Lightspeed Trading Platform: Full Review [2024]

By J Maver

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Lightspeed futures trading provides a complete set of higher transaction skills that are becoming increasingly at high-frequency traders and investment firms.

The Lightspeed Trader computer app is loaded with cutting-edge technologies.

In furthermore, Lime Trading Gateway allows customers to place an order in less than a second.

lightspeed trading platform
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Lime Brokerage International of Ireland was bought by Lightspeed in June 2011.

On its website, a subsidiary of Lime Brokerage, doesn’t really respond to that query.

Inside this platform tool, there are many other options for trading.

The platform’s functionalities, which provide fully customized content, will appeal to encountered investors.

Despite the fact that Lightspeed’s stocks and marketplace fund (ETF) charges are higher than the industry average, high-volume traders will benefit from a discount.

Lightspeed futures trading also provides superior futures contracts trading prices, as well as a mobile platform that is completely compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome computers.




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Lightspeed Trading Platform: A Deep Look


lightspeed trading platform
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Why Should You Choose Lightspeed Brokerage Above The Competition?

Lightspeed futures trading has a lot of benefits over other brokers, including the following:

-Commissions on options are more affordable: High-volume options traders pay just $0.20 per contract, which is less than rivals.

-Comprehensive, configurable platform: Lightspeed’s high level of platform customization allows experienced and institutional investors to build only one trading experience.

-High-level trading strategies course: Even if you don’t have a Lightspeed account, Lightspeed provides complete options trading training for free.


Lightspeed’s site is simple and easy to use, and you can quickly create a new account online.

You create a user name (usually your email address) and password, pick the trading system you wish to use, and identify the optimal account type throughout the account opening procedure (individual, joint, LLC, corporate, partnership, or IRA).

You’ll also be given a questionnaire to assess if you’re a professional or amateur trader.

Lightspeed Trader, Lightspeed’s downloaded (and flagship) stock exchange, is aimed at professional traders, fund managers, and banks.

It provides immediate free trade and can be customized to keep your preferred tools and gadgets at the top of the screen at all times.

The Lightspeed Web/Mobile Trader or Sterling Trader is simpler than the downloaded form and is better suited to casual traders.

Another tool, Sterling Trader, is built particularly for evaluating and dealing with possibilities. The Eze EMS (previously RealTick) platform is used by futures trading traders.

Lightspeed’s smartphone app is accessible for iPhone and Android, although it lacks the functionality of many other trading apps.

It is generally used to close trades.

The types of investments supported by the app are the same as those supported by the windows pc and online platforms.

Lightspeed trader will discover data streams, but you won’t be able to stream them on several devices at once.

Other restrictions include the lack of news, research, or editing tools, as well as the ability to simply place limitations and trade orders.

Also, they have regular market hours support on this trading platform system.


The Trading Experience On Trading Platform

There’s a limited number of chart patterns and graphics, but there’s a good selection of chart kinds and time intervals.

There are a variety of order input options available, allowing a Lightspeed trader to customize your order to his/her exact specifications—and pick from a variety of trade settings and shortcut keys to have the orders trade faster.

A Lightspeed trader may trade stocks and choices on all the sites, but to market futures, he or she will need Eze EMS or futures (powered by CQG).

The Sterling Trader system, which is focused on risk management, may be preferred by market participants.

All systems of trading platforms provide actual data broadcasting, even on one phone or tablet.

Level I quotations are free to download and install, whereas Level II data quotes are available on almost all Mobile and Web.

Lightspeed Trader, Sterling VolTrader, and Eze EMS all let you place several orders at once, while Eze EMS also allows you to save requests for later execution.

The Mobile Trading Platform Experience

Lightspeed Web’s mobile trading system has a lot of the same features as Lightspeed Web.

It has real-time data streams and all of the Lightspeed trader bank details, but it lacks the downloaded site’s sophisticated analytics.

The mobile app allows you to trade stocks, options, and commodities, but not futures.

Offerings Variety On Trading Platform

Lightspeed concentrates on active trading basics day trading equities options accounts, and futures, as well as its platform, caters to professional active traders (you need a separate account to trade futures).

There is no fee ETFs, FX, or mutual funds available, and the company’s balance sheet options are restricted to T-bills sold through a live broker. The use of fractional shares is not permitted.

