21 Unfailing Signs A Coworker Likes You (Hush-Hush!)

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

male coworker likes a female worker

What is teamwork if there’s no open communication? A team is at its best only when everyone works together.

And you know there’s this bond that comes with staying around someone for long. The more you work together, the stronger the bond gets.

Then comes the challenge of judging people’s actual intentions. How do you know what a coworker is up to with those smiles, chats, gifts, and the like? Trust me, this could be tricky. We’ve all been there. And action, they say, speaks louder than voice.

Unless you’re a trained Psychologist, it might take you a while to judge if that coworker is just being nice or he/she is having a crush on you.

You just stumbled on the most insightful piece on this subject matter. In this article, I have compiled the stunning signs you’ll notice when a coworker likes you. Let’s get started!

💞 21 Surprising signs a male coworker likes you 💞

Telling if a male colleague likes you is not as difficult as you think. But if you’re in doubt, the following signs should be of help.

1. He compliments you often

Receiving breathtaking compliments frequently from a male coworker is no subtle sign that he admires you.

No doubt, everybody loves to be praised. Or who on earth gets pissed off hearing “Your intelligence made this project a success?” Not a lady at least!

Though acknowledging a colleague’s intelligent input is generic. However, the moment he starts getting personal, you can be sure he wants more from you.

Usually, those compliments are in stages. From “You look stunning this morning” to “Your pinky lips make a perfect match for your dress.” He goes on to talk about the features of your womanhood.

Hey, he’s flirting with you already!

2. He hooks up with you on social media

Most organizations have policies regulating interactions between staff members. And even if that’s not the case with your office, a smart guy knows he won’t get the attention he wants from you in a work environment.

In the corporate world, it’s rare for a guy to private message a female colleague if he’s not been paying closer attention to her.

If you find a male colleague making inquiries about your social media handle or profile name, he might be finding a green pasture for his interest.

3. He brings up conversations outside of work concerns

Photo credit: momjunction.com
Photo credit: momjunction.com

It is not just boring for a male colleague to only ask you how you’re finding office tasks every day, it sucks.

Imagine a guy asking nothing more than “How was work today?” on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday. Tell me, how would intimacy thrive with such an attitude?

When a male coworker likes you, he’d bring up conversations outside of regular office concerns. He’d ask questions like what your last birthday party was like, and what present your boyfriend gave to you.

All these are subtle signs he’s emotionally all over you.

5. You find him spending a lot of time alone with you

Here’s a sign ladies hardly notice. Do you know why? It’s rare for a woman to reject companionship.

You both have your lunch together and drive the same car home. That might be pointing to something.

But run a check first. Does he spend more time with you than he does with other female colleagues? If you have a yes, then he wants a fertile ground to grow his intention.

6. He feels needed

If you’ve been in the relationship sphere for a while, then you must have heard about hero instinct. Every man has it in him.

Let me ask you – how do you make him feel whenever he’s around you? What’s your response anytime he displays that inherent aptitude for protection?

You acknowledging it could drive him crazy about you. It’d make him feel needed.

So, seeing that he complements you is enough to make him begin to pay attention to your personality. You should know this well.

7. He suddenly starts to dress well

Everyone knows how carefree a man can be with his looks. On a light note, some men wouldn’t mind going to work in their pajamas if they could.

But all of that changes immediately there’s a butterfly in his stomach. You know, right?

The moment a man suddenly begins to keep an eye on his appearance this way, it is a sure sign he’s having a romantic crush on a lady.

Photo credit: loveconnection.org
Photo credit: loveconnection.org

8. He stares at you

You and I know that seductive look guys give when they admire a woman’s beauty. Once you catch him, he takes off his eyes. But some bold ones would simply respond smiling.

Either way, if he doesn’t do that to any other female coworker, you can beat your chest he wants something from you.

Here are quick tips to confirm your suspicion.

• Are you the only one he does that too?
• Does he do it frequently?

If it’s all yes, then he likes you.

9. He maintains eye contact with you

Virtually every lady gets thrilled having a confident man around. Confidence becomes even more important when there’s a romantic undertone.

You can easily detect a timid guy from how well he’s able to lock his eyes in yours while conversing.

When a man starts maintaining eye contact with his female coworker, it could be his strategy to create a rapport with her.

