49 Signs On How To Know If Someone Is Your Soulmate And Should Never Let Them Go!

By Ruth Jesse

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

Pretty much all of us have gone through ‘phases’ where we thought that we’d found our soulmate only to realize that it was all some big scam and we’re most likely heading nowhere in life. This can get pretty challenging especially if you’re always left wondering if you’re wasting or investing your time in someone you really like.

What’s even trickier is that you can’t just go around asking them. What if they’re not there yet? What if they think you’re being over-eager for no good reason? Or that you have attachment issues? Or worse still, that you’re *clingy AF*?

That’s a road you do not want to go down. Ever.

And trust me, asking them straight up if they think they’ll fall in love with you if they have felt a ‘soulmate connection’ or a perfect match with you, is never a good idea.

If they’re your soulmate, you’ll probably take as well as need a lot of time to figure that out. But lucky for you, we’re here with this article that will help you identify some signs that you’ve found your soulmate!

🌜 Here are the 49 Signs On how to know if someone is your soul mate and why you should never let them go! 🌛

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As mentioned earlier, it’s pretty tricky to know if you’ve found your soulmate. Maybe glancing through these 49 signs will help you better arrive at that decision!

  1. You’re comfortable around them

This is a no-brainer. You don’t often hang out with people you’re not comfortable with, to being with. There is no chance you would be uncomfortable around someone and still think that they are your soulmate. That’s just impossible. If you have ever been in that situation and we’re still convinced that they were your soulmate, I’m sure it did not end well!

One of the foremost qualifying criteria of any soulmate is that they make you feel extremely comfortable in your own skin.

Now, this may be done through certain gestures, or perhaps just apart from accepting you as you are they might truly cherish and love you all the more for it. That’s great comfort right there, and that’s a remarkable sign of a soulmate.

2. Forgiveness is always on the cards

Forgiveness is one such attribute that is associated with a sense of maturity and understanding. While both of these are qualities that one anyway looks for in a soulmate, if they can forgive you by placing your circumstance before their own emotion and how they felt hurt by it, that’s a keeper.

It is very essential for your soulmate to understand you in order to forgive you, and very often, both of these steps are interlinked.

3. Differences are respected

So they want to spend their weekends reading a book while the party animal inside you wants to booze out. Your friends tell you they are just not your type and you probably end up breaking up, but something doesn’t feel right.

Do you know what that is? That is the feeling of giving up on a potential soulmate simply because you didn’t realize that you could like different things and still be a couple.

Liking different activities and being together despite that is still alright, but the complexity kicks in when there are differences in belief systems, basic ideals, and a general understanding of the world.

This might point towards a fundamental lack in bond and call for a bigger conversation, but if you think you respect them and are more than just okay in their company, then girl, he is the one.

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4. Respecting personal space

Let’s face it, everyone needs personal space. Being someone’s partner does not entitle them to all of your time. Just one person cannot have so much control over your personal time as well as boundaries. Although you might really like spending time with your soulmate, your alone time is important to you too. And if they do not respect that, then you both are not really meant to be together! Your soulmate will, at any cost, respect your personal space and not suggest ways to invade into it just because they ‘love’ you.

5. Their flaws aren’t flaws at all

By this, I do not mean that the individual is perfect in any way -because nobody is- but just that their flaws do not really seem like flaws to you. They are just natural tendencies that a human being has. In this case, they’re beautiful human beings to you because they’re your soulmate and you love them as they are, with their flaws.

6. You don’t have to ask for respect

If you meet your soulmate, one thing you will instantly notice and grow to love about them is that they naturally hold you in very high regard and respect who you are, without demanding that the respect be earned. This is the sign of a good person right there.

When someone respects you, you naturally want to get to know them better. These are one of the greatest signs of having found your soulmate.

7. Telepathy for the win

Were you just about to coincidentally say the exact same thing as them for the previous 5 times? Or was it something more than a crazy accidental coincidence?

If you are soulmates, you can identify exactly what your partner is thinking or about to say. It is not magic, it is simply the fact that you know them so well and that your frequency of thoughts matches so much that it is almost as if you are related in some mystical way. That is exactly the stuff that the entire idea of soulmates is based on. This other-worldly feeling makes you fall in love!

8. Gut feeling? Yes, it’s real

A soulmate connection is felt within your gut. It can’t be experienced in any other way. If you are reading this article, chances are that your gut feeling has led you here to get some validation on how you feel. This is one of the best signs of feeling connected to your soulmate. If you feel it instinctively, if you just know when they feel bad or happy, when they need a hug, or when they need you to just be silent within their company- just knowing that things will be alright as long as they are with you- everything sorts itself out. They are your soulmate!

