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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

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The specialized team at Dumb Little Man, composed of financial professionals and retail traders, is well-regarded for its comprehensive evaluations of proprietary trading firms. They employ an intricate algorithm and strict review processes to assess brokers across essential aspects, ensuring a balanced critique. These critical elements encompass:

  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Expedited Fund Access
  • Robust Financial and Informational Security
  • Standards for Fair Trading Practices
  • Attainable Trading Objectives
  • Fair Distribution of Profits

In their scrutiny of OFP Funding, the team at Dumb Little Man has identified a strong standing for the firm. OFP Funding not only meets these vital benchmarks but also surpasses them with its brokerage expertise and wide-ranging trader support. This places OFP Funding prominently as a prop trading firm of note in the industry.

“Prop firms” in the financial industry give money to traders who trade on different prop trading marketplaces. These businesses offer an environment where experienced traders can profit by using the company’s funds and sharing the gains.

OFP Funding distinguishes itself by removing the usual challenges to start and offering its traders quick instant funding. With fair payout ratios, OFP Funding gives traders an instant cash outlet for their gains.

Based on real consumer testimonials and the expertise of Dumb Little Man’s trading gurus, this article analyzes OFP Funding. The information offered tries to present a fair analysis of the company’s products and performance in the prop trading market.

What is OFP Funding?

What is OFP Funding

Operating out of the United Kingdom, OFP Funding is a unique prop trading company run by OverviewFX LTD. With the goal of upsetting customs by providing dealers with a new source of revenue, it was implemented in 2021 and functioning by February 2022.

OFP finance is renowned for providing unlimited, quick financing without any problems, and it has one of the highest payout ratios in the financial industry. Bypassing the occasionally tedious and time-consuming screening procedures, this novel method enables traders to get funds right once after registering.

By removing the usual obstacles put up by other prop suppliers, OFP Funding aims to make traders’ paths easier. Founders Marcello Chiesa and Ruggero Catalano Rossi Danielli developed their platform; the public can view the team biographies on their website.

It stands out due to the range of account kinds it provides and its rapid fundraising speed. OFP Funding is now regarded as a singular success story in the trading industry due to its transparency and user-first philosophy.

Pros and Cons of OFP Funding


  • Funded accounts can be easily and quickly accessed
  • Possibility of scaling up to £5 million across several accounts
  • Different trading approaches are accepted
  • Weekend holding, scalping, and news trading are permitted
  • Reasonably priced upfront fees with no ongoing costs
  • IC Markets partnership for brokerage services
  • several tradable assets, such as stocks and cryptocurrencies
  • Quick execution, cheap commissions, and tight spreads
  • no predetermined profit targets
  • offered is a rewards program
  • Leverage standard of 1:100
  • access to trading platforms for MT4 and MT5


  • Absence of stages for evaluating trading abilities
  • In a more recent company with few ratings
  • Lower Profit sharing
  • Minimum trading days required
  • No EAs are permitted on the network.
  • Lack of a trial or demo account

Safety and Security of OFP Funding

Risk management is given top priority by OFP Funding, which provides traders with advanced tools to reduce trading risks. The platform demonstrates a dedication to preserving trader safety with its risk management dashboard, which provides in-the-moment analysis and alerts for possible trading hazards.

Since OFP Funding uses a simulated trading environment for its profit split model, the corporation nevertheless maintains control over the actual funds. By limiting traders’ financial exposure to the first account access fee instead of requiring a sizable capital deposit, this strategy reduces their financial risk.

OFP permits its internal team to replicate profitable transactions from traders’ demo accounts in the company’s live account as part of its secure operations. Although this validates the efficacy of traders’ tactics, it also raises the possibility of these tactics being dismantled.

Dumb Little Man has conducted an extensive study to assemble this information, which guarantees a knowledgeable summary of OFP Funding’s safety and security protocols.

OFP Funding Bonuses and Contests

Although there aren’t any active competitions that OFP Funding offers to its traders right now, the trading platform market is always changing. It’s a good idea for traders who are interested in OFP Funding to keep up with their services because they might later introduce trading challenges or competitions.

OFP Funding Customer Reviews

OFP Funding Customer Reviews

Customers have had conflicting things to say about OFP Funding, which has a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot. Customers value the quick service and the ability to trade with a live account right away without having to go through an assessment process.

Nonetheless, proposals have been made for a more flexible withdrawal policy and a more equitable profit-sharing plan that would involve savings institutions, especially in areas like Singapore. Although the response has been generally good, there have been some technical problems, including accounts vanishing from dashboards, which has left users a little unhappy.

As a result, some clients are now doubting the firm’s dependability, which is consistent with other evaluations’ worries.

