How to Respond When He Texts You Back

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

how to respond to a guy

When he finally responds, stop right there as you will be overwhelmed by excessive emotions at the moment. No matter how long you have been waiting for his text message and you finally got one, you need to make an impressive response this time.

No matter how long the response time or how intense your silent treatment was, avoid making an awkward response. Keep in mind that if you lose him this time due to your abrupt but inappropriate response, he might not come back again.

Therefore, it is crucial to get some valuable relationship advice regarding how to respond. Reevaluate your texting habits based on the advice to add greater value and powerful impact to your text messages.

When he texts you after a considerable time, don’t respond with the peak of anger or excitement. Instead, manage time to first learn about how to respond before you send him a message back.

He Texts You Back
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How you can respond when he texts you back, Finally!

When he finally texts you back, here are the following ways to respond to him impressively!

➤ When a man finally texts you back

When a man finally texts back, you may doubt his intentions or think that he has some secret agenda to talk to. Due to this mindset, most girls disappoint their men even after they try to unite again.

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You must understand that staying distant for a while doesn’t always mean that he has lost interest in you. When true lovers stop texting each other for some possible reasons, their love still exists between them and never dies. Therefore, never doubt his emotions, feelings, and intentions when he finally tries to talk to you.

It’s not a big deal for him to talk to other girls after breaking up with you. However, a true lover would always come back to you and start texting again to go long in this relationship.

Thus, never start making wrong assumptions by yourself regarding why he is texting you again. Instead, wait for him to give you a good explanation of this texting you back.

man finally texts you back
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Through his conversation, you will get a clear idea about if he is interested in talking to you or not. If he seems ashamed of whatever happened and wants to become friends again, give a positive response.

When you text back to him in response, tell him that you also have been looking forward to his messages. It will have a good impact on the relationship between you too and enable both of you to enjoy this precious time.

In contrast, when a man seems least interested in you and also shows disrespect for you, you must realize that he is not for you. Even if you have true feelings for him, give yourself the courage to move on and never beg him to come back.

If you are wondering if he wants to come back or not, make a clear conversation with him about it. If you feel that he is not an ideal partner for you anymore, don’t bother what he would think and simply move on.





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➤ What to do when a guy takes forever to text you back

Some men don’t text back immediately but make the women wait longer to get a simple reply. A real guy would always respect your feelings and would respond to you on time. However, analyze the red flags when you realize that he is making you wait unnecessarily to get a text back.

For example, it is the man’s psyche that they don’t like you sending them messages in bulk or a row all the time. Especially, it irritates them when they are super busy with something important and you keep on distracting them through text messages.

Most women take it as if their men are ignoring them and start fighting. As a result, they break their relationship without knowing the truth and then regret it.

Therefore, make sure you wait for his reply after sending him a message. If he doesn’t respond to you instantly, don’t start bashing. Instead, send him another message the next day or so but lovingly and calmly.

Instead of getting irritated or hurt by your message, he would realize that you love and miss him so much. This feeling would make him love you more and get back in conversation with you as soon as possible.

➤ How not to look desperate when he finally texts you back

When a guy texts you and you respond desperately, you devalue yourself to some extent. Although not in every case, such things happen in most cases where women lose their dignity by being desperate.

Although it’s very hard to control your emotions when you finally see his message after so long, you have to be patient. Being patient, it doesn’t mean that you talk to him in a cold tone or in an uninterested way. Here, it means that you communicate to him gently and calmly without any desperation.

When a person shows concern, gratitude, or love when he texts back after a long waiting time, give him the response he deserves. For a bit, think about the time that you have spent with him and recall memories in your head. Forget all the bad hours and ignore the bad memories but focus on the good memories. It would make you communicate gratefully and gently or calmly.

However, make sure not to go too deep in conversations i.e. you meant the world to me or I would die without you. Instead, keep the conversation concise and focus on general things.

For example, you should ask him about how is he or what’s going on in his life. You may also ask him about his job or family, etc. If he asks you something personal or annoying about bad memories, explain it to him shortly and calmly. Don’t get angry or rude but at the same time, don’t also beg him for love.

