Rype Review: Avoid Using It [2024]!

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

As the world comes to a halt, more individuals are turning to digital solutions in order to be more efficient. Thus, online language training has seen a dramatic increase in popularity.

Rype is an online tutoring membership business in which you pay in advance for a set number of courses each month.

Rype Review

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Online learning with Rype is secure and authentic. If you want to study a new language at your own pace, Rype is a great resource. Compared to other systems with similar learning techniques, such as Rosetta Stone, it is more expensive. In contrast to other private language teachers or university classes, Rype is likely cheaper. Learning a new language will be much easier with tailored teaching lesson plans and one on one lessons.

You can then choose to spend these lessons with any of the Rype dashboard’s professors.

If you’re looking for a way to learn a new language online, the Rype app might be one of the possibilities you’ve come across. It’s an online marketplace where you can find live one-on-one lessons from teachers.

Rype Review

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The purpose of this comprehensive analysis is to assist you in determining whether Rype is suited for you, how to optimize its benefits, what to expect, and more.

Let’s get into the Rype app review now.

Rype Review – Foreign Language Learning

Tutors and instructors can be found on Rype. It is a marketplace for language learning. Instructors are vetted by Rype, but they are not trained or given any instructional materials. A unique approach, resources, and personality are brought to the classroom by each instructor.

Rype Review

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Unlike other tutoring markets, however, the tutors do not determine their own prices on this site. Instead, students pay a monthly subscription to Rype, which includes a certain number of courses (see the Pricing section for more details). Rype also pays the instructors separately from the company.

Unlike any other language learning app like Rosetta Stone, Rype allows you to communicate with a professional language teacher in real-time through video chat. As a bonus, you get responsibility and incentives from an instructor who shows up in person. If you want to become in shape, Rype suggests using a fitness app instead of hiring a personal trainer who will be there with you every step of the way.

On the other hand, it’s more expensive because you’re paying for a professional teacher to come to your house and teach you private lessons in person at your own pace. An app that delivers digital content will always be cheaper than a private lesson.


How Does It Work – Teaching Method

Using Rype, you can arrange live 1-on-1 language classes online with teachers from around the world at any time of the day or night.

So if you’re interested in studying Spanish there are hundreds of teachers from South America, Central America, Europe and more available.

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Start with their seven-day free trial, which they say is mostly used to test out different professors before enrolling. A credit card must be provided upfront, so even if it is free, keep reading to find out if you can cancel your trial.

Then they’ll remind you what language you’re acquiring and for your Skype username after you’re logged in. Rype teachers use Skype for the majority of classes, which is convenient because you can download the software to your phone and take lessons anywhere.

With Rype you can be the guy wearing pyjamas from the comfort of your home with a nice cat and learning languages through different Rype lessons.


Individualized language lessons with the Rype app are very affordable. To discover instructors, there are a number of useful resources. Instead of being limited to one teacher, you can find teachers specific to the location.

Rype Review

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Lesson times last 30 minutes and may be scheduled easily. A simple and intuitive user interface makes it easy to use. The lesson time selection process is easy.

Getting a lesson book is a simple process.

It’s up to you how fast and how often you take classes.

A very user-friendly and dependable website.

Rype Review

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Develop a bond with a particular language teacher.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to customer service.

Rype Review

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There aren’t a lot of details about the teachers. It appears that Rype has a wide range of experience levels, however, there are only a few teachers. Some of the classes won’t be making sense to you.

A subscription is required and hourly fees are more than other online tutoring options.

It’s not easy to cancel your subscription using this service.

Alternatively, other platforms provide private classes at a reduced cost.

Sometimes you just don’t get along with a certain teacher or professor.

Billing issues have been reported by a few users.

You’ll receive annoying promotional emails from the company.

Language Learning

As well as English, Rype tutors in nine other languages. There are a number of dialects that Rype allows users to learn if they are already fluent in English.

Rype Review

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There is no distinction between learning Spanish and Castilian or Brazilian Portuguese and European, but you can look for pick and chose instructors with a diverse background or dialect. In the Spanish department, you’ll find trainers from Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Spain.


Rype Professional Teachers Quality

While the quantity of teachers on Rype varies from one language to another, the total diversity is fairly limited compared to other resources.