OFP Funding Commissions and Fees

With its 60% and 80% profit shares, OFP Funding distinguishes out in the prop trading market, appealing to both inexperienced and seasoned traders. However, the platform offers the unique benefit of unlimited account usage without re-evaluation for individuals who can trade profitably within OFP’s limits.

Given these limitations, OFP’s instant funding feature is a big lure because it avoids the usual difficulties, assessments, or verifications that other prop businesses ask for. Because of this, OFP is a competitive choice for traders who need quick access to trading funds.

Furthermore, OFP Funding offers variable funding amounts ranging from $25,000 to $250,000, enabling traders to match their trading tactics with their financial goals and risk tolerance. OFP’s dedication to serving traders with different capital requirements is demonstrated by the variety of funding solutions available.

OFP Funding Account Types

OFP Funding Account Types

Dumb Little Man’s team of experts has thoroughly assessed a variety of account kinds that OFP Funding provides. Every account has the same leverage and drawdown, both total and daily, so all trading methods are consistent.

They vary, though, when it comes to the profit split and account costs, which are determined by the trader’s chosen account value.

After choosing their desired account type, traders can choose from a variety of account values (5.000, 10.000, 25.000, 50.000, and 100.000) that will decide the variable pricing for each account type.

Here is a simplified list of account types based on the profit split:

  • Profit Split Accounts:
    • 26% Profit Split: Traders retain 26% of the profits earned and it starts from $79
    • 40% Profit Split: Traders receive 40% share of the profits which starts from $113
    • 60% Profit Split: Offers 60% profit for traders and it starts from $153
    • 80% Profit Split: Traders benefit 80% share of profits which starts from $202

Opening an OFP Funding Account

Using OFP Funding as a trading partner entails following an easy-to-follow eight-step process that is tailored to traders’ needs for growth and risk management. This is a brief guide that will help you open an OFP Funding account.

Using OFP Funding as a trading partner entails following an easy-to-follow eight-step process that is tailored to traders’ needs for growth and risk management. This is a brief guide that will help you open an OFP Funding account.

  1. Visit the OFP Funding website to start the account creation process.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Open an Account’ section on the homepage.
  3. Fill in the required details on the registration form, including personal information and trading experience.
  4. Review all the terms and conditions, and if agreeable, proceed to accept them.
  5. Select your desired account type and five account values based on the profit split you aim for.
  6. Complete the payment for the upfront fee associated with your chosen account type and value.
  7. Submit your application and wait for confirmation to start trading with OFP Funding.
  8. Familiarize yourself with the trading rules, and you’re ready to go!

OFP Funding Customer Support

OFP Funding Customer Support

To help traders with their questions, OFP Funding provides customer service through a variety of methods. Experts at Dumb Little Man also noted the “Contact Us” feature that allows users to directly send a message to customer support, as well as an instant chat option.

Also, OFP Funding is active on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube making them not only easier to reach but also easier to interact with. Sending a message also became easier using their Telegram and Discord accounts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of OFP Funding Customer Support

The customer service strategy of OFP Funding is intended to meet the diverse needs of traders. Here is a brief summary of their existing support structure’s advantages and disadvantages:

You can connect with them via their website and social media accounts.

Watching out for their announcements becomes easier using their social media.

The response might be delayed at times

Account-related questions can only be asked via the website.

OFP Funding Withdrawal Options

Dumb Little Man’s experts vouch for OFP Funding‘s quick withdrawal process. Traders can withdraw their portion of the profits every month, and what makes it better is that there are no requirements or challenges to get these payouts. They can range from 26% to 80%, depending on the selected profit split choice.

With both traditional and digital means available, the withdrawal options for these revenues are designed to align with contemporary financial practices. Traders can choose whether to receive their payouts via traditional bank transfer, or via cryptocurrency, specifically Litecoin (LTC).

OFP Funding Challenges and Difficulties

With its intuitive website and integration of MetaTrader 4 and 5, platforms well-known for their extensive technical analysis capabilities, OFP Funding offers an accessible trading experience. A trading expert at Dumb Little Man noticed the remarkable 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot.

Despite these advantages, the OFP experience is somewhat spoiled by its ban on copy trading and Expert Advisors (EAs), which may restrict traders who are used to automation and method replication. In addition, traders have to follow a number of stringent trading guidelines and regulations even though the OFP Dashboard provides insightful information about account metrics including balance and risk/reward ratios.

Various types of arbitrage, reverse trading, and aggressive techniques including martingale and grid trading are all forbidden at OFP Funding. The company’s commitment to upholding fair trading practices is demonstrated by the possibility of account suspension for violations of these principles.

The three fundamental guidelines for trading with OFP are to keep daily losses to 5% or less of the initial deposit, to avoid going over a 10% overall drawdown, and to make sure that no single trading day accounts for more than 25% of the total profit and loss.

