38 Signs A Girl Likes You (An eye-opener)

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

38 Signs A Girl Likes You

We are all scared of rejection and this weakens our ability to put ourselves out there. This is because rejection sucks no matter how beautifully it is presented.

Due to the Archetypal nature of human relationships, guys have to deal with this rejection more, especially when it comes to new relationships.

9 out of 10 guys would agree it is easier to risk rejection if they knew a girl likes them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were clear-cut signs a girl likes you?

People often say girls are complicated, but this is not entirely true. Take it from me because I am also a girl. When we like a guy we show it, maybe in subtle ways, but we always show it when we are interested, and if you pay close attention, you will also catch our vibe.

However, I understand the stance of the male folks, since the Archetypal mating arrangement expects the male to make the first overt move.

Most men looking to pursue a relationship with a beautiful woman they like are often scared of looking like weirdos or freaks, especially if their advances are not welcomed.

What if I told you, that women also usually show subtle or even bold gestures to indicate she is also interested in you?

What if I let you in on some not-so-hidden signs a girl likes you so that you don’t have to worry so much if she likes you and instead save the time to plan a wonderful first date?

Get a cup of coffee and a pen and a paper because you are about to discover the holy grail of female psychology and you will never have to wonder again if a girl likes you.

let us get started.

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We are going to divide these signs into two parts. The body language/non-verbal signs and behavioral/verbal signs

🔘 Body language/non-verbal signs she likes you 🔘

One of the most important means humans communicate is through body language cues. Body language cues are simply our bodies saying our inner thoughts.

Different studies have shown that as far as attraction goes, 55% of body language is how we get the message and only 7% is through what we say. This implies that paying attention to body language is one surefire way to know if a girl likes you.

if you are not sure if a girl likes you, here are some body language or non-verbal signs to look out for.

1. She touches you on your hands or shoulders gently when talking

Physical touch is one important way humans show affection and girls are no different. Touch is a subtle way girls use to gauge how responsive they are.

Girls often get touchy-feely with guys they like.

When a girl is attracted to you, she will find an excuse to touch you. She might touch you lightly on the arm or shoulders or if she is more of the bold type, she may brush her hands lightly on your thighs. She might also playfully give you one of those “you are one of the guys” punches that is meant to cover up how she feels.

It is also important to note people are different, a shy girl might find it hard to initiate physical touch. This doesn’t mean she does not like you. She might just feel nervous doing so. However, if you are feeling a little confident, you can touch her gently on the arm or hands and see how she responds to your touch.

2. She maintains eye contact with you

Where does she look when you look at her?

Maintaining eye contact is a very intimate act and so, when a girl likes you she will smile and maintain eye contact when your eyes meet.

This sign is more commonly observed in bold girls who are not afraid to show how they feel.

So next time you lock eyes with a girl you like and she doesn’t look away, that’s a good sign and could mean she is interested in you.

3. She looks away when you make eye contact with her.

While maintaining eye contact could be a good sign that a girl likes you, not maintaining eye contact could also mean she does.

Sounds confusing? Don’t worry, we will clear it up right away.

You have to keep in mind that people are different, and this affects their response to situations. While a bold girl might have no trouble locking eyes with you, a shy girl or one with an anxiety disorder might find it difficult to maintain eye contact with you. This does not necessarily mean she does not like you. It simply means she may be nervous around you.

Most shy girls often look down when they lock eyes with a guy they like. So, if she looks away when your eyes meet or when you notice her looking at you, that is also a good sign as it could mean she is also interested.

However, you have to keep in mind that for girls like this, you have to plan your next move tactfully because you wouldn’t want to scare them away.

4. She plays with her hair.

One subconscious way women show they are interested in a guy is through how nervous they are around them.

When a girl is around a guy she likes she might get nervous and play with her hair or any object of proximity.

However, it is best not to base your judgment on whether she likes you or not on just this fact alone because a woman can get nervous even if she doesn’t like you.

