4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Marriage Awesome



The notion of healthy and happy marriages often sounds like just another drop in the bucket of wish list items and Hollywood media hype. But the truth is this is a very real and very important topic of sociological consideration. To remove any robotic intrigue, let’s just say people want to believe in healthy and happy marriages and are actually willing to sneak a peek at articles such as this one to see what down-to-earth elements may be offered. Good for us.

Solution 1: Arguing Smart

In every marriage there will be times where arguments or disagreements ensue. Don’t make this the norm. Right-fighting or fighting to be right is a waste of energy and offers a disrespectful stance. Stay on topic and don’t include past problems or topics which are not related to the subject at hand. According to http://www.foryourmarriage.org/marriage-resources/tips-and-advice/daily-marriage-tip/, following a few tips like this keeps marriages happier.

Solution 2: Respect and Love and Communicate

Without respect there is no true love. Valuing our unique individualism is always worthy of respect. Straying off this path, leaving respect behind or on the back burner can melt a marriage in the blink of an eye. Always encourage each other by giving what you would like to get in return. A divorce attorney in Milwaukee has said that communication is among one of the leading causes in divorce, and that open and honest communication is crucial to a marriage staying happy and healthy.

Solution 3: Lighten Up

While marriage is a big step with many responsibilities attached, it is important to let the joys of life filter in and around daily living. Tending to a marriage sometimes means not tending to all of the distractions and just appreciating one another for the space you share.

Solution 4: Setting the Harmonious Stage

According to the Knights of Columbus at kofc.org, among 91 percent of married Americans polled (33 percent) are either happy or very happy (58 percent), with most Americans donning marriage as their “life goal”. With these kinds of statistics, there seems to be love in the air.

The term “life goal” can make or break a successful marriage. Setting the stage for a happy marriage takes vision, patience, compromise and complete dedication to its designed purpose. Marriage is a unity of two people under God’s supervision. Setting a harmonious marital stage begins and ends with spiritual sanctity and instruction as the two most valuable parts of the whole performance.

Billions of couples have celebrated happier and healthier marital longevity by focusing on selfless methods which work. Darkness and light creates perfect balance. Seek joy with and for your spouse, and together you will find it.

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Author: Chaleigh Glass

Chaleigh is a freelance writer that lives in NYC. She enjoys writing and lifestyle photography. She writes about anything from fashion, to paving your driveway or how to properly fix your slice in golf. In her spare time she likes to take pictures, snowboard, golf, and play ice hockey.



  1. Marriage takes time. You need to do things together and for big chunks of time. Long walks, rebuilding the house, fantastic holidays and shooting the breeze over a beer have all been good for my marriage.

  2. Great article. I would only had, have fun. If you're not enjoying each other's company and having a good time, you're not getting the most out of the relationship. It should be fun to be with your spouse. Maybe not every minute, but you should have a good time.

  3. You have to respect yourself first. You can't respect the other person if you can't respect yourself. In addition to respect, you have to love the other person unconditionally. Help them grow and be the best person they can be.


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