8 Powerful Ways To Overcome The Risky “I Hate My Life” Phase Fast

By Jennifer Nwachukwu

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

8 Powerful Ways To Overcome The Risky “I Hate My Life” Phase Fast

Sometimes, Life is hard, it can be tiring, annoying and a lot of things…

But life could be better and you could be less unhappy about yourself once you’ve figured out the right ways to overcome your life hate.
Most days are tougher than the others and you may feel tired to want to go on. Here are 8 powerful and life-changing ways how to turn over your “I hate my life” phase to a brand new “I love my life” phase and allow you to stop hating life

If you are stuck asking yourself, why do I hate my life? or wondering what you are even doing with your life, chances are there are multiple reasons. The most common reasons are because you feel alone and hopeless.

This could be as a result of little or no family relationship, no romantic or love life, having an unsatisfying job, dealing with low income and many more. Hating life is very easy because most people lack self-confidence and easily judge and compare themselves to others and the lifestyles of people they see on social media.

So why do I hate my life so much? And what do I do if I hate my life?

The first step is to think about your unhappiness in life and make a judgment about it.

 The following ways are absolutely helpful to change your life-hate view.

1. Assess the situation

This is where you sit down and take a hard look at your life and then ask yourself, what exactly is making me unhappy?

Why do I hate my life?

It could be anything from not liking your job to not liking your relationship or even not liking your environment or home. Whatever the case may be, ask yourself how bad the situation is and if the situation can be improved, and also think about what habits have contributed to you feeling this way.

Assess the situation
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You will need to look at an overview of your basic habits and concentrate on the main areas of your life so you will be able to make an improvement easily. Things like sleeping habits, healthy eating, and regular exercising are often overlooked because they do not seem like important areas to focus on.

Learning to sleep at the right time, eating good and healthy foods, and keeping fit by exercising go a long way to not only boost your confidence and make you happy about yourself but also allow you to move to your next step of non-hate life. According to Carlos Castaneda; “Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.”

2. Figure out what you want differently

The next thing you want to do is to take a step back and reflect on what you have currently and what you would want differently in order to make yourself happy. You would have to be very clear and specific about the things you want.

It’s also important for you to make a list of the things that are most important to keep out of your life, things that contribute to you feeling like you hate your life.

Such a list could include things like avoiding a specific person, not visiting specific places, or not staying indoors for more than a few hours daily, etc… After writing these words down, it’s time to get to work….

3. Work on changing your mindset

Always asking questions like why do I hate my life so much? And complaining about how I hate my life never helps. It just makes you unhappy and makes you hate life more. Understand that happiness is a choice and that you choose to be happy every day, you choose to be positive, you choose to smile.

It’s a choice.

Work on changing your mindset
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Focus on changing the mindset that happiness needs to be given to you or that it will happen when you achieve a certain goal. Do things that make you happy, you can try meditating, making personal development a priority for yourself, going out more, etc Try to practice talking to yourself positively and start every day on a positive note because once your mindset changes, everything is on the outside changes along with it.

If you can successfully change your mindset to stop seeing things from a negative point of view, half of your problem is solved. Try to find a positive point of view in every situation; you can also make it a priority to find something funny about every single problem just so that you don’t take it so seriously.

4. Set goals and milestones for every goal

I know this sounds crazy but, when you hate your life, it is mostly because there are things you feel you should have achieved that you still haven’t achieved yet. And you judge yourself based on those failures…

To get out of the “I hate my life phrase” fast, you want to think about what your ideal life looks like. What job do you do? what your home looks like, what you look like, and write it all down…

Now write down the steps required to achieve every one of those goals. Vision is everything and we all have to think big!

To set an actual goal, you would need to define your endpoint, stating exactly what you actually want to achieve, take it one at a time and be sure to set SMART goals. A smart goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-sensitive. And because your milestones are actions and steps necessary for you to make progress toward your goals. It is important to write down the process or steps involved in achieving each goal and fit them into your to-do list every single day till the goal is achieved.

5. Be disciplined enough to stick to your goals

Setting a goal is one thing. Being consistent and disciplined enough to stick to it especially on days when you don’t feel like it is another thing, it is actually harder than setting the goal.

You need to be consistent, disciplined, and stay motivated to succeed. You have to ensure your plan is specific, make your goals feel easier to achieve, and celebrate every win along the way, both big and small. Also, ensure your goals are realistic and visualize yourself achieving them from time to time in order to keep you motivated.

Finally, measure your progress as time goes on, hold yourself accountable for your decisions and believe in the possibilities of you making it!

6. Build a support group

Going through the “I hate my life” phase is already very difficult…but the good thing is it is actually a lot more common than you might think.

At this time, you want to be around people who support you and are proud of you no matter what. They could be family members or friends, generally, just people that you can count on to push you back on track when you are backsliding.

Build a support group
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They could also be a group of people with the same goal as you. You can watch videos on YouTube to notice how groups that come together to share each other’s problems usually feel better as their feelings change when other people with such common experiences provide comfort, advice, and encouragement to one another.

A support group consists of a group of people or members that provides each other with various and necessary types of help, usually nonprofessional and nonmaterial and burdensome to who is requiring such help. At most times, members who have the same issues can come together to share coping strategies and feel more empowered together.

7. Don’t take life so seriously all the time

Most times, people think that being so serious makes one really focused and think everything will fall in place. A very wonderful quote I love by Oscar Wilde says “Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world’s original sin. If the caveman had known how to laugh, History would have been different.”

It doesn’t mean you should not take things seriously like they don’t matter. It just means that being so serious all the time at most times doesn’t make any changes and only makes you go back to the ‘I hate my life so much” phase faster.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at your problems, knowing it’s not the end of everything!

An Elbert Hubbard’s popular quote says “Don’t take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” So learn to laugh and find humor in everything and you will go a long way.

8. Have fun

If you’re in the “I hate my life and want to start over” phase, then you have to learn to have fun as much as you can. Even though you’re getting older, you should never stop having fun.

It is said that being happy and smiling keeps you younger and there’s no doubt it won’t lift you from hating things, people, and yourself. Enjoy life, because “people rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”

Have fun
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When you hate, you only create and spread bitterness all around which brings nothing but negativity to your thoughts, attitude, feelings, and actions. Do things that make you happy and put a smile on your face, hang out with people who make you feel special, and learn to just have fun!



Life is precious and you need to ask yourself if you are using it to the fullest..If your daily cycle is to ‘wake up, pretend about being Okay, and go back to sleep then there are a thousand and one reasons why ‘Hate Hate Hate’ must look like your life’s logo.

Because you hate your life, you might; think you have no life, want to run away, slowly give up, and hide your pain with a smile.

Life is not expected to be a bed of roses, challenges are bound to come up every here and then, but it’s up to you to change, rewrite your own history, and overcome those challenges.

You can do it!

I know you can! so get up and make it happen!

Jennifer Nwachukwu

Jennifer Nwachukwu is the mind behind lifeaccordingtojae.com, a website where she shares her amazing tips on everything personal development, lifestyle and blogging, she loves helping people discover their most authentic self, grow mentally and emotionally while having fun on their journey.

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