Girls also play with their hair when they are attempting to flirt with you.

While there is no one-on-one code as to why a girl might be playing with her hair while talking with you, when a girl plays with her hair while engaging in conversation with you, it means she might like you.

Behavioral analyst and Ex FBI agent Jack Schafer, in his book, The Like Switch, was of the view that a woman tossing her head with a hand in her hair is a strong positive signal as long as there is mutual eye contact. However, he also asked to watch for a sign of disinterest or rejection, for example when a woman looks away to flip her hair.

5. She caresses an object in her hand.

A girl simply holding an object meaning she is interested in you seems very absurd, doesn’t it?

However, it isn’t simply holding the object, it is how it is done.

This sign is more subtle than other non-verbal cues so you need to pay extra attention to the details and context.

Here are some subtle signs to look at.

Does she stroke or caress the object in her hands gently while locking eyes with you? or is the object pointing toward you while you two talk? This could mean there is a chance that she is interested in you.

If however, she is holding the object tightly and can’t hold your gaze or you can see her body tilting away from you, this doesn’t signify interest as you might simply be making her nervous and not in a good way.

6. She leans towards you.

Body orientation is another great sign a girl likes you.

While this body language is usually a subconscious move, you can tell if a girl likes you by the direction she faces when she talks to you. This means she is interested in having a conversation with you and also feels comfortable around you.

Interest and comfort are great odds to have in your favor when it comes to women because we value these two factors.

So keep an eye on where her body is facing when you two are talking. If her body is not towards you when you are talking, it could mean she might not be interested in you.

7. Her feet are pointed towards you.

Many psychologists believe our feet can talk. However, most people never get to understand what the feet are saying.

Just like her body facing you during a conversation, the orientation of her feet can also give her away.

A woman’s feet pointing towards you is one of the most important non-verbal cues to tell if she likes you.

If her feet are pointed away from you, it could be a sign that she is not interested in you.

So watch out for the orientation of her feet the next time you hang out.

8. She reacts to your touch.

Now, this is a tricky one because you do not want to appear as a freak or be seen as giving inappropriate touches.

To test out this method without looking creepy, you can try to touch her lightly on her arm or shoulder and see how she reacts.

If she touches you similarly later on as the conversation progresses, it is a good sign a woman is interested in you.

If she squirms or backs away when you touch her, it could mean she is uncomfortable or doesn’t see herself with you.

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9. She is constantly fixing herself.

When a woman likes you, she will always want to look her best around you. This need to look more attractive to you increases the urge to fix or preen herself.

She could do this by running her hands through her hair, adjusting her dressing, and applying lip gloss or lipstick. She might also fiddle with her jewelry or accessories.

A woman fixing herself constantly in front of you might mean you make her nervous and this can be a good sign because being nervous around someone is a classic female attraction gesture.

10. She is comfortable around you.

She is comfortable around you

How open is her body language?

You can tell by looking at her shoulders for example, are they tensed or relaxed? what about her arms and legs are they spread out?

Open body language is a classic sign of comfort and could indicate a woman is interested.

Comfort is a great sign to tell if someone likes you, especially women. But you have to be careful with this one because not all comfort signifies a romantic interest or that a person is willing to pursue a romantic relationship with you. This is why context matters.

If she is an open person or lost with her body language, being free with you is simply how she is wired and doesn’t mean anything.

If however, you just met and you notice her gradually relax around you, it could mean she likes your energy and you just might stand a chance with her.

11. She seems nervous around you.

This seems like a contradiction to a woman being comfortable around you, but like I said earlier people are wired differently.

If a girl likes you, there is a high chance you would make her nervous especially if she doesn’t know you so well.

Signs a girl is nervous around you might include: touching her forehead or cheek, twirling her hair, interlacing her squeezed finger, or even yawning excessively.