If the man doesn’t do this to someone else, there’s no rocket science, he admires you.

10. He becomes your all-time savior in the office

Like I said earlier all men have this protective instinct wired into them. However it is not what you find them readily exhibit in a work environment.

But once a guy picks interest in you, it becomes almost impossible for him to take away his eyes anytime you need help.

Besides, a smart guy knows showing up in your vulnerable moments is a plus for him. That way, he’d get to strengthen his rapport with you.

11. When you start sharing personal jokes

Best friends are known for one thing – they can discuss esoterically. I mean have a real-time conversation that’d be incomprehensible to others.

Once you start having inside jokes with each other and others wonder what you both are laughing about, something is cooking.

Look, even if he’s funny to everyone, he enjoys having personal moments with you.

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12. When your colleagues are saying it

Sometimes, the best judges of situations are those around, because their views are void of sentiments.

In case you don’t know, your colleagues pay closer attention to those special treats you have always seen as generic. I mean the inside jokes, eye contact, body language, sexual tension, chats, and more.

To you, there’s nothing more to your rapport with that guy. But while he keeps waving the flag, they’ve remained on the edge. So you should listen to what your colleagues are saying.

They say it is one of the telltale signs you need to prove your suspicion.

13. He imitates you

Friends and acquaintances are fond of mirroring one another’s actions. This is true in the corporate world as well.

A guy that likes you pays close attention to your way of life. And before you know it, he starts picking up some of your actions.

14. When there’s sexual tension

Even when your coworkers can’t notice anything and you want to deny the visible, your body cannot. Another sign you can look out for is your reflexes.

How do you feel when he hugs, touches, and maintains eye contact with you?

If your body responds as though it just got shocked by electricity, or your heart starts to palpitate, then the chemistry between the two of you is through the roof.

15. When his actions suddenly become weird

This is a little bit different from sexual tension.

When a guy likes a female colleague, one of the subtle signs ladies rarely notice is that he suddenly becomes more cautious of his actions around her – his diction and the way he comports himself. While talking to you, he might have to clear his throat and take a deep breath.

If you like him, all you need to do is to play along. With time, he’ll regain normalcy.

16. He is always flirting with you

Office work can be exhausting. Hence, it’s not out of place if a male coworker teases the ladies on his workstation.

However, a guy who wants you to be friends would have his focus on you.

The signs are usually obvious. You will catch him smiling while looking at you.

Anytime you notice this in a male coworker, you can tick all the boxes that you are of interest to him.

17. Does his voice go deeper while talking to you?

A change in the tone of a guy’s voice is another sign that he has romantic feelings for you. This happens to both sexes anyway.

You know that bedroom voice, right? His voice suddenly becomes deeper than usual. And the moment he starts talking to someone else, you start hearing his regular voice.

That’s what happens when a male coworker likes his female colleague.

18. He gets moody anytime he sees you talking with another male co-worker

Until a guy picks interest in you, he remains indifferent about whom you talk to.

However, that changes immediately after he starts having a romantic crush on you. His hero instinct gets to work again.

If you see a guy getting jealous anytime you’re talking to another man, you need no further proof to know he’s an admirer.

Photo credit: vixendaily.com
Photo credit: vixendaily.com

19. He buys you gifts

A male co-worker who truly likes you will always have his hands open towards you. He doesn’t wait till you ask before gifting you.

He could offer to pay for your meal at lunch or buy some snacks for you if you can’t leave your desk. Plus these small gifts, he’d be willing to offer timely help anytime you have financial challenges.

Should you have any reason to doubt his benevolence, it might be that he wants more of you.

20. He remembers anything you tell him about yourself

You have no cause to keep a person’s details in mind if there are no emotional attachments.

A guy who admires you hides every small detail you tell him about yourself in his heart.

For instance, if you tell him your best color is pink, don’t be surprised if he buys you a pink wristwatch on your birthday. He’s gonna do the same for every detail about yourself that you share with him.

21. He seeks advice from you

When a male colleague likes you, his greatest desire would be to build and maintain a good rapport with you.

He’d be willing to share personal life matters – plans and pursuits, with you. It’s not in vain. He wants you to be part of his life and decisions.

