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January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Hungarian is often said to be one of the most difficult languages for an English speaker to learn.

Learn Hungarian

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Since it’s not an Indo-European language, it has little in common with most European languages such as English, French, Spanish, or German. The Hungarian language is incredibly unique and allows for more creativity than most languages.

Since Hungarian is not a common second language to learn around the world, you likely have a personal reason for accepting the challenge of learning this so-called ‘difficult’ language. Whether it’s to communicate better with a Hungarian loved one, to have a more authentic travel experience in Budapest, or to learn more about the culturally rich history of Hungary, remind yourself of that reason every time you feel overwhelmed during your language learning journey.

Learning Hungarian or any new language is an admirable but far from easy undertaking. Like any new skill, it’s going to require a lot of time, practice, and patience. Fortunately, there are countless resources designed to help you learn Hungarian as quickly and authentically as possible.

Learn Hungarian

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While it may have a reputation for being more challenging than other languages, there are plenty of resources for those who hope to learn Hungarian.

Some learners may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of online courses and lesson formats they can choose from. Instead of being burdened by your options, view them as various possible paths to Hungarian fluency.

If one learning path turns out to be not as fulfilling as you expected, there are countless others to explore. Sometimes, Hungarian learners make the language more difficult for themselves by stubbornly sticking to a study plan that isn’t right for them.

So explore these resources well and switch between them as often as you desire until you discover the one that works best for you.

Hungarian Apps

Apps are one of the most fun and convenient ways to study a language.

Nowadays, learning languages on your mobile device is possible anywhere and anytime thanks to apps. You can be listening to verb conjugations while you clean around the house at the same time or learn new Hungarian words during your commute to work.

A lot of apps are available for free which makes them a wonderful resource for busy people on a budget.



Image from uTalk

uTalk is a game-based languages course that learners can download for free as an app. It is a great resource for beginners, but intermediates will also benefit from its many useful features.

This is the perfect learning tool for those who want to learn basic Hungarian phrases. It offers a vast collection of useful phrases and everyday words. Students will also gain from the audio clips of locals pronouncing each Hungarian word.




Image from Pimsleur

Pimsleur is one of the most trusted and highly regarded language-learning courses around for a good reason.

The Pimsleur method, created by renowned linguist Dr. Pimsleur, is an effective method for learning any language even one as difficult as Hungarian. The method which mimics the organic way you learned your first language a child relies on graduated interval recall.

This is an amazing resource for anyone who dislikes mind-numbing repetition and wants to speak Hungarian as soon as possible.




Image from Mondly

Mondly is an award-winning language learning app that students can take advantage of to master Hungarian.

A lot of its best features are available to students for free.

For those who do enjoy memory drilling exercises and word-based learning, this is the app for you. In addition to teaching phrases, grammar, conjugation, and vocabulary, Hungarian learners can practice their pronunciation by listening to actual conversations.

This is a thorough way to learn the language as a beginner while having fun through its game-like design.




Image from Babbel

The Babbel app is a highly rated app for learning languages.

Its methods are backed by researchers at Yale University and Michigan State University. The language courses are expertly built by linguists to ensure students start speaking their new language immediately.

Learners can use Babbel to learn new words from audio clips of real conversations. They can also practice writing, speaking, and vocabulary retention. Best of all, the lessons are intentionally short so busier students can develop a habit of practicing Hungarian daily.

The Babbel app is free to download and learners can subscribe for more features.




Image from italki

The italki app is one of the best apps for personalized, 1-on-1 lessons with a tutor.

It connects students with teachers with native proficiency in the language they’re trying to learn. Once connected, your teacher or tutor will design a lesson plan tailored to your learning objectives. Students can choose whether they want their teachers to teach Hungarian vocabulary, phrases, sentences, or grammar.

Instructors choose their own rates which tend to vary according to their experience. Thus, italki can be very affordable with lessons starting as low as $4.

Students can also practice their Hungarian skills for free online with the app’s active community.


Other Hungarian Apps

Duolingo is another great app with many free features. It approaches learning Hungarian like a game so students who prefer a more interactive experience should consider this app. Each Hungarian word is introduced gradually, along with its proper pronunciation. Words are then subconsciously etched into your memory through sentences and spaced repetition. Duolingo also offers exercises to practice reading, writing, and pronunciation.