Remember that a girl being nervous around you is only a good sign if you two don’t know each other too well. As time progresses, it is expected her nerves become more relaxed. If she still finds it difficult being free around you, then maybe she simply doesn’t like your energy.

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12. She smiles at you.

We all smile at people we like and girls are no exceptions.

If you just met a girl and your eyes lock or you catch her staring at you and she smiles, there is a chance that she likes you.

If she is bold, she might give you a coy smile in an attempt to get your attention.

If you are afar, for example, seated across from her in a bar and she gives you a flirtatious smile, she might be inviting you to come over to talk to her.

If you two are having a conversation and you catch her smiling at you, then there is a huge chance she likes you or at least enjoys your company, especially if you weren’t saying anything funny.

13. She tilts her head towards you when talking with you.

Just like with the body and feet, a woman tilting her head towards you when talking with you might indicate she is interested in you.

When a woman tilts her head towards you in a conversation, she is trying to let you know she is present at the moment with you and is actively listening to what you have to say, and this is usually a good sign.

14. She mirrors you.

This is another subconscious move that can tell if a girl likes you.

Right from when we were kids, we often mirror what we like. Even now, we still do this subconsciously.

Here are some cues to look out for.

Does she copy your hand movements or some of your mannerisms? Is she picking up some of your slang?

During conversations, for example, when you take a sip from your wine does she do the same? or cross her legs seconds after you do?

If you notice her mirroring some things you do then there is a great sign she likes you.

15. She blushes when she is around you.

Blushing when someone will like says something nice to us is a classic sign a woman might like you. If a girl likes you she’ll blush when you compliment her dress or say something nice to her.

If you notice a blush creeping to her cheek when you meet her eye, then there is a chance she likes you, but you have to be certain it doesn’t happen with everyone because if a girl is shy, she might also blush out of sheer embarrassment and this does not necessarily mean she likes you.

16. She tries to be physically close to you.

When we like someone, we often long to be close to them. We want them in our space.

if you notice her inching closer when you two talk, it is a good sign she finds you attractive.

17. She glows

This one seems like a clip out of your favorite Rom-com, but it is real.

According to body language expert Tiffany Toombs, “When we like someone, our pores open, allowing more oil secretion and our skin gets shinier.” This is true, especially for women.

If a woman likes you, she glows differently, especially when she is around you. You can see the twinkle and excitement in her eyes as she talks with you. Others would probably notice this glow too and may have commented on it.

18. Her voice changes.

When we are attracted to someone, especially someone we just met and are interested in dating, our voice usually has a mind of its own.

A study carried out in 2014 found that people vary the strength, tone, and pitch of their voice when they are talking to someone they find attractive.

If a woman likes you, You might sense it in the pitch of her voice, especially when it is different from the regular voice she uses with others. This is usually done subconsciously because we want the guy to notice us and find us attractive.

◻️ Behavioral/verbal signs a girl likes you ◻️

In this section of the article, I would focus on the verbal signs or behavioral traits you are most likely to see when a girl likes you.

19. Her family and friends know about you.

When we like someone, we cannot stop talking about them, sometimes to the annoyance of our friends and family.

If a girl likes you, her friends and family are sure to know about you.

If you are lucky and she introduces you to her friends, and especially her family, then she definitely likes you.

If you get introduced to her family or friends, note how to behave towards you.

Do her friends or family give her a knowing smile or whisper when you are around? that could mean they are aware of her feelings for you.

20. She remembers the things you tell her.

One way we let a guy know we like them is by paying attention to what he says so we can remember.

If she remembers even the smallest detail of things you tell her, then it is an obvious sign that she likes you.

Know her deeply and what she thinks by checking this link.

21. She includes you in her plans

In life, we can get busy but all make time for things we care about.

If she includes you in future events like weekend plans or asks you to be a plus one for her friends’ wedding in the fall, chances are that she likes you and wants you to be a part of her life.

22. She makes time for you

She makes time for you

When a woman likes you, she’ll make time for you. If she is busy she would reschedule you for a more convenient date.

