Practical Ways On How To Make Him Miss You So Bad

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Women usually want their partner or significant other to miss them all the time. It is natural to desire the attention and love of the other person in the relationship. In general, women love to feel like they are special and valuable, especially to their partners. However, not many women know exactly how to make their partner think about them constantly and invest in their relationship. It requires a little bit of knowledge and effort on your side. If you happen to wonder how make to your man miss you when you are not around, this simple guide is for you.

One thing should be made clear at first. If you want to make your man yearn for you and miss you like crazy, he has to feel romantic love for you and be attached to you emotionally. In other words, the more he is in love with you, the easier it is to make him miss you. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to strengthen your relationship, attract his attention, and keep you on his mind at all times!

This guide will go over the steps necessary to make the man of your dreams you miss you all the time. So no more wondering, just follow the coming 22 ways to leave him thinking about you constantly.

⫸ Be true to you

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First and foremost, be true to yourself! Always embrace your personality and stick to your values and beliefs. This will create a long-lasting and healthy relationship, which is what you essentially want. It will also reduce negative feelings of pressure that you may feel when you are forced to not act naturally or freely over and over again.

When you stay true to you, your man will always see you as a strong and independent woman who should be respected at all times. Getting this message across, especially early on, builds a great foundation in the relationship and sets healthy boundaries. The confidence and self-respect you radiate by staying you will make him appreciate you and enjoy your presence.

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⫸ Be pleasant to be around

To cover this point, consider the following example. Amy and Mark always spend their together very well. They enjoy each other’s company, have inside jokes, and always do something fun together.

Whereas Nancy and Joe are always bickering when they are together. Joe is always blaming Nancy for not understanding him, nagging, and complaining all the time. It seems like that is the only thing she does around him, and Joe does not look like he is enjoying it.

Can you guess which woman will be missed more? Exactly, pleasant and cheerful Amy!

While we always have our ups and downs, you want to try to be as enjoyable as you can. Try to not meet him if you are having a tough day. Because if he is laughing with you, enjoying your company, and connecting with you, he is going to love being with you and want more of you.

⫸ Get him to realize how special your relationship is

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Here’s a big secret on how to make any man miss you. Make him come to the conclusion that you are an awesome partner and girlfriend and that you two are a match made in heaven. Warmly greet him, either with a big hug or a smile. Show him that you appreciate, respect, and value him for who he is. Make him feel special and unique, because what man does not love that feeling? In other words, make him realize that you are two were made for each other, and he will long to spend time with you over and over again.

Invest in your looks

How you choose to present yourself everyday is crucial. With the media setting the beauty standards high, it is important to look good every day. Now that is not to suggest you do something drastic about your looks or go on an insane shopping spree, but definitely put some effort in order to look your best.

The good news is, investing in yourself will not only improve your appearance and self-confidence, but health as well. Drinking more water, starting or improving a skin care routine, and working out are just a few examples of what you can do to start. Your man will start to notice that you are always looking trendy and fashionable, and he will love spending time with you and taking you to new places.

Surprise him from time to time

A little [surprise] goes a long way. Surprises add excitement to a relationship and prevents it from getting boring. Think of unexpected ways to surprise your guy and see how he reacts. Anything counts, a funny or romantic note in his pocket, a ticket to his favorite game, or even a random act of kindness like ironing his favorite shirt. The point is, the smile on his face when he realizes what you’ve done will definitely make him appreciate and miss you!

Make memories together

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Think about it, if you and your lover are going to the same places or having the same routine every day, you won’t have much to bond over. Spice up your relationship by trying new adventures and activities with your partner.

Depending on his personality, choose events that are adventurous and will get you both out of your comfortable zones. These events will solidify into his memory and make him think of you anytime someone brings them up.

Be mysterious

Be a woman of mystery and notice how he’ll crave to be around you. It is simply human nature; we want to know more about what we don’t!  So do not lay it all on the table at once, instead, always leave him wanting to know more.

Aim to make your man curious about how you spend your time and lead your life outside your relationship. One way to do this is by giving short, direct answers to his questions. For instance, if he asks you “are you from this city?” simply answering “No, I’m not” without offering much details will make you seem mysterious and he would not rest until he gets the full answer.