Clozemaster is another game-like language learning app. It builds your vocabulary through mass exposure. Words are given in context through sentences with a missing word. The learner is expected to select the correct word. This is probably more appropriate for lower-intermediate learners due to the randomness of the sentences. However, curious beginners might have fun guessing the meaning of Hungarian words using Clozemaster.

The Memrise app is another free app that uses spaced repetition to help students grasp Hungarian words and understand their meaning. On top of building your vocabulary, Memrise excels at teaching students useful phrases they might encounter in a conversation with a Hungarian. The Hungarian phrases are accompanied by video clips of real locals.

Drops is another app that relies on spaced repetition to develop a student’s Hungarian vocabulary. Students can study Hungarian online with its word bank of over 2000 words. The lessons are bite-sized at less than 5 minutes each so students with busy schedules might want to try Drops.

Anki is a free flashcard app that employs spaced repetition to drill new words and develop a student’s vocabulary in any language. Although it’s more of a study tool than a language learning app, Anki is a great tool for memorizing Hungarian verbs, sentences, and other useful words.

Fluent Forever is another flashcard app that students can download for free. Like Anki, it uses spaced repetition to introduce Hungarian words and build vocabulary.

Hungarian by Nemo is a top-rated Hungarian app that fixates on essential words and important phrases. Instead of lessons, it teaches Hungarian through brief exercises. Students can study the language whenever they have the time throughout the day using this app.

Similar to Duolingo, Ling makes the study of the Hungarian language fun through its game-like approach. The app is free to download and most of its features are available to free users. Like other apps, it uses spaced repetition to build vocabulary in the form of flashcards. However, there are also chatbots to converse in Hungarian with and helpful exercises to improve pronunciation.

Foreign Numbers is an app specifically designed for learning numbers in another language. This is a useful tool for anyone who wants to count in Hungarian.

HelloTalk is an app that connects students with native speakers. Students can learn by chatting with a Hungarian and get feedback on their Hungarian skills from the language exchange community.

HiNative is another free language exchange app that offers learners the opportunity to ask questions and feedback from real Hungarians.

Speaky is a social way to learn any language. This app encourages students to find a language partner to converse with.

Tandem is another app for finding a language partner. It connects language learners to each other. It is completely free but offers in-app purchases.

Verbling is an app for finding an online language tutor. Unlike other apps, all of its tutors have prior teaching experience, but this could mean higher fees for students.

Hungarian Language Courses

For students who absorb the material better through more traditional routes, there is a myriad of online courses to choose from. Some online courses are free while others are more personalized.

There is a Hungarian language course for every type of learner.



Image from BaseLang

BaseLang is a language course that prioritizes teaching students how to become conversational in a language.

It is one of the only grammarless language courses so students expecting to learn grammar rules should definitely consider other options. Studying a language without worrying about its grammar rules is a natural and organic approach that many will benefit from.




Image from HungarianPod101

HungarianPod101 is one of the most comprehensive Hungarian online course courses.

Its Hungarian lessons concentrate on teaching students how to speak Hungarian.

Although it is one of the more expensive options, HungarianPod101 boasts features such as a slower speed option, line-by-line breakdowns of dialogue, and word lists for students to study. Students also have the option to pay for a premium plus subscription which unlocks access to a Hungarian teacher.

This Hungarian online course can also be downloaded as an app.




Image from Mango

Mango is another highly-rated language learning course that centres around vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and culture to teach a language.

Mango shines with its focus on Hungarian culture to enrich the study experience of learners. It provides audio of real native conversations. This language learning course is also available as an app.


Other Hungarian Courses

For those who don’t want to download the app, uTalk is also available as an online course. The features offered on their website are the same as the features available on the app.

The Pimsleur app is also available as an online course. Those who subscribed through the app can use both mediums to learn how to speak Hungarian.

Students who use the Mondly app can also learn through their online language course, which mimics the design of their fun app.

Babbel is another app with a corresponding online course. Their online course is just as effective as their app at teaching Hungarian. Babbel also offers a lot of free and helpful resources such as their online magazine.

Glossika is a Hungarian online language course that aims to teach students to become fluent through customized learning plans. It creates your Hungarian lessons based on your skill level. Glossika teaches language learners how to build sentences, develop their vocabulary, and acquire Hungarian grammar.