A Lightspeed day trading options traders can engage in the following activities:

-Long and short stocks (about 6,000 on the easy-to-borrow list for short sales)

-OTCBB \s-Futures/Commodities

-Options for the future

-Simple and multi-leg configurations are available (up to four legs)

-Through a live dealer, T-bills

Types of Orders For Active Traders

Stop limit orders and trailing stops are supported on all Lightspeed trading systems for active traders, hedge funds day trading.

Lightspeed Trader supports one-cancels-the-other (OCO) and bracket orders, and the Eze EMS platform (previously RealTick) allows you to place “if touched” commands.

Order types are limited on the online and mobile platforms, which only enable market and limit orders.

On Eze EMS, you may save orders for subsequent entry and simultaneously enter orders on Lightspeed Trader, Sterling Trader, Sterling DAS Trader Pro, and Eze EMS.

Before placing a transaction, you can’t choose a tax lot; closed positions revert to first-in-first-out (FIFO).

Technology For Lightspeed Trading

Lightspeed trading allows active traders to send the order to one of and over 20 locations, including numerous dark pools.

You can use Lightspeed trading smart transaction router (also known as the “LSPT route”), which employs a proprietary algorithm that rotates through several exchangers and routes to offer the optimum execution.

It mostly employs a sequence router to arrange orders, although it also uses spray technology on occasion.

Overall, you should expect lightning-fast order fulfillment.

According to a business representative, the order router is primarily focused on the efficiency of implementation, but it also looks for ways to save money.

Lightspeed trading does not keep records of price changes, although it does record payments for market data of less than $0.001 per share.

Backtesting and trade automating are not supported by the Lightspeed trading systems.


The Subscriptions On Lightspeed Trading Options and Futures

This Lightspeed trading review has a variety of fee options based on your transaction volume.

You may be eligible for reduced commissions throughout its Active Trader Commission Group if you satisfy monthly day trading activity criteria.

Each charge ranged from $0.0010 to $0.0045, based on monthly volume traders pay, while per-trade rates range from $2.50 to $4.50, again based on monthly volume day trading pay routing fees.

Likewise, there are tiers of options and futures (the rates are below).

Investors who don’t even qualified for such Active Trader Commission Group can execute trades and ETFs for $0.0045 per unit (minimum of $1.00) or $4.50 per deal routing fees.

Futures are $1.29 per side and options are $0.60 per contract ($1 minimum) (plus exchange fees include 0.60 per contract sales data).

The charges stated below are based on platform Lightspeed Trader or Lightspeed Web Trader’s normal per-share and the per contract commission rates.

The Lightspeed platform Web/Mobile Trader is simpler than that of the downloaded edition and is better suited to occasional traders and they even can exchange-traded funds.

Stocks, bonds, collective investment schemes, index funds, marketplace funds, investment options, environmentally accountable investment, investment managers, retirement, socially responsible investing are all covered by the market research team of experienced traders.

-The basic commission for opening and closing options is $0

-Options per trade contract fee is $0.60 with an account minimum of $1.00 per transaction

-Fee for 50 contracts is $30.00 compared to per contract.

-OTCBB commission is $10.00 per transaction with no share cap

-Options base commission to close and open is $0

-Options per trade contract fee is $0.60 with an account minimum of $1.00 per money transfer

-Options per trade contract fee is $0.60 with an account minimum of $1.00 per

-The cost of a covered call deal involving 500 shares and five contracts is $5.25.

-Margin income is 8.0 percent at $10,000 and 7% at $100,000.

-Accounts with less than a $15,000 balance must produce $25.00 in commission-free ETFs each month or pay the difference.

-There is no account closure charge; however, the ACAT out price is $95.00.

-There is a $20.00 exercise and assignment charge.

-There is no deposit or withdrawal platform fees.

-$20.00 local wire charge, $50.00 international money cost

-$20.00 IRA opening fee The yearly cost for an IRA is $35.00.

-Check fees are free unless you want overnight or Saturday delivery, which costs $30.00 each.

-Price of each futures transaction is close and open is $0.60 per the agreement, per side.

-Lightspeed Trader program access price is $130.00 per month, lowered based on day trading volume.

-For an extra $20.00 per transaction, live broker day trading is possible.

-Paper report fee: $5.00

-Paper verification fee: $2.00

-Advanced charting included in monthly fee. This advanced charting is great for experienced traders.


Amenities For Accounts and Research On Lightspeed Trading Review In Online Brokers

Screener for Stocks

Lightspeed trading market scanner, Lights can, is a comprehensive market monitoring and screening tool for U.S. stocks and options.