9. Empathy towards them is maximum

You might be an empathetic person in general, but you have probably not felt so empathetic towards anybody else. When it comes to your partner, you are your most empathetic because you somehow just get them and other ordinary factors that can influence your empathy towards them are negligible since they begin to seem trivial or unnecessary.

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10. Accidental meetings?

If you are still in the phase of deciding whether the person you have just met is someone you can fall in love with, and someone you can find that soulmate connection with, you must be considering a lot of things. And undoubtedly, it might be more difficult for you as you would have to look for more signs for assurance.

However, if you accidentally bump into them more often than can be predicted, then it is probably fate. You might not personally believe in destiny, but as a general rule, if your paths are meant to cross, they will, even if you resist hard!

11. Zodiac signs, if you believe in them

Those who believe in zodiac signs know that certain signs are compatible with each other. If your zodiac sign is compatible with that of your supposed soulmate, you will see that it is just easier to understand them or get along with them, than it is with most people.

Apart from feeling a natural attraction, you will be left with the feeling that they just feel right for you. There are certain temperamental collaborations that happen when zodiac signs match, and those who opt for arranged marriages believe a lot in this.

12. The world is suddenly better

This might seem like a very vague pointer to identify whether you have found your soulmate. But believe it or not, when you are in love and you have found your soulmate, the world is suddenly better. This is because as you spend time with someone you grow to love and fully cherish as your soulmate, you begin to see the good in everyone and are generally positive more often than not. So, your outlook towards the world changes with a change in its understanding. It is a relationship that makes you change the way you see the world around you.

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13. It just feels right

Apart from feeling it in your gut, there is another preliminary stage that prompts you that this entire affair is good for you and feels like fitting pieces within this puzzle of your life. When that one particular person feels like they’re all you need to feel complete, the arrival of such a partner into your life, even if for the first time, can make you come closer to one another. More than logically agreeing with this relationship, you can feel it within your soul.

14. You just met, but you can swear they’ve been around forever

If you spend so much time in your relationship because of which at a point you begin to feel like your partner has been a part of you your whole life and has been there since the beginning, then this is a relationship to cherish and they are definitely your soulmate. It is the equivalent of ‘where have you been all my life?

15. Their goals are your goals too

Apart from realizing and respecting each other’s goals, and even if they are different from your own, whenever you find a way to just be there for them when they are pursuing their goals, you try to be there. As soulmates, this is a very critical factor that you both begin to share.

Even if you do not directly contribute to completing their own goals, you begin to think of them as your own and put in the same efforts in helping them achieve them, from your very soul, as you would do for your own.

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16. They’re the best helping hand

Whenever you need to turn to someone you trust for help- be it for carrying out manual tasks or just reaching out to them to ask for help in being there for you, if you think of them, then they are your soulmate. We tend to trust our soulmates more in that very moment than in any other relationship. Even if they themselves sense that you are in need of help, they do so, because you can immediately feel each other’s pain. If you both are not soulmates, then this is very less likely to organically happen.

17. Conversations don’t frighten you

Be it serious conversations or just light ones that put you in a spot or make you carry your heart on your sleeve, you always know that your soulmate is the one person you can be free and have an honest talk with. Your conversations with them tend to generally be very deep, intense, and filled with love. Aside from just qualifying as romantic, they are beyond words every time that you share a moment through that talk or just recognize that your bond can speak beyond the conversation. You just know that they innately support you.

18. You can be real with them

If you truly feel connected to your soulmate, you happen to speak to them without fear or without holding back your true feelings, even if they may be uncomfortable. You don’t have to hide your true self, feel like some expectations need to be met in order to feel connected to them, call them a certain number of times to feel assured, do certain things together even if you don’t enjoy them very much, or give any more of your energy to them than you feel drains you out. You can simply be yourself and feel rewarded for it!

19. Being intense is not a problem

We often tend to hold ourselves back out of fear of being judged or misinterpreted. This is especially a problem for hopelessly romantic individuals because they shall tend to live their life to the fullest. If you’re one such person, it is very simple to feel like your ‘soulmate’ may feel like you’re too intense, or your heavy emotions don’t matter, or that they may find your energy levels to be too much to handle, and the list goes on.

However, if he’s your soulmate, hell just is excited for you in all the things that you want to be, and love you all the more for it!

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20. You don’t feel threatened by others wanting them

If your soulmate is a good person, chances are that they’ll be sought and pursued by many. In such a case, you could reach a stage in your relationship with your soulmate wherein you simply enjoy your time together and are not bothered about the attraction that other individuals feel towards your soulmate. This is simply because it doesn’t even matter! Your trust and comfort with one another is unmatched and you just know it in your heart.