A Hungarian Language Course is a Hungarian online language course consisting of nine lessons. It is a free online course taught by Professor Aaron Rubin. His lessons focus on basic vocabulary, verbs, and numbers. This is a great free resource for a complete beginner.

Hungarotips is one of the oldest free online Hungarian sites. It offers many free study tools such as a list of common sayings and verbs. New learners can try the free online basic Hungarian language course. Afterwards, more complex lessons are offered for a small subscription fee.

The Smart Hungarian Audio Course by Catch Budapest is an audio course intended to improve a student’s listening skills. This online Hungarian course by Catch Budapest focuses on teaching learners how to understand the Hungarian language.

17 Minute Languages is an online language learning service that aims to teach students a language in 17 minutes a day. They also offer an app, but other than that, it pales in comparison to other online courses.

Learn101 offers introductory Hungarian lessons. While beginners may learn from this free online course, more intermediate and advanced students should consider other options.

Transparent Language has a Hungarian language course, but the platform is more suitable for organizations rather than individual learners.

Loecsen is another Hungarian free online course that students can take advantage of. It begins by teaching the most essential words in Hungarian then progresses to real conversation and more nuanced topics.

50Languages offers a free online Hungarian course that emphasizes useful Hungarian phrases. This audio course covers a wide array of conversation topics, preparing learners for an actual conversation with a Hungarian. It is also available as an app.

Hungarian Podcasts

Auditory learners ought to try a few podcasts to help them learn the Hungarian language.

Podcasts offer a convenient way to learn any new language. You can easily listen to lessons while doing other tasks at the same time. It is a great way to absorb Hungarian with minimal effort.



Image from HungarianPod101

HungarianPod101 offers a podcast for learners to listen to for free. The episodes cover topics such as Hungarian vocabulary building and strategies to learn the language faster.


One Minute Hungarian

One Minute Hungarian

Image from One Minute Hungarian

One Minute Hungarian is a series of bite-sized lessons for learners struggling to find the time to study the Hungarian language. Each episode covers a few words in Hungarian.

This is a good podcast for beginners but not so much intermediate or advanced students.


Other Hungarian Podcasts

Let’s Learn Hungarian! is another free online podcast available to students. The podcast includes a free PDF transcript that learners can study. Each lesson is centred around a common expression in the Hungarian language.

Balázsék is a comedy podcast that intermediate learners will enjoy listening to. It provides an entertaining way to hone your Hungarian listening skills.

Az élet, meg minden is a Hungarian podcast in which native speakers discuss a variety of topics. This is great listening content for more advanced students.

Intermediate and advanced students should listen. to SBS Magyarul. It is a free news podcast in the Hungarian language. It discusses Hungarian content relating to the state of Hungarian politics, sports, society, and other current issues.

Those with a fascination for history should tune into Hihetetlen Történelem Podcast. This is a great way to learn about history while learning the Hungarian language.

Other Hungarian Online Resources



Image from Babadum

Babadum is a free online language learning game. It is a fun way to build vocabulary and learn new Hungarian words. The design is very interactive and the graphics are adorable.

HungarianReference.com is a Hungarian online language guide. It provides a complete guide to Hungarian grammar as well as the Hungarian alphabet. This website is an excellent resource for understanding how the Hungarian alphabet expands on the Latin alphabet.

The Magyar-Tanulás Repository is another resource for the Hungarian language. Most of the materials are focused mainly on Hungarian grammar including guides on word order, subject-verb-object structure, and more.

LangMedia offers a free online hub of resources for learning the Hungarian language. It teaches the most useful vocabulary to help students communicate with a Hungarian. The topics include asking for directions, restaurant etiquette, and how to find transportation. This is a great free online resource for anyone travelling to Hungary.

How To Learn Hungarian is a free online Hungarian resource created by teacher Réka Varga. She provides free video lessons that teach the basics of Hungarian and offer tips for learning the language.

Pronunciation Guide provides a guide to Hungarian pronunciation. It uses comparisons to other European languages to distinguish the Hungarian language while helping students learn how to pronounce certain sounds. It compares Hungarian to German, Spanish, English, Polish, and French.

Hunlang’s Blog is an online free grammar guide to the Hungarian language for beginners.

Daily Magyar is a Hungarian blog that presents students with an entertaining method to learn words. The blog introduces each new word using a funny meme.