If the third rule is broken, rewards may be delayed, and breaking the first two rules may result in the closure of the trading account. Despite their strictness, these rules aim to provide a controlled trading environment that is advantageous to both new and seasoned traders.

How to Pass the OFP Funding Evaluation Process

As given in any other prop firm, OFP Funding has rigid rules that traders must follow in order to succeed. Reaching targets might be difficult, mostly for novice traders.

Given these challenges, it is important to enroll in an extensive program to guide traders. The knowledge that traders will gain will give them more opportunities for success as they start trading.

Asia Forex Mentor – Rated Best Comprehensive Course Offering by Investopedia


Asia Forex Mentor, recommended by Dumb Little Man’s trading authorities, is an essential tool for traders hoping to pass the OFP Funding review procedure. The program was established by renowned forex trading expert Ezekiel Chew and has a proven track record of helping traders get ready for prop firm examinations.

In addition, Ezekiel is the owner of the Golden Eye Group and the inventor of the One Core Program. One Core Program is his way of helping traders by giving them the insights gained from his decades of experience. One Core Program is specifically designed to give traders what they need in order to succeed in trading. His approaches in trading are tested and proven by the number of his students in this program.

How Could Asia Forex Mentor Help You Pass the OFP Funding Challenge?

Forex Trading Tutorial
Photo: asiaforexmentor.com

Asia Forex Mentor (AFM), whose reputation is supported by numerous awards from reliable financial sources, is a shining example for traders hoping to clear the OFP Funding review process.

Leading financial education company Investopedia has lauded the AFM One Core Program as the Best Comprehensive Course available. This distinction demonstrates how thorough and in-depth AFM’s training is for its pupils.

The AFM One Core Program is the greatest introduction to forex trading course for beginners, according to the reliable finance website Benzinga. This recommendation attests to the program’s effectiveness for traders of all experience levels.

AFM’s award as Best Forex Tutor of 2021 by Best Online Forex Broker is another testament to his reputation for helping aspiring traders succeed.

These accolades from credible forex traders and platforms are just one of the indications of how successful the trading methods in AFM are. These awards and track records are proof that one-way traders can kickstart their trading journey is by being part of the program.

Asia Forex Mentor Members’ Testimonials

Asia Forex Mentor Members' Testimonials

Participants in Asia Forex Mentor‘s One Core Program have left positive reviews, highlighting the program’s significant improvements in their trading knowledge and confidence. They commend the program’s methodical, incremental approach as well as Ezekiel Chew’s clear and effective teaching style.

Students like Tyler, Jeffer, and Valentina, who highlight the program’s affordability, value, and comprehensive coverage of important trading elements like psychology, trading strategies, and price action, heartily endorse the course as an exceptional educational tool that has greatly enhanced their ability to make trading decisions and prepared them for trading real accounts.

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Conclusion: OFP Funding Review

OFP Funding has been a success in the prop firm industry by offering both large profit shares and instant funding. Those who can successfully navigate the market without the help of automated techniques might find this particularly interesting.

Prioritization on quick thinking and trading prowess is shown by the instant funding process and the lack of first trading challenges. This streamlined access to trading money is dependent upon adhering to the company’s stringent risk management policies, which demonstrate its commitment to maintaining a sustainable trading environment.

Traders who are able to accept OFP Funding’s disciplined approach may find great financial opportunities with the company’s products. The prohibition for expert advisors (EAs), however, exposes a trading practice that is purely dependent on one’s capability and skills in trading. This may make OFP a better option for traders who would rather use a manual approach than an automated one.

Because of this, Asia Forex Mentor (AFM), which offers industry-endorsed training in line with the skill-focused trading that OFP encourages, maybe a useful tool for traders hoping to profit from OFP Funding’s approach.

OFP Funding Review FAQs

What makes OFP Funding different from other prop trading firms?

By providing immediate funding without requiring traders to complete any preliminary tasks, verifications, or profit targets, OFP Funding sets itself apart from the competition. This strategy, which is supported by a framework that prioritizes high payout ratios and strict risk management, caters to traders who are prepared to enter the markets right away.

How does the profit split work with OFP Funding?

With OFP Funding, traders can choose to split anywhere from 26 percent to 80 percent of the earnings made in their trading accounts. The precise percentage is determined by the selected trading account type and is distributed every month, given that all trade regulations and prerequisites are fulfilled.

Can Asia Forex Mentor help me succeed with OFP Funding?

Yes, Asia Forex Mentor provides a thorough training program aimed at improving the trading abilities required for OFP Funding success. The goal of the training is to improve traders’ chances of success by assisting them in comprehending and navigating the distinctive trading environment of OFP.





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