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Give him enough space

It is essential that you give your man the space he needs. This means not chasing after him and showing him that you are ok with him spending time alone. Encourage him to go out with the boys without feeling jealous or worried, and use this time to focus on you.

He will see you as the mature, understanding girlfriend who he cannot wait to see again. And when you meet up again, not only would he have definitely missed you, but you’ll have something new to talk about!

⫸ Don’t always be available

The biggest and simplest way to make a man miss you is to simply not be available at all times. Show him that he has to put in effort to spend time with you.

Do not answer his calls immediately, and take your time to text him back. Moreover, be careful not to spend every day of the week at his place, even if he invites you. This strategy of not always being available may be difficult, but it will surely make him notice your absence and miss you.

⫸ Prioritize yourself

Neglecting your priorities only to keep your man happy is not good in any relationship. If you keep on giving and not receiving much in return, he will start to take you for granted and stop putting any effort to make you happy or even get in touch.

Which is why you should put yourself first. The more you treat yourself with respect, the more you will get it from your man. On the other hand, if you let a man treat you like a fool then you are one. So, aim to set boundaries which will make him appreciate your value and invest in the relationship.

⫸ Prioritize your best friends and family

Do not make the mistake of neglecting your friends and family in order to please your guy, especially if you are in a new relationship. Keep in mind that you do not want to hurt your relationship with your friends and family. Instead, show him that you have other people in your life that you care about, and that he’s not the only one that is important. For instance, if he suggests to take you on a date but you have other plans with your friends, do not cancel them for his sake. Do not cancel with him either, just reschedule to a different time. This will make him jealous and will make him appreciate every minute he spends with you!

⫸ Leave some of your belongings “Accidentally”

You know when you find an old movie ticket and relive that memory all over again? Now it is your turn to “accidentally” forget some of your belongings at your man’s place. Leave your earrings or necklace somewhere near for him to immediately think of you when sees them. You can place them on his nightstand, table, or even car. This will remind you of him and make him miss you, and maybe even take it as an excuse to reach out to you.

⫸ Be friendly with his friends and family

When he first introduces you to his friends and family, be genuinely interested in getting to know them. Winning them over can make your man view you as a long-term partner.

His parents might think that the two of you look great together, and his friends might keep telling him that he’s very lucky to have you. And when both of you haven’t met for a while, they might encourage him to do just that!

⫸ Cook his favorite meal

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Use this age-proof piece of wisdom to your advantage!

Cook him a special dinner to show him that you care for him and that you’re also a good cook. If you are a good baker, you can also bake your man a cake or cookies for him to enjoy.

⫸ Be there when he needs you

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If you want a man to feel like you are his true soulmate, he has to feel that you are there for him when he needs you. That doesn’t mean being physically with them at all times, but that you are available emotionally especially when he needs it the most.

Always practice active listening when your man is talking and be careful not to judge, downgrade, or invalidate his feelings. The more supportive of him you are, the more he is going to be comfortable in your relationship. If you are constantly available and give him on-going support, he will see you as the shoulder to lean on when things get rough.

Make sure you make him feel like a hero

A man naturally wants to see himself as the main provider in his woman’s life. A simple way to trigger this hero instinct is asking for his help in getting something done. A simple “honey, I need your help, can you do this for me?” can do wonders in awakening the superhero within. If asked correctly, he will get the right message- you need him, you want him, you love him. However, make sure that you are feminine and sexy in the way you ask for his help. Do not in any way boss or command him around until the last thing he wants to do is to help you!

⫸ Dress amazing before meeting him

Your good looks will get him to your door and make him miss you when he is out. As previously discussed, investing in your appearance is a must. However, when you know he is coming to see you is when you definitely want to look your best! Make up, slim dresses that accentuate your figure, high heels- you know what needs to be done. Pay special attention to the details without making it look like you’ve put too much effort into getting ready. The more attractive and unique you look, the more he will miss you the second he leaves.