Hungarian Textbooks

Students who prefer more traditional methods of learning might find it useful to supplement their online courses with a textbook or workbook. Here are some of the most trusted ones by Hungarian teachers.

Colloquial Hungarian: The Complete Course for Beginners is a solid textbook for Hungarian beginners. It introduces students to a new word and grammar rule gradually. It is more of a supplementary resource rather than a standalone guide to Hungarian.

MagyarOK is a series of Hungarian language textbooks from the complete beginner skill level to the upper intermediate level. Many teachers use this series to teach Hungarian.

Hungarian: An Essential Grammar is a complete guide to grammar for all levels. It covers word-formation, word order, and tenses.

Hungarian Verbs & Essentials of Grammar is another Hungarian language textbook that explores verbs and grammar in detail.

A helpful free textbook is the FSI’s Hungarian Grade Reader. It also comes with audio material that students can use in their studies.

Hungarian Literature

For bookworms and story lovers, Hungarian literature is a wonderful resource to help improve your grasp of Hungarian.

I Will Teach You A Language

I Will Teach You A Language

Image from I Will Teach You A Language

I Will Teach You A Language or StoryLearning is one of the best online courses for learning through stories.

Avid readers and story lovers will benefit from the way it uses short stories to teach vocabulary and introduce learners to words in their context.

Reading Hungarian also promotes your brain’s absorption of Hungarian grammar naturally.

In addition to training your reading comprehension, learners can listen to the audio of the stories which enhances pronunciation skills.


Manga Method

Manga Method

Image from Manga Method

Manga Method is the solution for comic fans who want to practice reading Hungarian.

Texts are read aloud by a native speaker to help with listening comprehension and pronunciation. It also allows students to click on any word for an instant translation.

Other Hungarian Literature

Hungarian literature is a crucial part of the country’s rich and complex history.

Intermediate learners might benefit from reading Hungarian children’s classic literature. Beginners might benefit from reading bilingual Hungarian-English children’s books.

More advanced students should consider reading the work of brilliant Hungarian writers.

The options of great Hungarian literary works are limitless.


Hungarian Dictionaries And Conjugators

While most courses and apps offer built-in dictionaries, these online dictionaries might be handy to students who are taking a more traditional route to learn the Hungarian language.

Freedict is a free online English to Hungarian dictionary or Hungarian to English dictionary. Users can only search one word at a time.

Forvo is a languages pronunciation dictionary that students can use to check their Hungarian.

webforditas is an online translator that some students might find useful.

SZTAKI szótár is another online translator that relies on user entries so students should use this one cautiously.

Cooljugator is a free online languages verb conjugator tool. Learners can use this help with their verb usage.

MAGYAR IGÉK is another free online conjugator that can students conjugate verbs in the Hungarian language.

YouTube Videos for Hungarian Learning

YouTube is a wonderful and free online resource for learning Hungarian as well as other languages. Not only is the Hungarian content on YouTube free, but they are also often entertaining.

Hungarian with Sziszi

Hungarian with Sziszi

Image from Hungarian with Sziszi

Hungarian with Sziszi is taught by Sziszi, a certified Hungarian language teacher.

She is one of the most qualified Hungarian vloggers to teach the Hungarian language.


Eszter Gottschall

Eszter Gottschall

Image from Eszter Gottschall

Eszter Gottschall is one of few Hungarian vloggers on YouTube that offer lessons on language learning.

Her content varies in skill level and difficulty.

Like other Hungarian vloggers, her content also includes travel and daily life.


Other Hungarian YouTube Channels

Hungarize offers free Hungarian lessons on their YouTube account. Their videos cover topics such as words in context, common expressions, and other basic dialogue skills.

Indirect Hungarian Lessons offers free video lessons for learning Hungarian on Youtube. They teach Hungarian basic concepts and words through short stories.

The YouTube channel, HollywoodNewsAgency, discusses movies and shows in Hungarian. This is an entertaining way for intermediate and advanced students to learn the nuances of the Hungarian language.

Karantények is a series by Hungarian comedians. This is awesome content for advanced learners and fans of comedy.

Hungarian Movies

Cinephiles hoping to attain fluency in the Hungarian language should rejoice at the excellent collection of Hungarian films at their disposal.

Beginners might struggle to understand the dialogue in Hungarian films, but that’s what subtitles are for.

Isteni Műszak is a comedy film about a young refugee from the Balkan war who finds himself in the funeral business.