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💡 Here are 19 signs that a female coworker likes you 💡

Craig, a good friend of mine once had a female colleague who smiles at him every day. This woman sat close to him in the office, and couldn’t stay a day without complimenting Craig’s intelligence. After about two months, Craig began to admire the woman. But here’s the puzzle – what if the woman is just being nice?

If you’re in Craig’s shoes now and everything is all Greek to you, help is here.

1. How does she treat your personal space?

This is an all-time sign you should take your time to observe.
A woman who likes you can’t help coming often to you.

Does she bump into your seat often?
• Does she look for you at lunch break?
• When she sees you, does she touch one or more of your shoulders, back, or hair?

Look, if all these are yes, she likes you. When a lady has a crush on a man, she shows it in how she treats his personal space.

2. How often does she compliment you?

Like I said earlier about male coworkers, everybody loves to be praised. And this time, it is coming from a soft and sonorous voice.

A smart woman knows this. She doesn’t go the usual route of just saying “thank you.” You’ll hear statements like “Jack, do you know you look most manly in this office?” Hey, man, she’s been peeping at your abs. Just watch a little closer, she’s going to repeat this for everything she finds amazing about you – your outlooks, haircut, and body smell.

Once complimenting you becomes a routine for her, there are chances that she admires your personality.

Photo credit: thinkaloud.net
Photo credit: thinkaloud.net

3. When she feels safe confiding in you

You and I know that no one confides in a stranger. When two best friends are discussing, they comfortably share their concerns.

A woman who likes you wouldn’t mind telling you sensitive details about herself. She’s already comfortable around you and hopes you get to find out.

The moment she starts discussing any of those private matters with you, she desires more from you, just that you have not been observant enough to notice it.

4. Check the topics talk with you about

When a woman has a romantic crush on you, you can readily tell from the kinds of things she discusses with you.

If she brings up love, romance, or any other sex-related topic in your chats, that could be a subtle sign she’s making advances to you in a diplomatic way.

She knows this could get you aroused and hopefully, you will start paying finer attention to details about her.

5. Does she propose you have activities outside of work together?

The more you spend time with someone, the better for the chemistry.

A woman who likes you will frequently propose you cool off office stress together, at a beach, restaurant, cinema, or a social event.

If this is happening to you, then she wants more of you.

6. When she notices your manners

A courteous man makes more friends. And for all you know, this alone could change how a woman interacts with a male coworker.

When you talk to a woman respectfully and you’re never judgmental with her, she believes you view her as someone valuable.

If plus being well-mannered, you have a good sense of humor, then you’ve fanned her interest for you to flame.

Photo credit: lifecoachingandtherapy.com
Photo credit: lifecoachingandtherapy.com

7. She asks questions about your love life

You can’t expect a lady who has no crush on you to keep an eye on your relationship status. That’s none of her business, right?

Anytime a woman is bent on knowing if you’re in a relationship, she might want to know if there’s a vacancy.

Is that your experience? If yes, then she’s all over you in her mind.

8. When she cannot help glancing at you

This has a deeper meaning than you think. If a lady is staring at you, it’s because she loves what she sees in you, and she wants the memory to stay alive. She has no reason to if the sight is horrible. There are even chances she’s creating images of you both together.

You never can tell what’s on you that is turning her on. But one thing is sure, she’s interested in you.

9. She reaches out to you when you miss work

If she likes you and you are absent from work without prior informing her, she’ll reach out to find out what happened.

And be observant, she’d sound worried. Bro, she has found a friend in you.

10. She buys you gifts

A woman will no matter how small, always buy the man she loves gifts. That’s proof that she cares about you.

If she buys exactly what your needs are, then it’s no coincidence, she has quietly been paying attention to your personality.

11. When she loves touching you

Frequent touch is another thing you can watch out for. It doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not. The truth is, our body can’t deny anything real to it.

A woman who is interested in you would find it difficult to keep her hands off your shoulder, back, and hair. However, most of the touches would be accidental.

If she becomes sexual about it, then you’ve got no doubt anymore that she’s up for something.

 Photo credit: blog.ochsner.org
Photo credit: blog.ochsner.org

12. She knows some details about you that you never mentioned

Are you perplexed about how she got to find out those details about you that you never told her?

Women are pros at that.

Once they know your profile name on social media, they pick out every single detail about you and your family.

If a lady colleague does this to you, she likely wants to get closer.