If you’re a student learning English, you’ll have more alternatives than anybody else, however, the majority of English teachers aren’t native speakers. Many teachers teach in more than one language, so the total number of unique teachers is quite small across the platform.

Rype Review

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There were no American professors who taught Spanish in any of the bios. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to learn with an instructor from Spain.

If you compare Rype’s number of Spanish teachers to that of iTalki’s number of professional teachers, you’ll see the difference. With iTalki, teachers also have a good language teaching experience.

Teaching experience is essential, but training and certifications are not. Most instructors also don’t have good teaching abilities. Not every Rype teacher teaches good Rype lessons.

Rype Cost

Without subscribing, you can have access to a free lesson through a free trial.

Language learners who want other services and subscribe to Rype’s lessons have access to everything on the app. Although the hourly rates are lower than those of similar online tutoring services, a subscription is required to access the service’s resources.

Rype Review

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Rype offers a number of different subscription packages:

6 Months Subscriptions

The cost of a six-month prepaid subscription, which includes four hours of daily courses each month, is $59.99.

Lessons for 6 months at 6 hours each day cost $84.99 if purchased in advance.

$159 for six months of daily sessions, which includes 10 hours of instruction every month.


Daily and Per Month Subscription

Seventy-nine cents a day for four hours of lessons each month is $79.99

Ninety-nine cents a day for six hours of lessons every month.

It costs $179.99 per month for ten hours of lessons. It’s $18 per hour.

Rype classes must be paid for with a credit card. Automatic renewal of the subscription will take place. Send Rype an email to discontinue your subscription or cancel through your Rype online account.

When the trial period expires, you will be charged.

Is Rype a Scam?

In today’s world, having digital trust is a key aspect in selecting whether or not to invest in a product or service.

Rype is not a rip-off. They’re almost certainly engaging in some shady marketing and charges, but I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re a real company with real customers and real contractors (i.e teachers.)

This, however, says nothing about the quality or price of Rype’s products, which appears to be lacking.

It is more expensive than its competitors, and their teachers earn money which is not enough.

Don’t get us wrong: just because something isn’t a scam doesn’t mean we’d ever recommended it.

A quick internet search reveals that there is some anti-Rype sentiment out there, largely based on poor experiences with the resource. There are so many negative reviews online about one on one tutoring.


Best Alternative Apps For Language Learners

If you are really serious about learning a language, the following are some other platforms to learn any new language. These apps in terms of features are better than the Rype app. Also, Rype is expensive compared to these apps:


uTalk is similar to Memrise for language learning, but it is a superior way for learning with flashcards than Memrise. There are also plenty of audio recordings of male and female natural speakers. Every lesson is well designed.


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uTalk accomplishes very little, but it’s simple, so it won’t help you learn more and won’t teach you how to speak like a native speaker.

uTalk’s goal is to teach users new languages by first getting them acquainted with the language’s pronunciation and short phrases, rather than focusing on other intricacies such as grammar explanations.

The uTalk app isn’t designed to be used alone to learn new expressions, but it does provide a great approach for improving grammar and vocabulary.



Baselang is completely acceptable. Aside from providing an unlimited number of Spanish sessions, the organization has a stellar record for keeping its commitments.

Students who participate in this program will have access to well-designed training resources that will help them improve their Spanish communication skills.


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The majority of the professors in this program are really knowledgeable and helpful. My previous interactions with Baselang customer service have been great, as they were able to quickly resolve my issue (s). The company has a good reputation and is run efficiently.

The Baselang curriculum is one of the most comprehensive available. It has material for people of various skill levels, from beginners to advanced speakers.

The curriculum includes a variety of options that can help you expand your vocabulary quickly, in addition to grammar education. Because the lessons are so customizable, you can always zero in on the areas you want to work on. It is also OK to use your own materials if you like to deviate from the curriculum and use your own materials instead.



Babbel is a sophisticated system with its own set of course materials and exercises. It has numerous features, tools, audio lessons, and a dedicated website. It supports a wide range of languages.

In contrast to crowd-sourcing, the system is built and developed by linguists and specialists rather than members of the general public.


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It works wonders for enhancing listening comprehension. If you wish to use more features, you can upgrade to a premium membership.

