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How to learn Romanian language online for free?

Romanian is spoken by around 25 million people worldwide, primarily in Romania and Moldova. It is the native language of Romania. Learning Romanian may be easier if you already speak another Romance language, such as Italian, French, or Spanish, whether you want to travel to Romania or simply wish to communicate with a Romanian acquaintance in their native language.

Learn Romanian

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Learn how to pronounce the Romanian alphabet first, and you’ll be able to sound out almost any word after that. After that, you can begin conversing with others and expanding your vocabulary. Let’s just get into the basics of Romanian learning.

Learn Romanian

It is not impossible to learn Romanian. However, while learning on your own, it’s natural to feel unsure about where to begin. Fortunately, this tutorial has a remedy. Follow these steps to get started learning Romanian and become like native speakers in a short amount of time. Use these to figure out the most effective strategy to learn Romanian.

Learn Romanian

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Finally, the greatest method to learn Romanian is to believe in yourself. When you’re first starting out, having a positive outlook can make a tremendous difference. If you have that, following these steps can make learning Romanian a lot easier, faster, and more efficient.

Is Romanian language learning easy?

If English is your first language, learning Romanian is simple. Both languages have a lot of common words and vocabulary thanks to their shared Latin roots. You can utilize them to speed up your Romanian education. While there is no specific formula for calculating how long it takes to learn a language, there are some guidelines to follow.

Find your Learning Style

Although everybody can learn a language, not everyone does it in the same way. Some people like to watch instructional films while others prefer to read. Try a quiz if you’re not sure what kind of learner you are. When you know, you may tailor your Romanian studies to fit your learning style.

If you’re a visual learner, audios can help you retain more information. Listen to Romanian podcasts if you want to learn more about the country. Listen to some Romanian music. Alternatively, just show Romanian YouTubers.

Learn Romanian

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However, you should always combine this with other forms of exercise. To strengthen your writing skills, transcribe a radio broadcast. Sing the song aloud to improve your speaking skills. Because you will need to speak Romanian to achieve fluency, it is critical that you use a variety of learning styles. That is the most effective technique to study Romanian and improve your skills in general.

Prepare a Language Learning Method

Once you’ve decided how you’ll study Romanian, you’ll need to pick when you’ll start. It’s not difficult to make a language study schedule. You can always begin with your regular routine and work your way up. You’ll be astonished at how simple it is to incorporate language learning into your daily routine. You have a lot of choices, whether you want to listen to a podcast on your commute or Romanian music in the gym. It is entirely up to you how long you should study each day. Even 30 minutes per day can help you make significant progress toward fluency. The more time you devote to your Romanian studies, the more quickly you will become fluent.

Learn Romanian

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Handy Ways to Learn Romanian Language

These are critical steps in learning Romanian. These are the greatest guides to Romanian fluency, regardless of how you study. They’ve helped thousands of language learners before, so you’ll be in good hands. Follow these steps to learn Romanian in the most effective way possible. Let’s just get into the tips now.

Various resources are available to help you learn Romanian. You can learn in a group or on your own to achieve fluency. Finding the finest materials for you is the greatest method to learn Romanian. You’re learning the language efficiently if you’re having fun and making progress.

Learn Romanian Vowels

Romanian has seven vowels in total. The letters a, e, o, and u will most likely cause you the least difficulty, so start with those vowel sounds. Pay attention to how your lips and tongue are positioned; this will aid you in pronouncing unique Romanian vowel sounds.

Learn Romanian

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Learn Romanian Consonants

The majority of Romanian consonants are the same as they are in English or other Romance languages. ţ and ş are two consonants that are only found in Romanian.

Learn Romanian Pronunciation and Grammar

When learning new terms, remember to concentrate on pronunciation as well as meaning. Unlike English, Romanian is a tonal language. As a result, depending on the tone with which a character or phrase is uttered, it can have a variety of different meanings. While grammar is rarely thought to be pleasant or simple, Romanian grammar is mostly straightforward. You can also learn Romanian grammar online for free and with little effort.

Learn Romanian

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Learn Romanian through everyday life conversations

Basic conversations are a great way to learn Romanian. The language itself represents the country’s vast range of attractions’ deeply beautiful and cultural core. Seil along the Danube River to the Black Sea’s coasts, where the sandy and golden beaches provide hours of sunshine for the ideal retreat.

Learn Romanian

Explore medieval towns and traditional villages, as well as spectacular fortresses, historic castles, and vibrant communities that are completely unconcerned with modern needs.

Learning Romanian Vocabulary

It’s not about how many words you know in Romanian. Knowing the appropriate words is more crucial. 20% of your vocabulary accounts for 80% of your everyday speaking. That is also true for Romanians. So, if you only study the most important phrases, you can speed up your Romanian education.

Learn Romanian

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All you have to do is download apps to get access to the collection of the most prevalent Romanian vocabulary. Softwares contain the most often used Romanian terms, allowing you to begin learning the language right away. You will learn every Romanian word in a simple manner.

Recognize cognates to expand your Romanian vocabulary quickly

Romanian has a lot in common with other Romance languages as a Romance language. Romanian vocabulary is 77% similar to Italian and 71% comparable to Spanish. You probably already know a few Romanian terms and phrases if you understand any of those other linguistics. You will learn to speak every Romanian word if you are good at the above languages.

Reading Material – Books in Romanian

Reading books is an excellent approach to learn fundamental grammar and vocabulary. Many Romanian novels are available for free online, and others can be purchased from large merchants such as Amazon. Romanian reading practice is less adaptable than studying flashcards. It saves you time. In a short piece, you want to work for at least five minutes.