Communicate to him as if he is a new man who wants to build a long-term relationship with you. You should be reserved in communication but responsive to his questions. A fun fact is that men don’t like a desperate and clingy woman but they do like a responsive and loyal woman.

Therefore, don’t bother to ask him about general things in the first few days, and don’t go deep. Respect him and don’t hurt him through your words in the text at the same time. Also, thinking before texting would help you in evaluating your tone while keeping it normal and generic.

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➤ How to respond when he’s been ignoring you

The best and the most powerful strategy to respond when he has been ignoring you is to call out the behavior. Instead of making thousands of assumptions and staying worried, you must learn to call out his behavior. Ask him clearly about what’s going on in his head and why he is ignoring you. Ask him to answer you and then decide your action.

The other best way to respond when he is ignoring you is not to respond. Yes! this is the most powerful tactic. Don’t run after him and stop sending him any text messages. When he would see that you are not desperate to hear from him, he would rush back to you.

he’s been ignoring you
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Also, avoid being clingy through excessive texting when he ignores you as it will only worsen things. Keep in mind that the clingy behavior makes guys fed up with their women.

However, there are some possible reasons that he might be ignoring you and you should understand. For example, there are chances that he is sick and that’s why he is away from his cell phone. Similarly, suppose that he has a lot of writing tasks if he is a freelance writer and he has to deliver them tonight. He might not be responding due to being busy with these tasks or anything else at the job.

Therefore, make sure you know the actual reason why he is not texting you back. It’s possible that he is not ignoring you but simply busy with some other stuff. Therefore, never overreact or start to ignore him in revenge. Instead, understand his situation and provide him with your full support as well as the respect he deserves.

➤ What should I say if he doesn’t text me back right away?

If you are thinking about why he didn’t text back to you after you sent him a text message, evaluate the cause first. Don’t start a flood of messages to show your anger regarding why this guy ignores you. Instead, when he doesn’t text back to you, wait for a few hours and then send him another text message.

Most of the time, sending another text message after a few hours helps women find out the reason why their guys didn’t respond to their first message. Usually, the delays in texting are due to a busy schedule and there is nothing to worry about.

However, it is also possible that he is willingly ignoring your message because he has no interest in communicating with you. To find out if this is the case, ask him directly about why he didn’t text back to the last thing you asked. Instead of wondering what’s going on at his side, ask him clearly about it. For example, ask him what happened if he seems distressed, worried, or least interested.

Never start complaining or bashing him if he forgets to respond to you due to being stuck in something else. It’s alright. Many guys forget to send back a text when they are highly occupied with their everyday duties. It doesn’t mean that they are not interested in you or don’t want to answer your phone call or message.

When a guy doesn’t text back to you the right way or keeps you waiting for his text back every time, gently tell him that it bothers you. Tell him that you love him and love to hear frequently from him. Also, don’t always hope that he would initiate the chat first. Instead, you can initiate it too to ensure a good relationship.

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However, if none of these things make him change his attitude and he is still least interested, give him a call instead of message. Communicate with him about the issues in this relationship and ask him if everything is alright in his life. When he gives you red flags to end this relationship, move forward to do it instead of begging for love.


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➤ Don’t make the same mistakes as these girls in the examples below!

Guys take their girls for granted when they get instant responses every time they do. To make your guy think about you and value you, you have to stop sending him an instant text back.

Whenever he asks you about something, don’t always answer within seconds. At the same time, don’t also let the hours pass to reply to him back. Instead, you must practice keeping a balance in between. Sometimes, answer him immediately and sometimes make it a little delayed. When you don’t answer him instantly, you will make him think more about you e.g. what happened to her, why she is not responding, etc.

He may also make a greater effort to hear from you about what happened to you or why you didn’t respond at that time. A woman using this trick would always get more attention from his guy.

The most common mistake that many girls make is that they open up too soon about everything. When a guy asks you about how was your day and you tell him an hour-long story about what happened, you lose your dignity. A guy is not interested in your lengthy stories but he admires a concise reply. For example, you can simply tell him that you had a good day instead of going into the details.

