16 Things a Clingy Boyfriend Does and 10 Tips on How To Handle Them

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Dating is sweet, but it can be hard at times. So you’re in a relationship with that guy, the one who texts you every day, calls you all the time and is always there when you need him? You might think this sounds like a sweet gesture of love and commitment – but it’s actually not!

There’s nothing worse than having a clingy partner. You know, the kind who follows you around constantly and can’t let you out of his sight. If you’re dealing with this type of guy, it’s time to look for signs to be sure you’re dating a clingy boyfriend.

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Who Is a Clingy Person?

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of clingy boyfriends, let’s first define who a clingy person is.

Generally, a clingy person is someone who craves attention and feels insecure or needy when they’re not around the person they’re attracted to. Clingy people often become possessive and controlling in relationships.

Having an overly clingy boyfriend can be exhausting because not only do you have to spend with him, but you also have to take care of him. And sometimes, clingy behavior can signal a larger problem in the relationship that requires intervention.

❣️Here Are the 16 Things a Clingy Boyfriend Does ❣️

If your boyfriend does any of these 16 things, then he’s probably clingy.

1. He Doesn’t Have a Social Life Without You

A clingy boyfriend doesn’t need to make plans with friends because he already has a social life – you! He might even refuse to go out and do something with his friends just to be with you.

While it’s good that you have an awesome relationship, if he never goes anywhere without you, then this is clinginess at its finest. Clingy boyfriends monopolize their partner’s time and often don’t make an effort to do anything without them.

If your guy never has social life without you around, the relationship is heading in the wrong direction.

2. He Always Has To Be Around You

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So you guys love spending time together, and that’s so sweet. But now, your other half is always hanging around you even when you have personal things to attend to. He believes you are his only source of emotional support.

While you might think that this is sweet, perhaps because he loves you too much and always needs your physical affection, but it might as well be a sign that your guy has become clingy.

Of course, you want a boyfriend who makes you his priority and loves you honestly. But you also need a man who can spend time alone and give you space without needing your constant company.

Having a boyfriend who is always there can be smothering and make you feel trapped. Definitely, this isn’t the healthiest relationship you want to have in the long term.

3. He Constantly Asks Where You Are and What You’re Doing

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He doesn’t stop calling you and asking where you are. He’s clingy, but it could be because he just misses being with you or is insecure about your relationship status.

No matter his reason for constantly checking in on you, this behavior might get annoying to the point that it’s clinginess at its finest!

This clingy boyfriend’s behavior can signify that he doesn’t trust you and is afraid of losing you. If your partner can’t give you some space, it might be time to reconsider the relationship.

This kind of possessiveness can really damage how open you feel able to stay in certain contexts. If your man’s over-controlling nature makes things difficult when talking with others or spending time away from him, then there might be some trust issues!

4. He Gets Jealous Very Easily

If your partner can’t handle you talking to other guys or when you spend time with your friends, then he’s probably jealous. Jealousy is a significant sign of clinginess, and it definitely isn’t healthy for a relationship.

A clingy guy will often feel insecure and accuse his partner of cheating or being unfaithful, even if there is no evidence for this. He might call you every moment ask who you’re with or where you are to keep track of your whereabouts.

This kind of jealousy might emanate from low self-esteem, and he fears that some other guy might snatch you from him. He thinks you will get someone better than him and dump him.

If he’s clingy, then it will be hard for him to hide his jealousy – but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt if he accuses you of being unfaithful without any reason! He will make you feel guilty even when you have done nothing wrong.

This clinginess can be a sign that the trust between both partners has been broken, and this isn’t healthy for the relationship dynamic!

5. Your Hobbies and Interests Are His Hobbies and Interests, Too

So you guys have been together for a few months. But your man has started to adopt all of your hobbies and interests. It might seem sweet at first, but it might turn out to be a clingy behavior after a while. If he starts to come with you to all the places you like to go to or watch the same TV shows as you, this is a major red flag!

It can be charming when your partner starts to share some of your same interests, but if he’s doing this to cling to you, then it’s not a good thing.

Your boyfriend might be trying to control you by taking over all of your favorite pastimes. He’s ways wanting to spend all his free time with you.

This, of course, is not healthy for the relationship! He needs to have his own life without necessarily craving to have physical contact with you.

6. He’s Stalking You on Social Media All the Time

Your partner might be stalking on social media all the time because he’s insecure about what or who you’re posting. So he’ll probably monitor your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat activity to make sure that everything is okay in your life.

Your clingy boyfriend is probably too insecure in your relationship, or he’s trying to control you by taking over all of your social media activity.

The thing is, he doesn’t trust you! If this clinginess makes it difficult for both of you to maintain your own identities, then it might be time to rethink the relationship.

This clinginess can make him feel like he owns you, which isn’t healthy for a healthy partnership!

7. He Always Wants To Know Your Feelings for Him

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Imagine having a boyfriend who always wants constant reassurance that you love him. For sure, it can be a bit annoying. Sure, he might just want to hear that you love him all the time, but this is an unhealthy sign of clinginess!

