33 Beyond Doubt Signs A Guy Wants You to Chase Him

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Signs A Guy Wants You To Chase Him

We come across some people on the road, in neighborhoods, in elevators, or even in your office hallway daily. But, what if you meet someone and suddenly feel that you want him or are interested in him? How are you going to get to know him? What will you do to stimulate his interest in you? What if he’s interested, but he’s looking for a thrill and is playing hard to get? Boys nowadays are also into a hard-to-get attitude. So if that is your case, then this blog is for you!

❣️ Here are the 33 Beyond Doubt Signs A Guy Wants You To Chase Him ❣️

1. He Keeps His Eyes Locked on You and Smiles

Even if he’s busy chatting with your other friends, he keeps glancing at you from behind, and when you notice, he becomes nervous and simply smiles awkwardly. Naturally, this makes you wonder what’s with that awkward smile, begin to think about him, pop up some questions on your mind, and get interested in him later on and start chasing him.

Remember that looking in the eye of someone you love is a nice way to show how much you care for her. The eyes speak more. And eyes genuinely tell someone exactly what his pure intentions are. So, good luck, you finally found your true man.

2. He Simply Answers Yes or No

He would be shy for the first few meetings and simply say yes or no to all of your questions. However, that action will later capture your interest in him completely. Lady’s curiosity is aroused when a man is a mystery kind. These are sure signs a guy wants you to chase him, to think about him, and at the same time to make you want to spend time with him.

3. He Pays Attention of Teasing You

Paying attention to tease someone is most of the time an obvious sign that we like them. On the other hand, this cute guy might want to know you better, be close to you, and see if you two have chemistry. If he’s joking around with you and only you, there are clear signs a guy wants you to chase him, and it’s a good chance he likes you but isn’t ready to express it yet.

4. He Is Sensitive In Physical Contact With You

He is trying to be cautious with his moves, but you can see how he tried to come close but not too close. He doesn’t make any progress in the physical relationship. It could mean he’s hesitant or a really shy guy and wants you to make the first move, so you don’t get the wrong impression about him. He wants to demonstrate to you that he is interested in your entire personality and has been interested in something for a long time, rather than fleeing.

5. He Cares For  You but He Doesn’t Always Show It

You may feel that he cares about you and protects you sometimes, but this is not always the case. However, he may be afraid to tell you because he does not want to rush the relationship or is unsure where things will go. It is all the signs that the guy wants you to make the first move and ask him.

6. He Pours You With Compliments

Constant compliments will revitalize you. Conversely, constantly addressing you with minor or significant compliments indicates that he is interested in you but is afraid to show it. Most men are hesitant to give any signal that may give the woman the wrong impression, but he likes you if he consistently praises you.  These things show signs a guy wants you to chase him. He wants you to know how much he appreciates everything about you.

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7. He Feels Jealous but Refuses to Admit It

Every time you’re with another guy, even if it’s a familiar friend, he becomes jealous. He may not tell you directly, but his actions will speak louder than words. You may be puzzled, but it is a clear indication that he likes you and wants you to ask him.

8. He Is Happy to See You but He’s Keeping His Cool

Beyond his conscious control, you can see it sometimes and feel that he is happy to see you. It is an indication that he wants you to be always around him, have some alone time with him, and have a conversation with him for a longer time. But, he may be afraid that you might notice, so he is playing cool as if you would not see.

9. He Likes You but Is Hesitant to Tell You So

A person may show more obvious signs in you but is hesitant to declare it in your presence and certainly wants you to pursue him.  Although he appears to be interested in you, you can still sense his uncertainty, you may think that this is a passive flirting style and makes you want to move first.

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10. His Communication Is Inconsistent

When a man wants you to chase him, he will first call or text you whenever he wants, acting interested in your whereabouts. He will quickly respond to your calls or SMS. It shows that he anticipates a response from you.

11. He Constantly Asks About Your Life

If he asks you about your day, your work, a new thing you did, or your social media post regularly. It signals that he is interested in what is going on in your everyday life, and he wants you to check about him too. And he wants you to get to know him more and by doing so, he wants you to chase him.

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12. He Comes Through When You Need Him To

He makes it a point to be at your side whenever you need him. You’ll be surprised to learn that he knows everything about you, even if he isn’t in daily contact with you. That signifies that he is genuinely interested in you and is only waiting for the right moment to tell you or for you to make the first move.

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13. He Leaves and Comes Back Again

The reason for his action is that he is interested in you and wants you to chase him. He wants to be interesting enough for you to notice the absence of his presence. Men pull his actions to make it more interesting. He tried to get you to miss him the same way he does, but when he realized you didn’t go after him, he turned around and came back to you.

