Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend? (18 Reasons – YES & 14 Reasons – NO)

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Has your relationship become complicated, and you don’t know what to do? Is your boyfriend causing a bit of headache, and you wonder whether to leave him or not?

Then we have answers to all of your questions. In the next 15-20 minutes, you will know what to do.

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It is understandable when you have a dispute with your boyfriend, or he did something silly enough that embarrassed you a lot. The first thought that came to mind was to leave him. But also, you are confused with the thought of breaking up.

Here we have listed some signs that will tell you whether it is time to break up with him or stay.

♦ 18 Reasons Why You Should Break Up With Your Boyfriend ♦

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Every relationship faces hard times, but it recovers eventually. However, there are times where things go out of hand, and there is no reason to hold on to it.

Here are 18 signs that will help you to come up with a tough decision:

1. You argue most of the time

Arguments are normal in a relationship, but they aren’t consistent. People argue and forget everything the next moment.

But if you fight over small things, every now and then, it’s time to reconsider the relations.

2. You feel taken for granted

Being together means giving value to each other. Each partner is essential to the other. But when someone takes others for granted, the relationships lose their essence.

If your boyfriend doesn’t give you any importance and considers you an inferior piece, it’s time to end things up.

3. You can’t live your own life

If you can’t feel like yourself, it is not a good sign. You are trying hard to change, but all in vain.

All you do is to please him. His likes and dislikes hammer your brain. But still, he neither appreciated nor noticed.

If you don’t feel like yourself anymore, it is best to break up.

4. Both of you have different goals

The wonder of a healthy relationship is when both partners are on the same page. They have common aims and ambitions.

But if your goals conflict with your boyfriend and go in an utterly opposite direction, it is a sign to part your ways.

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5. You two are together just for a wrong reason

It is somewhat ridiculous, but it happens. Girls make boyfriends to make their friends jealous. Even if not done on purpose, they subconsciously want to be with someone like their friends and reluctantly start dating.

Later on, if she gets to know he was not the right person, she still tries to stay together. Just because others might laugh, she keeps on ruining her life.

If your feeling for someone is not clear, and you are forcefully holding things (afraid of society), sweet girl, you must talk about break up with him.

6. Your needs are not fulfilled

In a relationship, both partners take care of each other needs. They could be psychological or emotional needs.

You want someone who can protect you, listen to you, have great understanding, be available when you need him.

But if you feel like he is not fulfilling any of your needs, then part ways out.

7. Others fulfill them better than your boyfriend

This point covers two aspects:

1- Your boyfriend is not fulfilling them (as mentioned above)
2- He is doing all well, but you are still not satisfied.

In both cases, the result is, he is not that one person you are looking for.

Instead, if someone else gives you comfortability and fulfills them better than he does, he might be the one.

Now we are not emphasizing you to cheat. If you don’t feel relaxed with your boyfriend, but with someone else, talk to him. It would be a good idea to break up but in a healthy way.

8. You feel unprotected

Trust and security are amongst the core values of a relationship. But if your partner makes you feel unprotected, or you fear his fury, then the relationship should be over.

9. You want to be alone most of the time

It is also a sign of a bad relationship. If you want to spend time being alone when you are with him, and his presence doesn’t excite you, it’s time to leave.

10. You are hesitant to share things with him

Trust is the blood in the body of a relationship. One should be comfortable in sharing different things with the other person.

But if you are afraid of talking things with your boyfriend, or even if you are worried to be honest about something he wouldn’t like, then it’s time to break up.

11. Your friends and family don’t support the relationship

Your friends can be your guardian angels, as they know you too. If you are making any mistake and your friends feel about it, they will warn you.

The same formula applies to relationships. If your friends tell you that you are not making the right couple, you should consider it.

12. Both of you are working out for too long

You both are trying hard to make your relationship healthy; it is good. But for how long? Is struggle taking more than a year? Or more?

If, after a long time, your relations are standing on the verge of instability, then it should be better to let go.

13. You don’t foresee a future with him

In relationships, a partner dreams of their future with another partner to spend their lives together.

But if you wonder about your future, and your boyfriend has no place in it, then he might not be for you.

14. You are observing red flags

When relationships go through a rough patch, someone should look for the signs of these indications. These flags might be the answer that something wrong is happening.

Please pay attention to them, as they will help you decide what is best to do (list is down the article).

15. You have lost interest in him

Another sign is if you lose interest in your boyfriend, your true feelings for him are gone. Then it would be best to leave him. You can’t live with your partner without affection.

Relationships drive with love. If one loses feelings for another, a breakup is a final option.

16. He does not care about you anymore

In relationships, people care about the happiness of their partners. They care about their feelings and emotions.

But if your boyfriend doesn’t respect you anymore, he doesn’t care about your feelings and needs, then break up with him.

Most people end their relationship just because their partner does not care about them anymore.

17. You doubt he’s cheating

He is not your boyfriend if he is not honest with the relationship. You need to pay close attention to his behavior. His attitude will give you the answer.

If he ignores you, doesn’t spend time with you, or be busy on his phone when you are talking to him, then there’s something fishy. You can’t spend your life with a cheater.

18. You don’t love him anymore

The most significant reason to leave your boyfriend is you don’t love him anymore. You got no feeling for him, and his also doesn’t matter.

Then it would be best to leave, instead of to stay together forcefully. It would only convert your respect for him into hate.

♠ 14 Reasons Why You Should Not Break Up With Your Boyfriend ♠

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Now we will discuss those 14 signs that you need to observe before taking a harsh step. If the reasons given below are found in your relationship, you need to hold on to it.