And if you don’t constantly tell him how you feel about him, things could quickly go downhill. Plus, this clinginess can also indicate that he’s not confident in your relationship and needs constant validation from you.

The need for constant reassurance could result from his insecurity in the relationship, or he just doesn’t trust you! Clinginess is definitely not suitable for a healthy relationship, and it could cause you emotional abuse!

8. If You Don’t Answer His Text or Call Immediately, He Starts To Panic

Your boyfriend starts to panic if you don’t answer his text, call, or Snapchat right away, no matter how much you explain. It can be difficult, especially when you have a demanding job or are still studying. You might miss a message here and there, but your guy doesn’t seem to understand. Every missed call is a red flag to him.

Maybe he loves you such a great deal, but his clinginess will make you feel suffocated. It’s pretty annoying when the other person panics just because you take a little bit of time to text them back.

Your clingy guy probably has some serious trust issues if he panics when you don’t answer him right away. As such, it will be hard for him to trust that things are fine even if you can explain what happened!

If the clinginess makes it difficult for both of you to maintain a healthy relationship, then this is definitely not good.

9. He Is Insecure When You’re With Your Male Friends

So your boyfriend doesn’t want you to befriend any other guys. He is incredibly jealous when you’re around male acquaintances, which means something might be wrong here. Definitely, he is too insecure in the relationship, and he has low self-esteem!

This insecurity can cause problems because you’ll have to constantly worry about what he thinks of you. Also, as your guy is always paranoid about friendships of the opposite sex, he’s going to have trust issues in the relationship, which could turn out to be emotionally abusive!

If this clingy behavior continues, it might affect your relationships with other friends. And you know, this is not the kind of life you want.

10. He’s Overly Dependent on You

If your clingy boyfriend always depends on you for everything, it’s definitely not good. This type of dependency can really wear you down and make you feel like you’re in a relationship with a child!

If your boyfriend can’t do anything without you, then he’s definitely too clingy. This dependency can be a sign that he doesn’t have a lot of self-confidence and relies on you for everything!

This type of clinginess is definitely not healthy for either one of you in the relationship!


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11. He Will Constantly Check Up on You When He Can’t Reach You

If your boyfriend starts to become insanely anxious when he can’t reach you and he is always checking up on you, don’t mistake this behavior for love. There is no doubt he is acting clingy. This type of behavior is a sign that he doesn’t trust you and might be paranoid about who you’re talking to!

And if your guy is always checking up on you, then he’s not going to trust that you’re loyal to him! If this type of clinginess is happening in your relationship, it might be time to have a serious discussion about trust and the way forward.

12. He’s Always the One Who Initiates Conversations and Contact

If your clingy boyfriend always initiates contact and conversations, it’s definitely not good. He might be doing this because he doesn’t trust you enough to initiate things yourself! Or he might think if he doesn’t initiate a conversation you’ll be talking to other guys.

This type of clinginess can really damage your relationship if it continues. If your guy is constantly initiating everything without ever letting you do the same, things might become overwhelming for you!

If you notice this kind of behavior, it might be time to have a talk about trust and see where things stand.

13. He Invades Your Personal Space

If your clingy boyfriend is always invading your personal space, it’s definitely not good. This type of behavior can be really overwhelming and make you feel uncomfortable!

If your guy is constantly getting too close for comfort, then he’s too clingy. This type of behavior can signify that he doesn’t respect your boundaries!

If this happens in your relationship, it might be time to talk about boundaries so you can have personal space for your own life.

14. He Won’t Let You Go Out With Your Friends

It’s not good if your significant other won’t let you go out with other friends. This type of behavior can be really suffocating and make it hard for everyone to maintain a strong relationship dynamic!

In real life, it can be boring when your life has to rotate around one person day and night. Of course, you need some space to mingle and have a girls’ talk. And your lover doesn’t have to be there.

You might want to have a conversation about what makes him feel comfortable and what doesn’t! He needs to understand that you need some time with your folks and you’ll not always be available for him. After all, when will you miss each other?

15. When He’s Not With You, He Sends a Million Texts and Calls

So you’re out with your friends and your boyfriend is sending you a million texts and calls! This type of behavior is definitely not healthy for the relationship. If he can’t handle being away from you, then there’s definitely something wrong here!

Get a “good morning” from your lover the first thing in the morning can be sweet and set the mood of the day right. But imagine you’re in the shower, when you return you find texted you “good morning” multiple times. That sucks, right?

You need to have a serious discussion with him about and put in place ground rules. He should be able to handle being away from you without needing constant contact and smothering you!

16. He Doesn’t Seem To Have Opinions Anymore

You want your boyfriend to have opinions of his own, right? If your clingy boyfriend doesn’t seem to have any opinions anymore, it’s definitely not good. He might be doing this because he’s afraid to stand up for himself and doesn’t want to rock the boat!

Is this really the guy you want to commit to? You need a man who understands what he wants in life and has independent opinions that can make your lives better.