Valami Amerika is a comedy about a Budapest director and his big dreams.

Fehér Tenyér tells the story of a Communist-era champion gymnast trying to break the cycle of abuse he endured from his coach.

Szabadság, Szerelem is a film on the 1956 Hungarian water polo team and their bloody match against Russia.

Szaffi is an animated film that tells the story of a young girl who seeks her rightful inheritance and falls in love with a poor Hungarian aristocrat.

A Viszkis is a film about the most successful bank robber in Hungarian history.

Szomorú Vasárnap is a Hungarian film set in the second world war. It has a near-perfect rating on IMDB.

Hungarian Shows

Another entertaining method for learning the Hungarian language is to watch tv shows.

Beginners can follow the plot with subtitles while more advanced students can challenge themselves by watching them.

Mézga család is a show that follows the Mézga family and their amusing lives. It’s considered to be one of the best Hungarian shows in existence.

Barátok közt is a Hungarian soap opera that follows the lives of several families who live on the fictional Mátyás király tér in Budapest.

Hungarian Music

Music lovers could try listening to Hungarian music and discern the meaning of the lyrics.

Great bands to check out are Neoton Família and Omega. These are two of the most successful Hungarian bands of all time.


Thanks to the plethora of resources available to Hungarian learners, it has never been easier to learn the language.

Best Resources For Hungarian Learners

Since most Hungarian language resources are aimed at beginners, new learners will have no shortage of lessons to choose from.

One of the best resources for beginners is Pimsleur. Their Hungarian lessons approach language learning in a manner that will feel natural to the learner. The Pimsleur method ensures learners don’t get overwhelmed by the rules of languages. It could make the difference between a new student giving up on Hungarian or not.

Another great resource for beginners is Mondly. This award-winning languages app guarantees learners never get bored of the Hungarian language. Their game-like approach to languages makes it easier to form a habit of learning Hungarian.

uTalk is another fantastic resource for both beginners and intermediate learners. Similar to Mondly,they approach learning the Hungarian language like a game. This encourages learners to stick to their study plans. Moreover, the app does an excellent job of preparing students for a conversation with a native speaker through its teachings of everyday Hungarian words and common expressions.

Babbel is another scientifically-backed languages app that will help students succeed in their quest to learn the Hungarian language. Expertly designed by linguists, the lessons empower students to become fluent in Hungarian as quickly as possible. The lessons are also short so busy learners will have an easier time completing lessons.

I Will Teach You A Language is a gift of a resource to learners who love reading. Learning through stories can be more engaging for some students than completing drills and exercises. This resource allows them to study the Hungarian language while doing something they love – reading.

BaseLang is a great languages course for those who want nothing to do with grammar. It focuses specifically on improving conversational skills.


Here are a few of the most common questions and answers Hungarian learners might encounter during their language learning adventure.

How To Learn Hungarian?

Before learning a language, a student must first and foremost identify the resources that complement their skill level and learning preferences the most.

Understanding how they prefer to learn is a frequently missed step by language learners despite its ability to make learning Hungarian or any other language drastically easier.

Language learning should ultimately be fun regardless of its difficulty.

If you ever find yourself dreading your Hungarian language lessons, it might be time to switch up your methods.

Choose Lessons That Suit Your Lifestyle

Similarly, your Hungarian lessons should match your lifestyle.

If your schedule is too hectic for a daily 30-minute lesson, contemplate learning through short, bite-sized lessons. Many resources offer lessons in five minutes or less.

Perhaps, you might enjoy listening to a Hungarian podcast during your commute home from school or work.

There are countless ways to fit a short vocabulary or grammar lesson in your day. Your Hungarian language learning journey is your own. You should decide when, how, and how long you learn.

The most important thing is that you stay consistent. Learning a language is impossible if you never find the time for it.

Are You A Visual or Audio Learner?

Most resources offer a combination of visual and auditory materials to help you learn Hungarian.

Whether you’re the kind of student who loves absorbing information by watching videos or listening to a dialogue, there is a language-learning resource for you.

Suggested Approach For Beginners

For a complete beginner, it might be best to familiarize yourself with Hungarian by listening to a native speaker speak the language. Afterwards, you might try speaking the Hungarian words yourself to practice your pronunciation.