21. Your opinions are heard (even if not agreed with)

When you return home from a bad day at work, you’ll want to meet your soulmate and talk to them about it. They may not be able to help you in the situation, but just having them be there to listen, helps. Even in a tiff within your relationship, if they’re there to hear you out while not necessarily agreeing with you, then they are your soulmate. This is one of the purest relationships to have.

22. You both share happiness

Their happiness is undoubtedly theirs, and yours is your own. Then there is a different kind of happiness that you share with them through your brilliant soul connection. But in any case, either of your happiness is not just your own- your soulmate will find a way to look at it as their own.

23. Insecurity? What’s that?

Whether it be in your existing relationship with your soulmate or about any other aspect of your life, you won’t feel alone or hurt by the fact that there are problems. Similarly, you also won’t feel insecure about not being physically together all the time, or when they hang out with a friend of the opposite sex, or just share more time with another person in general. Jealousy is completely out the window because even if you don’t trust that someone else won’t fall for them, you’re sure that they won’t leave you to go be with someone else.

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24. You don’t remember life before meeting them

This might seem weird but your current life after meeting your soulmate feels so enriched and complete, that every other relationship seems to not affect you as much, and your life before meeting them becomes such a mundane memory that it feels like it fades out and remains insignificant any longer.

25. They hear you out before defending themselves

Even if there is a dispute in your relationship, they prefer to let you emote before jumping to defend themselves and prove how they were right in order to ‘win’ and feed their pride. When you’re in a meaningful relationship with someone who’s your soulmate, being on the same page matters a lot more than your own ego. Even if you’re miles apart, they might just hop onto a video call to try and reduce your pain, establishing a deep message of love and care, even if there’s a misunderstanding. That’s what true soulmates do.

26. Being content means more than pride in a drift

Because resolving it to be at peace and thrive in a healthy relationship with your best friend, your own person, is what happens to be their most important thing. The pain is simply unnecessary and not required.

27. If you had to, you’d do it all over again

No matter what adversity you have faced in life, if you had to go through all those things once again just because they would eventually lead you to your soulmate, you’d do it still. Because meeting them would be worth the trouble.

28. They take your stress away

Simply by just talking about your problems, they have the ability to make you realize that you’re not alone, and take away all of the stress and pain that you’re experiencing, even if they’re not directly related to the issue at hand. That’s a very strong connection right there!

29. They can’t solve your problems, but they can face them with you

Just the idea that no matter what happens, you won’t have to face it alone, is a very wonderful feeling to have. And it’s one that your soulmate can give you. Whichever dreadful event presents itself, you shall face it together, because that’s what soulmates do!

30. They never let you go to bed angry

If your partner is extremely mindful and attentive towards your wellbeing, they will make sure that they don’t let something as meager as a dispute stand in the way of upsetting your mental health. They will never let you go to bed angry! That’s a keeper and you are definitely meant to be together.

🌝 Some other signs: 🌝

31. Communication is key and solves every problem

No matter what the issue is, if you are soulmates, you will be able to solve it using communication. When there are no barriers in expressing feelings and emotions, the relationship that emerges is very healthy. You can just realize it in your soul!

32. They don’t take up your energy

What is the point of being in relationships that drain you? Especially if you’re with your soulmate, they won’t take up your energy and that is a fact.

33. They safeguard your relationship no matter what happens

If they put you first when it comes to dealing with other relationships that they are committed to, it means they are giving you preference over the others in their life. This itself shows that they care about your relationship and do not let anything stand in the way.

34. They come directly to you if they have a problem with you

The relationships where the person goes and communicates problems between you to someone who isn’t you after just having met you are not true relationships at all. If they cannot tell you what they find problematic and go around talking about it with others, let’s say via a social media post, they’re not seeking resolution but simply drama or validation. If they wanted to solve the issue, they would just come talk to you! And oh, needless to mention, someone like this really cannot be your soulmate!

35. You enjoy your time together more than with anyone else

After having just met them, you realize that that part and time within your life exists on a different plain. Leaving them briefly means getting back to a slightly more mundane life. If this has happened with you, they might just be your soulmate!

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36. Your conversations can be deep or silly and that doesn’t change anything

The degree of conversation with a person does not necessarily determine their maturity or childishness. You could be as silly or as mature with your soulmate and they would still appreciate you for the various sides you bring to the table.

37. They help you feel free

You can just experience it in your soul that you can be as unrestricted as you want, around them. This is because they don’t make you think that you’re being judged or even assume that they have the right to act as a critic towards your conduct, in any way.

38. They take every chance to be romantic

They know you deserve the best and try their best to be romantic whenever possible.