13. She laughs when you tell a joke

Yes, it is normal for people to laugh when someone tells a joke. But if she laughs louder than everyone else, you might be her big fan.

Photo credit: singles-space.com
Photo credit: singles-space.com

14. When she starts calling you sweet names

It is common for women to give everyone they like pet names. However, this does not necessarily imply she admires you.

But if you are the only one she addressed like that and no one else in the office calls you by that name, you may need to watch a little closer. That’s a green light that you are her crush.

15. Other coworkers are saying it

Your relationship has already become what every other person in the office is talking about. And she smiles when she hears it?

Then she’s not just being nice anymore, she wants you. Sooner or later, she would begin to give you reasons why you should take your intimacy some meters further.

16.  She gets jealous seeing you with another lady in the office

This we both know – no woman will readily share her man with another woman. Not even with her friend. As far as she’s concerned, everybody is a suspect.

A lady colleague who likes you won’t leave you to vibe with someone who is a threat to her.

If you notice she gets moody or upset anytime she sees you with another lady, then it is obvious that she’s all over you. Women generally tend to guide guys they like from probable rivals.

17. When she always wants you both to be on the same team

Does she always work her way into joining your team? If your answer is yes, definitely, she has found companionship with you.

18. She stands in the gap always to defend you

Does she fight your cause even in your absence? Nobody dares to utter a negative statement about you while she’s on sit. The moment someone tries, she’s up on her feet for you.

What more could birth this unwavering support and loyalty if not that she unapologetically appreciates your personality?

19. She’s quick to help you when the need arises

Finally, is she always there to offer to help? Women do not feel comfortable seeing their men go through challenges alone.

If it is an official matter, she’d to the best of her ability help you find a way out. And if it’s an issue that is not work-related, she won’t act any different. Your happiness automatically becomes hers also.

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❣️ Different body language to express feelings ❣️

Having good diction is good; however, that’s not all about communication. Body language, otherwise known as nonverbal language is effective as well. Here are some examples associated with romantic relationships.

✔️ Smile

Smile has manifold applications. It can be used to express satisfaction, dissatisfaction, or shyness.

What gives meaning to smiles are – the context of a discussion, the environment, and ultimately the facial expression. The way you smile speaks volumes about how friendly and approachable you are.

✔️ Eye contact

Nothing slaughters intimacy like the inability to converse confidently.

If you find people backing out anytime you’re speaking, you might need to check how well you maintain eye contact. At the start, you might not be able to go above three seconds. But don’t worry, it’ll get better with time.

✔️ Walking briskly

Here’s another way to show an audience that you are confident. It applies to males and females alike. The next time you want to make an offer or request from a colleague, choosing to walk briskly could help you win his/her attention.

✔️ Rubbing or scratching the eye

This nonverbal language is used when you have some reservations about what someone is saying, either because it is untrue or you need further clarification.

Now let’s wrap everything up by talking about the types of relationships we can have in a work environment.

💟 Types of relationships at work 💟

Unlike what most people think, an office relationship doesn’t have to be romantic. A clear understanding of what each is important to playing your roles well. So let’s briefly learn about some of them.

☬ Coworkers

All interactions amongst the staff members of an organization are under this category of relationship. It is highly professional and all parties are obligated to fulfill their contractual obligations.

☬ Office Spouse

This is an emotional relationship with a colleague in the office, with no professional inclination. The parties are more than coworkers, they are besties. Since office spouse is a personal relationship, there’s almost nothing the parties can’t share.

☬ Friends

A workplace friend is someone you enjoy interacting with. Among other things, you sit close to one another, go on lunch breaks together, and even go on dates outside of work. The rapport has nothing to do with their professional responsibilities.

☬ Team members

This category of relationship comprises a group of coworkers who collectively plan and execute to achieve a common goal. The distinguishing feature of this category of relationship is that all the parties work together.


Now you should know whether your bread is buttered or not. If the coworker likes you and you do too, there’s no point playing hide and seek. Go ahead and take your intimacy some miles further. However, ensure you remain professional while at work. And if you’re uninterested, politely inform the person.

Here you’ll know what your co-worker feels to avoid being hurt or assumed. CLICK AND WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW!

Ruth Jesse

Ruth is a life coach who specialises in relationships and career development. Outside work, she loves writing novels and guides for personal development.

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