Your relationship is just going through a difficult phase. Give it some time. It will flourish again.

1. You still have some love for him

First and foremost reason, why are you with your boyfriend? That’s right; you love him. There is a place for him in your heart, so why empty up that place. No one can occupy it quickly if it belongs to your boyfriend.

2. He’s protective

It is the beauty of any relationship. If your boyfriend protects you in front of other people, you don’t need to lose him.

3. He’s supportive

In a good relationship, a boyfriend always supports his girlfriend no matter what will happen. It is a sign of well being of a partner. If he helps you in every condition, both of you should stay together.

4. He’s available

Another reason not to break up with him is he’s available for you whenever you need him. You can count on him for life if he has never disappointed you.

Also, he remains in contact, available to listen and share things; you should stay with him.

5. He’s committed

If he is committed and honest with you for life, you should never leave him. Hard times won’t affect his decision. And when a man is committed to someone, he tries his best to be with his partner.

6. Arguments don’t make you want to leave him

Small arguments occur between people, and it’s completely normal. But if these minor disputes don’t affect your feeling towards your boyfriend, there is no question of abandoning him. He is the one, and you know it.

7. Fights are not intense

Also, whenever you two fight or argue, it is not that intense. None of you were calling each other names or being abusive. If dealing with such minor disputes is easy, then there is no reason to break up.

8. There is still a good sign of a healthy relationship

In a relationship, communication is the key. It is the best indicator of healthy relationships. If you communicate with your partner, it is excellent for both of you.

Proper communication will create emotional attachment and strengthen your bond.

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9. Counseling is helping

Another great answer is to hire a licensed psychotherapist. If their counseling helps, then is there a need to break up? These professionals are out there to help, take that guidance.

10. Romance has not ended

Another reason is not to leave the person you love if the romance between you two has not ended. He always made you feel loved. You still enjoy that company, then the thought of break up shouldn’t exist.

11. You still feel the passion

Also, if you feel the passion in your partner, he wants you for life and you don’t want to leave him either. If he is honest about his feelings, his eagerness will show it.

12. Both of you are positively adjusting

Another reason is both of your struggles to make up things are resulting well. If your relationship has gone through ups and downs in the past, but both of you are positively changing. If things are getting better, there is no use in breaking up.

13. You still prioritize him

Your decision and choices are still made for him. If you still prioritize him over other people, then love exists. Your partner will feel obligated and also return it with love.

14. Leaving him made you anxious

When a person loves their partner, they can’t think of life without them. If leaving him discomforts you, then why are you considering it?

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🚩 What Are Red Flags In A Relationship? 🚩

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Red flags are the signs that hint at the weakening of relations. It would help if you kept an eye on them, as they can silently hollow up your relationship. The top 10 are listed below:

️⛳️ Infidelity

– appears in your relationship. Either you want to cheat or caught him cheating. Both are the most significant red light.

️⛳️ Your partner becomes overprotective for his things or you.

– He put restrictions on you for stuff.

️⛳️ Your boyfriend became a control freak.

– He wants you to do things that he wants. You don’t feel like a free person. Instead, feel like a puppet.

️⛳️ All kind of intimacy vanishes.

– Emotional, physical, intellectual, financial, all intimacy is gone between you two.

️⛳️ You cannot maintain a balance between him and your personal life.

️⛳️ He demands passwords of your social media accounts.

– He wants to interfere with your privacy.

️⛳️ Your relationship is not announced between both of your friends

– he doesn’t have any intentions to make it public.

️⛳️ He got some drinking problems or is a drugs addict.

– Any kind of addiction is worse than anything.

️⛳️ He got some mental health problems.

– This issue is diversified and may vary from person to person. But stay away from severe cases.

👉 Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship 👈

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Sometimes, both of you do well but still felt like something is missing. It is the feel of an unhealthy relationship. The following points will answer your concern about it:

✋ You feel stuck in it, and you want to get out of it. Briefly, you feel bound by that person.

✋ Both of you don’t communicate more often.

✋ You seek ways to ignore your boyfriend.

✋ It always seems like he is on the mistake, not you.

✋ Arguments are occurring consistently.

✋ Even if you try, but things are not working out.

❎ What Is A Toxic Relationship? ❎

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In toxic relationships, care and love are gone. No one has any feelings for others. Here are some signals of a toxic relationship.

🖋 Both of you don’t trust each other.

🖋 Both of you have severe abusive fights.

🖋 One of you becomes a control freak.

🖋 Both of you hide things from each other and lie a lot.

🖋 You feel like he is just taking and not giving you in return.

🖋 There is no communication.

🖋 He doesn’t answer correctly.

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🖋 There is no support and security.

🖋 You feel like a worthless piece.

🖋 He is not honest with you.

🖋 You got no right to express your opinions.

🖋 You are always the target of criticism.

🤔 Should I Break Up With The Man I Love? 🤔

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The answer depends upon what you feel towards him. If you still love him, and he loves you back. Then fussing up over some ridiculous shortcomings is not correct.

Nobody’s perfect. Break up is not the correct option.

But if your relationship is causing toxicity. If you love him, but he is not giving it back, it should be better to leave him.

Just be honest to yourself, are you happy with him? Give this thought some time. You will have your answer.

🧘‍♀️ Conclusion 🧘‍♀️

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Ups and downs occur in a relationship. It is its natural element. You don’t have to break up with him because he forgot your B-Day. Or stay even if he mocks you in front of other people. You need to determine what to do.

We have given you reasons why you should and shouldn’t leave your boyfriend. Identify them and decide accordingly.

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Ruth Jesse

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