Why Surrendering Is Critical To Overcoming Obstacles In Life

By Shane Krider

May 4, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

overcoming obstacles in life

Would you like to unleash the power within yourself that will enable you to achieve impressive results in whatever facet of life you focus on?

The key is to surrender.

When most people make a decision to change a certain aspect of their lives, it’s more like a wish than a steadfast decision. A decision, on the other hand, is an important component in how we approach this concept of surrendering for success and overcoming obstacles.

The word decision comes from the same root word as incision which means ‘to cut’. When you make a decision, it is literally cutting out all other possibilities. So, when we decide to improve relationships, make money or lose weight, we start making specific moves towards that goal.

When we come across oppositions or challenges, we can often become derailed- even by our own willpower. We become less excited and increasingly frustrated which can make us feel a bit hopeless. Because of this, it’s important that you know the best ways in overcoming obstacles in life.

How do you stay on track and keep going?

stay on track

Surrender to the process. Recognize the frustration for what it is and surrender to the fact that obstacles happen for a reason. They don’t just pop out for you to learn a lesson or change your approach, but, ultimately, they help you get closer to your end result.

Don’t let disappointment take over or wear you down as it can only make you eventually give up. Instead, surrender to the idea that deciding to pursue your goals means you are agreeing to cut out obstacles that can impede you.

This may require you to be more open-minded, learn new things and see fresh opportunities. Just do it! Those things will help you evolve into the kind of person required to reach your goals.

What’s the difference between surrendering and giving up?

Surrendering is different from giving up.

Giving up is what most people do. They take a break from their goals and end up reverting to their old ways. Surrendering is what successful people do. They acknowledge the process and steadfastly decide to follow it through, surrendering to the path ahead. With this mindset, you’ll be able to accept and plow through challenging or frustrating scenarios like a bulldozer.

When we truly surrender to the outcome, we surrender to the process. When you get to that point, you won’t care about the roadblocks anymore. You care about the result.

new possibilites

In other words, you have to open your mind to new possibilities. Normal activities bring about normal results. Very few people have their ideal body, a huge bank balance, and amazing relationships. Those who have one, or all of these things, have committed to trying an out-of-the-ordinary approach. These abnormal activities have created abnormal, enviable results.

Once I truly decided that there was no other possibility for me – an overworked, underpaid mechanic – than to become a highly successful entrepreneur, I surrendered to that outcome and to whatever emotional states that could be triggered along the way. If I had to regroup and restart, then so be it.

This decision led me to build a multi-million dollar business. Since then, I’ve progressed to achieving my body and fitness goals and I’ve also cultivated my dream marriage. I’ve created a truly extraordinary life!

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The person who has decided to be successful doesn’t beat themselves up about hiccups along the way; they just get busy creating what they desire. People who are living their purpose don’t have the luxury of feeling sorry for themselves; they forge ahead and take the steps required- in spite of it all.

To start overcoming obstacles in life, you should surrender to the journey that is being revealed to you with each step you take. You’re beyond the point of questioning whether it’s worth it or not or whether it’s as easy as it should be or not. You just need to continue doing it. Enjoy the journey because your success will be a by-product of your new way of life. So, make it a fun and prosperous one!

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Shane Krider

Shane Krider is an entrepreneur, personal development and leadership coach. After adopting personal development practises in his own life and achieving some amazing results, including creating a $170million business, Shane now shares his extensive knowledge to help transform people's lives on his popular podcast 'Shane Krider's Mind Power' found on iTunes, Spreaker and TuneIn. Or at http://www.BornToProsper.com

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