How I Got Mrs. Right To Walk Into My Life

By Michael Riley

January 18, 2018   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

How to find the right woman? Let me tell you something. I used to settle in relationships because I lacked confidence, self-esteem, leadership, and never felt good about myself. I thought being in a relationship would fix that. So, I dated the first woman who showed up, despite being only ‘kind of’ attracted to her. Big mistake. Don’t get me wrong. The first few weeks and months of being with her were pretty good. But soon enough, the relationship became toxic and I ended up feeling a lot worse. In this post, I want to share with you a couple of things I did to change, including the best tips on how to find the right woman. “Without a Code of Conduct you are a chameleon of a man” – Bruce Bryans. And that’s exactly who I was. I would never admit at the time but I was a man who ‘changed colors’, hoping that people would like me. And I, very rarely, if ever, stood up for myself or spoke my mind. That’s until I stumbled on a book by Bruce Bryans called What Women Want In A Man. This book contains a ton of useful and practical information. What really resonated with me is the part about why a man should have a Code of Conduct to live his life by. what women want in a man bruce bryansWithin six months of writing my Code of Conduct and living it every day, I found myself being the man I always wanted to be. When it came to the women I liked, I stopped putting them on a pedestal and didn’t feel the need to impress them or get them to like me. In fact, it was the complete opposite; women were trying to impress me and often made the first move.

The List

If you don’t define what it is you want by narrowing down your options, you’ll always get what it is you don’t really want. When it comes to attracting the right woman, she’ll never show up on your radar because you’ll have no idea what she really looks like or how she behaves – Bruce Bryans

I dated several very attractive women but none of them was the right fit for me. It was like having a high paying executive job with a swanky office view but never enjoyed it because you’re always in a meeting or buried neck deep in deadlines. I asked myself: What do I really want in a woman and a relationship? I soon figured out that if I was to attract the right woman, I had to know what she looked like, how she behaved, her age, hobbies and interests, values, beliefs, and so on. This is where writing my List helped. writing down list   I drew a line down a sheet of paper. On one side I wrote what I wanted. On the other side, I wrote all the things I didn’t want or that were negotiable. I looked at my list every day until it got to the point where I knew exactly what she looked like and who she was. It might sound corny but I would imagine what it felt like to hang out with her, kiss her, make love to her, and wake up next to her.

Got Out Of My Comfort Zone

I knew having a list was pointless if I won’t be working my ass off, get out of my comfort zone, and do new and exciting things. So, I wrote another list– a list of activities, interests, and hobbies I’ve always wanted to do but had been making excuses not to. Once I did that, I wrote a promise to myself that I’d make time to do these activities and start creating a compelling life and lifestyle for myself. One of those interests was going to the Farmer’s Market every Sunday. I’m a massive fan of ‘Street Food’ and enjoy browsing the many interesting and sometimes quirky stalls. It was at a bookstall that she walked into my life and I’ll never forget it. I completed my purchase of books, turned around to leave, and bumped into her, although I argue to this day, she bumped into me. Anyway, my books went flying everywhere. “Hey, how’s things?” I said to her as if I already knew who she was, which of course I did. Her response was similar, “Not bad, thanks. How are you? By the way, I love Robert Frost.” That night we met up for drinks and have been together ever since.

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