This method of learning will feel intuitive to most people because it’s the way you grasped your first language. As a child, you listened to adult conversations and picked up the language naturally over time. Learning Hungarian this way will feel immersive and familiar.

In addition to learning pronunciation, beginners will benefit from choosing a resource that reviews basic words and phrases. Tools such as flashcards or vocabulary banks are especially useful for absorbing new words.

The practice of speaking the word in context will help you remember its meaning better. Not only does learning in sentences help improve your understanding of Hungarian words, but it can also better prepare you for a real conversation in everyday life with a Hungarian.

The key to starting out as a Hungarian learner is to not rush yourself.

Permit yourself the time to explore the language fully. Enjoy the process at a pace you feel comfortable with.

Unless you’re learning Hungarian under a time crunch, there’s no real reason not to take your time.

Suggested Approach For Intermediate Learners

Once you apprehend most words and phrases in the Hungarian language, consider taking your lessons to the next stage.

As an intermediate learner, there are many resources to help you form a more nuanced understanding of the language.

There are plenty of reading materials in Hungarian. Reading a language is a great way to improve comprehension.

Likewise, there are various podcasts and songs to listen to in Hungarian.

A fun way to learn new vocabulary in Hungarian for English speakers is to watch a show or movie you love with Hungarian subtitles. Or vice versa.

If the show or film has Hungarian as an audio alternative, you can switch to Hungarian and turn on the English subtitles. This is a great method for learning common words and phrases as well as more complex ones.

Suggest Approach For Advanced Learners

If you feel confident enough in your Hungarian skills to practice speaking with a native speaker, there are plenty of language exchange programs worth considering.

While most of them require a fee to converse with an actual tutor or instructor, some services can connect you with a Hungarian local for free.

These resources are not only great in terms of pronunciation practice but writing practice as well.

In case you have a Hungarian loved one, make sure to practice conversing with them. If they are the reason you’re learning Hungarian in the first place, they are probably more than happy to help you.

Free or Paid Lessons?

Another crucial aspect to consider in your language learning endeavours is your budget.

There are plenty of free online resources available to Hungarian learners, but the most comprehensive and well-structured language courses typically require some sort of paid subscription.

However, it is possible to learn Hungarian completely for free. It might just require more effort on your part since you have to create a lesson plan for yourself and find the most suitable resources to match your goals.

The Best Approach To Hungarian Language Learning

Ultimately, how to learn Hungarian depends on you. It depends on your learning preferences and goals.

Do you prefer watching your lessons or listening to them? Do you want to focus on Hungarian vocabulary, phrases, or grammar? Do you yearn to pronounce words perfectly or practice your Hungarian writing skills?

Learning a language should be based on your schedule and objective.

Are you free to learn longer lessons or too busy? Are you going to study Hungarian daily or weekly? Are you learning the language for fun, travel, or for a loved one?

The best way to learn Hungarian best differs for every student.

You might have to try several resources. before finding one that is suitable to your specific needs and preferences. Just remember that the more consistent you are, the easier learning becomes.

To stay consistent in your efforts, remind yourself why you want to gain an understanding of Hungarian in the first place.

Why Learn Hungarian?

Most people who decide to study Hungarian have personal reasons such as a desire to communicate with a loved one or develop a richer understanding of Hungary’s history and culture.

In addition to the amazing sense of accomplishment that comes with becoming fluent in Hungarian, there are plenty of other benefits.

Hungarian speakers will find greater economic opportunities in Hungary as well as the rest of Central and Eastern Europe.

In addition to being the official language of Hungary, Hungarian is one of the official languages of the European Union. It is also recognized as a minority official language in Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, and certain regions of other European countries.

Furthermore, Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and the world. Learning the Hungarian language will make you feel less like a stranger in Hungary.

The stories behind its fairytale-like castles and historic streets can be unlocked fully with knowledge of the Hungarian language.

How Hard Is Hungarian To Learn?

While it is regarded as one of the hardest languages to learn, there are countless resources available to make learning the Hungarian language easier for students.

Like any language, Hungarian requires time and effort.

No matter how much you want to give up, you have to choose to keep going. If your lessons are frustrating, try another language-learning resource.

If you’re tired of grammar exercises, switch it up and watch a Hungarian show. Listen to a funny podcast with native Hungarian speakers. Put on an album by a Hungarian band. Watch a classic Hungarian film. A lot of modern streaming services offer Hungarian subtitles to English movies and shows. Watch one of your favourite shows with Hungarian subtitles. It still counts as learning, it’s just a lot more fun.