Net change, percent change, price range, and volume are just a few of the configurable parameters.

Screener for ETFs and Mutual Funds On Lightspeed Trading In Online Brokers

Lightspeed trading may not have an ETF or mutual fund screener on mobile app (which is understandable given that the broker doesn’t provide mutual fund trading).

Screeners for Fixed-Income People On Lightspeed Trading Review

Lightspeed trading doesn’t even have a fixed-income screener (which is understandable given the broker’s lack of bond trading capabilities).

Calculators and Tools On Lightspeed Trading Review

Although Lightspeed trading lacks calculators, it does include a number of trading tools for a mobile app to assist you in identifying active and potentially undervalued choices and stocks for active day traders.

Idea Generator for Lightspeed Trading

Lightspeed trading provides a variety of trading idea creators and methods for locating your next transaction.


People who buy the simple market data subscription ($10.00 per month for quotations and news) get access to a live, professional media feed on Lightspeed trading.

The headlines are compiled from various news sources.

The Third-Party Research On Lightspeed Trading

TipRanks, a helpful add-on that assesses stock suggestions made by financial consultants and other experts and rates those experts in terms of precision and performance, is available for free on Lightspeed trading.

Charting on Lightspeed Trading

Colors, chart type (region, candlestick, bars, lines, OHLC, and tables), and period may all be customized (time-based and volume) on Lightspeed trading.

The Cash Management on Lightspeed Trading Platforms

Clients are not immediately enrolled in a cash sweep plan at Lightspeed trading.


Portfolio Evaluation On Lightspeed Trading Review

The Lightspeed trader platform was launched with professional active traders in mind for active traders, hedge funds, high-velocity traders.

Not for the non-professional trader is one of its drawbacks.

The brokerage offers minimal portfolio analytics as a result of this concentration.

Purchasing power data are updated in real-time, and a variety of tools assist you in keeping track of current profit and loss figures.

For both equities and options deals, performance results monitor profit and loss by the fundamental symbol.

Your daily transactions can be exported to Excel for additional examination.

Lightspeed Trading Platforms Risk, a portfolio management application that allows traders, hedge funds, or institutions to analyze profit, loss, suspended trade symbols, and actual stock trading activity, was introduced in September 2020.

You may also use a real-time, automatic brief find method.

Risk estimations can be seen in a tabular or graphical style by symbol, strategy, or portfolio.

Active traders, hedge funds may also get an estimate of their portfolio reserve requirements based on your existing holdings and market data in real-time.

This is a one-of-a-kind tool that is especially beneficial to high trading volume futures traders that employ margin.

Trading Platforms Lightspeed Education

For essential trading training, Lightspeed is really the place to go for day traders who want to direct market access.

That is the right place for Lightspeed clients.

Details about trade futures contracts may be found under the Resources tab.

The firm hosts one to two webinars each month (with a target of 20 per year) and on trading lessons and videos.

The Stability

Trading Platforms Lightspeed Trader supports two-factor verification.

The smartphone app does not support biometric entry.

Lloyd’s of London provides excess Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) insurance for up to $25 million in cash and assets for each customer account, subject to a $100 million aggregate loss maximum.

Only assets and cash held in conjunction with the buying or selling of assets in stocks and equities trading, options and futures accounts are covered by Lightspeed Financial Services Group LLC’s SIPC.

There have been no significant platform problems, according to the firm.

During the year 2020, the Identity Theft Resource Center confirmed no notable incidents.


Committees, leveraged, and leveraged dealing are all plainly stated on the Lightspeed trading site.

High trading volume day traders should contact Lightspeed to find out what significant discount they are eligible for.

There are multiple trading platforms for day traders besides Lightspeed web trader that active day traders can consider.

Lightspeed Trader’s appearance and experience are replicated in Web Trader.


Several Trading Platforms Alternative With Other Online Brokers Options Trades

1. Motley Fool


Motley Fool
Image from

If you’re unfamiliar with Motley Fool, it’s a personal investment and financial advisory firm.

David & Tom Gardner established Gardner Brothers in 1993 with the goal of “making the world wiser, happier, and wealthier” by offering excellent business and financial advice.

The Gardners intended to speak honestly and would never be hesitant to question conventional thinking, much as the Shakespearean court jester could proclaim the facts to the royal couple (without getting his head hacked off).