Similarly, don’t always make casual talks like how was your day? Instead make it a bit personal at times such as what were you doing in the morning, etc. These things would make him more interested in you and he would love to text you back instantly.

➤ Understand why men don’t text women right away

An important thing is to understand the reason why a guy is not texting you back right away. Instead of inquiring him rudely, ask him where he was and why he was not responding. Your heart may give you wrong messages that something bad is going to happen as if he is busy with another woman. However, don’t make such useless assumptions if he doesn’t text you back right away. Instead, use your mind and make an effort to find out the truth before you decide to fight with him.

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Being a girl who decided to spend her life with this guy, you have to understand him. Even if he texts you back after hours, ask him politely about why he responded too late. If he wants to explain something to you, provide him a good listening ear without any anger.

Instead of complaining about waiting or delayed texting, try to add fun in the hour when your guy is with you on the phone. These are the things that would win his heart and make him fall in love with you for life. Just like best friends deserve each other’s trust, guys also deserve to be trusted by their life partners.

So, be patient and have fun with your guy when he is chatting instead of ruining your relationship by fighting like the rest of the women. You can hope to have an ideal relationship for life with a guy if you don’t understand and trust him.

On the contrary, it’s better to let go of a guy if he constantly breaks your trust and hurts you. When a guy is not capable of going far away with you in life, his texting language on the phone would give you hints. So, make sure you don’t choose an inappropriate guy to shower your love and trust. Instead, find the right match who would make this world a happy place for you.

➤ Remember that there are good reasons why guys might not text back

At the beginning of a relationship, both man and woman are always so desperate to talk to each other. However, this won’t be the case if your relationship with him is a few months or years old. You shouldn’t expect him to be with you on the phone every second of your life.

The reason is that now both of you will understand each other and also trust each other. Now, he knows that you will be always with him and this is the time when he wants to focus on other important things too. For example, he’ll try to focus more on his job if he has promised to provide a good lifestyle for you.

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Similarly, he’ll focus more on his business so that he can provide you with the best life with him. If he is a real guy who loves you by heart, he’ll not only focus on chatting with you but struggle more to fulfill your desires.

Therefore, don’t fight with such a person for why he didn’t text back immediately. Instead, provide him the full support to accomplish his milestones and avoid teasing or irritating him through countless messages every hour.

Even if he is not busy with his career-related goals, understand that he also has other important relationships to focus on. For example, he has to give time to his mother, father, brother, sister, etc. and you must value this quality of him. A person who is sincere to his family would also be sincere to you because such a person is never a cheater.

Some Open Questions

Here are some important questions that further help you in responding to him.

∎ What are some responses to “Tell me about yourself?”

When someone asks you about yourself, the most important thing to remember is, to be honest. It’s important to give an honest answer but always positively and concisely. No one wants to hear essays from you and no one likes to hear about your threats, bad days, or anything negative.

Therefore, be real and concise while telling someone about yourself. You may say that I am on a journey of finding real happiness or I am struggling with my business or anything like that.

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∎ How do I get over him?

When men don’t text you back, it’s time to get over them. To get over the man you love, the first crucial step is to delete all his previous messages, and contact details, and throw his gifts away. Then, tell yourself that if he couldn’t be loyal to you, he wouldn’t be with someone else. Every girl would leave him and he will be the one who will remain to regret later on.

∎ How can I make my ex jealous?

All you need to move on and start focusing on building a better future. When you stop crying for him or stop begging him to come back, you will be able to have a better focus on your future. This is enough to make him jealous of you. When he would see you move on in life, he would be jealous of you without doing anything else.

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To give a chance to your relationship, find out his number and send him a text on his mobile. This message should not be negative or complaining but use the right words in a positive tone without any desperation. After the first message, wait for a few hours or a day for his reply.

If he doesn’t respond, give him a call. Talk politely and nicely. Represent a better person and avoid the mistakes you made in the past. These tactics would help you win his heart and get him back.





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