📌 10 Tips on How To Handle a Clingy  Boyfriend 📌

It’s happened to most of us at some time. That one clingy partner who just can’t let go. You’re not quite sure how it happened, but suddenly you’re stuck with someone who just doesn’t seem to understand the concept of personal space. If you’re struggling to figure out how to deal with a clingy boyfriend, don’t worry – you’re not alone. The good news is that there are ways to deal with your partner’s clinginess. Here are 10 tips on how to handle a clingy boyfriend:

1. Talk to Him About It

If things are getting too much and you can’t handle the clinginess, talk to him about it. Communication could be exactly what is missing in your relationship. If you bottle your feelings up, he won’t have a clue what’s going on, and you’ll end up feeling worse.

But as you talk, be careful to avoid using the word clingy, so you don’t offend the guy and make him feel guilty.

2. Try To Set Healthy Boundaries

The most important thing when it comes to dealing with a clingy boyfriend is to set clear boundaries. You need to make sure he understands when you don’t want to be around him. This may be uncomfortable at first but will make life easier in the long run.

Your needs are just as valid as your boyfriend’s, and they must be respected. For example, if you need alone time, make sure he understands when you don’t want to be around him. Once you’ve set your boundaries, try to stick with them as much as possible, and don’t be afraid to confront him if he tries to cross them.

3. Trigger His Ego Instinct

One way to handle a clingy boyfriend is to trigger his ego instinct. Compliment him, make him feel needed, and give him lots of positive attention.

Men naturally want to feel needed and important, so if you can praise him when he needs it most, you’ll have a much better chance of convincing him to leave you alone when you need time for yourself.

This will help to boost his confidence and make him less needy. If you give him a positive boost now and then, he’ll be more likely to leave you alone when you need some space.

4. Give Him Space

Don’t be too obvious about it, but give him space if you want to handle a clingy partner. If he’s never alone, he’s never going to learn how to be on his own.

Part of being an independent adult is dealing with alone time, and if you want your boyfriend to start learning this, you’re going to have to give him some space of his own.

5. Respect His Opinions and Ideas

If you want to deal with a clingy boyfriend to ensure the relationship survives, make sure you respect his opinions and ideas.

Try not to dismiss them straight away – even if they seem dumb or ridiculous, most people like to be heard out before they’re rejected or ignored completely. If you can show him that you care about what he has to say, he’ll start to trust you more and become less clingy.

6. Show You Care About Him as a Person

Make sure your boyfriend knows that you care about him, not just because he’s attached to you. Show him affection when he least expects it – write a small note with an unexpected treat or tell him how much you love him when he’s in the shower, for example.

If you can show him that he means something more to you than just a clingy boyfriend, he’ll be more likely to trust you and less likely to try and control your life.

7. Reassure Him That You Love Him

One way to make an overly clingy person less clingy is to reassure him that you love him. He needs to know that he’s loved and wanted, and if you can tell him this in a way that makes him feel secure, he’ll start to relax and back off a little.

Make sure your reassurances are genuine and honest – if he senses that you’re only saying it to make him stop clinging, it’ll do more harm than good.





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8. Build Trust Between You and Him

Building trust between you and your boyfriend is a great way to make him less clingy.

One of the main reasons he’s so clingy is because he doesn’t trust that you love him – once he trusts you, he’ll be more likely to give you space when you need it.

9. Empathize With Him

Empathizing with your boyfriend is one of the best ways to handle a clingy partner. You can do this by understanding that he’s dealing with insecurities, so try to put yourself in his shoes.

Try to see things from his perspective instead of just dismissing them or trying to change them – it will help you get through to him and stop him from being so clingy.

10.  Let It Go

Sometimes, the best thing to do is just let it go if all else fails. You know, your peace of mind comes first. And if your boyfriend is clingy and you can’t seem to fix the problem, it might be time to end things. It’s not always easy, but it’s the best thing for both parties in some cases.

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

Clinginess is not a desirable quality in a boyfriend, so if you’re dating someone who displays these signs, then it might be time to reconsider the relationship. If your clingy guy can’t give you some space and starts to adopt all of your interests, then undoubtedly, he’s clingy!

If this behavior continues, it could lead to severe trust issues in the relationship. So when you spot any sign of clinginess in your partner, be sure to communicate your concerns to him and see if he’s willing to work on being less clingy!

Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts or experiences in the comments section.

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

❓ What Are Signs of a Clingy Boyfriend?

Signs of a clingy boyfriend could include calling or texting you excessively, having to know where you’re at all times, and becoming distressed or angry when you need some space.

❓ How Do You Deal With a Clingy Boyfriend?

If you’re dating a partner who is too clingy, talk to him about it, set boundaries, and see if he’s willing to work on being less clingy and save your love. You could also try giving your partner some alone by going for walks or other activities without them.

❓ What Is Too Clingy in a Relationship?

Well, what might be too clingy for one person might not be too clingy for another. However, some general rules of thumb could include calling or texting your partner excessively, constantly wanting to spend with them, and becoming distraught or angry in an unhealthy way when you are not together. They will prioritize their insecurities without caring about your peace and emotional well-being.

❓ Is Having a Clingy Boyfriend Bad?

It can be bad if your partner is clingy in ways that affect the relationship. Clinginess has adverse effects on romantic relationships. However, if you’re spending too much time together or he’s becoming upset when you need some space, it might be time to reevaluate the situation.


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