Learn Romanian

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Learning is excellent since it exposes you to additional Romanian characters, new vocabulary, sentence structures, and so on. There are numerous fantastic venues for reading Romanian books, but they would be too difficult for a complete beginner.

Watch Videos and Films

Film and television are excellent sources for hearing native Romanian speakers converse. Look for free movies and TV shows to watch on the internet. Romanian films may also be available in the foreign language area of your preferred video streaming provider.

You are unlikely to learn much Romanian by idly watching a movie or television show. Starting with captions in English can assist you to grasp what’s going on. You’ll begin to understand more Romanian terms as time goes on and you practice. After that, you can turn off the captions.

Translation of Romanian into English is not feasible

You might be tempted to translate words and sentences into English as you learn Romanian. However, that strategy places you at a disadvantage. It obstructs your learning, and you’ll never be able to communicate successfully in Romanian. Try to recall the meaning of a term instead of translating and remembering the English equivalent. Associate the Romanian word with the concept or image. This will make your fluency more natural and effective.

Try to Talk in Romanian

If you have learned a bit of this new language, try having a basic conversation with native speakers. Having conversations will help you with Romanian phrases. It will also help you with Romanian vocabulary. You can practice speaking with your family members.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Always do lots and lots of Romanian practice.

The practical part of your training and learning Romanian is the last phase. You improve your Romanian abilities by checking your content on a regular basis. The more Romanian spoken language you acquire, the better. Practice, of course, isn’t only tedious. Spaced repetition can help you learn Romanian more quickly. You’ll discover a simple method for repeating Romanian. The more you practice, the faster you will improve at a specific ability and become fluent or astute. All languages should be well-practiced.

Best Resources for the Romanian Language Learning

These online apps can also help you improve your listening, reading, and writing skills. Getting the pronunciation properly is what distinguishes a good Romanian speaker. You will be able to select the most appropriate Romanian lesson, practice, or assessment for intermediate level in the online version.

Choose one that meets your requirements. What is the most appealing aspect of learning via online courses? You can take them wherever you want or whenever it is convenient for you. On every continent, the best and the easiest lesson is available. As a result, your Romanian is improving.


Italki is a video or audio chat platform that connects new language learners with teachers for one-on-one sessions. It was formed by a group of language students in 2009. Thousands of language instructors are available to teach French, Romanian, Spanish, Japanese, and almost any other language you can think of.


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Pimsleur is a spaced repetition method that is tedious but effective. You can use the audio for as long as you walk because it is 100 percent. There is very little foreign language material in each half-hour instruction. We spent 28 minutes studying foreign language information that lasted only one minute and ten seconds.

This is a terrific approach to begin learning a language, and the feeling of comfort and performance may be important for many learners, so this emotional boost can be a huge contribution to the success and even a very useful way to begin learning a language. However, in terms of content, it is lacking.



Despite the fact that Pimsleur offers some Romanian reading exercises, they appear to be more focused on teaching learners how to pronounce written Romanian words and phrases than teaching them how to read for meaning and comprehension. The software allows you to track your progress.

You’ll have to look elsewhere for a good reading comprehension task. LingQ is a language-learning application that color-codes text based on which terms you already know and which words are new to you, giving you concentrated reading practice.



Babbel is a major player in the language-learning arena, catering to students looking for a comprehensive Romanian resource.

It lays a higher emphasis on learning a written language early on than other programs, which some pupils may find more appealing. This may be more appealing to visual learners or those who wish to develop their reading and writing abilities while also strengthening their oral and aural talents.



The Mondly learning program has a lot of amusing features. Mondly has unique characteristics to learn Romanian for new language learners.


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Taking some time out of your schedule to recover and learn a few new words will allow you to swiftly return to your regular activities and keep your momentum. Mondly offers a wealth of language learning resources, even if you’re a complete beginner. It assists you in becoming a better speaker through practice. Mondly is an expert in deciphering Romanian words and phrases. Only if you speak Romanian clearly and correctly will you receive positive feedback. This will help you pronounce words more clearly.



Baselang is completely acceptable to learn Romanian. Aside from providing an unlimited number of Romanian sessions, the organization has a stellar record for keeping its commitments. Students who participate in this program will have access to well-designed training resources that will help them improve their Romanian communication skills. The majority of the professors in this program are really knowledgeable and helpful.



If you are serious about learning Romanian, above given language learning apps are some of the best programs you can opt for. Many of these websites and smartphone apps include flashcards and other word games to aid in the development and expansion of your Romanian vocabulary. Crossword puzzles can also aid in the development of your spelling skills. Many of these are free to use, while others require you to pay for a subscription.


How Hard Is It To Learn Romanian?

Romanian is straightforward if you know English words. Because of their shared Latin roots, both languages share a large number of words and vocabulary. You can use them to accelerate your Romanian studies. While there is no exact formula for determining how long it takes to learn, there are some general principles to follow.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Romanian?

Romanian is now a Category 1 language, which indicates it will require native English speakers roughly 580 hours or 23 weeks to become fluent in Romanian.

How To Learn Romanian?

Take a free class every day. Explore writing and listening tasks that include a vocabulary and word conjugator as well as cutting-edge speech recognition technology. With different apps, you can help enhance Romanian speech and pronunciation. Step by step, increase your vocabulary and get better every day. Check out how your friends are doing and compete with people all over the world to see who is the best learner. Focus on Romanian vocabulary and learn personal pronouns.

Why Learn Romanian?

Although Romanian is a Romance dialect, it is heavily influenced by the Slavic literature that surrounds it. You’ll obtain valuable Romanian vocabulary by studying Romanian. Romania is a good setting for all of these countries because it is geographically close to them.

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