The Stock Advisor by Motley Fool, which launched an internet subscription service with investment suggestions, stock analysis, and analyses, is ideal for casual investors.


The creators and researchers of The Motley Fool have generations of stock marketing and investment expertise.

There are a ton of in-depth material, news, resources, tools, and services huge choose from.

In the Stock Advisor, they have a proven track record of success for their subscribers.

It relieves you of the stress of extensive research and analysis, allowing you to make more informed stock selections.

Stock Advisor membership fee is $99 for a year and is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you withdraw within 30 days, you will receive a full refund.


Investing in selected securities is still hazardous since there is no assurance that a stock will outperform over time or that a company will develop at a rapid pace.

These are all just suggestions; you must still conduct your own research.

Despite the fact that the suggestions include comprehensive information, risks and benefits, and more, you still should start by understanding the stocks before buying just because they were suggested.

You should expect your investment to be in the stock market for a while.

You may lose money because this is not a get-rich-quick program.

If you’re going through a tough patch, know your goals, what you’re willing to risk, and what you’re willing to hang on to.


2. Binance

Image from

Based on trade volume, Binance is among the largest crypto exchange currently in operation.

Binance was founded in Hong Kong, and its terms and conditions are currently controlled by Hong Kong legislation.

This is not registered on any stock market, and its organizational model is opaque; for example, it is impossible to determine where Binance’s offices are located.

In the U. S., Binance is presently unavailable.

From the United States, you can utilize Binance.US, which employs Binance’s matching engine and wallet technology, but its merchandise selection and amount of contracts traded are restricted in comparison to Binance.


Low purchase fees (both non-instant and immediate)

A vast number of coins to choose from

A wide range of additional services


Account verification issues

Not accessible in the United States

A corporate structure that is opaque



Image from

TradingView is an internet stock picker and prescreening that is suitable for both novices and experienced professional stock trading day traders.

It includes a variety of virtualized monitoring tools for research and allows users to communicate and interact with other internet traders.

The disadvantage is that most big brokerages are still not directly connected with TradingView, so you’ll have to conduct trades with your preferred brokerage individually.

Because of its flexibility, it remains a popular option among active traders and financial software firms.

Users may use the TradingView service on any device to learn new ideas, investigate market movements, and probable chart outcomes, interact with other traders.


It’s among the most adaptable platforms available.

Easy to use charts that are simple, quick, elegant, and have seamless zooming in and out.

A large collection of indicators, both mainstream and society, is available.

Excellent array of trading tools

One of the most powerful stocks and currency screeners available

The app is fully functioning on mobile devices.

A free plan gives you access to a number of amazing features.

Price plans that are reasonable


Customer service is substandard when compared to industry norms.

Broker assistance is quite limited.




Image from

TrendSpider is a one-of-a-kind new product in the world of technical analysis, with a slew of automated tools and Intelligence engineering skills that really will impress these most seasoned traders.

Despite the fact that TrendSpider’s program can be costly based on the bundle, financial experts who choose to go in, watch their stocks, and just get on with their day will appreciate TrendSpider’s emphasis on customization and tailored notifications.


A plethora of automated technical indicators tools

Adjustable alerts

Free each workout session for users.


There is a learning experience for novice users

You can only do it in one window at a time

There is no desktops system choice





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lightspeed trading platform
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High-volume stocks, options, and futures traders will benefit from Lightspeed.

The firm provides a number of cutting-edge trading tools, as well as a variety of order kinds and trading venues.

Lightspeed Trader, the company’s main platform, is easy to use and customize, with plenty of hotkeys to take your fingers off of the mouse (and speed up your trades).

Nevertheless, Lightspeed’s appeal is restricted outside of the active trader community.

Lightspeed is a good location for novice or intermediate traders although, despite the high buy-in charges, high pricing for leisure dealers but it is really worth it, some a shortage of “simple” tools is unavoidable with every more trading platforms.

This Lightspeed trading review could be worth a deeper look if you’ve outgrown your current trading system and would like to elevate your trading profession to the next level.

The Lightspeed is ideal for investors who really are cost-conscious and trade often.

As just a limited marketplace, trade executions in the Lightspeed Trader software is created for quick, high-quality trade executions.

This really is valid because there is no intermediate agency to assist you with the trade executions.

Also, you can try some other multiple platforms are mentioned above to figure out which one is the trade options most fit for you.


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