⫸ Forget about him, temporarily

It might sound counterintuitive, but in order to make your man miss you, he needs to realize you have been absent for a while. This means no texts, calls, or visits from you- as hard as it may sound.

Turn your phone off and arrange for something fun to do without him, or just carry on with your daily activities. He will start to wonder why he hasn’t heard from you, and will start to miss you.

⫸ Show him that you trust him

Mutual trust is essential in building a healthy and long-lasting relationship with your boyfriend. When your partner senses that you trust him, he will become more attached to you and miss you when you are not around. Show him that you confide in him by sharing some of your secrets with him, asking for his advice, and keeping your promises to him. This will make him sense that he is important in your life, and will appreciate the feeling of being valued. Remember, no man wants to be in a relationship where he feels underestimated.

⫸ Make good use of your social media channels

Social media is a powerful tool that plays a major role in our lives nowadays. Everyone is always scrolling through their phones, checking for updates, news, and just being up-to-date with everything that is going on. So use this to send indirect messages to your boyfriend that will instantly get you on his mind. Highlight how much fun you are having without him on social media. Post pictures of you and your girl (or guy) friends having a blast over the weekend. He will probably be happy for you, but will be a little bit jealous that he is not included. He wants to have fun with you too so there is a high chance he will call you to arrange something.

⫸ Tag him in a funny meme

Another way to use social media to your advantage is simply by tagging him in a funny post or an inside joke that is specific to you and him. This will not only make him laugh a little, but will also enforce the fact that you two have something special (even if it’s just a small joke). A bonus if he starts to tag you too!

Take tons of pictures together

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As the popular proverb goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Pictures capture special moments that you and your lover will cherish forever.

Make sure you have a lot of pictures with your partner. You can go for a professional photoshoot or just random selfies with filters when you are bored. Print special pictures and gift them to your man, this way he can see you everywhere he turns and relieve the special moments you have shared.

Buy him something thoughtful

Gift giving is important in a relationship. The more personal and thoughtful the gift is, the more special the person receiving it will feel. Buy your partner something unique to strengthen the bond between you two and to always remind him of you. It could be a gift to celebrate his success, or his birthday, or just to show him that you are thinking of him. This sweet gesture will leave a positive impact, and he will want to gift you something as well.

Now let’s talk about how to make a man invest in your relationship. When everything is going well, he would want to reach out to you by texting and calling you frequently. Build a healthy relationship where your man is committed to you without any pressure by going over the following steps.

❂ Love yourself and be confident ❂

The first person you need to fall in love with is yourself. You need to appreciate and value yourself so you can become a confident person. And, most men find confidence to be a very attractive in women. Think about it, no man wants to be with a woman that seems desperate or clingy. In fact, most people, not just men, are naturally drawn to others who believe in themselves. Confident people do not depend on others for approval. On the other hand, people who lack confidence always seek reassurance from their partner, which may be daunting and exhausting. Building your self-esteem will greatly improve your romantic relationship. But remember that you should not build up your confidence for the sake of a man, but for your sake only.

👉 Do not rush things 👈

An important thing to note is that you should avoid being in a rushed relationship. This means that just shortly after you meet your partner, you do not want to immediately come to think that they are “the one.” Instead, focus on building a healthy relationship at a steady and slow pace.

Remember that it takes time for mutual love to develop. Take your time in getting to know your partner and make sure that you two are compatible with each other. In addition, be slow in answering texts and phone calls so that you think things through. And most importantly, keep your feelings to yourself and avoid sharing how you feel too early.

🎲 Look for signs he is ready to commit 🎲

Look for signs he is ready to commit to you to understand and evaluate where your relationship is going. This way you can be assured that things are going in the right direction, or you will come to the conclusion that both of you need to put more effort into the relationship.

Some of the possible ways your boyfriend may act if he is ready to take your relationship further are if:

◉ He enjoys your company:

If he feels good to be around you, he will want to be around you more and more. When a man is ready to commit, he will initiate plans to spend time with you and won’t simply wait for you to reach out.

◉ He introduces you as his girlfriend:

Your relationship hits a major milestone when he introduces you as his partner. It means that he is proud of you and wants everyone to know that you two are serious.

