5 Barriers That You Need To Cross To Achieve Success This Year

By Oswin Oriel

January 12, 2017   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

barriers to success

It is a fact that success is achieved with a lot of hard work, struggle and persistence. However, one important factor that is usually ignored is mental strength. Some people are generally good when it comes to emotional stability while others can still work on it.

To be able to develop emotional strength, it is important to analyze how you are spending your time. This will help you explore things that you need to quit doing and things that you need to work on.

Here are 5 barriers that you put into your own path:


When an individual decides to focus on other people’s blessings, this is where jealousy acts as a barrier to one’s own success. If you want to achieve success and mental peace, then it is very important to focus on things that you possess rather than things you don’t own. Moreover, somebody else’s luck cannot take anything away from you.

Seeking Perfectionism

seeking perfectionism

It is observed that individuals delay things as they seek perfectionism. It is important to understand that perfectionism is actually underestimating yourself that you are not good enough.

Perfectionism acts as a barrier to success. It leads individual to depression and anxiety when expectations over things and one’s self are not met.

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Comparing Yourself To Others

A true waste of time, effort and resources is comparing yourself to others. Successful people would never do it as they know that they are one of a kind.

Instead, if you really want to compare anything, it must be what you have achieved and what you are willing to achieve. Overcome this obstacle to achieve success in this new year.

Blaming Others

blaming others

It is a common attribute that people take all the credit for achievements and success. However, when things don’t work out, then it gets easier for us to blame others.

Blaming others for our own failures is actually the biggest obstacle to success. It keep us from being accountable and learning from our mistakes.

Instead of pointing a finger at others, identify the problem, learn from it, and solve it.

Doubting Yourself

Commonly, people doubt themselves on various occasions or instances. To overcome doubting yourself, it is important to remember the distance you have covered to be where you are today. Remember your achievements. Stop doubting yourself because it keeps you from moving forward.

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Crossing these five barriers will help you gain mental and emotional strength. With enhanced and improved mental strength, you are going to be more powerful at work. This will definitely help you to overcome a lot of your weaknesses. In fact, it can be all that you require to achieve success in this new year.


Oswin Oriel

Oswin Oriel is a student counselor at Pure Life Experience Degree . Counseling students and helping them to launch successful careers is his favorite thing to do. Apart from work, Oswin loves to read and write!

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