forex Trading Course for Beginners, is praised for being appropriate for both novice and seasoned forex traders. Another reliable source on stocks and finance, Benzinga, emphasizes how well the school prepares traders for key roles.

Asia Forex Mentor was acknowledged in 2021 as the Best Forex Mentor by BestOnlineForexBroker for its capacity to assist traders in realizing substantial profits in the foreign exchange market. This prize emphasizes the platform’s success in mentorship and training.

Platforms and forex traders hold the program in high regard, and its trading tactics have garnered accolades. Evaluations from a variety of trading platforms and seasoned forex traders led to this distinction.

These accomplishments bear witness to the high standards set by Asia Forex Mentor and the potency of its One Core Program. It regularly performs above and beyond expectations, helping both novice and expert traders, which makes it a useful tool for those getting ready for the Take Profit Trader’s Challenge.

Asia Forex Mentor Members’ Testimonials

Members of the One Core Program offered by Asia Forex Mentor have expressed tremendous satisfaction, as seen by their testimonies, demonstrating the program’s effectiveness in assisting them in passing their corporate evaluations.

Because of its practicality, logical structure, and short but instructive sessions, they praise the course for being appropriate for both novice and expert traders.

Ezekiel Chew, the program’s designer, deserves praise for his straightforward, educational, and engaging teaching strategies, which have greatly improved participants’ comprehension of foreign currency trading.

A participant in the Core Program attests to the invaluable knowledge and skills they have acquired, and they highly suggest it to anyone wishing to improve their forex trading journey.

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Conclusion: Take Profit Trader Review

Finally, based on extensive research by the experts at Dumb Little Man, the flexible profit withdrawal, straightforward trading strategy, and favorable profit split make Take Profit Trader stand out. However, despite its advantages, traders should consider the complicated evaluation process and the inconsistent client feedback.

Become a member of Asia Forex Mentor and you can greatly improve your chances of passing Take Profit Trader’s evaluation, which is a prerequisite for success. Acclaimed for its profitable forex trading strategies, this organization offers ambitious traders priceless counsel and knowledge.

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Take Profit Trader Review FAQs

Can traders withdraw their profits immediately with Take Profit Trader?

Compared to many other trading platforms, traders actually have a lot more flexibility because they can grab their earnings as soon as they cross the buffer zone in their PRO account.

Does Take Profit Trader offer educational resources for traders?

Yes, Take Profit Trader provides a wealth of instructional resources and training that are critical to enhancing trader proficiency and preparing them for the prop trading market.

Is Take Profit Trader suitable for both novice and experienced traders?

To meet the demands of both novice and expert traders, Take Profit Trader provides a straightforward trading model that can be modified to account for varying degrees of trading expertise in addition to a multitude of resources.





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