◉ He discusses future plans with you:

When your man is ready to commit, he will freely and openly discuss the future with you, such as suggesting moving in together or getting married. And most importantly, he will follow his talk with actions.

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🌛 Use body language 🌜

A lot of our communication happens non-verbally. A sure-fire way to strengthen your relationship with your significant other is by using body language in a romantic way.

A genuine smile when you are spending time with your man can work wonders and convey a lovely message. Moreover, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, laughing at jokes, and sitting close to each other can also be ways to express your feelings nonverbally and strengthen your bond.

🚶‍♀️ Have small fights and resolve them 🚶‍♂️

You read that correctly. Conflicts are a normal part of any relationship. If you manage to resolve your issues without doing damage to your relationship, it implies that you both value and respect each other and are equally invested in the relationship.

After all, the love you share should always be bigger than your differences. Conflicts and fights have a bad reputation, but they are actually necessary for the couple to bond.

Next time an issue comes up, make sure you are able to move past your differences and reach compromises that work for both of you.

🚫 Don’t use too many emojis 🚫

As trivial as this may sound, texts and messages that are full of abbreviations, smiley faces, and emojis, may turn men off. Emojis are cute, but it is best to send them to your girlfriends and family rather than the guy you have on mind.

First, emojis can send the wrong message. You might think the clown smiley is funny, but he might see it as creepy. Moreover, emojis can make you seem childish and at times or even desperate or annoying. Therefore, it is best to just use them sparingly.

🌐 Show your flirtatious side 🌐

You want to play hard to get to make a man chase after you. But remember, you have to flirt it up every now and then to keep him interested and attracted. Flirting may make you feel nervous, but do not worry, just try to act natural and keep on practicing!

An easy way to start is by making eye contact. Look at him directly until he catches you looking at him, then hold for a moment before smiling and looking away. Or you can “accidentally” touch his arm or gently brush off something of his face; men respond well to these gestures.

But it is important to not overdo it and leave him wanting more. After you have been flirting with your man, simply pull back so that he misses you and reaches out to you.

🌞 Compliment him often 🌞

To make a man love being around you and commit to you, you should make him feel good about himself. Compliments can leave a magical effect on your partner and make him feel secure in your relationship.

Offer sincere and genuine compliments every now and then to melt his heart. Say things like “I believe you can do anything you set your mind to” to show him that you believe in him. Also give him specific compliments like “I love how you look in that shirt” to show that you find him handsome and admire his looks. This way, he will always view you as the encouraging and supporting woman he needs in his life.

👨‍⚕️ Build chemistry 👩‍⚕️

Make your partner fall crazily in love with you by building powerful chemistry. Having chemistry is essential to get your man to commit and stay attached to you, even as time goes by. This can be done through several ways where you both show affection for each other. Go together on an activity that releases adrenaline. This feeling dramatically strengthens your bond and creates lasting memories for you to share. Moreover, physical interactions such as tight, long hugs, passionate kisses, and even just holding hands make him feel loved and admired, which is essential for building chemistry.

🧘‍♂️ Do not complain 🧘‍♂️

Complaining creates a negative atmosphere in a relationship, which should be avoided at all costs. You want your boyfriend to do a certain task, so you keep “reminding” to do it over and over again. And when he does not, you start to get mad and complain that he does not listen to you. Since no man likes to be bossed around, your constant nagging will create a vicious cycle that may potentially harm your relationship. Practice empathy and try to understand your boyfriend. If he does not do what you ask him to, do not pressure him and instead give him time. Allow him the space he needs and explain gently that you want his help in getting what you want accomplished.

🤦 Don’t try so hard 🤦

The last piece of advice would be to not try so hard to win a man over. If you sense that he is not into the relationship, simply take a step back and thoroughly evaluate the situation. You do not want to be in a relationship that is not right for you for any reason.

Look for warning signs and red flags that they are simply not interested. If you feel like you are giving more than they are receiving, then the relationship is simply not worth your time, effort, or dedication. Take a break from the dating world and do not worry, Mr. Right will surely come knocking when the time is right.

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