When you call her to hang out, if she always gives you an excuse of being busy all the time, then it is safe to just move on.

23. She keeps the conversation going.

A one-sided conversation or one-word reply is never a good sign.

When we find someone we want to spend time with we often do our best to keep the conversation going.

If she does, then it is a good sign she enjoys talking with you and having you in her physical space. This may translate into a potential relationship in the future.

If however, you are always the one fanning the flames of the conversation or always the first to reach out, then it is probably best you take a step back and see if she notices. If she doesn’t you are better off finding someone who would match your energy.

24. She seems interested in your daily life.

Does she ask how your day went and wants all the details even if nothing eventful happens? Then you don’t need a soothsayer to let you know she likes you.

25. She asks personal questions

Personal questions are more than the normal get-to-know-you questions. This one is bound to let you think deeply before you answer and usually suggests something more.

If she asks lots of personal questions like about your childhood, your plans for the future, or your last relationship, it means she is considering letting you into her life and a first date may not be far behind.

26. She opens up to you and wants you to do the same.

When we open up to someone, it is usually a big deal, so we are quite selective about the people we let into our personal space.

If she lets you in on some personal details or old scars and also asks about yours, then that’s a great sign she likes you.

Here, context also applies. If she has known you for a long time, she might just be comfortable around you and this does not mean romantic interest.

27. She laughs at your joke

You are no Will Ferrell and everyone, including your close friends and family, knows your jokes suck, but for some weird reason, she can’t stop laughing at your jokes.

The good news is that the weird reason she is laughing is that she likes you and she laughs at your silly jokes, so you would want to be around her now.

28. She allows you into her personal space

We are all pretty strict about who we let into our personal space. If a girl lets you into her personal space, it is could be a sign she likes you.

If she is free with others, this doesn’t always translate to a romantic interest, as she could simply be comfortable around you.

However, if a girl that hates people being in her personal space lets you in, it is a surefire sign she likes you and wants to let you know she is interested.

29. She eats less in front of you

When a girl is with a guy she fancies she eats less than she normally would if she is with her friends.

In a psychology-based study carried out by Meredith Young et al, It was observed that women often choose food with fewer calories when in the company of a man.

This urge to eat less is usually heightened when a girl finds herself in the company of a guy she likes.

Behaviors like this are normally more common when you two are just getting to know each other. As time goes on, she might learn to be more of herself.

30. She begins to use the words “us” or “we”.

When she gradually phases out the “I” word and “ you” word and replaces them with “we” or “us”, she definitely sees a future involving you two.

This is one of the clearest go-ahead signs you can get, but most guys don’t pay attention to this and miss out.

So, begin to pay attention to the little details like the use of the “we” or “us” word.

31. She says yes when you ask her to hang out or reschedule when she can’t.

If she always says no every time you ask to hang out or says she is busy and never reschedules a new time, then she is simply not interested and not just playing hard to get.

A woman that is interested in you would always say yes when you ask her to hang because she equally wants to spend time with you. If she is not free she would often fix a different time for you guys to hang out.

32. She updates you on current happenings in her life.

If a woman likes she would let you in on current happenings in her life. She would let you know how her day is going. She would share even seemingly irrelevant information.

If she goes forward to sending you photos of what she is doing during the day, no matter how innocent the photos are, it shows she wants you to be a part of her life. This means she likes you and a relationship might be on the way.

33. She jokes about you two being a couple.

When a girl jokes about you two being a couple, it usually means the thought must have crossed her mind.

This is usually a good sign because girls do not entertain thoughts of guys they do not like.

Most likely than not when a girl jokes about being your girlfriend in front of other people, she is usually interested in you and is trying to see if you also entertain the thought.

If you are feeling bold, when she makes such jokes, you can playfully ask her on a date and see how things go.

34. Conversation between you two is effortless.

Just because you are “the guy” doesn’t mean you should put all the effort into maintaining the conversation, if she likes you she would definitely do the same.