14. He Confesses to You and Then Disappears

Some guys are so introverted that they have no better idea how to deal with feelings for a woman. It may seem that he wants to play games with you after admitting his feelings, he may leave you puzzled and then vanish without a trace. He confesses to you and wishes to hear the same thing from you; he wants you to chase him.

15. Playing Hard to Get but  Jealous of Other Guys

A hard-to-get guy will be playing mind games with you but then unexpectedly leave without saying anything. He plays hard to get, however, be envious of the fact that other guys are pursuing you. It’s one of the most obvious signs that he wants you to chase him.

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16. He Is “You’re Hot Then You’re Cold”

Some guys are unsure of what they want. It’s also possible that he’s broken before. While this can be one of the obvious signs that he genuinely likes you and wants to give this a shot, he is frightened of history repeating. His terror drags him back and becomes totally cold towards you at times. The only way to find out for sure is to face him. Ask him, and he might be just waiting for you to act first.

17. He Talks about Other Women in Front of You

He wants to know your reaction; how you respond will give him hints if you like him or not. To put it another way, if someone else wants this guy, there’s a chance you’ll assume that he must have something of value to offer — which will make you like him even more and want to chase him.

18. He Tries to Make You Jealous

This method appears to be the most effective in increasing your desire for him.  And., if you’re genuinely passionate about it, you’ll most likely take action, especially if you’re aware that he’s interested in you. It’s another aggravating aspect of the chasing and hooking up phase because,  if you’re serious about the guy, you know you have to act quickly, or you’ll lose him.  It’s a solid sign he wants you to chase him if he tries to make you envious.

19. He Kisses You and Then Does Nothing

It’s a sign that a guy wants you to chase him, but it’s also a warning sign. He could just be trying to get your attention. Guys probably enjoy the thrill of being chased or playing hot and cold. He may or may not be interested in you, but don’t pursue him if he is; think if he is worth chasing because he will show you if he wants to be with you.

20. He Makes Plans With You

When a guy interested in you will drop signals that he wants to go on a date with you, this can be a polite flirting style where his goal is to express an interest in spending time with you. For example, maybe you previously had a small talk about your favorite movie actor, and it’s a good sign that he pays attention to it and plans with you.

21. He Always Asks for Your Advice

A man falls in love with a woman with whom he shares an emotional connection. If the guy asks for your opinion on essential decisions he needs to make, it’s undeniable that he likes you. Furthermore, it strongly indicates that this guy has faith in you; sharing his life story is not an easy thing to do. But he wishes to share his heart with you.

22. He Feels Nervous Around You

He acts differently; that is a sign that he most probably likes you. If he constantly feels uncomfortable around you, when he sees you, he avoids eye contact and may even blush. In addition, he laughs at everything you say: while you may think you’re that funny. Lastly, he entirely agrees with everything you say to impress you.

23. He keeps your conversations going as long as he can

If he likes you, he won’t just send you monosyllabic answers or banal phrases that don’t mean anything. He will tell you about his day or ask about yours.

24. He looks directly into the camera and looks into his eyes when talking on video

Many guys are looking away from the camera. They’re just pointing the camera at their hair or the wall.

But if a guy sends you a picture where he looks into the camera, it means he wants you to pay attention to him. Ht can also look at your face when you talk. It should be easy to notice because he will be communicating with you regularly.

25. Likes every story and every post of yours

If a guy writes right after you post a selfie, it means that he wants to get more information about it but wants you to start a conversation first.

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26. He always shows you something on his phone

If he bends down to show you something on his phone, he gives you a great signal that he wants you to be near him.

When a guy bends down to look at the phone with you, intimacy and intimacy arise.

27. He tries his best to look good in his pictures for you

His pictures show his entire face, and he looks charming, not just making a weird face or cutting off part of his face.

28. He takes screenshots of your face

If he wants to keep your photo even during a simple video call, he wants to remember you constantly.

29. He draws you to him for a selfie

Sharing a photo allows him to snuggle closer.

30. He wants to know everything about you. He remembers what you tell him

By asking about your personal love life, he hopes to get to know you better and establish a connection between you. He will want to know about everything: about your childhood, your family, your goals, and even your fears. These also sign a guy wants you to chase him.

31. He asks for details about your day

If you ask many questions about you, it also means that he likes spending time with you. It is a simple and carefree way to keep the conversation going and maintain the continuity of the dialogue.

Listening helps him get to know you better and show you how much you mean to him.