39. Every day brings you closer to them

With each day that passes, you end up discovering newer sides to them and your love for them just expands through each instance of having met them in a whole new light.

40. As weird as it might sound, you feel glad that you were born

Your life seems to have a purpose and you begin to seek responsibility for constructing your soulmate’s life alongside your own.

41. They actually listen.

They don’t always listen to respond and are there to just lend an ear whenever you need them to. They’re not preparing what to say at the back of their mind, and listening just to take in all the information that you share.

42. They support your dreams

They’re extremely supportive of all that you want to achieve in whichever way they can help facilitate your dreams.

43. It is beyond just attraction

You just know when it’s purely physical. However, your soulmate will look beyond just lusting after you. After having met you, they will want to get to know you better and explore newer angles to who you are as a person.

44. They’re there at the end of the day

No matter what, they are there for you. Always.

45. You feel each other’s problems

You understand what your soul mate is going through without having to share it explicitly.

46. They are your best friend (even if you have another)

You might have an existing homie, but your soul mate is one of your best friends because they really understand you.

47. Their words can uplift your mood

Sometimes, a simple conversation seals the deal. When you leave after just having met them and experience an instant shift in your mood, you know that you’re probably meant to be together.

48. They make every good thing amazing

They instantly raise the bar for you!

49. Lastly, they make you feel complete.

Ever since you met them, life makes more sense? You are your own person, undoubtedly, in a free manner. But if you’ve met your soulmate, chances are that you seem more whole than you ever have.

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🔥 12 signs the person you love is not your soulmate 🔥

1 They change their feelings according to the circumstance

2 They avoid you when you’re down

3 They love you, but only conditionally

4 They hide your relationship

5 They aren’t committed

6 They don’t care about your feelings

7 They’re not willing to go the extra mile

8 They don’t easily sacrifice other aspects for your relationship

9 They don’t see a future with you

10 They don’t share the same goals as you

11 They don’t understand what is left unsaid

12 Then you don’t speak, the silence is more awkward than peaceful

🤔 How do you know if your soulmate is thinking about you? 🤔

Even if you’d prefer to not explicitly ask them if they think this relationship is headed the same way that you do, soulmates often tend to be on the same page. And so, asking them if they are thinking about you is not as bad or attention-seeking as it sounds.

However, there are various ways to ask. Dropping hints along the way: video-calling them to let them know you wish they were here, dedicating a social media post to them once in a while, telling them you wish you could be with them then, talking about how you enjoy your time together, sharing how freely you can exist in each other’s company, talking about your connection with them- all of these are ways to know if they think and feel the same way about you too.

💞 Ways to recognize your soulmate 💞

If you go through our list of 49 signs as listed above and then identify some traits within your partner, your soul will prompt you towards your soulmate (too cheesy?)

On a more serious note, this feels nothing like other relationships and you’ll already begin to think that you have an existing connection with them. They will seem like the one person you’ve been waiting for your whole life ever since the first time that you cross paths. It’s a connection you will want to safeguard.

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❣️ What does a soulmate connection feel like? ❣️

Aside from all of the signs that we just shared in this list, a soulmate connection somehow makes you experience an understanding of the idea that you were born to meet your soulmate and it’s unbelievable to imagine just how colorless your life could’ve been had you not met them. Not only does it make you love someone so much aside from your own self, but you also realize how you feel so much better when you both are together.

It’s a different energy in each other’s presence that you could end up experiencing. This is because a soulmate, by definition, assumes that there is a half of you that when you end up forming a connection with, enables you to think of yourself as a whole. That’s what soulmates are for. It will truly become a relationship like no other that adds so many colors to your life.

💭 Conclusions💭

We can understand that it is slightly difficult to understand if someone is your soulmate, but if they are, you’ll just know. Follow this article as your guide. Good things are coming soon, for you!

❔ Relevant Questions ❔

Q: Are some people meant to be alone?

A: There are some who do not discover a connection with someone else or just lack the feeling of wanting to be related to someone so much that they are described as being together, let alone being termed as soulmates.

There are some people whose definitions of being free restrict them from being tied down to another person or be in a relationship that demands a proportion of their energy that they are unwilling to invest.

Q: Do soulmates fight a lot?

A: There is no one such rule that soulmates can’t fight. To be honest, every good and healthy relationship has fights because it is a natural way to work through naturally or artificially arising issues. Post-dispute, what really matters is if soulmates can work through the issue together and feel free enough to express their true feelings to reach a healthy resolution that makes things return to normal.

Q: Can soulmates be toxic?

A: If your partner is toxic, they are not your soulmate. You deserve better!

Q: Can your soulmate cheat on you?

A: No. People who are meant to be together as soulmates cannot cheat on one another at all!

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