If you are up all night talking about everything and nothing, or time always seems to run out when two of you hang out, then she really likes you.

35. She is fully present when you two hang out

There is nothing more disappointing than a person who seems miles away even when you two are close.

If when you hang out she is always checking her phone, tweeting, or looking around, it is a clear sign she doesn’t want to spend time with you.

When she has an interest in you, you can tell by how fully present she is when you are together? If you find her leaning and listening intently, it shows there is no place else she’d rather be and that signals that she likes you.

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36. She follows you on social media and often tags you on things she thinks you like.

Social media has made it easier to find out if someone is interested in you.

If she follows you on social media and posts pictures of you two whenever you hang out, then there is a good chance she likes you.

Does she always tag you to funny memes, a picture of a puppy, or anything she thinks you are going like on social media?

If she does, then that is huge.

When we like someone everything usually reminds us of them. So when a girl tags you constantly on social media, it means you are on her mind and it is a sure sign you shouldn’t ignore.

37. She pays attention to your reaction when she says something.

Does she look at you first when she says something especially when you two are with a group of people?

If she does it could be a sign that she likes you.

As a matter of fact, it is a huge sign that she likes you because it means your approval means something to her, and wants to impress you.

38. She lets you see her dorky side

When a girl finally relaxes around you, she would often reveal a side of her that is usually hidden from everyone.

She might be goofier, or dorky, it doesn’t matter because she can finally be herself.

While this isn’t mean she has a romantic interest, it signals trust and trust is a great start for every beautiful relationship.

◼️ Conclusions ◼️

Yes, being rejected sucks, but it could open you up to something bigger and greater.

So instead of letting the fear of rejection stop you from asking a girl, you like out, go ahead and ask her?

What is the worse thing that could happen?

She says no?

Your world wouldn’t stop just because she did.

It is important to keep in mind that the world is too big and too fun to think there is only only one person for you, So if you make a move and she doesn’t feel the same then you have to move on to someone else, one capable of returning your feelings.

🔸 Relevant Questions 🔸

Q: How to tell if a girl likes you when she is already taken?

A: It is a pretty difficult situation if a girl you like is in a relationship with someone else, but then life is too short to never voice your feelings.

If you are looking to make a move but want to be sure she likes you first then watch her closely.

What do her eyes say when she looks at you?

Does she find excuses to touch you or reciprocates your gesture when you touch her?

How does she act around her boyfriend? Does she seem all happy and bubbly or like she would rather be somewhere else?

Although her being sad with her boyfriend doesn’t mean she is interested in you, you can show her how wonderful and thoughtful you could be in such moments.

What do you two talk about, both online and offline? The line of thoughts your conversations follow might tell if she likes you.

Or better still, ask her, but be sure to respect her decision and choice no matter the outcome

Q: How to know if she still likes you?

A: There are a lot of signs a girl still likes you, but one of the most important cues is her body language.

If a girl still likes you, she would clearly glow whenever she is around you, her body language would be inviting and she would be touchy-feely with you.

You can refer to the article signs a girl likes you to read more.

Q: What type of guy do girls find most attractive?

A: People are wired differently and girls might find different attributes in a guy attractive.

There are no one traits that girls look for, it all boils down to individual preferences.

However, most girls tend to go for a guy that is confident or sure about himself, someone that is funny and makes them laugh, someone that is not afraid to take a risk, a man that is well-groomed, etc.

Q: How to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it?

A: If a girl likes you and is trying hard to hide it, it can make it pretty hard for you to tell if she is simply playing hard to get or she is just not into you.

However, even if a girl trying so hard to hide her feelings would not be so obvious with her body language, if you look closely enough you might see some telltale signs that she does like you.

Look out for open body language signs like the direction of her feet, whether her face and body tilt towards yours or if her shoulders seem to relax when you are around her etc.

You can refer to the article signs a girl likes you to read more.

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Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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