More often than none, it’s not the language that makes learning difficult. It’s the methods you’re using to study.

Learners nowadays have the benefit of choosing between a wide array of language learning resources. Take advantage of it.

If one resource is not for you, there’s no shame in trying another one. Keep trying different ones until you find the right fit for you.

Why Is Hungarian Hard To Learn?

Hungarian is considered to be a particularly difficult language for English speakers to learn, coming only second to Mandarin Chinese.

Its reputation for being difficult lies in its distinctiveness from other European languages. Unlike Spanish, German, and French, Hungarian does not belong to the Indo-European language family.

Hungarian is Uralic. Therefore, it has more in common with languages like Finnish and Estonian than it does with English.

Many students struggle with phonetic language due to its cases. Hungarian has over 20 cases that assume the role of prepositions. As such, students struggle to memorize them all.

Fortunately, since Hungarian is an agglutinative language, it is more logical than others. So while its agglutinative nature makes it harder to learn for some, it also makes the language easier to learn in other aspects.

One of the most difficult aspects of Hungarian for English speakers to accept is its sentence structure.

Hungarian possesses a topic-prominent structure that goes against the structure English speakers learn. Instead of the typical subject, verb, and object structure that English speakers have grown accustomed to, the Hungarian language emphasizes what the speaker wants to convey.

Since English is an analytical language with strange rules that often lack practicality, English speakers might struggle to embrace the flexibility that Hungarian allows.

However, this is not to say that it can’t be done.

Plenty of native English speakers have successfully learned Hungarian. It takes persistence and consistency, but fortunately, there is an abundance of resources that make this easier.

As a student, understand how you love to learn and use that to make the task of learning the Hungarian language seem less daunting. Create a study plan that complements your preferences and matches your objectives.

And if you truly are having a difficult time with the language, recognize when to take a break. Perhaps, instead of completing daily lessons, reduce it to weekly ones.

Another solution is to switch to a low-effort learning method such as watching Hungarian shows or films. Or you could just skip lessons altogether for the next week or month.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break from your studies and picking it up at a later date.

Remind yourself that Hungarian is one of the toughest languages for English learners to learn. You’re doing the best you can and that’s enough.

The important thing is that you don’t give up.

When it comes to language learning, persistent and constant practice will beat difficulty every time.

Learn How To Speak Hungarian?

There are plenty of resources for learners who want to become fluent in Hungarian.

A lot of apps and language learning courses focus specifically on developing speaking skills. Those who want to focus on fluency might benefit from lessons that focus less on the rules of the Hungarian language.

Instead of practicing writing, sentence structure, or grammar rules, students who want to master Hungarian oral skills must focus on absorbing the language organically. Services such as Pimsleur are excellent in this regard.

Students will benefit from listening to conversations between native speakers. Audio lessons and podcasts are great resources for this.

In addition to listening to their conversations, students should challenge themselves to repeat them out loud afterwards. Saying words and expressions out loud will help tremendously with perfecting the student’s pronunciation of Hungarian.

On top of podcasts and audio courses, students who want to become fluent in Hungarian might benefit from language exchange programs.

Services such as italki allow students to connect and communicate with real Hungarians. Conversing with a native speaker is one of the best ways to become fluent in any language.

In a phonetic language such as Hungarian, saying words out loud is especially crucial to your learning experience.

In addition to chatting with your language partner, consider sending them audio clips of your pronunciation or better yet, call them.

Receiving feedback on your spoken Hungarian is necessary if you truly want to become fluent in the language.

Individuals who are learning the language for a Hungarian loved one or know a Hungarian personally should ask them for help. Ask them to converse with you. Request feedback on your pronunciation of certain words or expressions.

They have an intimate understanding of the language so don’t be afraid to ask them questions. Those who know a native speaker personally have the advantage of having access to their knowledge and expertise.

Ultimately, consistency is key when it comes to mastering fluency in any language.

As an English speaker, remind yourself constantly to be open to the remarkably different rules of the Hungarian language.

Instead of becoming frustrated by obstacles, train your mind to perceive them as challenges you will eventually overcome if you just keep practicing.

Learning to converse in any new language is difficult but not impossible. Hungarian is no different. You’ll be fluent in Hungarian before you know it.






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