6 Stepping Stones Of A Successful Married Life

By Palak Gupta

December 2, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man


I’d like to share with you the secrets of our successful married life in my personal story below.

A gush of memories swirled through my mind as I treasured his laughter lines ‘once again’ in my 35mm memory-book. From the day we made our vows, my marriage has not been a moment less than a “happily ever after” affair. And for that, I solemnly thank my beloved best friend and the man I call my better-half.

I am glad I found you both in a single person.

I second that marriage brings along a pile of responsibilities and introduces heavy words like commitment, compatibility, and compromise in life’s glossary. And to be honest, after every lovey-mushy gesture is exchanged and explained, you realize that “being hitched” is nothing like what they show in a Hollywood rom-com. But, cheers to my husband as we turned this bumpy ride into a breezy cakewalk for us. Hand-in-hand we crossed the 6 stepping stones that make a marriage successful.

A brief memoir of the same is given below….

Took The Vows We Kept Forever


“My cheeks still flush red on the thought of my wedding day. How we stole glances through all the relatives”.

Fifteen years back, we made a promise to love, value, and honor each other in sickness and in fitness, in scarcity and in prosperity, in the bad, and in the good. I had a typical Indian wedding where we began our journey by taking 7 rounds around the ‘Holy Fire’ holding each other’s hand.

Looking back, I remember how tough it was for us to control our sleepiness while the priest explained the significance of the seven vows; but, it was never really hard to live by them! With the help of my partner, it was a cinch to make our way to love, through the misunderstandings, disagreements, disputes and disharmony that could’ve taken over our peace.

Hustled Together To Build Better For Us

“Together We Win”

That’s what he said on my first work day after marriage.

We come from a conservative joint family where going out for work on the 3rd day from your marriage does raise a few eyebrows. However, that could not even hold me for a second when I saw my husband & mother-in-law waiting for me at the door with a wide grin.

Throughout my extended working hours to unplanned official trips, one thing that remained the same was his constant support. In return, I showed the same understanding when his work took him to Canada for 3 years.

In these past 15 years, we did not spend every night in the comfort of one another’s arms; but that only made us strong, both financially and emotionally.

Complained Constructively

“Before you let that wrath out, remember ‘love’!”

I will call myself kind but not a ‘sweet talker’; reason being, my inability to pick the right words in the moment of anger. It could be the best or the worst thing to find a partner with the same temperament. I am glad that we willfully turned our worst into the best.

Marriage taught me well to complain constructively. While misunderstandings and fights can find their way out anytime, we learned to think about the intention that we bear before speaking to each other during tough times. It made us realize that you can easily get a good outcome if you get yourself in a calm and right mindset before you complain.

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Learned to Put Marriage Before Material

“Marriage brings along many changes in your life. And at times, it turns a reckless person like me into a careful investor.

While money is considered as the number-one reason for fights in a marriage, it was bliss to have each other through its every knock. After spending years doing ‘yours, mine, and yours’ we finally learned to do finances the right way. We learned to combine finances and manage them jointly from our parents, and luckily it worked wonders for us in our journey.

Welcomed Warmly A New Responsibility


“When I held my daughter in my arms for the first time, happiness filled my life and my eyes welled up with water.”

From the day you get the good news to the day you hold your first child in your arms, the entire feeling is blissful. The transformation that you see in yourself is endearing.

From a person without much care, you now have the responsibility of a new life. Parenting a child is an out-of-the-world feeling for both of us, which cannot be narrated in words.

Dear husband, thanks for showering upon me all your love and care during those nine months.

Made Through All That Seem Tough

“Couples that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart”

We love each other indubitably, however, in all these years I realized that success of a Marriage does not depend entirely on affection; it depends on the promises made and the actions taken to fulfill the vows with utmost sincerity.

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In our love story- I did what he cannot, and he did what I couldn’t. Together we made through the rain to the shining sun. J

To lead a successful married life, the most important thing is love. If you share the bond of love then everything will fall in the right place on its own.

These were the six stepping stones of my married life that made my relation with my husband stronger. And I wish you the same happiness, if not more.


Palak Gupta

Palak Gupta is a full-time marriage counsellor at MatrimonialsIndia.com and a part-time blogger who cherishes writing on love, life and relationships. To know more, follow Palak on her Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ handle.

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