The option to skip stages is a cool feature of Babbel. Because it’s up to you to determine the correct level for the folks you’ll be performing with, you can alter the level’s difficulty as you see fit.



Italki is the easiest and most cost-effective way to find a tutor for the language you’re learning. They have a large number of teachers that teach pupils in over a hundred different languages.


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You will be able to pick a teacher who best suits your learning style, timetable, and personality as a student. Teachers have the freedom to choose their own rates and schedules.



Through its online and downloadable service, Pimsleur’s latest edition makes language learning more accessible. Pimsleur makes learning a language at an intermediate skill level simple. On its website, it provides a variety of popular languages. Every lesson is well designed. It is free of third-party trademarks.


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You’ll spend the majority of your time speaking and listening to audio Spanish classes with Pimsleur. If you can fit it into your schedule, the Pimsleur approach is successful. These abilities are simple to implement into one’s daily routine. You can learn many words and phrases per hour.

By contextualizing the introduction of grammar and vocabulary, Pimsleur assists students in developing conversational abilities. This is worth noting feature.



The interesting Mondly language learning program has a lot of amusing features. Mondly’s languages have unique characteristics. It supports a wide range of dialects. Every lesson is well designed.

First and foremost, the program is extremely user-friendly, so you should have no trouble finding your way around the site. It is free, but the highest tier subscription plan is quite expensive.


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Taking some time out of your schedule to recover and learn a few new words will allow you to swiftly return to your regular activities and keep your momentum.

Mondly offers a wealth of language learning resources, even if you’re a complete beginner. It assists you in becoming a better speaker through practice.

The minimum wage of a single teacher is quite high.


Conclusion – bottom line Rype app

Rype is good, but uTalk is miles better than Rype in terms of language learning. The online language lessons and courses are far better than that of Rype.

Yes, if you want accountability and would benefit from the face-to-face connection of a teacher, go for it. To supplement your private classes, you can still use digital language apps. To summarise, you will enjoy Rype because of its user-friendly layout and the 30-minute session time, which is easy to fit into a hectic schedule.

The number of teachers is really limited, I’m not a fan of the subscription plan, Rype doesn’t give any of its own learning materials, and lessons take place over Skype. If you want one-on-one sessions, you’ll find more schedule flexibility, scheduled lessons, a wider range of teachers, and lower pricing elsewhere.

Hope this Rype app review helps you and has exactly what you needed!


Is RYPE legit?

Rype is not a scam and is perfectly legit. It certainly is not a money-making app. It has real teachers for one on one learning. The book lessons are good and you get follow-up assignments after every lesson. You can learn multiple languages from available tutors according to your time availability own schedule. Rype makes per hour learning easier.

Rype service technicians responded to negative social media reviews. He actually responded to the negative reviews this company received. Rype appears to have reached out to everyone else, but no one responded.

The cool thing about this third-party software is that they also give you visibility into how they interact with one another.

A subscription to Rype.com is also available for $99.99 on Amazon.com. In the United States, Rype.com is available on the Kindle Fire book. Visit Amazon.co.uk for more information.

Is Rype a good app?

Each class is at least thirty minutes long. Rype simplifies lessons by allowing you to take them whenever you want – on the go or wherever you are. Overall, based on my interactions with their customer service representatives and reviews, it appears to be a legitimate company providing a valuable service to those in need.

Rype is a useful app for people who want to learn a new language on their own time. The website is easy to navigate, and if you have a problem, they respond quickly and provide you with a variety of options from which to choose. The language learning next to and behind the language learning is the next level of language learning, which includes the COVID era. Rype refunded you for classes you didn’t attend and is accommodating to your needs.

How can I make the most of Rype?

Pupils who take two or three sessions per week on a consistent basis learn faster than students who have sporadic learning schedules, according to Rype.

It’s also a good idea to take notes as you go and go over them every day, even if you don’t have a class scheduled. You’ll be able to memorize the content faster and make greater progress this way.

What languages does RYPE offer?

There are many languages offered. Spanish, French, German, English, Arabic, Mandarin, and Italian are now available. This means that customers can arrange sessions with instructors in any dialect without incurring additional costs. Nearly every day, teaching staff are recruited to Rype.

Hope this review helps. This is a review based on my experiences.


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