32. He invites you to do things in which he will have the opportunity to be active and playful with you

If you are on the beach with him and a group of friends, he may invite you to play football or go into the water together, where he may have the opportunity to flirt by playfully grabbing you or splashing you physically.

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33. He asks you if you are interested in anyone

He’s trying to deal with the competition. If he answers you, think about telling him when he asks since he’s probably trying to figure it out.

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💟 Ways To Get A Man To Chase You 💟

❖ Make Him Jealous

Men are competitive in practically every aspect of their lives. Making him jealous may sound stupid, but he needs to see other men begging for a chance to date you if you want him to pursue you.

❖ Don’t Contact Him First

You should not call or text him first, no matter how difficult it may be. He’s not chasing you if you’re putting forth the effort. Allow him to contact you. When he calls, don’t answer the phone few days.

❖ Leave Some Mystery

Stop chasing him. Learn these signs a guy wants you to chase him and instead,  create a sense of mystery. It is one method to draw signs a guy wants you to chase him.  You can’t give all of your personal information at once to maintain the mystery. 

❣ Tips to Make a Man Want You Bad ❣

∎ Stop communicating with him

When you miss someone, you will agree that it is difficult to refuse to communicate with this person voluntarily.

Naturally, you need daily communication, sometimes even hanging on the phone or chatting for hours.

But if you want a man to start missing you, you have to “leave.” Please do not call him, do not write messages, and even more so, do not flood him with these messages on social networks.

∎ Keep him waiting

Like most women, you have an irresistible desire to answer his calls and SMS messages with lightning speed.

Remember that men are inherently hunters. They like to pursue a woman. Responding to him at the speed of light, you simplify this very hunt. He becomes uninterested. After all, you are easy prey for him.

Therefore, wait for a break, take a walk, go to the store, meet your girlfriends, or watch your favorite movie, and only then answer the call or message.

∎ Finish the conversation first

So, the man of your dreams called you, and after waiting for some time, you finally answered him.

And that’s where the following rule comes into play: you should always be the first to end a conversation. Try to be the first to write “see you tomorrow,” “good night,” or other phrases meaning goodbye.

∎ Leave him wanting something more

By nature, guys prefer to be hunters and want to possess what they cannot quickly get.

Therefore, if you immediately present a man with what he wants on a platter, he will quickly lose interest in you. Let him fight for you and know that he does not get you fast and easy.

You, in turn, be a bit flirtatious, flirt, communicate but do not present everything to him on a platter at once.

Make him conquer and conquer you gradually, step by step. Let your love be his reward and not a thing that he will quickly receive.

❉ Ways to Stop Constantly Chasing After Boys ❉

☝️ Take care of yourself.

Start loving and appreciating yourself. Guys feel confident women at a distance.

☝️ Learn a sincere flirting style.

Do not flirt with everybody. Do it only with worthy people. You can rarely see how a guy chases. But there are many signs a guy wants you to chase him.

☝️ Be attractive, bright, and self-sufficient.

Develop more and never get hung up on a man.

And finally, in order not to run after a man anymore, understand that your man is somewhere nearby. You have to wait for him. It is much better than wasting your time on someone who ignores you.

✍️ How To Make A Man Respect You ✍️

✎ Change your image.

Pay attention to your appearance more often. For a man, you always need to look well-groomed, matching his dreams.

✎ Stop educating a man and meddle less in his affairs.

The mistake of most women is that they start advising their men. Sometimes you should move away from this train of thought and let your husband make inevitable mistakes and mistakes.

It is worth giving up criticism of his actions, ideas, and plans. Let him feel free to act and make decisions.

✎ Organize a conversation with a respected person.

Everyone in life has such a person you respect immensely for women who cannot get respect from a man personally, Find such a person in the environment.

Such a person should briefly outline the situation without unnecessary details and ask for his assistance. A negative assessment of such an attitude towards his woman may affect his actions and words.

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

Remember these signs a guy wants you to chase him.

Love is not something to be pursued.

Love is not a reward, not a race, not a status symbol. If you need to chase love, do not deceive yourself – this feeling has nothing to do with love. Love comes by itself. It’s useless to run after it.

Love is not something to be conquered.

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

Why you should never chase after a man?

If you run after a man, he gets you too quickly and will appreciate you less.

Why you should not chase love?

Sometimes it’s better to be alone than to pull the webbing of a relationship that is only formally “love.”

How do you know when a guy is emotionally attached?

He looks at you with adoration. He stares with adoration, admiration, and energy. You can’t fake such a look.

Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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